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This page could not have been written without the help of Irene O'Rourke Toney (Information on the children of John Hines and Anna Canavan) and Doris Otis Warywoda (Information and photographs: the family of Timothy Hines and Margaret Dillon).  A heartfelt thanks to you both!


Descendants of T. Hines 


Generation No. 1 


1.  T.1 HINES was born Abt. 1835 in County Galway, Ireland.  He married ELLEN UNKNOWN.   


Children of T. HINES and ELLEN UNKNOWN are: 

2.           i.     JOHN2 HINES, b. 1858, County Galway, Ireland; d. September 11, 1898, Pittsburgh, PA. 

3.          ii.     FRANK HINES, b. March 1866. 

           iii.     MARGARET HINES


Generation No. 2 


2.  JOHN2 HINES (T.1) was born 1858 in County Galway, Ireland, and died September 11, 1898 in Pittsburgh, PA.  He married ANNA CANAVAN.  She was born Abt. 1860 in County Galway, Ireland, and died Abt. 1920 in Pittsburgh, PA. 


Notes for JOHN HINESThe death record of John Hines says he died at the age of 40 of Phthisis Pulmonalis (tuberculosis).  His address is listed as 541 Dresden Alley, Pittsburgh, PA.  (This is near the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh.  There is one number missing from the address as all addresses on this street are in the 5000s.  (His brother Frank lived for many years at 5604 Dresden.)  John's occupation was laborer. The physician registering his death was W. J. Norris of 5144 Butler St. and the undertaker was M. A. Hanlon of 5126 Butler St.  He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Lawrenceville.

Notes for ANNA CANAVANAnna Canavan Hines remarried later in life.  Her granddaughter, Irene Toney, does not know the man's name, but feels he was Polish.  She believes they lived in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh. 


The 1900 Census taken June 4th and 5th lists St. Paul's Orphanage in Ward 8, ED 546, Rev. Michael Lynch, enumerator.  On page 2b, Nora Heinz, 7 years old, occupation: "at school".  On page 4a, Annie Heinz, 14, and Delia Heinz, 12, - "at school" - both can read and write.  On page 5a, John Hines, 12, can read and write, and Timothy Hines, 9 - both at school. 

The following information is from the Archives and Records Section of the Diocese of Pittsburgh,  Records of St. Paul Orphanage, research conducted by Dorothy McHugh at the request of Karen Freilino: 

Admitted on September 14th (boys) and 15th (girls), 1899, Children of John Heinz (deceased) and Annie Heinz (in Workhouse): 

John, age 10

Timothy, age 8

Frank, age 3

Nellie, age 15

Annie, age 13

Delia, age 12

Nora, age 5

Brought in by Humane Agent Mr. Bell.  Not to be given to the mother unless directed by the Society. 

November 13, 1899, Frank given to sister on recommendation of Humane Agent Mr. Bell.  (A total of 2 months in the orphanage.)

July 7, 1900, Nellie given to mother.  (10 months in the orphanage)

July 9, 1900, Annie given to mother.  (10 months) 

September 22, 1900, Timothy given to mother.  (1 year) 

December 15, 1900, Nora given to mother.  (1 year, 3 months)

January 1, 1901, John given to mother.  (1 year, 3 months)

January 25, 1901, Delia out to see mother, did not return.  (1 year, 4 months) 

April 23, 1901, Tim and John readmitted.  (Tim, after 7 month; John, after 3 months) 

May 3, 1901, Nora readmitted.  (After 4 1/2 months.) 

May 16, 1901, Tim and John ran away; returned and were given to mother.


There is no record of the date that Nora left St. Paul's. 


Children of JOHN HINES and ANNA CANAVAN are: 

4.           i.     ANTHONY3 HINES, b. November 09, 1879, Ireland;AnthonyHinesWWI.jpg (106389 bytes) d. January 29, 1944, S. Fayette Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. 

