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Gideon Crews Sr

Biography: The following article written by the Hon Archibald A Hicks, Pres of the Granville Historical Society, & Miss Jeanette Biggs, County Historian, indicates Gideon bought land in Granville as early as 1778.
"Gideon Crews, from the family history & reports believed to be true about him, ws a wide awake, hustling farmer. When he first came to this county he bought 101 acres of land on Harold's Creek, now in Salem Township, & near the place where the Pleasant brothers now live. He later bought a tract of land adjoining this farm from the State in 1779. Another 100 acres he bought from Nathan Bass adjoining the others in 1778. H bought an additional tract of 62 acres from Reuben Talley in 1794, & still another tract from Thomas Wicker, supposed to be his bro in law, in 1795. In 1806 he bought 130 acres of land from Daniel & Co, which had been the homeplace of his father in law, Thomas Wicker, Sr. He later moved tothis place & remained there during his life, & he & his wife are buried there; it is described as follows: The said Daniel & Brothers in consideration of the sum of $450.00 to them in hand paid, have bargained & sold, granted & conveyed unto the said Gideon crews a certain tract of land called & known by the name of Wicker's Tract, conveyed to us by Payton Wood in a deed bearing date of Sept 6, 1806, bing in county aforesaid & lying on the waters of Fishing Creek. This deed is foun in Bk T, Pg 90. Gideon did not buy land for purposes of specultation, but only as he needed it for himself & his large family...The said Gideon was a Methodist in religion, lived & served his day & generation well. He died in Oct 1815, his wife in Jun 1825. They are both buried at the grave yard on the Pleasant faarm, now occuied by Mr Charles Pleasant & his brothers about three miles NE of Oxford." (My husband, Gene & I visited the site of these graves. They are in a small patch of woods, overgrown with brush, & the only evidence that someone was buried there is the fairly regular intervals between medium sized stones placed at the head & fool of the graves. There are no other makers of any kind.)
The best impression we can obtain from the deeds is that the Gideon Crews lands & the John Earl lands adjoined, around & just east, north & northwest of where Salem Church now is, three miles east & northeast of Oxford; and that James Crews bought them & more, comprising more than a thousand acres, & lived there until his death in 1875

Revolutionary Army Accounts; Vol I Pg 88 Folio 4; An Account of Specie Certificates paid into the Comptrollers Office by John Armstrong Entry Taker for Land in NC. Number 955, By Whom Granted: Mebane & Nichols, To Whom Granted: Gideon Crews, Date: 10 Jun 1783, Sum: 9 pounds, 2 shilings, Interest: 8 shillings, 3 pence, To What Time: 13 Mar 1784, Total Amount principal & interest: 9 pounds, 10 shillings, 3 pence
certified copy in file

Land:1788 Made first land purchase in Salem,NC

Census:1790 Granville NC Ragland Dist

Census:1810 Granville NC; 2 white males, 4 white females; 10 male slaves, 7 female slaves

Note: There is a William Crews between 25 & 30 on 1810 Granville Co Nc census; Could this be a son, bro?

Census:1820 Granville NC Ragland Dist

Census:1830 Granville NC

Census:1840 Granville NC

Military:Gideon was a patroit & signed Oath of Allegiance to State of NC against George III 30 May 1778. Received pay for army service as a soldier. His musket has been kept in the museum at Guilford Battleground (DAR Nat. Nos. 215247, 416667, & 451867 - records in DAR File Case, Nat. DAR Library). Also DAR # 476399.

Will of Gideon Crews:
"In the name of God amen, I Gidion Crews of Granville Co & State fo NC being very sick but of perfect mind & memory, thanks being given unto God, calling into mind the mortal of my body & knowing that it is appointed once for all men to die do make & ordain this my last will & testament that is to say principally & the first of all I gice & recommend my soul into the hand of Almighty God who gave it & my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent christian burial at the discretion of my executors nothing doubtin but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Almighty power of God & as touching such worldly estate where with it has pleased Bod to bless me in this life. I give & devise & dispose of the same in the following manner & form.
Item I lend to my well beloved wife Jemina Crews during her natural life the tract of land whereon I now live with the mansion house & kitchen & all the out houses with all the appertnainces in any wise thereto belonging.
Item I likewise lend to my well beloved wife Jamina Crews during her natural life my two negroes Betty & Burrell my felix sorrel horse & sorrel mare & colt & her choice of seven head of my stock of cattle with three sows & pigs & twelve head of sheep & all the fowls on the plantation.
Item I likewise lend to her during her life such of my plantation tools & Utensils as she thinks proper to take with her two fetherbeds & one half of her choice of my household & kitchen furniture with my Cart of & yoke of steers.
Item is that my executors hereafter named shall sell at Public sale & twelve months credit all my negroes with all the property found on the plantation not hereto fore divided by my loving wife Jamina Crews & the money arising from such sale after all my just debts are paid off be equally divided amongst my eight children (To Wit) Milly Hester Elizabeth Currin Joseph Crews Gideon Crews Abby Daniel James Crews Littlebury Crews & Jamina Crews to them & their heirs & assigns forever.
Item my will & desire is that my executors after the decease of my loving wife Jamina Crews should sell all my property devised to her during her natural life at public sale & the money arising by such sale to be equally divided amongst my eight children before named to them & their heirs & assigns forever.
Item I nominate & appoint my two sons Gideon & James Crews my sole executors of this my last will & witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 16th Oct one thousand eight hundred fifteen."
Witness: John Lamay Richard D Lamay
Signed: Gideon X Crews

