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the egan family

MICHAEL (1802-1886) Honorah Carr (Lyons?)( ) St. John's Burnsville MN
PATRICK (1819-1880) Julia  A. Carr ( ) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN

These two Egans are listed together because there appears to be some relationship between these two families. They are both listed as coming from the parish of Annaugh in County Mayo Ireland. Michael Egan settled in Scott Co. MN and Patrick Egan settled in St. Paul. In 1857, there was a Peter Egan family in the area .It is not known whether or not they were related and the family appears to have left the area by 1860.

MICHAEL EGAN (1802-1886) (Parents Unknown)
HONORAH LYONS (1808-1894) (Parents Unknown)

Michael Egan was born in the parish of Annaugh Co. Mayo Ireland. It is likely that he was married in Ireland some about 1835 or 1836. Michael brought his family to the United States about 1847 and may have spent a few years somewhere in Canada before their arrival. There daughter Catherine remained in Ireland for a time due to illness but eventually joined her parents. They lived in Wheeling, West Virginia before coming to Minnesota. In 1857, Michael purchased a farm in Washington County near Stillwater where the family remained a number of years. Eventually Michael and his wife eventually came to live with his son in eastern Scott County. A short history written for this family lists seven children but there appears to have been other relatives who also came to the area and this has caused some degree of confusion.


Maria (1837-1880) Michael Gallagher (1857) St. John's Burnsville MN
Michael G.(1842-1912) Mary Garvey (1883) St. John's Burnsville MN
Matthew (1845-1928) Jane McQuestion (1877)
            Alice Gaffney (1890)
Catherine (1846-1906) John McQuestion (1872)
Patrick (1849-1898) Mary McLaughlin ( ) St. John's Burnsville MN
( - )
( - )

This family apparently had a close relationship with another Egan family that settled in St. Paul MN which is known to have originated in Annaugh Ireland. This Patrick Egan may have been a brother of Michael. The precise relationship is as yet unknown but there is evidence that members of the St. Paul family visited Glendale from time to time. It is also possible that there was another daughter that married an Edward Garvey and lived in St. Paul but this is not certain. According to an obituary Nora Egan died Dec. 9. 1894 at age 86. She was residing with her son Michael at  the time.

PATRICK EGAN (1819-1880) (Parents Unknown)
JULIA A. CARR (1804-1889) (Parents Unknown)

All that is known about Patrick and Julia is that they were natives of Annaugh Co. Mayo Ireland and that they eventually settled in St. Paul.


Matthew (1850-1934) Mary ?? Calvery Cem. St. Paul MN
Mary (1857-1931) ?? Dinon ( ) Calvery Cem. St. Paul MN
William (1858- ) ?? (No information available)
Patrick (1858-1873) Calvery Cem. St. Paul MN

All the information listed here is derived from cemetery records for the family plot in Calvery Cemetery in St. Paul. It is known that Mary Dinon attended the funeral of Mrs. Nora Egan of Scott Co. and it also appears that there were descendants of Patrick living on the "East Side" of St. Paul at the turn of the century.

MICHAEL G. EGAN (1842-1912) Son of Michael Egan & Nora Lyons
MARY J. GARVEY (1854-1911) Dau. of Anthony Garvey & Maggy Garity

Michael appears to have been born in Annaugh Co. Mayo and moved to Minnesota with his parents. In 1868 he purchased a farm three and one half miles south-east of Rosemount where he remained for five years. In 1873 he purchased moved to a new farm in Glendale Twp. of Scott Co. He was married in 1883 to the daughter of an early settler for Credit River Twp.


Mary C. (1885- ) James R. Collins ?? (1903) (No information available)
George (1886-1961) Sarah A. Kennedy (1908) St. John's Burnsville MN
Margaret (1888-1945) George Allen (1910) St. John's Burnsville MN
Michael E.(1889-1964) ?? (St. John's Burnsville)
Jane (1891- ) Hammill ( ) (No information available)
William (1893- ) (No information available)
Robert M. (1896-1975) Catherine Jans (1919) St. John's Burnsville MN
Elizabeth (1898- ) (No information available)

Mary died Dec. 19 1911 at the age of 56y leaving a husband and eight children.