                   (The photo to the right is the WWI draft registration card of Anthony, dated 9/12/18.  Here his birth date is listed as November 9, 1877.  He is living at West 19th Street in Erie, PA and is employed by Erie Forge Company.  His next of kin is listed as Ann Hines, Walkerville, PA.  He has brown hair and blue eyes.)


             ii.     MARY HINES, b. Abt. 1881; d. October 13, 1954; m. JACOB G. HEASLEY, 1911; b. Abt. 1877. 


Notes for MARY HINES

Although Mary had no children of her own, she often sacrificed to care for her nephews and nieces,  sending clothing to her sister Ella's children.  She cared for her brother Anthony's son, Anthony, although her husband Jacob objected. 

Mary was known as May by her family.  According to Irene O'Rourke Toney, it was May who changed several of the girl's names, stating that they all sounded like they just got off the boat.  So, Mary became May, Ellen became Ella, Kathleen became Kitty and Nora became Irene.  There is some confusion about Marion's name - she was called Della by the family, but Irene Toney believes she was named Bridget when she was born.  (It turns out that she was born Delia)


1920 Census, January 21, 1920, Ward 26:  3208 East St., Pittsburgh, Pa. (North Side)  Jake G. Heasley, 43, driller for an oil company is living with wife, Mary, 38.  They rent their home.  Both Mary and Jake state they were born in Pennsylvania.  Mary's parents were born in Ireland.  Also in the household is Earl Hines, cousin, 14 years old, father born in Ireland, mother born in Pennsylvania.  (ED 735, Page 15).  Earl Hines is probably Mary's nephew, Anthony F. Hines, the son of her older brother, Anthony.

1930 Census:  Herman Road, Summit Township, Butler County, PA.  Jacob G. and Mary T (or F) Heasley own their own home, worth $2500.  Jacob's occupation is laborer, odd jobs.  Jacob is 52; Mary is 50.  They were married at the ages of 33 and 31.

           iii.     KATHLEEN HINES, b. Abt. 1883; d. Arizona; m. UNKNOWN DARLING.


Kathleen (Kitty) married a man names Darling in Pittsburgh.  His health was poor and they moved, first to Kansas, then to Arizona.  After her husband's death, Kitty remarried in Arizona.  Irene Toney believes that she never had children.  Her nephew, Anthony, kept in touch with her, and visited her at least once, in Kansas. 

5.         iv.     ELLA (ELLEN) HINES, b. June 02, 1884, Schenectady, NY; d. February 19, 1964, Leechburg, PA. 

             v.     MICHAEL HINES, b. April 1885, Pennsylvania.

                  The family of Michael completely lost touch with him and had no further information on him.   However, the following information was found in census and vital records at

 1900 Federal Census:  Michael Heinz, 15 years old, born in Pa, parents born in Ireland, is boarding at the home of Mary O'Malley on Keystone Street  (located between Allegheny Cemetery and Butler St. in Lawrenceville)  in Pittsburgh's 18th Ward.  He is employed as a rivet heater; can read and write.

MichaelHinesWWI.jpg (138937 bytes)(The photo to the left is the WWI draft registration card of Michael, dated 9/12/18.  Here his birth date is listed as July 28, 1885.  He is living at Hickory Street in Erie, PA and is employed by Erie Forge Company.  His next of kin is listed as Anna Hines, 3212 East St, Allegheny, PA.  He has brown hair and blue eyes.)

From the 1920 Census for Erie, PA:  Michael Hines is living on Cherry St. and is married to Edna Conkey.  They have a son, Gilbert Hines, born in 1918.  Michael is employed at a Forge Company.

            vi.     ANNA HINES, b. Abt. 1886; d. 1904. 

           vii.     MARION W. (DELIA) HINES, b. July 17, 1887, Chittenango, Madison County, New York; d. June 09, 1981, Narberth, Penn Valley, Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, PA; m. VICTOR C. STEENGRAFE; b. December 13, 1887, Brooklyn, New York; d. March 1968, Narberth, PA. 



