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Jackson C Benton

Census:15 Oct 1850 Maury Co Tn, Dist 4, states he was a farmer.

Mary Victoria Murphy

Cemetery: Rose Hill Cemetery.

Arthur E Murphy

Note: Supplement to Maury Co Review: Lived So of Maury Co Tn in Glendale. He took a short course in agriculture at the University of Tn. He settled on 164 acre farm 5 1/4 miles from Columbia, on the Mooresville Pike, where he has a good home with a handsome grove in front, & present summer has built a good bank barn.

Isaiah Constantine Murphy

Tag: Supplement To Maury County Review; Mr. Murphy has 121 acres adjoining the homestead 5 miles south of Columbia, where he has a young apple orchard of about 30 acres, which with early cherries, he belives will make a remunerative crop for the future. His handsome cottage is on a mound ascending from the pike.

Joseph Crew

Note: Joseph Crew & John Crew still have a "supposition" connection with our known forebearer Gideon Crews. We have not found a definite record saying that the Gideon Crews who was in Granville Co NC at the time of the Rev War is the same as the Gideon Crews listed as being the son of Joseph Crew of Hanover Co VA. The similiarity in his & his brother's names & the time when they appeared in NC is quite acceptable to me. We have to recognize that civil records were poorly kept in Colonial Days..many of those that existed have been burned or destroyed; consequently we probably will never "prove" the connection [SAM]

Note: Joseph's sons migrated to & settled in Granville Co & Stokes Co NC

Note:1761 Henrico Monthly Meeting; James, Caleb & Gideon, sons of Joseph dec, Hanover Co, disowned declining the principles of Friends & misconduct

James Crews

Census 1790 North Carolina Ragland Dist; I assume this is the right James, since Gidion & he are on same census

Census:1810 Granville NC; 5 white males, 4 white females; 9 male slaves, 5 female slaves

Martha Crews

1755: She was condemed for keeping bad company

Thomas Crews

Census:1790 North Carolina Ragland Dist; Gideon, James & I assume this Thomas are the brothers in this census

Gus Nepoleon Rieves

Cemetery: Buried in Rieves Cemetery

Eula Elizabeth Caskey

Buried in Rieves Cemetery

William Spark Caskey

Cemetery: Buried in Pleasant Mount Cemetery.