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the dwyer family 

This family originated in Tuam County Galway and eventually settled in Lakevile Twp. in Dakota Co MN. Little is known about the family prior to their arrival in the U.S. except that they may have spent some time in Canada. 

THOMAS (1827-1886) Margaret Herward (1852) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN
JAMES (1832-1872)  Highland Cem. Lakeville MN 

There were other individuals with the name Dwire or Dyer that settled in the area but there is as yet no evidence that they were related. On the other hand it is fairly certain that Thomas and James were brothers even though they had different spellings for the last name. Both are buried in Hyland Cemetary in Lakeville MN. James never appears to have been married. 

THOMAS DWYER (1827-1886) (Parents Unknown)
MARGARET HERWARD (1834-1877) (Parents Unknown) 

Thomas was born in Tram (Tuam ??) County Galway Ireland and emigrated to the U.S in 1851 settling somewhere in Maryland where he was married in 1852.  Nothing is known about his wife's backround except that she was a native of Kilmaine Co. Mayo Ireland. He and his wife apparently settled in Virginia in 1853 where they remained for four years. They then appear to have stayed a year in Kentucky, two years in Pennsylvania and four years in Tennessee. In 1865 Thomas brought his family to Minnesota where they purchased an 80 acre farm in Section 36 of Lakeville Twp. 


James (1853-1941) Mary Sullivan (1879) (No information available)
Mary (1856-1932) Patrick Hyland (1874) Highland Cem. Lakeville
Bridget (1859-1946)? (Resurrection Cem.?) 
Patrick (1862-1885) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN 
Michael J. (1864-1895) ???? ( ) (St.Paul??) 
John S. (1867-1887) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN 
Margaret 1869- ) Thomas Graiby ? (1882) (No information available) 
Thomas (1873-1945)? (Resurrection Cem.?) 

Margaret died Feb. 7, 1877 and Thomas died March 1, 1886. Both are buried in Highland Cemetary in Lakeville MN. The only information that is known about Bridget & Thomas Jr. is the date of birth. Thomas' date of death is taken from a burial in Resurrection Cemetary. This Thomas may or may not be the son of Thomas & Margaret. 

JAMES DWYER (1853-1941) Son of Thomas Dwyer & Maggy Herward 
MARY SULLIVAN (1861- ) Dau.of Daniel Sullivan & Mary McCarthy


William (1883- ) (Granite Falls MN 1900) 
James (1884-1901) All Saints Lakeville MN 
Patrick (1887- ) 
Mary J. (1889- ) 
Emma A. (1892- ) 
Edward T. (1894- ) 

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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