According to Irene Toney, Marion was born Bridget Hines and was called Della by the family. (St. Paul's Orphan Asylum records list her as Delia.)   Marion was employed as a companion in a Quaker household, where she met Victor Steengrafe, whose family was in the shipbuilding industry.  She occasionally kept in touch with her sister Mary, sending a letter or card once or twice a year.  Her nephew, Anthony Hines, after WWII, went to visit her unannounced in the Philadelphia area, but was treated quite coldly by her.  (His perception, of course) 

1910 Census, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery County, PA

Clarence H Vanderbeck  

  Age: 29 State: PA  

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0092  

  Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0334  

  County:  Montgomery 

  Relation:  Head of Household  

  Other Residents: Wife Florence C 25, Pennsylvania

Son George H 15, Pennsylvania 

SIL Anna V Caidar 13, Pennsylvania 

1 non-relative :  Mary C Hines  

  Age: 26


1920 Census, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery County, PA: 

Mary A. Hines is still employed as a servant in the Clarence Vanderbeck household.  Her occupation is listed as cook.  She is listed as born in Pennsylvania; her parents in Ireland.  Clarence Vanderbeck's occupation is wool broker.   

1930 Census, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery County, PA: 

Mary Hines, 43,  (here the age is correct) is still a servant in the Vanderbeck household in 1930



1920 Census, 55 Hanson Pl., Brooklyn, Kings County, New York:  Victor Steengrafe, age 32, single, is a lodger at the YMCA (Central Branch).  His occupation is salesman for the Piper Company.

1930 Census, 3515 Springdale Ave., Baltimore, Maryland, Ward 15,  ED 503, page 12A:  Victor Steengrafe, 43, single,  head of household, is living with his 69(64?)-year-old widowed mother, Adelheid (Adelheid states that she married at the age of 21).  Victor is a salesman of paper and boxes.  This would probably be the Robert Gair Company listed on his SS application, as it was a paper and box company.  So, Victor would have married Marion Hines sometime in the '30s.

From Application for Account Number, SS Administration:  Victor lists birth date as Dec. 13, 1888.  He filled out application on Nov. 23, 1936.  His address was 205 Grayling Avenue, Narberth, PA.  Business name or current employer:  Robert Gair Co., Inc., 155 E. 44th St., New York, NY. 


         viii.     JOHN HINES, b. July 28, 1891; d. March 04, 1917, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Notes for JOHN HINES

In the 1910 Census, Allegheny County, John Hines, age 18, is listed as a prisoner in the Allegheny County Workhouse in O'Hara Township.  Listed parents as born in Ireland; he was born in Pennsylvania.  Could read and write. 


Information from Certificate of Death:  John Hines, single, 6040 Butler St., 9th Ward, found dead, probably acute alcoholism and exposure.  Occupation:  steelworker.  Place of burial:  North Side Catholic  Undertaker:  A. C. Schellhaus, E. Ohio St. 

Informant:  Irene Hines, 3208 East St. 


North Side Catholic Cemetery Records:  John Hines and his brother Frank Hines are buried together in an unmarked grave located at Section O, Row 6, Grave 463.


Burial: March 07, 1917, North Side Catholic 


TimHinesJohnDillon.jpg (21041 bytes)6.         ix.     TIMOTHY HINES, b. May 02, 1892; d. May 25, 1918, Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.  (The picture to the left is Timothy Hines and his brother-in-law John Dillon - click to enlarge.)

7.          x.     IRENE NORA HINES, b. September 20, 1894, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA; d. June 28, 1967. 

            xi.     FRANK HINES, b. June 07, 1896, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. June 24, 1916, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; m. UNKNOWN; d. Bef. 1916.


Frank Hines was the youngest of the Hines children.  He married, but his wife died in childbirth.  He died soon afterward. 

Information from Death Certificate:  Frank Heins, died at 3208 East St. on June 24, 1916 at 11:30 P.M. of pulmonary tuberculosis.   Undertaker;  A. C. Schellhaus, 628 E. Ohio St. 

Informant:  Mrs. J. Haesley, 3208 East St. 

North Side Catholic Cemetery Records:  Frank Hines and his brother John Hines are buried together in an unmarked grave located at Section O, Row 6, Grave 463.  


