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Benjamin Johnson

Will: Southampton Co Va, Book 2 pg 187.

Children: He had 11 children by his two wifes, do not know order of issue. Children are in file.

Anne Johnson

Residence:Lived in New Kent Co Va

Winifred Pitts

She had a son William Pitts, a son by her first marriage to Pitts???

William Johnson

Will: Book 13 pg 1004

Alexander Johnson Jr

Residence:They lived in Newberry Dist SC for several years before moving to Orangeburg Dist


Name could be Richman or Richmond.

James Johnson

Residence:Moved to SC had grant on waters of Bush River 1751

Stephen Johnson

Residence:Was in Orangeburg Dist SC in 1790, then to Wilkes Co GA

Will: Book 3 1819-1825

Alexander Johnson III

Residence:Lived in Wilkes Co GA abt 1794

Richard Whicker

Notes:Shortly after 1530, King Henry VIII granted Richard an estate in a tiny village named Colyton, near the eastern coast of Devon. It lies on the banks of the river Coly just a few miles from the sea.

The document, written in Latin & French, granting the property to Richard Whicker; This copy of the grant was made in the time of Charles II (1660-1685). It states that Richard Whyker is granted Knoll & all its appurtenances, about one hundred acres of land & twelve "copices". This land used to be in the charge of & belonged to Henry Whyker, late Marcher (Marquis?) of Exon Ford. Richard is also granted a partnership in the grist mill at Colyton. The annual fee to be paid the King was twelve shillings & six pence to paid to the King's reeve at the parish church in four installments, the feasts of St.Michael, the Archangel, the Nativity of the Lord, the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, & Nativity of St.John the Baptist.

We don't know who Henry Whyker was, although a Henry Wyger was in Devon as early as 1273. As the family was a rather small one, there must be descent from that Henry. His title, Marcher (Marchioni) was used in England to designate the person in charge of defense in the marches or the outer lands. The title is below that of Duke & has a varied history. All we know is that the land held by Marcher Henry Wicker was given to Yeoman Richard Whyker by Henry VIII.

The Whickers lived at Colyton, Colyford, Sidmouth, Honiton, South Leigh, Ottery, Seaton, Farway, Offwell & Topsham. All these towns are within a ten to twelve mile radius of Colyton. Colyton was an official marketplace, a kingly designation in the 1500's. It was in the Hundred of Colyton, the Division of Honiton, County of Devon.

It was in this period that we first find Wickers whom we can name as ancestors. In Devon, the name Wicker began as Wyger. In 1273, the Hundred Rolls list Henry Wyger of Devon, Thomas Wyger of Cambridgeshire, & William Wyger of Hampshire. Yorkshire poll records in 1379 listed Johannes Wykir & Robertus Wyuker as "Shereman". By 1520, eleven yeaars into the reign of Henry VIII, the name had envolved into Whicker. We find in Devon three brothers, John, Richard & Robert. While other derivations refer to the Latin word wicker for willow & the Anglo-Saxon word wicker for dairy worker, "Son of Wyger appears to be the proper derivation.

!Will: Richard wrote his will 3 Nov 1579, proved 13 Jan 1580
Will of Richard Whycker of Knowle in the Parishof Colyton, Yeoman, names:
To daughter Maragaret, a cupboard or 40 from Hercules,my son
To daughter Peternell, a table board
The same to my son Walter
To daughter Susan, a crocke
To daugher Jane, a farme
To Agnes, wife, my house I now dwell in, grounds called the Strewse haye, two crofts, pyles, also a pece called West Nylls, she to pay my dughter 5 each
To son Richard, Trently Close, Trently Meade & black acre at the new dyche beside Punknige Garden
To son Walter, land called playne Whyles also 12 acres upon Cawkesdown which I had of William Weston
To son John, land called Fyldes Woode, Knowle Mead
To son Hercules, Knowle Hill
Son John to pay 16 to my daughters
Son Richard to pay 16
Son Walter 8
To my sister Maryan, 6/8 yearly for life
Sister Margaret Cappy (Guppy), to he heiress of all my children who die
Residuary legatee & Executor, Agnes my sife
Overseers, brother Robert Whicker, brother in law John Fayton, Brother in law John Cranyn & my cousin John Luttyn
Wit: Tristram Guppy, John Tucker, parson of Southleigh, & Nicholas Beare

Thomas Johnson

Notes:He left a will