Probated Nov Court 1815; Household goods of Gideon Crews divided so that widow might take her 1/2 of furniture, etc

Inventory of estate of Gideon Crews, Dec 6 1815 & inventory of the widow of Gideon Crews, deceased, Dec 6 1815, by Gideon & James Crews, exrs

Sale of estatae of Gideon Crews, Sr Deceased, Dec 20 1826, on credit till Dec 1827; mentions as buyers; Gideon, James, Wyatt Currin, Littleberry Crews

Jemina Wicker

Birth; DAR record,Hanover,Va

Will of Jemina Crews:
"In the name of God amen I Jemina Crews of Granville Co & State of NC being very weak in body But of perfect mind & memory do make this my last will & testament in manner & form as follows to wit.
Item the first it is my will & Desire that my body should be decently buryed after my Decease.
Item the second it is my will & desire that all my monney & the Monney Due me for the hire of my negroes & Rent of my Land should be Equal Divided between my Children namely Milley Hester Elizabeth Currin Gideon Crews Abigail Daniel & James Crews Littleberry Crews & to the Heirs of Jemina Currin, & to my son Joseph Crews I give one Dollar. I allso appoint my two sons Gideon & James Crews Executors of this my last will & testament. given under my hand & deal this 1 Day of Dec 1825."
Witnesses: Beverly Foster David Ragsdale
Signed: Jemina X Crews
Probated Feb Court 1826

Census:1820 Granville NC; Jemina is head of household, living alone; 1 male slave, 3 female slaves

John Earl

The Oxford Public Ledger, Tuesday, Oct 31, 1944; Salem Community.

Before the middle of the Eighteenth century, John Earl, a young Englishman, came to the new country and settled in Lunenburg County, Virginia. So British was Lunenburg county in those days that one church clerk wrote John's name "Hurl." Family tradition has it that when Mr. Earl had made enough tobacco to pay for passage, he sent back home for his fiancee, Mary Elizabeth Watts, a near relative, perhaps a niece of Sir Isaac Watts. John Earl met Molly Watts at the ship and they were married before she set foot on American soil. It is a matter of record that this couple brought up a family, and thinking to improve their fortune, came over into Granville County. At first (1765) John bought 200 acres on Long Creek, near the present town of Kittrell. He sold this and in 1783 bought for 200 pounds sterling a 200 acre track on Tabbs Creek.

Earl, Earle and Earll are variant spellings of this surname derived originally from the Old English Eorl, and the Old Saxon Erl, meaning a nobleman or chiel. The founder of the Earle family in England was Herlei (prouounced Earley). a Norman who supposedly accompanied William on his conquest in 1066.

Census:1810 Granville Co NC; living close to Gideon Crews

Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Watts

The surname Watts is probably of Danish origin, and is one of the more popular names in English speaking countries. It is of a personal or baptismal origin designating the "son of Walter," from the nickname "Wat." Various forms of the name were recorded in the thirtenth and fourteenth centuries in the counties of Oxford and York. Among those named in the former county was one William Watts in 1273.

N Rufus Dillehay

Census: 1880 Maury Co Tn

Martha Ellen "Ella" Crews

James Hudson Kannon

Buried:James & Emma are In Pleasant Mount Cemetery

Emily "Emma" Crews

Buried:In Pleasant Mount Cemetery

Census:1880 Maury Co Tn

Joseph Littleberry Crews

Buried:Joseph & Malinda are buried in Pleasant Mount Cemetery; Joseph's death cert in file

Census:1850 Maury Co Tn; with parents

Census:1860 Maury Co Tn; with parents

Census:18 Aug 1870 Maury Co Tn, Dist #4 With Malinda,Martha,Sallie,Jennie

Military: CSA, Co G,9th (Biffle's) Tn Cav-Reg; Records in file state; residence as Maury Co Tn, Complexton, Dark; Hair, Dark; Eyes, Dark; Height 5 ft 11 in. Entered service 25 Nov 1864; Deserted 29 Dec 1864. Remarks: Has family

Residence:Lived in Silver Creek

Jennie May Crews

Buried:In Pleasant Mount Cemetery

Carrie Crews

Buried:In Pleasant Mount Cemetery

J Thomas Stinnett

Obituarie: He died of electrical shock in his backyard. He was a resident of Parker Co for more than 30 yrs. He was a welder, a member of Southside Baptist Church, Olive Branch #792 of Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite & Julian Field Masonic Lodge #908. The Shopper 15 Aug 1995, Weatherford,Parker,Tx