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Clifton Calvin Murphy

Note: Family called him Buddy, Sam Hill called him Slats, cause he was tall & thin. Clifton passed away in Veterans Hospital, Pneumonis, diabetes & abscesses lung

Military: Went to France in WWI & was there when Armistice was signed Nov 1918
Worked for Standard Oil after the war.

James F Agnew

Census: 23 Aug 1870 Culleoka Maury Co TN; living next door to bro, Joseph

Edmond Basey Sr

Edmond Basye first appears on the public record 20 Nov 1669, when he witnessed a deed of gift shown in Record Book of Northumberland Co Va, for 1666/1672, at page 145, on file in Va State Library, Archives Division at Richmond, Va, copy in file.

Thus it appears that Edmond Basye first landed in Md. The tradition in our family is that he landed at Old Point Lookout, Md. But the public records show that very shortly thereafter he crossed the Potomac river and settled in Northumberland Co Va, where he lived the rest of his life. He took a defensive lead in the wars against the Indians. Copy in file.

In "Order Book" for Northumberland Co Ca, 1699/1713, at page 194, appears a suit of Edmond Basie vs. John Taylor, his father in law; concerning line dividing the lands between them. Copy in file.

The Va Historical Magazine, Vol. XXXV, Pages 211/218, states that Edmond Basie, Sr., of Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co VA, left a will dated 2 Oct 1714; copy in file. When this will was written in 1714 it is very possible that he comtemplated a trip to Eng for business or other reasons, or that he was very sick or had suffered some personal injury and was not expected to live. But he recovered. In Jan of that year (old style 1723) apparently he again became sick and added to his will a codicil. This codicil shows that he had become interested in building the water course as a dividing line. Inventory of the estate in file.

He was born in France and came to America in 1670; He was a Landed proprietor, a vestryman, a warden, a attorney and a Huguenot refugee. Some say this is an error, could have been of Norman/French ancestry, came from England to America. From a study for all these public records we find that Edmond Basey was a lawyer familiar with English forms and procedure, which he would have to learn in England. He could not learn it in France. He wrote wills in the English language for other persons; he acted as Executor; he appeared in Court; he engaged in litigation; he bought and sold land; he was a landed proprietor; he was a planter; he was a soldier; he was a road overseer; he was a vestryman in the Church of England; he was a leader in his community and stood high as a counsellor to his neighbors. If he had been born in France and came directly from France to America, he would have spoken French and could not be expected to know anything about English law and procedure, nor the courts, nor could he have taken the active part which he did in business affairs, nor could he have been a leader and counsellor in his community composed of Englishmen.

From the fact that he had a small library, writing paper, a pen knife (used for quill pens), and a silver seal, and from his writing of wills and from other activities referred to, we may reasonably conclude that he had more education than many of the average American colonists of that day.

John I B Basey

4 Mar 1754 Jno Baysey took up a stray hourse and this public notice was given;,a middle sized mouse colored horse with a narrow blaze in his face and the after hind foot white, and without any brand plain enough to be described. Baltimore, Md.

John Basye and his wife, Hannah Taylor were second cousins.

Isaac Basye

It is very probable that this Isaac Basye was the Captain of a Company of soldiers organized to defend against Indian attacks before the Revolutionary War as his father had been before him. Will was probated in 1739, copy in file.

Isaac Basey

He was probably a tailor, for his inventory shows he had a tailor's equipment.

Judith Basey

She is named in her fathers will