Burial: June 27, 1916, North Side Catholic 


3.  FRANK2 HINES (T.1) was born March 1866.  He married WINIFRED UNKNOWN Abt. 1890.  She was born March 1869. 



1900 Census, Frank Hynes, with wife Winifred, daughters Bridgid, Mary, Barbra and son John are living on 5614(?) Carnegie Street in Lawrenceville.  (18th Ward) Both Frank and Winifred were born in Ireland.  Frank came to the US in 1881 and Winifred in 1885.  Frank worked as a brakeman; Bridgid was at school.  Frank could not read or write, but Winifred could.  On a Pittsburgh City real estate map for 1904, Frank was living at his Dresden Alley home, where the family remained throughout the following census years. 


1910 Census, Pittsburgh, PA:  Frank and family lived at 5604 Dresden Alley, Pittsburgh, PA. (Lawrenceville Section, Ward 18, ED4??, Page16a).  Frank works as a laborer in a mill.  The image is very poor, making it difficult to read.  It looks like he came to the US in 1882 or 1888.  He and Winifred have had 8 children, all living.  The eldest child, Bridget, is working, but the place is too blurred to read. 


In the 1920 Census, the family is living at the same address.  Frank is a laborer in a steel mill.  Here it looks like he came to the US in 1884.  He was a naturalized citizen, but the date is too blurred to read.  Winifred, also born in Ireland, appears to have come to the US in 1888(?) and was naturalized in 1890. Barbara is a clerk in a department store.  John is a laborer in a steel mill. 


In the 1930 Census, Frank Hines owns his home at 5604 Dresden Way.  It is valued at $3000.00.  Sons John, Martin and Edward are living at home.  Frank and Winifred list their place of birth as the Irish Free State.  Here Frank says he came to the US in 1883 and Winifred in 1885.  Frank, John and Martin all work as laborers in a mill. 



              i.     BRIDGET3 HINES, b. December 1892. 

             ii.     MARY HINES, b. April 1896. 

           iii.     BARBARA HINES, b. April 12, 1898, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA; d. September 1984, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA. 

            iv.     JOHN HINES, b. April 22, 1900, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA; d. July 1978, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA. 

             v.     FRANCIS HINES, b. 1902. 

            vi.     MARTIN HINES, b. 1904. 

           vii.     WINFRED HINES, b. 1907. 

          viii.     EDWARD HINES, b. July 28, 1909, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA; d. January 1975, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA. 




Generation No. 3 


4.  ANTHONY3 HINES (JOHN2, T.1) was born November 09, 1879 in Ireland, and died January 29, 1944 in S. Fayette Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  He married ELLEN MALONY.     


From Irene Toney: 

Anthony Hines was born in Ireland, the oldest child of John and Anna.  Ellen Hines, his wife, committed suicide by drinking lye after the death of her second child.  Afterward, Anthony left Pittsburgh and went to Alaska, leaving his son, Anthony, in the care of his sister, Mary (Mae) Heasley, in Herminie, PA.  Anthony eventually moved back to Pittsburgh and it is there that he died.  Irene Toney remembers him as being a wonderful man, extremely kind. 

From the death record of Anthony Hines:  Anthony died at Mayview State Hospital in S. Fayette Township, Allegheny County, PA, having been a patient there for 1 year, 8 days.  Immediate cause of death was broncho-pneumonia (of 5 day duration) due to arterial hypertension. 

Children of ANTHONY HINES and ELLEN MALONY are: 

              i.     ANTHONY F.4 HINES, b. July 06, 1905, Pittsburgh, PA; d. May 13, 1983, California, Washington County, PA; m. CATHERINE GLEASON


From the Death Record of Anthony Hines: 

Born July 6, 1905, died May 13, 1983 (77 years old) in Washington Hospital, Washington County, PA.  Address:  Liberty Towers, California, PA.  Occupation: Stationary Engineer / Water Company.  Died of cardiac arrest due to respiratory arrest and congestive heart failure status post above the knee amputation due to severe vascular disease.  Informant:  Jane Glover, 26 John St. Pittsburgh, PA.  He was widowed; his wife's name was Catherine Gleason. 

He was buried in Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Peters Township. 


             ii.     UNKNOWN HINES

 Notes for UNKNOWN HINES Died shortly after birth. 


