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the gibbons family

William (1808-1897) Mary Burns (1839) (St. Joseph's Rosemount ??)
??? ( - ) Honorah ?? ( ) (St. Peter's Mendota ?? )

Both of these families settled in Eagan Minnesota about the same time and both appear to have originated in County Mayo Ireland. Circumstantial evidence and various references in local newspapers appear to suggest that Honorah was in fact a sister-in-law to William. In any event it seems relatively certain that there was some kind of relationship which is why the families are listed together. There were other Gibbons families in St. Paul MN that are thought to be related to William, but there is not as yet enough information available to include them here. There was also a "Austin Gibbons family" that settled in the Burnsville/Glendale area in the 1880s. The only evidence of a connection is the common use of the name "Austin" which is otherwise unusual.

WILLIAM GIBBONS (1808-1897) (Parents Unknown)
MARY BURNS (1813-1900)

William Gibbons was born and raised in somewhere in County Mayo Ireland. He was married to Mary while still in Ireland and the couple's first three known children were born there. About 1845, the family emigrated to the United States and settled in Clinton Mass. Some time between 1851 and 1855, the family moved to Dakota County MN where the settled on a farm in Eagan Twp. Mary had two brothers named Hugh & Michael Burns. They appear to have come to the U.S. with this family and eventually settled on nearby farms in Eagan MN.


David (1840- ) Catherine Walsh (1867) (No information available)
John (1842-1915) Ann Newell (1866) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN.
Walter (1844-1923)  Mary Kelly (1871) All Saints Lakeville MN
Austin (1846-1921) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Thomas (1848-1922) ? (No information available)
Catherine (1851-1936) Miles J. Gibbons (1880) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Mary A. (1855-1933) John Feeley (1878) (St. Paul ??)
Honorah (1857- ) (Farmington 1910)
William (1861-1923) Catherine Moran (1886) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN

Some time in the 1870s, William must have purchased a new farm in Empire Twp. in Dakota County because the family relocated to this area. William and Mary both appear to have remained here the rest of their lives. Both are buried in Rosemount.

HONORAH (1825-1891) (Parents Unknown)

Nothing is known about Honorah prior to her arrival in Minnesota except that she was born in County. Mayo Ireland any may have spent some time in Clinton Mass. In the earliest records for Dakota County MN, she is located on a farm in Eagan Twp. with her son Patrick and another daughter. The rest of the children listed are presumed, based upon the limited evidence available from local newspapers and other county records.


William (1841-1886) Delia Gill (1875) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
Margaret (1842- ) (No information available)
Mary (1844- ) Jeffrey Fanning (1862) (No information available)
Patrick (1845-1879) Mary Nolan (1864) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN
          Ann New (1876)

It is not known for certain where Honorah was living at the time of her death. She may have been living in St. Paul because she appears to be buried in Calvary Cemetery. Pat and Mary are the only children to have remained in the Dakota County area. The rest of the children either settled in St. Paul or moved there. It is possible that the Phillip Gibbons who lived in St. Paul was also a son of Nora but there is no direct evidence to support this.

DAVID GIBBONS (1840- ) Son of William Gibbons & Mary Burns
CATHERINE WALSH (1850- ) (Parents Unknown- Mother born in Wales)

David Gibbons was born in County Mayo Ireland and came to this country with his family in the mid 1840s. He eventually ended up in Eagan MN and lived for a time on a farm settled by his parents. He was married in 1867 by a priest from St. Peter's church in Mendota MN. Nothing is known about Catherine prior to this marriage. Catherine did appear to have a sister named Mary Gorman who resided with the family for a time in the 1880s. David and his wife purchased a farm in Empire Twp. in Dakota County where they raised their family.


William (1868- ) (No information available)
James (1869- ) (No information available)
Mary (1871 - ) (No information available)
Thomas (1873- ) (No information available)
Grace (1874- ) (No information available)
Ann (1876- ) (No information available)
Emma (1880- ) (No information available)
John (1882- ) (No information available)
David (1884- ) (No information available)

Some time after 1885, this family disappears form the Dakota County records indicating that the family left the area. It appears that David took a government position in Hastings some time in the mid 1880s but was not listed as living there in 1895. The is no information after this time on any members of this family and they may have left the state.

JOHN GIBBONS (1842-1915) Son of William Gibbons & Mary Burns
ANN NEWELL (1842-1928) Dau. of Frank Newell & Winnifred Duffy

John was born in County Mayo and eventually came to Minnesota with his parents. He lived with his family on a farm in Eagan MN until his marriage in 1866. His wife Ann was apparently born in County Mayo was living with mother in Burnsville MN at the time of her marriage. Following their marriage John and Ann took up farming in Empire Twp. in Dakota County MN where they remained most of their lives.

