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Jesse D Williams

Copy of will in file

He had a pre-nuptual agreement with his last wife

Williams is a surname of baptismal origin meaning "son of William." It is third in popularity of surnames in England and Wales. Variant spellings; Williamson, Willyams and William.

There is a Jesse Williams on 1830 census of Lowndes Co Ms, 3 males to age 10, 2 males 10-20, 1 male 40-60, 2 females to age 10, 3 females 10-20, 1 female 20-40.

1840 Lowndes Co census; m-0-3-0-2-1-0-0-1, f1-1-1-0-0-0-1

1850 Lowndes Co census; He is with his wife Lucy and John, Elizabeth, Henry, Andrew, Frances and a male carpenter, Maxwell Hull age 37 born in SC. He is a planter with $2000.

Nancy Simpson

Lived in Henry Co Va