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Mark Alan Murphy

Marriage: Mark married Oliana while in Peace Corps in Western Samoa, South Pacific

Occupation: Environmental Lab Manager

Robert Benton

Census:1820 & 1830, Maury Co Tn; 2 males between 10 & 15,1 male between 50 & 60, 1 female between 40 & 50, 1 female slave between 36 & 55

Census:1840 Maury Co Tn; 1 male betwen 50 & 60, living next door to John
Benton. Robert's wife not on this census, probably died before 1840

Census:1860 Maury Co Tn; Robert living with son; Wm R H Bento

Probate:In Maury Co Tn Wills and Settlements Book A-1, page 124; Sale of property of Wm Turner, deced. Held 13th & 14th Jan 1814, a buyer was Robert Benton.

Notes; Possible three son's of Robert's; Edward, Jackson C born 1820 &
John C

Joseph Albert Murphy

Census: 8Jun1880 US Hubbard, Hill Co. Tx; At home with family, he was 7 yrs old
Residence: 1900 Hill tax roll; Al was living with his mother
Census: 22apr1910 US Hill Co. Tx; Al and Maggie with children: Pearl and Joe

Born:In Hurricane Switch, is now called Glendale; Maury Co Tn

Census: 8 Jun 1880 Hubbard Hill Tx: At home with family, he was 7 yrs old

Residence: 1900 Hill tax roll; Al was living with his mother

Census: 22 Apr 1910 Hill Co Tx; Al & Maggie with children: Pearl & Joe

Census: 23 Mar 1920 Dickens Co Tx: North of Spur, JP # 5; Prec #3, including Spur Town; Joseph states he is a Farmer & owns his farm, free & clear

Residence: 1921 thru 1935 Spur Dickens Co Tx Tax Roll; Al & Family. They may have moved from Espula to Girard abt 1933

Tax Roll: Spur Dickens Co Tx 1920: Owned three places, Abst #'s 1143 & 165

Residence: 1939 Girard Kent Co Tx; Al first appeared on Tax Roll

Biography: Al & Granny lived at Mt Calm in Hill Co Tx, near Hubbard City. In Texas Magazine 1910/11, (copy in file) This progressive town of 1200 inhabitants is on the main line of the Cotton Belt, it being one of the most important trading points of Hill Co. It had nine gins & served as a trade center for the area.

5 May 1977, I [S.A.M.] visited Mrs Freddie Robinson, daug of Louann Crews, at the Regis Rest Home in Waco Tx. She had her 89th birthday last Mar. A lovely person, she said the Murphy's came by train to Tx from Tn. She was a very good friend of Eva, Al's sister. Freddie has a sister that lives in Coleman Tx, Aubie Price. She said they called him Al & he had a good since of humor, was a good Christian Man.

George, son of Al, said his dad owned several farms before the depression; One N of Espuela 1 mile, also in Lamesa, Girard, & Parker Co Tx. The depression hit when they lived in Espuela, it backed up to Soldiers Mound on the west side, George was born at the Soldiers Mound house.

Al worked for R E Dickson at State Experiment Station; between 1933/36. This government program was created by Roosevelt after depression; Al was contracted to do Hole & Cotton picking. Also worked on the football stadium.

Sam & Mary Hill said; Al & Joseph Carson were cousins & very good friends. They exchanged many good stories, very good buddies. Al owned a Model T & parked it in front of their house once & just set there & watched it. George S Murphy said the car was a Low speed 1925 truck; may have bought it in New Mexico.

Death: The Texas Spur Newspaper 30 May 1946; Front page; Funeral Services for J A Murphy held Wed 30 May at the Presbyterian Church with Rev Raymond Van Zandt, pastor of the First Methodist Church officiating. A resident of Dickens & Kent counties for 29 yrs. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Palbearers; Coy McMahan, Seaman Reynolds, M L Rickels, Al Bingham, John Brantner & Tom Cooper. Copy in file

Census: 8Jun1880 US Hubbard, Hill Co. Tx; At home with family, he was 7 yrs old
Residence: 1900 Hill tax roll; Al was living with his mother
Census: 22apr1910 US Hill Co. Tx; Al and Maggie with children: Pearl and Joe

Maggie Mae Hendrix

Biography: George said in 1927, his mother had sinus surgery in Lubbock Tx. From Spur, he rode 5 hours to see her on the running board of a Model T Ford. 1946-1947, Maggie cooked for the Girard Texas High School, she had to carry water up stairs. She was hit by lighting in her home.

