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the patrick brennan family 

The Patrick Brennan family settled in Inver Grove Twp. of  Dakota Co. They appear to have been one of the oldest families in the area and were one of the original families to attend St. Patrick's church. Like many families that settled in the area, the Brennan family originated somewhere in County Donegal Ireland and emigrated to the United States. There is very little information regarding this family and some confusion exists regarding the original founders. 

PATRICK (1806-1881) Ellen McGuire (1834) (St. Patrick's Inver Grove) 
EDWARD (1827-1909) Mary ??? ( ) (Inver Grove MN ??) 

Early records list an Edward Brennan in the area but there is only circumstantial evidence to connect him with Patrick. In fact, this Edward may be the same person as Patrick or a son of Patrick's . He is included here as a possible relative. Edward's wife Mary (Katherine) appears to have died in 1884 at the age of 55y and may be buried at Inver Grove. Edward appears to have died in West St. Paul in 1909. His father is listed as John ?? 

PATRICK BRENNAN (1806-1881) Son of Patrick Brennan & Mary ?? 
ELLEN McGUIRE (1815-1882) ? Dau. of  John McGuire & Mary 

Patrick was born somewhere in Co. Donegal Ireland and emigrated to the United States in 1836. He was married in Ireland in 1834 but it is not known if they had any children before coming to Minnesota. Nothing is known abut his wife Ellen prior to this date. Patrick and Ellen were supposedly shipwrecked off the coast of New Foundland and came ashore in Quebec Canada. They may have lost some children in this mishap. In any event their first known child was born somewhere in New York in 1837. By 1839 the family was located in Pennsylvania and later moved to Cincinnati Ohio. By 1846 they were in Louisiana and from at least 1848 to 1854 they were located in St. Louis, Missouri where Patrick worked as a shoemaker. Patrick came to Minnesota by himself in 1853 and claimed 160 acres in Ramsey County. They appear to have come to Minnesota in 1852. He returned a year later with his family and settled in Inver Grove in 1855. 


Patrick J. (1837- ) Johannah Maher (1875) (Moved to St. Paul ???) 
Thomas M. (1839- ) (Robert Street-St. Paul???) 
John (1846-1870) (St. Patricks Inver Grove ) 
Ann (1848- ) (Steven Tierney ??) (1867)? (died before 1888 ??) 
Ellen ? (1849-1948) ? James McCarthy ? (1884) St. Peters Mendota MN ? 
Martin (1854- ) (Died by 1865 ??) 
Catherine (1856- ) Lawrence Miller (1874) (No information available) 
Charles E. (1857-1896) Mary Walsh (1890) (No information available) 
Frank (1860-1905) Bridget Walsh (1880) (St. Patricks Inver Grove ) 
Peter (1863-1876) (St. Patricks Inver Grove ) 
Mary M. (1865-1938) Peter Walsh (1887) St. Patricks Inver Grove MN 
Andrew ? ( - ) (died before 1888) 

Little information is available on most of the children. A number of them are thought to have moved into St. Paul. The Walsh family with whom a number of these children intermarried was also an early Inver Grove family. Patrick & Ellen are said to have had 17 children of whom six were listed as living in 1888. Their daughter Catherine may have married someone named Chapin as listed above (see below). Mrs. James McCarthy of Inver Grove may have also been a daughter of Patrick and Ellen. However, there are no records to confirm this at this time. John served in Co. K 8th Minn during the Civil War. He died in 1870 from a condition he contracted during the war. 

In 1931 a Mrs,  Brennan, mother of Martin Brennan died in Pittsburgh Pa. This Mrs. Brennan was apparently a sister-in-law of Mrs. Peter Brennan. There was a John Brennan residing in Pittsburgh in 1912 (see below). According to the estate of Miss Theresa Brennan of West St. Paul, she was survived by Mrs. Mary Walsh of Inver Grove, Mrs. Margaret Berry (wife of Patrick) of St. Paul, C. S. Lowell, Dr. V. J. Hawkins and John Brennan of Pittsburgh in 1912 

There was also a Lanty J. Brennan born in Inver Grove in 1885 and died in 1941. He was married to Belle Barton, had a son John and a daughter Catherine. It is not known how he is related to the other Brennan families. Lanty was listed with the Lanty Ryan family in 1895. Lanty was apparently the son of John Brennan & Hanna (Nora ?) Ryan who may have died in childbirth. 

EDWARD BRENNAN (1827-1909) (Son of Patrick Brennan & Ellen McGuire) 
CATHERINE (MARY ?) (1832-1884) (Parents Unknown) 

Nothing is known about this family except that the had at least one child. 


John (1859- ) 

This John may be related to a Chapin family. There was a John Brennan who died in Inver grove in 1907. He was 44 years old and had a wife and two children? He is supposedly buried at St. Patrick's. In 1895 there was a John Brennan 35y listed with a Catherine Chapin 40y In Inver Grove. 

PATRICK J. BRENNAN (1837- ) Son of Patrick Brennan & Ellen McGuire 
JOHANNAH MAHER (1850-1900) Dau. Patrick Maher & Kate Walsh 

Patrick was born in Pennsylvania and came to Minnesota with his parents who settled a farm in Inver Grove Twp. in Dakota Co. He was married in 1887 and moved into West St. Paul Minnesota. His wife was the daughter another farmer in the Inver Grove area. 


Catherine (1876- ) 
Mary (1878- ) 
Charles E. (1882- ) (No information available) 
Patrick J. (1884- ) (No information available) 
John (1885-1887) (No information available) 
James (1886-1886) (No information available) 
Ellen (1889- ) (No information available) 
Mary ( - ) 

This family settled for a time in St. Paul's "West Side" and many of their records can be found at St. Michael's church. 

FRANK BRENNAN (1861-1905) Son of Patrick Brennan & Ellen McGuire 
BRIDGET WALSH (1861-1923) Dau. Peter Walsh & Winnifred Higgins 

Frank was born and raised in Inver Grove Twp. where he was married in 1880 to the daughter of another farmer in the area. After he apparently farmed for a time in Inver Grove. Sometime after 1885 this family moved into the City of St. Paul where he and his wife attended St. Michael's church. 


Charles E. (1883- ) (No information available) 
Frank (1885- ) (died before 1900 ??) 
Mare E. (1887- ) (No information available) 
Frances (1892- ) (No information available) 
Florance (1894- ) (No information available) 
Peter F. (1898-1964) Margaret ( ) St. Patricks Inver Grove MN 

Frank's father-in-law and sister in law appear to have been living in St. Paul with this family around the turn of the century. 

MARY WALSH (1853 -1938) Dau. of Peter Walsh & Winnifred Higgins 

Mary was born in Bangor Maine in 1853 and came to Minnesota in 1855. Charles and Mary moved to St. Paul where Charles died February 19, 1896. His wife, Mary, was residing at 690 Mount Hope Street in West St. Paul at the time of her death in August of 1938 at the age 85y. They did not appear to have any children.

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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