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the devitt family 

MARGARET (1785-1865) 

Margaret Devitt was born somewhere in County Mayo Ireland. She emigrated to the U.S. in the late 1840s with her children. Nothing is known about her husband and it is possible that he died in Ireland or in Massachusetts where the family lived for a while before moving to a farm in Eagan MN around 1857. Margaret spent the rest of her life living on one of the adjoining farms in Eagan where two of her sons settled. 


Patrick (1817-1869)  m. Catherine Kelley ( ), St. Patricks Cem. Inver Grove
Anthony (1820-1865) m. Sarah Mullens ( ), St. Patricks Cem. Inver Grove
Catherine (1828-1887) m. Thomas Ward (1857), St. Patricks Cem. Inver Grove
Barbara (1836-1898) m. Daniel Carroll (1858), St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Michael* ( - ) m. Rebecca Murdock ( ), Calvary Cemetery St.Paul MN 

All of these children were born in County Mayo Ireland. The known daughters were both married in MN and lived on farms in the area, Thomas Ward having a farm that adjoined the Devitt homestead. At least some members of the family resided in Clinton Massachusetts for a time prior to their arrival in Minnesota. 

* Family lore implies a relationship between the descendants of Anthony Devitt and those of this Michael as they were known to refer to each other as "Cousins." There is circumstantial evidence to support the relationship indicated. Nonetheless, Michael Devitt family will be continue to be treated as a separate family. 

PATRICK DEVITT (1817-1869) Son of Margaret Devitt
CATHERINE KELLY (1822-1909) Dau.of Thomas & Ann Kelly 

Patrick Devitt was born in County Mayo Ireland it is assumed that he emigrated to the U.S. with his mother. In any case he settled in Massachusetts. He was married to Catherine some time prior to 1852 when their first child was born. The family moved to a MN about 1857. After spending a few years in Burnsville, Patrick took up a homestead in Eagan with his brother's family, where he remained until he died. Little is known about Catherine's parents except that they appear to have moved to Dakota County as well. A Thomas Kelly is listed on early census lists as occupying a neighboring farm. Catherine also had a brother that settled in Lebanon Twp. in the same county. 


Margaret (1852- ) m. John Haverty (1874) (Moved to Winnipeg Canada)
Catherine (1854- ) m. Edward Burke ( ) (Moved to Winnipeg Canada)
Thomas (1858-1829) m. Bridget Cunningham (1880) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Andrew (1859-1926) m. Elizabeth Hurley (1894) St.Peter Cemetery Mendota MN
Mary (1860- ) ???  m. Curran ( ) (Moved to Vancouver Canada)
James (1862-1935) m. Catherine Delaney (1895) Holy Sepulchar Cem. Detroit
Ann (1865- ) m. Michael O'Connor (1894) (Moved to Mpls. or Seattle ) 

Some time between 1885 and 1895 Catherine left the farm and moved into St.Paul to live with one of her sons. Later she moved to Winnipeg Canada to live with a daughter. It was in Winnipeg that she died. 

ANTHONY DEVITT (1829-1865) Son of Margaret Devitt
SARAH MULLENS (1827-1879) 

Anthony Devitt was born in County Mayo Ireland and emigrated to the U.S. in the late 1840s. Shortly after moving to New England he was married and and by 1850 he was settled in Orchester Mass. along with various other family members. An early history of Dakota County MN. states that he and his wife spent some time in Clinton Massachusetts  prior to arriving in Minnesota about 1856. He homesteaded property in Eagan Twp. along with his brother were he remained until his death. 


Andrew (1851-1889) m. Mary Hynes (1882) St. Patrick Cem. Inver Grove
Thomas (1852-1919) m. Ellen Hyland (1878) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Sarah (1855-1924) m. Hugh Connelly (1874) Calvary Cemetery St.Paul MN
Mary A. (1856-1915) m. Michael Farrell (1871) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Margaret (1860-1885) St.Patrick Cem. Inver Grove
John (1862-1877) St. Patrick Cem. Inver Grove
James (1863-1865) St. Patrick Cem. Inver Grove 

Shortly after her husband's death, Sarah sold the farm in Eagan and moved to a farm in Lakeville Twp. MN. where she remained until her death. Most of her children remained in area. 

THOMAS DEVITT (1858-1929) Son of Patrick Devitt & Catherine Kelley
BRIDGET CUNNINGHAM (1859-1950) Dau.of James Cunningham & Margaret Hurlihy 

Thomas was born in Eagan Twp. MN and was raised on the family farm. In 1880 he married his wife at St. Peters church in Mendota. Bridget also grew up in a farm in Eagan Twp. After their marriage Thomas appears to have taken up the trade of a carpenter and moved his family into the village of Rosemount where his first four children were born. Some time between 1888 and 1895. Thomas moved his family into St. Paul were they lived in several locations in the old 6th Ward (West Side) and became members of St.Michael's parish. Thomas' mother lived with the family for a time after her retirement from the farm. 