Biography: Granny Murphy's Quilt's are still special to me; as I still sleep under them today, and the same one's of my childhood.

Granny's Quilt
Carefully you stitched, the many pieces of the quilt, And pulled them all together; Like the loving home you built. One by one was added, a story with each piece of broadcloth, Then a little scrap of fleece...

This belonged to Annie, and this to brother George, Oh, this was Pike's favorite; when he was a teen.

All the hours that you labored, so many days passed by. Then the finished product, a quilt one could not buy.

There's no replacement value, for this sampling of our lives.

Than the memories it revives...

Joseph Hill Murphey

Marriage: Certified copy of Joseph & Mollie's Marriage Certificate in file

Church: The Murphys attended the old Liberty Hill Presbyterian Church. Liberty Hill was a settlement 3 miles east of Hubbard. Records of the Church; Historical Foundation of the Cumberland Presb Church 1978 Union Ave, Memphis, Tn 38104. 1-901-276-8602

Cemetery: Several Murphy's and old pioneers of Liberty Hill Settlement are buried here, including Joseph Hill. His marker says he died 1888, but Mollie's application for pension states 1889. There is a Texas Historical Commission marker at the cemetery; says; A mile west the 1838 Battle Creek Massacre site. This cemetery marks the location of Liberty Hill. An Anglo-American Community begun during the following decade. Samuel & Prudence(Matthews) Wright, from Maury Co Tn settled here in 1849. They were relatives of Dr George Hill, Indian Agent & Trading Post operator at Spring Hill, half a days wagon ride from here. The Wrights acquired land & attracted neighbors. In 1860 Liberty Hill Cumberland Presb Church was organizrd by members.

After the Civil War in which men of this community served, a new influx of settlers included the M A Wilkes family. Relatives of the Wrights prosperity prevailed in the settlement. His interest in the public good, Wright gave land (1876) for this cemetery & (1884) for public school uses. The rise of Dawson & Hubbard, cotton belt railroad shipping points, drew population from the Liberty Hill area. The school was removed in 1917: The Church dissolved in 1929. Land which once was intensively farmed has now reverted to grazing.

Hubbard:Texas State Gazetteer & Business Directory 1884-1885 Vol II; Barker History Center at UTA in Austin;
Hubbard, a post village on the T & St L Ry, in Hill Co, 136 miles NE of Austin, & 24 SE of Hillsborough, the county seat & nearest banking point. Settled in 1876, it contains steam cotton gins & grist mills, 2 churches, a district school & a weekly paper, the Hubbard City News. Cotton, wheat, oats & hay are shipped. Population 250

Newspaper: Hubbard City News 202 N 3rd W Hubbard Hill Tx; A letter in file from Fred Mecklin " Am sorry there are no papers dated earlier than 1926. A Mr Bacos bought the Hubbard City News & all papers were burned in his cleaning up".

Dawson: A post village on the T & St L Ry, in Navarro Co, 142 miles NE of Austion, & 21 SW of Corsicana, the county seat & Nearest banking point. Settled in 1881, it contains a steam grist mill & ships cotton , cotton seed
& corn. A weekly newspaper the Dawson Banner is published. Population 800

Residence: The Murphey's lived on the Navarro/Hill Co Tx line

Marriage: Marriage Book W-4 Pg 23, License 5998, united by F A Burke JP Copy in file

Biography: Letter from Mrs Geneva Bowman Sanders, Box 847, Albany Tx She said, Joseph Hill died of apploxy-had high blood pressure; stroke

Book: A History of Hill Co Tx 1838-1965; by Ellis Bailey, Copy in Ft Worth Tx library; SW976.4: "John, Calvin, Joe & Edd Murphy also came to Liberty Hill after the Civil War".

