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Descendants of Richard FRENCH


3. Samuel FRENCH

1 NAME /Samuell/
2 SURN Samuell

2 PLAC Local Militia
2 SOUR S02594
4 TEXT Date of Import: Jan 18, 2002

[TFrench 01 01 02.FTW]

Son of Richard and Martha French b. 13 July 1653 [The History ofPeter Parker and Sarah Ruggles]
Sometimes referred to as Sergeant Samuel French
He removed to Dunstable about 1680, and married in Chelmsford, December 28, 1682, Sarah Cummings, born January 28, 1661, daughter of John and Sarah (Howlet) Cummings. He lived east of Nutting Hill. He was one of the foundation members of the church, a selectman and an honoredcitizen. He died November 17, 1757. Eight children. [Founders of OldDunstable]
Samuel was an innkeeper and member of the local miltia. Was involvedwith military actions against the Indians in the vicinity during hisearly adulthood. [The History of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles pg 207]
Samuel French was in garrison at Chelmsford 24 July 1676, his probable brother Joseph French was in garrison at Lancaster, Mass., 19Oct. 1675.
Joseph French d. 26 Nov. 1732 Bedford*, Mass., aged aged 83 y., asJoseph French (Lt.), husband of Elizabeth.
From the Middlesex. Co. Court Records at Cambridge, Samuel French andSarah Cummings were M. 2 Apr. 1679 at Dunstable.
Samuel French d. 11 Jan. 1729-30 at Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., asSamuel son of Joseph and Elizabeth French; but this son of Joseph andElizabeth (Cummings) French was b. 10 Aug. 1730, which is after the deathrecord.
Proof has not been discovered, of the statement found among writtenauthorities that Lieut. Samuel French, who m. Sarah Cummings, is the sonof Lieut. William and 1st wife Elizabeth [Symmes?) French of Billerica.From the Cambridge Records we find that Samuel, the son of William andElizabeth French, was b. 3 Dec. 1645, and bur. 15 July 1646, and no otherson by the name of Samuel was born to William French in Cambridge. But,Page 208 of the Cambridge records do show that Richard and Martha Frenchhad a son Samuel b. 13 July 1653 as previously shown. [The History ofPeter Parker and Sarah Ruggles pg 207]
In point ofpopulation Dunstable was at this time the smallest town in the province,and but for the indomitable perseverance and courage of Major JonathanTyng, Lieut. Samuel French, John Lovewell,Samuel Whiting, and the Rev.Mr. Weld, must have been again abandoned.


1 NAME /Sarrah/
2 SURN Sarrah

[TFrench 01 01 02.FTW]

One record has place of Birth as Topsfield, MA

FROM The Cummings Memorial
iv Sarah, born Jan. 28, 1661, married Dec. 24, 1682, Lieut. SamuelFrench, son of Lieut. William and Elizabeth French, of Billerica, Mass**** Published in Error. Samuel was the son of Richard and Martha Frenchof Marshfield, per The History of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles and TheCavendish Papers, Families of Cavendish, VT ******. He was an earlysettler of Dunstable and one of those who formed the church there. Theirchildren were born in Dunstable:
1. Sarah, born Feb. 1684.
2. Samuel, born Sept. 10, 1685, died Nov. 4, 1727.
3. Joseph, born Mar. 10, 1687, married ElizabethCummings, (4, iii).
4. John, born May 6, 1691. A Lieut. John died inDunstable Mar. 1761; 7 children born there.
5. Ebenezer, born Apr. 7, 1693. Killed by Indians Sept.5, 1724, at Naticook, a Lieut. and in command of fourteen men atthe time, in pursuit of a party of Indians who had capturedtwo men the night before.
6. Richard, born Apr. 8, 1695.
7. Alice, born Nov. 20, 1699.
8. Jonathan, born Feb. 1, 1704. Dea. Jonathan died Nov.17, 1757.
FROM The History of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles
SARAH, b. 28 Jan. 1661-2 Topsfield* (CT. R.), Mass., as Sarah, dau. ofJohn Comings; d. (???) 1715-22 Dunstable; m. Samuel French 26 Dec. 1682Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H.; Sarah Commings of Dunstable, the dau. ofMr. John Commings m. Samuel French 28 Dec. 1682 Chelmsford*, Mass.; sonof Richard and Martha ( ) French of Cambridge, Mass.; b. 13 July 1653Cambridge*, as Samuel son of Richard and Martha French; d. after 1728.(Early CT. Files Suff. No. 168) Richard French Lieft. was by depositionaged 27 y. Dated 25 May 1652-3.
FROM Isaac Cummings Family Association
Cummings, Sarah Birth : 22 JAN 1660/61 Topsfield, Essex Co.,MA Death : 4 NOV 1724 Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA Gender: FemaleParents: Father: Cummings, John (Comings) Mother: Howlett, Sarah

7. Sarah FRENCH

[TFrench 01 01 02.FTW]

Vital Records of Chelmsford, MA
PAKHUST (see also Parkhurst), Ebenezer, and Sarah French of Dunstable,int. Dec. --, 1733.


[TFrench 01 01 02.FTW]

A History of the Town of Dunstable pg 77
Ensign EBENEZER PARKHURST came to Dunstable from Chelmsford subsequent to1726, and settled on the place now occupied by Albert L. and John A.Parkhurst, about a mile south of the centre of the town. He died June 13,1757, in his fifty-eighth year. The children of Ebenezer and SarahParkhurst were, 1. Joseph, born Aug. 30, 1724; 2. Ebenezer, born Jan. 20,1728; 3. Sarah, born Feb. 21, 1730; 4. Mary, born May 3, 1733; 5. Silas,born Sept. 1, 1737; and 6. Joel, born Aug. 3, 1741. John Spaulding, ofGroton, sold to Ebenezer Parkhurst, March 8, 1749, a tract of one hundredand fifty acres of land, bounded in part by Brattle's Farm and lying onSalmon Brook.
pg 270
CHILDREN OF EBENEZER AND SARAH PARKHURST:--Joseph, b. Aug. 30, 1724;Ebenezer,
b. Jan. 20, '28; Sarah, b. Feb. 21, '30; Mary, b. May 3, '33;Silas, b. Sept. 1, '37; Joel, b. Aug. 13,
Cemetery Inscriptions pg 228
Here lies Buried The Body of Ensign EBENEZER PARKHURST, who Departed ThisLife June The
13th, 1757, in The 58th Year of his Age.

8. Samuel FRENCH

[TFrench 01 01 02.FTW]

May have died Nov. 1757

14. Jonathan FRENCH

1 NAME Jonathan /French/
2 NPFX Deacon
2 GIVN Jonathan
2 SURN French

[TFrench 01 01 02.FTW]

No children mentioned in his will. He left his property to Oliver Woods, son of his sister Alice. Ref 10 in Bibliography from FFA say he died same day as father or brother Samuel, it would seem more likely that the two brother 's died at the same time.

4. Joseph FRENCH

Died in 83d Year.

15. Rebecca FRENCH

Rebecca was appointed administratrix of her husband's estate, which was appraised at 305 pounds. She had 5 sons and 5 duaghters..

She married secondly John Blythe, weaver, who, in his will, dated 16 AUG 1739, made small bequests to his first wife's (Rebecca's) children.

16. Samuel FRENCH

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