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Parmelia (Amelia) Murphy

From: Jana Trent <>
specifics from Betty Dabbs,
aka Aunt Millie

Ophelia Jane Murphy

From: Jana Trent <>
specifics from Betty Dabbs,
aka Janie

Finnis (Finice) Murphy

From: Jana Trent <>
specifics from Betty Dabbs,

children & some other from Ruth Caldwell,


Betty Dabbs met Aunt Agnes & Uncle Finice. They lived in Milan, TN. Agnes' health got to be where he could not wait on her by himself, so they went to their son's in Middle TN. He absent mindedly stepped in front of a car and was killed before she died. Finice has a daughter in California

Melissa Murphy

mother of Ruth Caldwell,

Rufus Henry Hight

info from Bill Thrasher,
"Joe Mack told me he thought Sam Wright was the first to make the migration [to Hill Co. TX] in 1840's. The rest seem to have followed him. Some of those included R.H. Hight family in 1870. Marion Samuel "Tink" Freeland family early 1800's, Andrew Murray Craig and wife Mary Dillehay Craig (her mother was a Murphy) late 1880's. Also Caskeys, more Hights, Freelands and Wrights, maybe Colliers. In summer 1960 Joe Mack Hight visited Hubbard, Texas. He copied a handwritten history of the Hight family which included the story of the journey...
[see transcription at]

Mary Emily Wright

info from Bill Thrasher,

Carolyn Hill

Note: Carolyn was a Baylor University Graduate, & was a school teacher several years. She married Wyndell D Norris II, 18 Jun 1966. They have three children; Wny III, Beth, & Patrick. The family resides in Houston Tx