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the bambery family

The Bambery Family originated somewhere in County Cork Ireland. There is not much information available regarding the activities of this family prior to their location in Minnesota some time in the early 1870s. The family does appear to have spent time in Canada where Richard may have been born. During the 1870's, a number of individuals with this surname settled in Lakeville area of Dakota County and it is assumed that they were all members of the same family. It is however, not clear just how they are all related.

DANIEL (1835-1880) m. Bridget Hyland  (1875) buried Calvary Cemetery St.Paul MN
MAURICE (1845-1920) m. Bridget McDermott (1878) Highland Cem. Lakeville
            m. Mary Flynn (1890); and m. Ann Fossem (1901)
RICHARD J. (1856-1902) m. Mary Feeley (1890) buried St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
THOMAS ( - ) m. ???? ( ) (died in Ireland ??)
MARGARET ( - ) m. John Costello (1871) (No information available)

No information is known about Thomas and Margaret except they may have settled in St. Paul. Some of  Thomas' children were located in St. Paul at the turn of the century.

DANIEL BAMBERY (1835-1880) (Parents Unknown)
BRIDGET HYLAND (1845-1908) Dau.of James Hyland & Bridget Flynn

Daniel was born in County Cork Ireland and came to the United States with his brother, Maurice. Some time in the 1860s or early 1870s they took up farming in the Lebanon Township of Dakota County, Minnesota. Shortly after their arrival, Daniel married Bridget Hyland. Bridget had grown up on a farm in Lakeville and her father had been one of the first settlers in the area.


Mary (1875-1948) marr Edward Dunn (  ) buried Calvary Cemetery St. Paul MN
Richard Henry (1876-1942) marr Martha H. Spiel (   ) buried Calvary Cemetery St. Paul MN
James Edward (1877- ) marr Margaret Iten ( ) (Portland OR - 1942 )
Daniel (1879-1941) marr Stella Boulger (  ) buried Calvary Cemetery St. Paul MN

Daniel died on the farm in 1880 leaving his wife to raise four children. After remaining on the farm for a short time, she sold the farm and moved into St. Paul. She died there and is buried in Calvary Cemetery. Daniel was originally buried in Hyland Cemetery but his body was later moved to Calvary to be interred with his wife. All of Daniel's children remained in St.Paul except James who moved to Oregon. Daniel Jr. worked as a traveling salesman out of St. Paul.


MAURICE BAMBERY (1845-1920) (Parents Unknown)
BRIDGET McDERMOTT (1854-1882) Dau. of Byron McDermott & Ann McDonald

Maurice was born in Co. Cork Ireland and moved to the United States with his brother. They took up a farm in Lebanon Twp. in Dakota Co. where he remained until his marriage in 1878. His wife was the daughter of a pioneer family in Lebanon Twp. After his marriage, Maurice purchased a farm of his own in nearby Empire Twp. and began raising a family of his own.


Richard (1878-1878) buried Highland Cem. Lakeville MN
Richard (1879-1879) buried Highland Cem. Lakeville MN
Margaret (1880-1880) buried Highland Cem. Lakeville MN
Mary (1881-1883) buried Highland Cem. Lakeville MN

Bridget died shortly after the birth of her last child and the child died a year later. Eventually, Maurice moved into St. Paul and married his second wife in 1890.  For more on Bridget McDermott and her County Wexford ancestors, see Becker Hughes Family by Sharon Tilman.

MAURICE BAMBERY (1845-1920) (Parents Unknown)
MARY FLYNN ( -1930)

Mary Flynn's first husband was Patrick Gorman who settled in Eagan, Dakota County, and Wheatland Township in Rice County.


Mary (1888-1972) (Sr. Maurice) (Rochester MN )
Maurice Patrick (1890- 1994) marr. Myrtle Ethel Larsen (1892-1953)
Margaret (1893- ) (Arizona ?? )
Johannah (1894-) (California ?)

Sister Maurice was a teacher.  The  rest of this family eventually moved to South Dakota and points west. This marriage was not successful and Maurice and Mary appear to have gotten a divorce sometime before 1901. In that year he married for a third time.

MAURICE BAMBERY (1845-1920) (Parents Unknown)
ANN FOSSEM ( - ) (Parents Unknown)

Nothing is known about this woman except that she was married to Maurice somewhere out west.


James E. (1904- 1990?) (Moved to Wisconsin)
Thomas Richard (1903-1981) (California ???)