5.  ELLA (ELLEN)3 HINES (JOHN2, T.1) was born June 02, 1884 in Schenectady, NY, and died February 19, 1964 in Leechburg, PA.  She married (1) FRANK THOMPSON December 25, 1906 in Montville, Ohio, son of WARREN THOMPSON and CORDELIA TRASK.  He was born February 08, 1876 in Windsor, Ohio, and died November 05, 1913 in High Street, Painesville, Ohio.  She married (2) DAVID LOUIS PEPPLER Abt. 1919, son of JOHN PEPPLER and ELIZABETH HUDDEL.  He was born October 14, 1877, and died January 03, 1936. 



Marriage Records of Geauga County, Ohio

? two entries?


THOMPSON, Frank               HINES, Ella                                   Dec 1906    6    130                       Groom's Father: THOMPSON, Warren        Groom's Mother TRASK, Cordelia


  THOMPSON, Frank               HINE, Ella                                    Aug 1906    6    114                       THOMPSON, Warren         TRASK, Cordelia   



Burial: Greenwood Memorial Cemetery, Lower Burrell, Pa 


In the 1900 Ohio census for Montville, Ohio, Frank lists his occupation as farmer.



Burial: Montville, Ohio 



Obituary from the Leechburg Advance:  

     David Louis Peppler, aged 57 years, died at his home in Kelly Station, Gilpin Township, Sunday, January 6, following a lengthy illness. 

     Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Ella Heinze Peppler; two sons, Leslie of Wellsburg, W. Va., and Dean C. at home; two daughters, Mrs. Laird Riggle of Parks Township and Elinor at home; two stepsons, LeRoy Thompson, of Leechburg and John Thompson at home: one stepdaughter Mrs. Dorothy Grantz, of Leechburg: three brothers, Jake and Charles, of Parks township and Henry of Pittsburgh; one sister, Mrs. Katherine Coltenbaugh of Parks Township and 12 grandchildren. 

     The Rev. Frank Miller, pastor of the Bethel Lutheran church officiated at the services, which took place on Monday at 2:30 p.m.  Burial was made in Bethel cemetery. 



Burial: Bethel Church Cemetery, Armstrong Co. PA.


Marriage Notes for ELLA HINES and DAVID PEPPLER

Pennsylvania 1920 census shows Ella married to David, living in Parks Township.  Leroy, Dorothy and John are listed as Pepplers, not Thompson. 


Children of ELLA HINES and FRANK THOMPSON are: 

8.           i.     LEROY HARRIS4 THOMPSON, b. February 12, 1906, Painesville, Ohio; d. December 06, 1957, Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

9.          ii.     DOROTHY THOMPSON, b. August 15, 1907, Montville, Ohio; d. Abt. 1985. 

           iii.     WALTER THOMPSON, b. 1909; d. 1911. 



Burial: Montville, Ohio 


            iv.     JOHN THOMPSON, b. January 15, 1913, Montville, Ohio; d. December 1986, Vandergrift, PA; m. DOROTHY


10.         v.     ELEANOR P.4 PEPPLER, b. September 08, 1923; d. April 04, 2001, Brentwood Borough, Pittsburgh, PA. 


6.  TIMOTHY3 HINES (JOHN2, T.1) was born May 02, 1892, andMargaretDillonHines.jpg (16560 bytes) died May 25, 1918 in Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.  He married MARGARET MattSarahDillon.jpg (21674 bytes) DILLON, daughter of MATTHEW DILLON and SARA CLAMPETT.  She was born February 19, 1896, and died February 27, 1986. (The picture to the right is Margaret Dillon.  To the left is Matthew and Sara Dillon, Margaret's parents.)


From the WWI Draft Registration Card of Tim Hines:  TimTimHinesWW1.jpg (51778 bytes) Hines, 4218 Smith (Ay ?), Pittsburgh, PA, 9th Precinct, 25th Ward; born: May 2, 1892 in Pittsburgh; occupation:  Labor crane man; employed by Wheeling ???? in Wheeling, WV; married, Cauc., with a wife and 2 children.  His signature follows.  Physical description:  Medium build and height, blues eyes and black hair.

