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anthony garvey &
margaret geraghty family

ANTHONY GARVEY (1819-1911) (Son of Peter Garvey ?)
MARGARET GERAGHTY (1927-1920) (Dau. of Martin Geraghty & Bridget McColl)

Anthony and Margaret were natives of the town of Headford, County Galway Ireland. Anthony is thought to have come to this country with a brother named Peter. They arrived in New York in 1846. Anthony and his wife were apparently married in St. Catherine Ontario in 1855 . She was born in County Mayo Ireland and is thought to have arrived in the U. S. in 1853. The wedding date does not appear to fit with the birth dates of their children. It is also unclear when they came to the United States. Their eldest daughter appears to have been born in St. Catherine Canada. Anthony and his family were in Minnesota by 1856 at which time Anthony filed naturalization papers. Some time later the family settled on a farm located in Section 4 and section 11 of Credit River Twp. in Scott County MN. Margaret appears to be related to a Larkin family that also settled in the Credit River area. Patrick Garvey, the spouse of Bridget Hyland, is thought to be related but is not likely to have been a child of Anthony and Margaret.


Mary J. (1856-1911) Michael G. Egan (1883) St. Johns Burnsville MN
Peter (1858-1927) ??? ( ) (Central Cem. Ellensberg WA.)
Martin (1860-1948) Margaret ( ) (Calvary St. Paul MN)
Margaret (1862-1928) James Madden (1883) St.Peters Credit River
Anthony (1864-1898) St. Peters Credit River
Bridget (1865- )
Edward (1866-1931) ?? ( ) St. Peters Credit River
William H. (1868- 1939) ?? ( ) (El Paso TX.)
Catharine (1870-1901) St. Peters Credit River
John F. (1874-1956) Ellen O Neill (1911) St. Peters Credit River

Patrick (1841-1874) Bridget Hyland (1865) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN

Patrick is listed because his death record in Dakota Co. lists his parents as Anthony Garvey and is from the same general location in Ireland. Patrick was already living in Empire Twp. in Dakota Co. by the time Anthony appeared in Credit River. He may be from another Garvey family in the area. Both Anthony and Margaret are buried in Credit River.

PATRICK GARVEY (1841-1874) (Son of Anthony Garvey & ??? )
BRIDGET HYLAND (1847-1917) Dau.of Edward Hyland & Margaret Hennley

Patrick was born in Hergroud (Headford ??) Ireland and settled in Empire Twp. in Dakota County MN about 1855. It is thought that Patrick was related to Anthony Garvey who settled in Credit River. He is however too old to have been a son of Anthony Garvey & Margaret Geraghty. He may however by a son by an earlier marriage? Patrick's wife Bridget was born in Ireland on April 8, 1945. She and Patrick were married in 1865 and took up farming in Empire Twp.


Mary E. (1866-1936) Patrick Hynes (1897) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Edward (1868-1939) Marjorie Bohan ( ) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Margaret (1870-1928) Frank Peters (1908) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Ann (1873-1879) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN

Bridget died July 18, 1917.  [obituary]

PETER GARVEY ( - ) Son of Anthony Garvey & Margaret Geraghty
( - ) (Unknown)

Peter ran away from home as a teenager. After working on a farm in Ames, IA, he later moved to Ellensberg WA were he operated a successful contracting business.


Frank ( - )
Lillian O. ( 1892 - 1983) Stanley Squire (1926) (Los Angelas CA. ??)
Mary ( )

Peter moved to Los Aneles CA. for his health some time in the early 1920s He died there on Nov. 18, 1927 and was buried in Central Cemetery Ellensberg WA. His son was apparently involved in the motion picture industry under the name Frank Murphy.

MARTIN GARVEY (1860-1948) Son of Anthony Garvey & Margaret Geraghty
Margaret ( ) (Unknown)

Martin married late in life and moved into the city of St. Paul where he resided at 750 Sherburne Ave.


John ( -1971) Calvary Cem St. Paul

Martin Garvey died Nov. 10, 1948 and is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Saint Paul

EDWARD A. GARVEY ( -1939) Son of Anthony Garvey & Margaret Geraghty
GERTRUDE ( ) (Unknown)

Edward was a teacher in the Credit River area and later ran a general store in Savage. He married late in life and had one daughter.


Maristella ( )

Edward died in Savage on July 5. 1939. it is not known when or where his wife died.

JOHN GARVEY (1874-1956) Son of Anthony Garvey & Margaret Geraghty
ELLEN O'NEILL (1888-1971) Dau of John O'Neill & Mary Allen

John & Ellen were married in 1911 and John took over the family homestead. John later acquired additional acreage on the shores of Lake Murphy in Section 9 of Credit River.


Elmer (1912- ) ??? (1939)
Mary (1914- ) Timothy J. Garvey ( )
Margaret ( )
Helen ( )
Alice ( ) Sr. Mary Ellen
Rita ( )
Anthony ( -1929 )
Edmund ( )

In 1939 John turned the farm over to his eldest son and moved to Shakopee where he operated a gas station on Main Street (Hwy 101) for several years. After his death on Aug. 9 1956, his wife returned to Prior Lake where she lived until 1963. She died in 1971.

EDWARD GARVEY (1868-1939) Son of Patrick Garvey & Bridget Hyland

Edward was born August 31, 1868 on the Garvey farm 3.5 miles north of Farmington MN. As an adult he moved to Saint Paul where he remained for several years. In 1903 he returned to Farmington and took over the operation of the local grocery store which he operated until 1919. He and his family resided on the old Garvey farm until 1922 when they moved into Farmington proper. He and his wife were married on Oct. 23, 1913. Marjory was a local teacher who had been raised in Mankato MN.


Thomas (1917-1937)
Richard (1920-1924)
Patricia (1921- ) Frank Mullaney ( )
Edward ( )
James ( )
Jerome ( )

Edward entered the real estate business in 1922 . Edward died October 22, 1939 . Richard was killed in 1924 by a train while playing on a RR trestle. His brother Thomas was killed in a car accident in 1937.

Information Provided in part from The Garvey's of Credit River by Terrence J. Garvey

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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