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the cleary family

CORNELIUS CLEARY (1802-1875) (Parents Unknown)
BRIDGET EAGAN (1802-1876) (Parents Unknown)

Cornelius Cleary and his wife Honorah were natives of (Clondagal) Co. Clare Ireland. Nothing is known about their births or the date of their marriage and all their known children appear to have been born in Ireland. In any case there is no information on this family prior to their settlement in the Credit River area of Scott Co. MN. Nora Cleary may have been related to the Egans who settled in the same area but there is no evidence to this effect. Cornelius settled on a farm on the shore of Cleary lake in 1854 and is said to have been the first settler in what at that time was called New Dublin but was to become Credit River Twp.


Ann (1826-1900) Peter Corrigan (1864) St. Peter's Credit River MN
Patrick (1827-1899) Bridget ( ) St. Peter's Credit River MN
John (1831-1902) Hannah Scott (1861) St. Peter's Credit River MN
James (1832- ) Ann Callaghan (1869) (Lived in St. Paul MN ??)
Thomas (1839-1908) Margaret Foley (1865) St. Peter's Credit River MN
Peter (1840-1900) Honorah Queally ( ) St. Peter's Credit River MN
Mary (1842-1921) Thomas Foley (1865) St. Johns Burnsville MN
Honorah ( - ) Michael Flemming ( ) St. Peter's Credit River MN

Most of the children listed settled in the area with their parents. Nora Flemming is assumed to be a daughter and was married to another early settler o the area. James may not have been related to this family. The only evidence to support a relationship is derived from census records which show a Thomas Foly staying with his family in St. Paul. This may have been the a nephew but this is not known for certain. Conn and Nora both died at home on the original farm and are buried at St.Peter Cemetary.

One additional dilema is noted with regard to this family. Credit River records list Ann as married to Peter Corrigan in 1864. However, St. Paul Cathedral records a marriage of an Ann Cleary to a John Gorgan (Corrigan ?). This record lists Ann's place of birth as Clondagal Ireland and John's place of birth as Kells Ireland. Is this the same Ann ??

PATRICK CLEARY (1827-1899) Son of Cornelius Cleary & Honorah Eagan
BRIDGET QUEALY (1829-1907) ? (Parents Unknown)

Patrick is thought to have been born in County Clare Ireland and apparently emigrated to the United States with his parents. He lived for a time on the family farm in Credit River until his marriage at which time he appears to have been given a part of his father's farm for home. Bridget and Patrick may have been married shortly before 1865 which is the date of their first known child's birth.


John H. (1865-1934) Elizabeth Faricy (1894) St. Peter's Credit River MN
Ellen (1870- ) (Died before 1900 ??)
Margaret (1873- ) (Died before 1880 ??)

It is not certain where Pat was living at the time of his death but Bridget appears to have moved into St. Paul and is though to have died about 1907 although this is unclear.

JOHN CLEARY (1831-1902) Son of Cornelius Cleary & Honorah Eagan
HONORAH SCOTT (1839-1931) Dau. of George Scott & Bridget Hurly ?

Little information is available regarding John & Nora. John was born somewhere in Clare Co. Ireland and came to Credit River with his parents. Nora was born in County Limerick Ireland Jan. 18, 1839 and came to the U.S with her parents in 1849 and by 1854 was living in Eagan MN. They were married in the fall  of 1861 and moved to Credit River.


Mary (1863-1886) M. C. McCarthy (1885) (Belle Plain 1931)
Bridget E. (1865- ) James C. Donovan (1895) (Living in St. Paul 1931)
Margaret (1868-1937) Richard McCarthy (1895) St. Peter's Credit River
George (1870- ) (Living in St. Paul 1931)
Ann (1871-1930) Thomas F. White (1903) ( Calvery St. Paul ??)
Ellen (1873-1873)? St. Peter's Credit River
John P. (1881-1954) (Priest) (Calvery St. Paul ??)

Census records for 1900 list only five children still alive indicating that the other children may have died in childhood. The date of John's death is not certain and the death of Nora is unknown.  Nora may have moved into St. Paul. In any case John appears to have been buried in Credit River in the family plot. Nora continued to reside on the family farm until 1918 when she moved to St. Paul to keep house for her son George. She was residing at 181 Como Ave when she died June 10, 1931. She was also buried at Credit River.

THOMAS CLEARY (1839-1908) Son of Cornelius Cleary & Honorah Eagan
MARGARET FOLEY (1840-1926) Dau. of Michael Foley & Mary Fenton

Thomas appears to have been born in Co Clare Ireland and came to this country with his parents. He settled in Credit River MN and remained with his parents until his marriage in 1865. Margaret appears to have been born in New York and settled in Burnsville MN area. Little is known about them after their marriage.


Patrick (1865- ) (No information available)
Michael (1870-1936) (Died in St. Paul ??)
Thomas (1882- ) (No information available)

There may have been more children from this marriage. It is not yet known where Thomas & Maggy were living at the time of their deaths. Their son Michael was apparently living at 683 St. Peter Street in St. Paul when he died.

PETER CLEARY (1840-1900) Son of Cornelius Cleary & Honorah Eagan

Peter was born in Ireland and moved to Credit River with his father and mother about 1854. He was married in St. Paul sometime in the early 1860s. Little is known about Hannah except she appears to be related to the Queally family from Mendota. More information is known about Peter than is known about his brothers, but the information remains sketchy. Peter appears to have run the family farm after his fathers death.


John (1864-1911) Elizabeth White (1891) (Credit River ??)
Ann (1865- ) (No information available)
Mary (1866- ) (No information available)
Catherin(1868- ) (No information available)
Bridget (1869- ) (No information available)
Susan (1870- ) (No information available)
Hannah (1871-1871) (Credit River ???)
Margaret (1871- ) (No information available)
Ellen (1872- ) (No information available)
Edward (1873- ) (No information available)
Peter (1877-1877) (Credit River ???)
Frank J. (1879- ) (No information available)

The family apparently moved into St. Paul at some point and nothing is known about when or where Hannah died. An obituary for John lists a Mrs Dennin and a Mrs Bradley as sisters.

JOHN CLEARY (1864-1911) Son of Peter Cleary & Hannah Quealy


Marie ( - ) (Chicago Ill.??)
Frank ( - ) (Seatle Wash.??)

About 1910 John and his wife moved to Seatle Washington. John died soon after but Elizabeth continued to reside their until 1940 when she went to live with her daughter in Chicago Ill. She died there three years later.

JOHN H. CLEARY (1854-1934)1 Son of Patrick Cleary & Bridget Quealy
ELIZABETH FARICY (1865-1959) Dau. of James Faricy & Briget Nyhan

Esther C. (1909- )  Stuart H. Perrin (1934)
Mary E. (1895-1979) St. Peter's Credit River MN
(Bridget) Agnes (1897- 1989) Francis W. Cress (1929)
Elizabeth (1898- 1985)
Patrick W. (1899-1991) Mary Aurelia Kane (1935)
James J. (1902-1970) Kathleen Lane (1956 ) St. Peter's Credit River MN
Cecelia (or Cecilia) Helen (1904-1999) Lewis Dillon Peterson (1941)
Helena (1907- ) Arthur A. Hibbeler (1951)
John Faricy Cleary (1912-1978) Eleanor Mae Catherine Hall (1955)

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty with contributions and corrections from Tara Faricy. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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