Book: 100 Year History of the Hubbard Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1882-1982 On the first page; This History Is Dedicated, In Loving Memory Of Mary Jane Hill July 21,1911-Jan 8,1982. Mary was Joseph Hill & Mollie's daughter. Several family members, Houx, Hight, Wright, Lela Murphy, Rallis Murphy, Mrs Noland Murphy, Mrs Clyde Murphy, Juanita Murphy. In 1893 a second church became a reality. Corner lot on Magnolia Ave (Weatherby's Used Car Lot is there now). Many new families came to live among us: the S E Johnsons, the D B & Joe Wilkes, the Browns, several of whom were musicians as well as vocalist, the Rufus Hights & his Mother "Aunt Emily," the Joe Murphys, the Cal Murphys, the Ed Murphys...There is a photo of Mary Hill on page 17. Roll of Elders; G R Murphy, H F Houx, Carse Murphy, Logan Crews, Fred Houx Roll of Decons; Floyd Murphy, M T Suddeth, Fred Houx. Fred Houx raised Maggie Mae Hendryx. She married Joseph's son, Joseph Albert Murphy. In Al's file is a letter, asking Miss Maggie Mae to attend church with him...

!Military: Confederate; Co F, 6th (Wheeler's) 1st Tn Cavalry: Served under Colonel Jacob B Biffle & James T Wheeler; Capt Asa G Freeman:

Joseph enlisted 5 Jul 1861 at Camp Lee in Maury Co for 3 yrs by Capt Hamilton

He was absent 24 Apr 1863; sick at home

The regiment was cut off by the Federal forces when Gen Bragg evacuated Corinth in May 1862, but cut it's way through & followed the Army to Tupelo Ms 21 Jul 1862 was assigned to the Army of the West with orders to report to Major Gen Sterling Price. A part of the regiment, under Brigadier Gen F C Armstrong, was engaged at Britton's Lane, near Denmark, on 31 Aug & 1st Sept 1862.

The regiment took part in the campaign in North Ms during the rest of 1862 & on 18 Jan 1863 was reported with 430 men, as part of the forces assigned to Maj Gen Earl Van Dorn. On 20 Jan, Brig Gen W H Jackson's Division, of Van Dorn's Dept, 2nd Brigade, was reported as composed of the 3rd Ark, Ballentine's Ms, 2nd Mo, & 6th Tn Regiments. On 2 Feb, the regiment, along with the 3rd Ark. 4th Ms & a regiment from Montgomery Al, was listed in Brig Gen F C Armstrong's Brig. As part of this brigade, it moved to Spring Hill in Feb 1863, & in March was with Brig Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest, in the action around Brentwood. In this affair, the 6th, under Lieut Col Lewis, raided to within two & a half to three miles of Nashville, & made a half circuit of Nashville from the Franklin to the Charlotte Pike. At this time, Sander's Battalion had replaced the regiment from Montgomery as a member of the brigade, & on 31 Jul, Woodward's 2nd Kentucky Regiment had replaced the 4th Ms & McDonald's Battalion from Forrest's Old Regiment had been added in place of Sander's Battalion.

The regiment retreated with the Army to Chattanooga in Jul 1863 & took station at Post Oak Springs, Roane Co, in Aug. It rejoined the main army for the Battle of Chickamauga 19th & 20th of Sept, serving under Gen Wheeler on the left for the first day, & under Gen Forrest, on the right, on the second day. It then moved back to East Tn on 24th Sept & was engaged at Charleston on the 26th, pursuing the enemy to Philadelphia, Tn. It then crossed the Tn River under Maj Gen Joseph Wheeler on the 30th, & went with him on his raid through Middle Tn, recrossing the Tn River at Muscle Shoals. During this raid, the brigade was under the command of Col Wheeler, with Lieutenant Col Lewis commanding the regiment.