Maurice died on Oct. 1, 1920 at Mobridge South Dakota. His remains were returned to Dakota County, Minnesota where they were interred next to his first wife in Hyland Cemetery. His obituary list his survivors as Mrs George Howard, Maurice P. and Josephine of Mobridge, and Sister Maurice of Ashland Kentucky.


RICHARD BAMBERY (1856-1904) (Parents Unknown) [top]
MARY FEELEY (1865-1960) (Dau. of John Feeley & Bridget Gartland)

Nothing is known about Richard except that he appears to have been a brother of Maurice & Daniel. It is not known when he arrived in the United States or when he settled in the Farmington Minnesota area. He married the daughter of a local farmer from Empire Township in 1890. Evidence derived from census records would appear to indicate that he was born somewhere in Canada. After his marriage Richard went to work for the Great Northern RR in 1899 and the family appears to have moved out west. Their last three children appear to have been born somewhere in Montana.  


Ann (1892- 1972) died Marin County, CA
Mary (1894- 1978) marr. William Arthur Hart (1893-) died Walnut Creek, CA
Estelle (1895-1980) marr. Lloyd C.Reeves (1884-) died San Mateo County, CA
Alice (1898-1980 ) marr. Emil Proulx (1894-1983) died San Francisco County, CA
Gladys (1901-1993) marr. Wayne C. Gilbert (1895- ) died Ramsey County, MN
John H. (Abt 1903- 1974) died San Bruno County, CA

Richard died in a railroad accident while working for the Great Northern in Helena , Montana. Mary was living in Empire Township in 1910 but by the time of her death she was living in St.Paul at 1560 Laurel Ave. An obituary for Mary listed among her children: Ann, Mrs. Wayne Gilbert, Mrs. Wm. Hart and Mrs. E.A. Proulx.  Both Richard and Mary are buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Rosemount.

[For more information on this family see the John J. Proulx Family Page.]

THOMAS BAMBERY ( - ) (Parents Unknown) [top]
( - ) (No information available)

Nothing is known about this Thomas except that he is the father of Richard & Maurice Bambery of St. Paul. References in Dakota County newspapers appear to suggest that the children of  Thomas were nephews of Thomas Mangan of Lakeville MN. Although several of his children may have settled in the area, there is as yet no record available indicating he was ever here himself. He may in fact have died in Ireland. We do not know where in Ireland he was born nor do as yet have the name of his wife. It is assumed from the proximity of the childrens' names, that he was at least related to the Dakota County Bamberys and may well be a brother.


Richard (1865-1930) m Catherine M. (1892), buried Calvary Cemetery St.Paul
Maurice (1871-1931) m. Ann (1895), buried Calvary Cemetery St.Paul
Daniel ( -1885) (No information available)
John ( - ) (No information available)
Honorah ( - ) (No information available)
Mary ( - ) m. ???? Dore ( ) (No information available)
????? ( - ) m. J. Griffin ( ) (No Information available)

Richard and Maurice are the only children on which there is any clear information. The names and possible marriages are derived from obituaries and court records associated with Richard's and Maurice's estates.


RICHARD T. BAMBERY (1865-1930) Son of Thomas Bambery & ?????
KATHERINE MARY (1871-) (Parents Unknown)

Richard was born in Ireland and emigrated to the U.S. ca 1880-1883. At the turn of the 20th century, Richard and his family were in St. Paul on Robbins Sreet.


Mary (1893- ) (No information available)
John R. (1894- ) (No information available)
Catherine (1898- ) (No information available)
Margaret (1906- ) (No information available)
Richard (1913-1914) Calvary Cemetery St.Paul
??? ( - ) (No information available)
??? ( - ) (No information available)

Both Richard and Mary are buried at Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul so it is assumed they were living in St. Paul. All that is known about the children is that an obituary lists: Mrs E. J. McQuillan, Mrs M. D. Grady and Mrs J. F. Kelly.


MAURICE K. BAMBERY (1871-1930) Son of Thomas Bambery & ????
ANN LAMEY (1883-1937) Dau.of John Lamey & Kate Maloney

There is no information on anyone in this family until the turn of the century when they are located with the Richard Bambery family in St. Paul. Maurice was born in Ireland and emigrated to the U.S. in about 1888.  Ann Lamey was born in Wisconsin.  In 1920, this family except for Mary was living at 2202 Bayliss Street next to the Richard F. Bambery family. Maurice K. was a towerman and Anna and Margaret were clerks for a railroad.