Frank (1868-1877) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN
William (1871-1871) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN
Mary (1872-1872) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN
Walter (1872-1920) Margaret Dixon (1900) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN

John died in 1915. Some time after that Ann moved to St. Paul . At the time of her death she was residing at 1455 Edmund Ave. She died on Aug. 8, 1928. John and Ann are buried at Rosemount MN.

WILLIAM GIBBONS (1863-1923) Son of William Gibbons & Mary Burns
CATHERINE MORAN (1866-1925) Dau. of Patrick Moran & Kate Sheridan

William was the youngest son of William and Kate and the only one of their children known to have been baptized in Dakota County.  He was born while the family was still living in Eagan Twp. but moved to Empire Twp. some time in the 1870s with his parents. In 1886 he was married to the daughter of a prominent local farmer and set up housekeeping in the town of Farmington MN. All of his known children were born there.


Alice M. (1888- ) ???? Olsen (1918) (No information available)
Joseph B. (1891-1956) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
Catherine (1893- ) John R. Smith (1928) (Married in Omaha Neb.)
Thomas L. (1898-1951) Ellen Hartmann (1924) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN

William and Catherine must have separated some time after 1900 because Catherine was listed in 1910 as living in Farmington with the children while William was living elsewhere. Catherine died Dec. 21, 1925. The are both buried at Rosemount but in separated plots.

WILLIAM GIBBONS (1841-1886) Son of Honorah and Unknown father
DELIA GILL (1859-1911) (Parents Unknown)

Nothing is known about William except for information derived from his cemetery plot in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul. It is assumed that he is the son of Nora and the brother of Patrick. His wife's name may have been Gilboe but this is not certain. Delia appears to be related to Austin Gill who married a member of the Burns family from Eagan. All the children buried in the family plot are listed here as children of William & Delia even though there is no supporting information at this time.


Ellen (1875-1955) ?? O'Hara ( ) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
John P. (1876- ) (No information available)
Catherine (1881-1882) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
Mary (1883-1886) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
Ann (1885-1889) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
William (1886-1891) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN

If Delia was the wife of William, she must have remarried after William's death because she is listed in the family plot as Delia Conroy. There was a Delia Gibbons married to a Thomas C. Conroy in St. Paul some time in the early 1890s. Some of the children along with William's mother may have moved in with the Austin Gill family in St. Paul because they are buried in the Gill Plot at Calvary Cemetery.

PATRICK GIBBONS (1845-1879) Son of Honorah and Unknown father
MARY NOLAN (1838-1873) (Parents Unknown)

Patrick was born in County Mayo Ireland and apparently came to this country with his family. It is not known whether or not his father ever came to America. Patrick apparently arrived at Boston in April of 1848. He first appeared in Minnesota in 1857 when he was living in Eagan Twp. in Dakota County with his mother and a sister. There appeared to have been other family members who settled in the Eagan area or in St. Paul about the same time but the information is sketchy at best. Patrick was married in 1864 and moved to Empire Twp. soon after that. Nothing is known about his wife's background. Patrick and Mary are buried at the Highland Cemetery.


Mary (1865-1939) William Kelly (1912) All Saints Cem. Lakeville
Honorah (1866- ) Frank Williams ( ) (California 1939)
Thomas (1868-1895) ?? (Calvary Cem. St. Paul)
James ( - ) (Marshall MN ?? )
Baby (1873-1873) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN

Mary died prematurely in 1873 along with her infant daughter (perhaps in childbirth). They are both buried at the old St. Joseph's church in Lakeville MN. Although it in not certain, Patrick may have moved to St. Paul shortly after this. Their eldest daughter Mary was apparently raised by Patrick's cousin Walter and his wife in St. Louis. She eventually moved back to Lakeville and married Walter's brother-in-law. Nora married Frank Williams sometime before 1887 and moved to St. Paul. They had at least one child named Frank who was baptized at St. Michael's church in 1887.

PATRICK GIBBONS (1845-1879) Son of Honorah and Unknown father
ANNA NEW (1845-1936) Patrick New & Julia ???

In 1876 Patrick remarried. Not much is known about his second wife except that she was living with her family in St. Paul where she and Pat were married. It is known that she had a sister named Kate Keenan living in St. Paul around 1900. After his marriage Patrick returned to Dakota County and lived in the village of Rosemount were he operated a liquor establishment until his untimely death three years later. Ann was born in Capeck New York; then went to Chicago, to Lacrosse, and was in St. Paul by 1857.


Julia ( 1877-1949) James F. Geraghty (1896) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Anna (1878-1929) Andrew J. Ward (1905 ) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN

Patrick was buried at the old St. Joseph's church in Lakeville. His widow Ann was eventually married to William Cadzow in Rosemount MN. They appear to have had a daughter Mary. This is thought to be the Mary who married R. T. Powers and lived in St. Paul rather than the Mary listed with Patrick Gibbons. Julia apparently had a cousin in St. Paul named Dellia Cullen.

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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