Information from Certificate of Death:  Mr. Tim Hines, married, died 5/25/1918 at 11:45 P.M. of respiratory failure/left side lobar pneumonia.  Attended by physician in Allegheny General Hospital since 5/20/1918. Birthplace: United States  Address:  3208 East St. / 24th Ward   Occupation:  Crane Operator in steel mill. 

Place of burial:  North Side Catholic  Undertaker:  A. C. Schell, 707 East Street.  Informant:  Mrs. J. Heasley, 3219 East St.  North Side Catholic Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA 



1930 Census, 9th Ward, Pittsburgh- 4024 Eden Way,  Margaret McClain, 33, head of household, is listed as married - she states was married for the first time at the age of 16.  Mary Heinz, 16; Margaret Heinz, 14; and Bernadette McClain, 5 11/12 are her daughters.  Margaret works at a hotel.  There are 4 boarders in the house:  Edward Powers, 35, a county laborer; and Edward and Kathleen Girty, occupations listed as none, both 22, with their baby, Edward. 


Burial: St. Mary's Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA 



11.          i.     MARY4 HINES, b. August 15, 1914; d. April 06, 1972. 

12.        ii.     MARGARET HINES, b. March 13, 1916. 


7.  IRENE NORA3 HINES (JOHN2, T.1) was born September 20, 1894 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA, and died June 28, 1967.  She married HUBERT JOSEPH O'ROURKE 1918 in Allegheny County, PA, son of HUGH O'ROURKE and ANNA O'HANLON.  He was born 1893 in Pennsylvania. 



From telephone conversation with Irene O'Rourke Toney:  Irene Nora Hines O'Rourke, her mother, was born in 1894.  Her father died when she was very young  and Nora and her younger brother, Frank, were placed in St. Paul's Orphanage for two years.  She was then taken by a wealthy couple as a companion for their child.  Although she was treated well, fed and clothed, she was never educated by the couple.  When she grew up, she briefly worked as a telephone operator.  She married Hubert O'Rourke in Pittsburgh.  He worked for the railroad, but due to ill-health, moved to Houston in Washington County, and drove to his job in Pittsburgh.  The family moved back to Pittsburgh, (Stratmore Avenue) about ten years later. 


Born Hugh Patrick O'Rourke, name was changed by nuns in parochial school 


1930 Census:  The family is living in Midland, Chartiers Township, Washington County, PA.  Wife Iren (sic), 35, daughter Iren, 9 years old; son Hubert, 8, Betty (Jane?) 6, Thomas, 2, and Jeanne is the youngest child, 9 months.  Hubert, 36, is employed by the railroad as a freight brakeman.  He owns his home; it is valued at $1500.  (The name is misspelled as Odourke.)  Hubert and Irene were married when he was 24 and Irene was 23.  Both Hubert's and Irene's parents were born in Ireland.


Children of IRENE HINES and HUBERT O'ROURKE are: 

              i.     IRENE4 O'ROURKE, b. 1920; m. CLAUDE W. TONEY; b. September 21, 1925, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA; d. March 06, 1992, Richmond, Virginia. 


13.        ii.     HUBERT O'ROURKE, b. January 19, 1922, Pennsylvania; d. August 21, 1966, Nevada. 

           iii.     JANE E. O'ROURKE, b. 1924; m. UNKNOWN GLOVER

            iv.     THOMAS O'ROURKE, b. 1927. 

             v.     JEANNE O'ROURKE, b. 1929; m. UNKNOWN BUSHEM

            vi.     JAMES D. O'ROURKE


Generation No. 4 


8.  LEROY HARRIS4 THOMPSON (ELLA (ELLEN)3 HINES, JOHN2, T.1) was born February 12, 1906 in Painesville, Ohio, and died December 06, 1957 in Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He married DOROTHY ISABELLE TIPPETT August 13, 1929 in Pittsburgh, PA, daughter of JOHN TIPPETT and GRACE ARCHIBALD.  She was born September 03, 1908 in Leechburg, PA, and died January 09, 1989 in Leechburg, PA.   