Pvt Joseph Hill Murphey was captured 8 Oct 1863 near Connersville Tn; He is on the Roll of Prisoners of War at Nashville Tn, 16th Oct 1863; Appears on a Register of Prisoners of War in Louisville Ky; He served 18 mos in Rock Island Prison, in Illinois.

Rock Island was used for a purpose never intended by those who designed it for an Arsenal. It became one of the largest military prisons in the North. It was owned by the Govt. During the war 12,286 Confederate prisoners confined therein.

He was paroled at Camp Morton, Ind 14th Feb 1865; Transferred for exchange to Point Lookout, Md 19th Feb 1865. He was in hospital in Richmond, Va; 25 Feb 1865 thru 5 Mar 1865 Copy in file

Biography: Oral interview with Sam Hill; Joseph & two brothers were in same regiment, John Calvin & not identifed as yet another brother, Probably Jasper or Isaiah. They were being chased by Yankee's & this brother was shot. The two brothers had to leave him to die, setting under a tree. Joseph was said to say "It was the hardest thing I ever had to do".

Military-Spouse: Pension application of Mary Anne Crews; Filed 2 Feb 1915 Approved 12 Mar 1915; Allowed from 1st Mar 1915 Copy in file

Census: 1 Oct 1850 Maury Co Tn William B Murphey family, Joseph age 13

Census: 29 Jun 1860 Maury Co Tn William B Murphey family, Joseph age 23

Census: 19 Aug 1870 Culleoka Maury Co Tn Dist # 4; Value of Real Estate $1200.00, Pers Prop $1000.00

Census: 8 Jun 1880 Hubbard,Hill Co Tx Prec # 5; With wf & family; Living next door to Andrew Wright & Richard Hight

Census: 5 Jul 1900 Hill Co Tx JP#5: Mary is head of household with children, living next door to bro in law Edmond T. Son Joseph A states he is a Farmer

Census: 1910 Hubbard City,Hill Co Tx; Mary with daug's Eva & Minnie

Census:19 & 20 Jan 1920 Hubbard City Hill Tx:States owns home free & clear, Eva lives with her & a Boarder, Frank Betts, a carpenter

Land: 2 Jan 1858 Pg 248; Hill Co Tx: Grantee, W G Murphey
Grantor, Arvin Wright (First Murphey found in Hill/Navarro Co Tx)

Land: 1 st Jan 1872, Tn State Library, Bk V-2, Pg 155; Joseph sold land to James C Murphey for $1390.00 in Maury Co Tn. Copy in file

Land: 23 Oct 1874, Maury Co Tn Roll 228 Bk W-2 Pgs 625 & 626 Deed: Tn State Library: Joseph sold 55 acres, that was next to James C's property, to George F Wright for $1375.00. Copy in file

Land: 1 Dec 1875, Hill Co Tx Bk S Pg 62: Joseph paid $1400.00 to R H Hight for land 23 miles NE of Hillsboro, on the waters of Richland Creek. Copy in file

Note: UTA of Arlington has Land Grants; TN people, who came to Tx

Mary Anne "Mollie" Crews

Cemetery: She is buried in Hubbard, due to the roads were real bad & impossible in wet weather then. Now there is a paved road to Liberty Hill Cemetery

Biography: Vada, daug of Al stated; She was a small girl when Granny died & Al went out & hitched up a team of horses. They went to Spur from Girard to catch a ride to the funeral with Al's sister Suzie, she had a car & left without him. Vada said of this; "It was the first time she ever saw her daddy cry, all the way back to Girard, in the middle of the night."

Newspaper: The Texas Spur; dated 20 Jan 1977, Yesteryears; 24 May 1918 Mrs Murphy will donate a quilt to the Red Cross. Her daughter Mrs S R Bowman, is helping her quilt the quilt. Copy in file

Eva Lena Murphy

Cemetery: She is buried in Fairview

Notes: She always lived with her mother, never married. After Mollie died she lived with Sam Hill

Funeral: Funeral record in file

William Hendryx

Homesteded on Rattlesnake Creek in Washington.

Anna M Houx

Census: 8 Jun 1900 Palo Pinto Co Tx; Anna states she had 4 children, 3 living