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Families and Individuals


James Johnson

Sailed to Va in 1696.

EIzetta Bass

Death: Died when a baby

Elizabeth Simpson

Lived in Henry Co Va

John Simpson

Appears to have been of Scottish descent, known as "The Scotsman" (abt 1655/1720) of Acquia Creek, Stafford Co Va.

The name of Simpson is of ancient Anglo-Saxon origin and means "son of Sim," Sim being a nickname for the baptismal name of Simon. Variants in spelling; Symmeson, Symnson, Symsour, Simsone, Simson, Simpsone. The name of Simon dates back to biblical times, for Simon was the original name of Peter. Also Christ had a brother or half-brother named Simon. Families of the name of Simpson and its variant spellings are found at early dates in England and at a later date in Scotland.

John B. Collier III

Buried; Greenwood Cemetery

He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Ruth Eugenia Rominger

She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.