PATRICK EGAN (1849-1898) Son of Michael Egan & Honorah Lyons
MARY McLAUGHLIN (1846-1921) Dau. of Mike McLaughlin & Nancy (Carey)

Patrick was born somewhere in (born Ballyhanus Co. Mayo 1839 ??) Canada and emigrated to the United States with his parents. He settled on a farm homesteaded by his father where he remained until his marriage. It is not known when or where he was married but shortly after his marriage he moved to a farm in the Credit River area of Scott Co. MN. where he remained until his death. Patrick's wife was known to have had a sister in Le Seuer Co. and a brother in Green Isle MN.


Matthew (1863- ) (No information available)
Johannah (1865-1945) Michael Lennon (1892) St. John's Burnsville MN
Michael (1867-1950) Ellen Kelly (1896) St. John's Burnsville MN
James (1868- ) Elizabeth Conroy (1902) (No information available)
Mary J. (1871-1942) William Owans (1891) St. John's Burnsville MN
John (1873- ) (Moved to St. Paul ??)
Catherine (1875-1877) St. John's Burnsville MN
Patrick (1876-1929) ? (No information available)
Rose E. (1880-1957) James Cates (1901) St. Michaels Prior Lake MN
Margaret (1882- ) Daniel Casey (1900) (St. Peters Credit River ?)
William P.(1885-1952) St. John's Burnsville MN
Irene (1888- ) (No information available)

Most of these children appear to have remained in the Glendale/Credit River area. There is some uncertainty about whether the Matthew listed here is the same Matthew who later married Alice Gaffney. Patrick died Mar. 20 1898.

MICHAEL EGAN (1867-1950) Son of Patrick Egan & Mary McLaughlin
ELLEN KELLY (1867-1926) (Parents Unknown)


Dora (1898- ) (No information available)
Margaret (1899-1911) (St. John's Burnsville ?)
James P. (1900-1911) (St. John's Burnsville ?)
Effie L. (1903- ) (No information available)
Millicent (1905- ) (No information available)

MATTHEW EGAN (1845-1928) Son of Michael Eagan & Honorah Carr
ALICE GAFFNEY (1862-1922) dau.

Although it is not certain, Matthew appears to have been the son of Michael and Honorah. The confusion results from a discrepancy with regard to Matthew's date of birth. Matthew purchased a farm just west of his brother's farm in Glendale. Both he and his wives appear to have had prior marriages. In 1877 he was married to Johannah Donnelly. She is thought to have been the widowed daughter of William and Mary McQuestion of Credit River . Johannah died in 1888 and there doe not appear to have been any children from this marriage. In 1890 Matthew remarried another widow. The parents of Alice Gaffney are not known but she appears to have been married to William Allen prior to this marriage.


Michael (1890-1934) St. John's Burnsville MN
James (1892-1954) Theresa ( ) St. John's Burnsville MN
Matthew (1895-1961) Mary Reagan ( ) St. John's Burnsville MN
Mary (1897- ) (No information available)
Patrick (1900- ) (No information available)
John (1904-1967) Lena ( ) St. John's Burnsville MN

Family obituaries also list a Mrs. John Spieker as a surviving daughter. Matthew also raised Alice's son Martin Allen from her prior marriage.

JOHN EGAN (1865-1940) (Parents Unknown)
JULIA LARKIN (1864-1947) Dau.of Michael Egan & Kate Geraghty

Nothing is known about John and it is though that he is closely related to the other Eagan families in the area. He does not appear to either a son of Micheal or Patrick because he is listed in the records as having been born in Ireland. He appears to have moved to Credit River after marrying a local girl in 1890 but the close proximity with other Eagan suggests a relationship of some kind.


Ann (1893- ) (No information available)
John (1894- ) (No information available)
Julia (1897- ) (No information available)
Joseph (1899-1901) St.Peters Credit River MN
Mary (1902- ) (No information available)
Joseph (1903- ) (No information available)

John died at Savage in Dec. of 1940. He was survived by his wife, three daughters and two sons. Both John and Julia are buried in St.Peter's (Cleary Lake) Cemetary in Credit River MN.

ROBERT EGAN (1896-1975) Son of Michael Egan & Mary J. Garvey

Theodore M. (1933-1987) Pearl Hoff (1962)
Robert (1921-1996) Helen Judge (1946) (Sun City Ariz. 1987)
Margaret Sister (D.H.M.) (St. Paul 1987)
Deloras (    ) John Ralph ( Rosemount 1987)
Helen ?? Aubrecht ( Bloomington 1987)
Agnes ?? Wegner (Eau Claire Wis. 1987)
Mary ?? Steenerg (Scottdale Ariz. 1987)

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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