Maurice died in Carlton County and is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His wife Ann died in Lakeville while visiting her son Thomas and his wife. She was buried with her husband. An obituary lists among the children: Mrs C. V. Barrans of Cloquet MN, Mrs M.A. Lukoskie of Kelly Lake MN and Mrs W. J. Bernard of St. Paul. Their son, Thomas became an attorney and was living in Lakeville in the 1930s. Thomas later moved to Edina where he and his wife resided until his death in 1995.


Child Bambery (?-Bef 1910)
Child Bambery (?-Bef 1910)
Mary (1896- ) marr Gerald Vincent Barron (1889-1938)
Anna K. (1898- ) marr Matthew Alexander Lukoskie (1896-1972)
Margaret T. (1903- 1983) marr W. J. Bernard
Walter Bambery (Abt 1903 - ) (No information available)
Maurice (1905-1984) (No information available)
Thomas Mathew ( 1911-1995) marr Dorothy E. Kleckner (1912-1955) (Lakeville MN 1937)

Mary and Gerald Vincent Barron  had at least two sons:  Gerald V. Barron (1918-1970) and Thomas William Barron (1922-1994).  In the1920 census, Mary, Gerald, and son Gerald were living in Cloquet, Carlton County, Minnesota where Gerald was practicing law with a firm. Matthew Lukoskie, the husband of Anna K., was born in Braidwood Illinois.  In 1918, Matthew was an inspector for the Burlington Northern Railroad.  He served in WWI and Matthew and Anna are buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


JAMES EDWARD BAMBERY (1877-1960) Son of Dan Bambery & Bridget Hyland
EMILY MARGARET ITEN (Abt. 1887-1962)

James was born and raised in Lebanon Township, Dakota County, and moved into St. Paul with his family after his father died.  In 1909, he was living with his brothers, Daniel and Richard at 1824 Selby Avenue.  


Mary I. (1914 -)
Emily Margaret Bambery (1915 - 1915 ) d. Portland, Mulnomah County, Oregon
Stella Helen Bambery (1917 - 1944?)
Margaret Virginia Bambery (1919 - 1989) marr Logan ( )
??? James (Daniel or Edward) (1923-1923)
James R. Bambery (1928-2003) buried Arlington National Cemetery

In the 1930 census, this family was listed 528 East 32nd Street in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon; the living children were born in Oregon.


DANIEL BAMBERY (1879-1941) Son of Dan Bambery & Bridget Hyland

Daniel was born and raised in Lebanon Township. He was a traveling salesman and worked first for the firm of Finch Van Slyck and McConville for 25 years and later was employed with Utica Knitting Mills out of Chicago. In 1910, Daniel was living in Bismarck, North Dakota.  He retired in 1931.

RICHARD HENRY BAMBERY (1879-1942) Son of Dan Bambery & Bridget Hyland
MARTHA H. SPIEL ( Abt 1886-1926)

Richard was born in Lebanon Township and moved in St. Paul with his family.Richard worked at the Allen-Qually building in St. Paul as a night watchman. He died accidentally in 1942 by falling down an elevator shaft. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery in St.Paul.


James E. ( 1914 - ?1943)
Daniel P. (1916 - )
Raymond P. ( 1917 - 1993)
John (1919 - 1973)  marr Dorothy Mae (1917-1996) buried Ft. Snelling National Cemtery

Raymond P. moved to the St. Louis, Missouri area in the 1950s.


MAURICE PATRICK BAMBERY (1890 - 1994) Son of Maurice Bambery &Mary Flynn
(1892 - 1953) Dau of ??? Larsen & ??? Dean

In 1920, Maurice and Myrtle were living in Mobridge, Walworth County, South Dakota with son Maurice, daughter Gladys, Maurice's sisters Margaret and Josephine, and their father Marurice Sr.  Maurice was a railroad switchman and his sister, Margaret, was a depot clerk. Myrtle's parents were from Norway.  Maurice and Myrtle eventually settled in California.

Maurice 1916 - 1985
Gladys 1919 -
Myrtle Catherine (1922 - 1992) marr Biddle
Raymond Thomas (1923 - 2000)
(Son) Bambery 1933 -

Children Maurice and Gladys were born in Minnesota.  Raymond Thomas was born in Vacaville, California.  Raymond operated Bambery and Petersen Building Contractors.  

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999 with additional information from Mrs. Genevieve Arndt and Shawne FitzGerald. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at kgerag at

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