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Richard Murphy

not proven son of Miles

Michael Murphey Deeds of Duplin-Sampson Co.
1782 Michael Murphey to Richard Murphey.. 50 pds for 150 Acres
1785 Miles Murphey to Richard Murphey.. 100pds for 180 Acres
1779 Michael Murphey to Miles Murphey.. 20 pds for 180 Acres.

In Richard's Murphy's Rev. war pension records he stated he was born in
Dupeland Co., (Duplin) NC in 1762. He stated he served in the war under a
William Dixon as a fifer. In the 1790 census for Sampson Co., formed out of
Duplin in 1784, listed were William, Michael, Miles, Richard, Charles Murphey
and an Edward Murphrey. Michael Murphy married Mary Parker in 1778, Miles
Murphey and John Chestnutt were bondsman. A William Murphy married a Susannah
Parker in 1779, Michael Murphy bondsman. The name Miles has shown up in
Willis' as well. It is believed (but not proved to me) that Michael is the son of Capt. John
Murphrey and Elizabeth Harrison of Greene Co., NC and Isle of Wight, VA. The
earliest Murphy records we find for Duplin Co., is for Michael Murphy in
1762, the same year of Richard's birth. We know that Richard had a daughter
Mary and we believe he also had a son Daniel, but have been unable to prove
Daniel. Although we usually see the spelling of Murphy listed in records, the family
name was actually Murphrey. The families associated with Michael Murphy in
Sampson Co., NC are the same surnames associated with the Murphrey's in Isle
of Wight VA. (Sue (Skay) Abruscato)