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  Here are a few treasured family photos! 


Adam Frey and Christina Nusbickel Frey 

Adam Frey's Sons

Alice Frey

Alice Frey and Oscar Fail

Bessie Frey and William Smith

Bingen and Wöllstein, Germany today

Christmas 1973

Luetta M. Steele's Graduation Photo 1907

Luetta M. Steele's Graduation Class of 1907 
This is the program for the commencement exercises of Newark High School Graduating Class of 1907. (4 pages)

Graduation Class of 1907 Photo

C. Arthur Frey - 1907

C. Arthur and Luetta Frey's Wedding Certificate

C. Arthur Frey on the farm (about 1919)

Charles and Luetta Frey (about 1955)

C. Arthur Frey - Later years

Charles John Frey 1924

Clarence Orval Frey

Claude R. Frey

Charles S. Frey

Charles S. Frey and John Steele

Donald Frey 1913

Donald and Lillie Frey

Elwyn, Gerald and Vida Frey (about 1925)

Elwyn Valentine Frey

Elwyn and Charles Frey - 1946  

Emma Christina Frey

Francis and Norma Frey

Frank Frey

Frank and Melissa Frey

Frank Frey Homestead - About 1910

Frank Frey's Children 1898 and 1960

Frey Family in Wayne County, NY about 1895

Frey Family in Wayne County, NY 1934

Frey Family in Wayne County, NY (about 1940)

Frey Family in Clarinda, IA (about 1955)

Frey Street in Newark, Wayne County, NY

Frederick G. Boeheim

Frederick O'Meal and Marie Vandemortel

Frey Farm, Wayne County, NY

Gerald Arthur Frey

Irwin, Bessie, C. Arthur and Helen Frey (about 1902)

Helen E. Frey

Harvey and Ralph Frey - About 1905

Harvey Clyde Frey

Harvey and Sylvia Brooks Frey - Wedding Photo - 1917

Harvey C. Frey with Golda Cade Frey and Florence Frey

Irwin and Clara Greenagle Frey

James H. Jacobus, father of Melissa Frey

John Cole Steele

John and Susan Steele with grandchildren (1922)

June Frances O'Meal and Marie Vandemortel

Kids! Nellie and Fay Frey with Bob, Wylma and Harry Fletcher

Lewis Everett Fletcher

 Lora Helen Frey and George M. Winkle Sr. (about 1918)

Lucy Pixley Frey, wife of Edward Frey

Luetta Steele Frey

Lux Family Photo

Melissa Frey With Emma, Charles and Clarence about 1884

Melissa Alvina Frey

Melissa Frey, son Harvey Frey and Grandsons

Phillip and Mary Frey Lux

Phillip Boeheim

Ralph L. Frey

Robert Lowell Fletcher

School District No. 3, Arcadia, Wayne County, NY

Susan Mason Steele

Vida Luetta Frey

Vida and Jim Peterson with Peg and C. Arthur in 1960

Wylma Irene Frey