Burial: Greenwood Memorial Cemetery, Lower Burrell, PA 



From "The Apollo News Record", January 11, 1989: tippettplot.jpg (485573 bytes)

  Dorothy I. Thompson, 80, 414 Third Street, Leechburg, Died Jan. 9, 1989, at 8:50 a.m. in Citizens General Hospital, New Kensington. She was born Sept. 3, 1908 in Leechburg, the daughter of the late John and Grace Archibald Tippett. She lived at her Third Street residence the past eight years.  She previously lived in Monaca.  She was a member of Hebron Evangelical Lutheran Church, Leechburg.

     Survivors include:  two sons, John F. Thompson, Gilpin Township, and James E. Thompson, Hagerstown, MD; three daughters, Mrs. Gilbert (Dolores) Freilino, Leechburg, Roberta Shea, Monroeville, and Pat Kennedy, Gilpin Township; 13 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; and two sisters, Mabel Hobaugh, Harrisville, Ohio, and Leroy (Vivian) Grimm, Coraopolis. She was preceded in death by three brothers, Jack, Ralph and William Tippett; a sister, Agnes Thompson; and two grandsons, Bruce Thompson in 1984, and Joseph Kennedy in 1961. 

     Friends will be welcomed by her family from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday night at Clawson's, Second at Main, Leechburg, where a funeral service will be held at noon, officiated by her pastor, The Rev. Edward Sheenan(sic). 

     Burial will follow in Evergreen Cemetery, Gilpin Township. 


DorothyAndChildren.JPG (116770 bytes)Children of LEROY THOMPSON and DOROTHY TIPPETT are: 

14.         i.     DOLORES JEAN5 THOMPSON, b. February 16, 1930, Leechburg, PA. 

15.        ii.     ROBERTA LEE THOMPSON, b. August 18, 1931, Leechburg, PA. 

16.       iii.     JOHN FRANK THOMPSON, b. April 20, 1935, Leechburg, PA. 

17.        iv.     PATRICIA GAY THOMPSON, b. October 07, 1936, Leechburg, PA. 

18.         v.     JAMES ERROL THOMPSON, b. December 04, 1938, Leechburg, PA; d. February 10, 1998, Leechburg, PA.   


9.  DOROTHY4 THOMPSON (ELLA (ELLEN)3 HINES, JOHN2, T.1) was born August 15, 1907 in Montville, Ohio, and died Abt. 1985.  She married CLARENCE H. GRANTZ, son of JOHN GRANTZ and ALICE UNKNOWN.  He was born 1900.    

In the 1910 Census, Painesville, ED 83, on Liberty Avenue, near High Street, there is a 3 year old Dorothy Thompson listed as grandchild in the household.  Head is William Rippen, 37, wife Marie, 30, daughter Ruth, 9 and lodger Benson W. Rose, 69, retired.  

10.  ELEANOR P.4 PEPPLER (ELLA (ELLEN)3 HINES, JOHN2, T.1) was born September 08, 1923, and died April 04, 2001 in Brentwood Borough, Pittsburgh, PA.  She married HENRY A OTT August 16, 1947.  He was born April 13, 1920, and died May 07, 1996 in Pittsburgh, PA. 


11.  MARY4 HINES (TIMOTHY3, JOHN2, T.1) was born AugustJosephandMaryHinesOtis.jpg (24909 bytes) 15, 1914, and died April 06, 1972.  She married JOSEPH JAMES OTIS 1933, son of JOHN OTIS and MARY UNKNOWN.  He was born September 17, 1913, and died August 10, 1966. 


Children of MARY HINES and JOSEPH OTIS are:  Three children

13.  HUBERT4 O'ROURKE (IRENE NORA3 HINES, JOHN2, T.1) was born January 19, 1922 in Pennsylvania, and died August 21, 1966 in Nevada. 

Generation No. 5 


14.  DOLORES JEAN5 THOMPSON (LEROY HARRIS4, ELLAgildoloreswed.jpg (322749 bytes) (ELLEN)3 HINES, JOHN2, T.1) was born February 16, 1930 in Leechburg, PA.  She married GILBERT MARIO FREILINO October 03, 1948 in GIlpin Township, Leechburg, PA, son of SECONDO FREILINO and ANGELA BARISONE.  He was born October 13, 1928 in Leechburg, PA. 