Andrew (1881-1957) Lillian ( ) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Catherine (1884- ) (No information available)
James (1885- ) (Chicago Ill. ??)
Eva Marie (1888-1927) Christopher O'Connor (1914) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Gertrude (1892-1912) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Patrick H. (1894-1909) St. Josephs Rosemount MN 

Most of the children remained in the St. Paul area. Nothing is known about Catherine. She is not listed as a survivor of  Thomas in his obituary. James was living in Chicago in 1929. Thomas and his wife were residing at 233 Page Street in St. Paul at the time of his death. Thomas died on Oct. 4, 1929. 

ANDREW DEVITT (1859-1926) Son of Patrick Devitt & Catherine Kelley
ELIZABETH HURLY (1859-1945) Dau.of William Hurley & Ellen Callahan 

Andrew grew up in Eagan Twp. and lived on the family farm until the family moved to a new home in St. Paul's 6th Ward, some time in the early 1890s. In 1894 he married Margaret at St. Michaels Church. Andrew and his wife lived on St. Paul's "West Side" for the rest of their lives. 


Catherine (1897- ) Oscar Krause ( ) (No information available)
Elizabeth (1902-1902) St. Patricks Cem. Inver Grove
Edward J. (1905-1914) St. Patricks Cem. Inver Grove
Edward J. (1905- ) (Minneapolis 1945 ??)
James ( - ) (Christian Brother) ( ) Calvary Cemetery St.Paul MN 

There is little information about Andrew's children except what can be determined through obituaries. There is some confusion regarding Edward J. and James. 

JAMES DEVITT (1862-1935) Son of Patrick Devitt & Catherine Kelley
CATHERINE DELANEY (1862-1924) Dau.of Steven Delaney & Mary Farrell 

James Devitt was born in Eagan Twp. and appears to have moved into St. Paul with the rest of his family in the early 1890s. He was married to Catherine at Rosemount in 1895. Catherine was the daughter of a prominent farmer in Lebanon Twp. where she was born and raised. After their marriage, James and Catherine moved to Winnipeg Canada where their children were born. Later after the death of Catherine, James moved to Detroit, Michigan where he remained with some of his children until his death. 


Josephine (1896-1923) St. Mary's Cem. Winnipeg Can.
Cyril J. (1900- ) Fania Rodman (1920) (Detroit Mich.)
Louis A. (1904- ) Susan Cramer ( ) (Wilmer MN. )
Rose C. (1906-1953) Elmer Brosofski ( ) (Burial Unknown)
Margaret (1908-1967) Thomas Noil-Kid ( ) (Burial Unknown) 

Most of the information on this family were derived from a descendent. The unknown burials are suspected to be at St. Mary's in Winnipeg. 

ANDREW DEVITT (1851-1889) Son of Anthony Devitt & Sarah Mullens
MARY HYNES (1855-1883) Dau.of Patrick Hynes & Bridget Killalea

Anthony was born in Clinton Mass. and moved with his parents to a farm in Eagan Twp. where he was raised. Some time after his father died, the family moved to another farm in Lakeville Twp.. After his mother died, he took over management of the second farm where he remained until his untimely death. Andrew married Mary in 1882.  She was born in Burnsville Twp. and moved to a farm in Empire Twp. with her parents. Shortly after they were married Anthony and Mary moved to Hastings. Mary died in childbirth leaving one son to be raised by Anthony. 


Joseph (1883-1919) m. Mary Connally ( ) St. Josephs Rosemount MN 

This child was only six years of age when Anthony died so he was raised on a farm in Empire by his grandparents Patrick and Bridget Hynes. 

THOMAS E. DEVITT (1852-1919) Son of Anthony Devitt & Sarah Mullens  (bio)
ELLEN HYLAND (1852-1924) Dau.of James Hyland & Julia Eagan

Thomas was born in Clinton Massachusetts and moved to a farm in Eagan Twp. with his parents sometime in the mid 1850s. When he reached adulthood he took up residence in Rosemount village and took up trade as a carpenter. In 1878 he married his wife Ellen. She had been born in Saratoga N.Y. and moved with her family to a farm in Lakeville Twp. Thomas was active in the affairs of the village and received an appointment as postmaster of Rosemount. All his children were born and raised in Rosemount village. 


Sarah (1881-1966) m. John O'Malley (1904) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Julia (1882-1883) buried St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Margaret (1884-1887) buried St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Anthony F. (1886-1890) buried St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Mary (1888- ) Harald Jell ( ) (Lowell Inn Stillwater)
Catherine (1890-1970)  buried St. Josephs Rosemount MN
James F. (1894- ) Lauretta McCoubreg ( ) (No information available) 

When Thomas retired as postmaster he and his family moved into St. Paul and purchased a home at 984 Dayton Ave. He was still living there when he died on Aug. 11, 1919. His wife Ellen remained at this address until her death on July 13, 1927. They are both buried in Rosemount. 

Nothing is known with regard to James F. as he does not show up on any St. Paul directories. It is thought that he may have been a St. Paul fireman. Mary and her husband managed the Lowell Inn in Stillwater Minnesota for a time but nothing is known about where they died. Catherine remained in St. Paul and worked as a clerk for the Great Northern Railroad. (top)

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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