From a newspaper article saved by Dolores Freilino: 

 Leechburg Area Couple Wed In Forks Parish Ceremony 

   Rev. Frederick Steuber performed the single ring marriage rites uniting in wedlock Dolores Thompson, of Route 1, Leechburg, and Gilbert Freilino, son of Second Freilino, of Third Street, Leechburg, Saturday morning at 10, in the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Forks Parish.  Two large vases of asters served a church decorations.  Persons present at the ceremony included relatives and friends of the bride and bridegroom. Dolores' wedding outfit was a two-piece blue velvet dress.  She wore a brown hat with a blue veil that tied, bonnet style, under her chin and other brown accessories.  A yellow rose corsage complimented her dress. The bride's cousin, Janet Tippett, was maid of honor.  Her attire was a two-piece gray gabardine dress with black accessories and a red rose corsage. Best man was the bridegroom's brother, Armondo Freilino, of Leechburg.  Miss Mary Paula Crafton, of Route 1, Leechburg, played the wedding march and appropriate music for the ceremony. Mrs. Thompson appeared at her daughter's wedding in a black and white print dress with black accessories. 

   The bride's aunt gave a reception in her home, in Ice Pond road, for the bridal party.  Fifty guests were in attendance.  The tables were decorated with candles and flowers.  A three-tiered cake was cut in traditional fashion by the newlyweds.  When they return from a one-week trip to Cook's Forest, Mr. and Mrs. Freilino will reside in the formers  fathers home, in Third street. 

   Both bride and bridegroom were students of Leechburg High School.  Freilino is associated with his father as contractor.  A shower for the bride was held in the Earl Freilino home, in Main street, Thursday evening. 



23.         i.     KAREN LEE6 FREILINO, b. April 26, 1949, New Kensington, PA. 

24.        ii.     DEBRA GAY FREILINO, b. March 15, 1952, Allegheny General Hospital, Natrona Heights, PA. 

25.      iii.     GILBERT MARIO FREILINO II, b. August 24, 1958, New Kensington, PA. 


15.  ROBERTA LEE5 THOMPSON (LEROY HARRIS4, ELLA (ELLEN)3 HINES, JOHN2, T.1) was born August 18, 1931 in Leechburg, PA.  She married (1) PHILIP JOSEPH SHEA January 02, 1954.  He was born Abt. 1930 in Pittsburgh, PA.  She married (2) JOHN R. VALLINO June 06, 1995, son of GIUSEPPE VALLINO and MARY TROGOLO.  He was born March 28, 1932.   

Children of ROBERTA THOMPSON and PHILIP SHEA are:  Two children

16.  JOHN FRANK5 THOMPSON (LEROY HARRIS4, ELLA (ELLEN)3 HINES, JOHN2, T.1) was born April 20, 1935 in Leechburg, PA.  He married MARILYN ELAINE SHEARER December 12, 1959, daughter of HOWARD SHEARER and EVELYN TREAT.  She was born August 23, 1939. 

  Children of JOHN THOMPSON and MARILYN SHEARER are:  Two children

17.  PATRICIA GAY5 THOMPSON (LEROY HARRIS4, ELLA (ELLEN)3 HINES, JOHN2, T.1) was born October 07, 1936 in Leechburg, PA.  She married JOHN MILTON KENNEDY January 04, 1956, son of JOHN KENNEDY and ELLEN CONNER.  He was born October 26, 1932.   

Children of PATRICIA THOMPSON and JOHN KENNEDY are:  Four children

18.  JAMES ERROL5 THOMPSON (LEROY HARRIS4, ELLA (ELLEN)3 HINES, JOHN2, T.1) was born December 04, 1938 in Leechburg, PA, and died February 10, 1998 in Leechburg, PA.  He married MARGARET BERRY.  She was born August 05, 1943.


Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Leechburg  

Children of JAMES THOMPSON and MARGARET BERRY are:  Two children