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  The death and marriage records and the letters on this page were translated from the original Italian by Mario Pamfili.  

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     Descendants of Secondo Freilino

    Generation No. 1 

1.  SECONDO1 FREILINO was born Abt. 1760.


2.   i. DOMENICO2 FREILINO, b. 1790, Asti, Italy; d. March 13, 1876, Asti, Italy.

  Generation No. 2 

2.  DOMENICO2 FREILINO (SECONDO1) was born 1790 in Asti, Italy, and died March 13, 1876 in Asti, Italy.  He married MADDELINA GIOVANNA SARDI. 

The death record of Domenico Freilino:  

Registration Nr 177 Freilino Domenico

In the year One Thousand Eight hundred and Seventy-six on the thirteenth day of the month of March at 10.20 a.m. in the City Hall.

In front of me Knight Giovanni Grandi Secretary acting as Registrar in the Municipality of Asti by an ordinance signed and duly approved by the Mayor on the first day of January in the year One thousand Eight hundred and Seventy-one, have appeared Freilino Giuseppe aged forty-nine, a tailor resident in Asti and Mazzuchelli Gerolamo, aged forty-eight, a male nurse resident in Asti. They have declared to me that today at 5 a.m. in a house located in San Silvestro Lane died Freilino Domenico, aged eighty- six, a mason resident in Asti, born in Asti, son of the late Secondo and of the deceased Unknown and the widower of Sardi Giovanna. ------

To the drawing up of this document were also present as witnesses Canello (?) Enrico, aged sixty-three a male nurse and Sornino (?) Domenico, aged forty-six, a porter, both resident in this Municipality. We read this document to the attending parties and it was then signed by my-self and by the only literate.


Freilino Giuseppe



3.   i. SECONDO3 FREILINO, b. 1816, Vaglierano, Italy; d. November 22, 1882, Asti, Italy.

 ii.    FRANCESCO FREILINO, b. Abt. 1820; d. September 07, 1872, Asti, Italy.

From the death record of Francesco Freilino:

The year One thousand Eight hundred and Seventy-two and on the seventh day of the month of September  at 10 a.m. in the City Hall of Asti, in front of  me, Knight Notary Giovanni Grandi, town clerk appointed by the Mayor  by an ordinance dated January 1, 1871 to act as Registrar

-- appeared Freilino Giuseppe, son of the living Domenico, aged forty-five, a tailor by profession, brother of the above mentioned deceased person and Scandalera Giovanni, son of the late Agostino, aged forty-two, a merchant by trade, both literate and resident in this town. The two declarants in  presence  of  Pavesi Pietro, son of the late Giovanni, aged twenty-five, a milkman, literate and of Merino Giuseppe, son of the late Domenico, aged forty-seven, a trained hospital attendant, both resident in this Municipality and appearing as witnesses chosen by the declarants.....

4.   iii.  GIUSEPPE FREILINO, b. 1827.


     Generation No. 3

3.  SECONDO3 FREILINO (DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born 1816 in Vaglierano, Italy, and died November 22, 1882 in Asti, Italy.  He married ROSA CISI.  She was born Abt. 1820, and died 1894 in Asti, Italy.

The death record of Secondo Freilino:

The year One Thousand Eight hundred and Eighty-two on the twenty-third day of November at 11.30 a. m.  in the City Hall.

In front of me Knight Officer Re Agostino, Attorney-at-Law, senior alderman acting as Mayor and Registrar in the Municipality of Asti, appeared Freilino Clemente, aged twenty-five, a mason, resident in Asti and Cumino Giovanni, aged thirty-four, a cobbler resident in Asti. They have both declared that yesterday at 10.40 p.m. in a house located in San Silvestro Lane Nr 8, died Freilino Secondo, aged sixty-six a mason resident in Asti, born in Vaglierano, son of the late Domenico and of the also deceased Sardi Maddalena, husband of Cisi Rosa. ------------

To the drawing up of this document were also present as witnesses Brunetti Giovanni, aged thirty-six a mason and Giordano Luigi, aged twenty-six a tinker, both resident in this Municipality. The document was read to all parties and by them signed together with me.  


Freilino Clemente                        Cumino Giovanni

Brunetti Giovanni                         Giordano Luigi



i.  MARIA CLARA FREILINO, b. November 12, 1847, married Giovanni Battista Cumino in 1870.

Marriage record of Maria Clara, translated by Mario Pamfili:

In the year One Thousand Eight hundred and Seventy on the thirtieth day of August at 4 p.m.  in the City Hall in Asti , appeared in front of me Knight Doctor Giuseppe Bossa, Mayor of this town, Cumino Giovanni  Battista , son of  Domenico, a labourer, and of  Sprazza Margherita,  born in Coazzolo on the eighth day of the month of  May  in the year One Thousand Eight hundred and Forty-eight, resident in Asti from over one year, a cobbler by trade and a bachelor and Freilino Maria Clara, daughter of Secondo, a mason, and  of  Rosa Cisi, both resident in Asti, born in this town on the twelfth day of  November in the year One Thousand Eight hundred and Forty-seven,.......,  single and a seamstress by trade. They requested to publish the banns for the wedding that they intend to contract between each other and to this purpose they declared in front of Massiero Giuseppe, aged thirty-one and of Gromba Angelo, aged twenty-one, both cobblers resident in this city and both witnesses duly introduced and here present, that between the spouses there is no impediment caused by kinship or natural or civil relationship, that neither of them had previously contracted a marriage, nor that they are in the conditions foreseen by article seventy-one and seventy-two of the Civil Code  whose contents was clearly explained to them. The above-mentioned statements were confirmed to me under oath as requested by the Law, by the witnesses who declared also that the groom was not under military obligations.

Having completed this document with the summaries of the spouses' birth certificates duly legalized, I agreed to authorize the banns of the wedding to be posted upon the doors of this City Hall and after having read this document to the declarants and the witnesses, it was signed by us all================

Cumino Battista                        

Freilino Maria

Massiero Giuseppe witness

Gromba Angelo witness

ii.   PASQUALE LUIGI FREILINO, b. October 24, 1851, Asti, Italy, married Teresa Bordone November 8 1873 in Asti.  Teresa, the daughter of Michele and Luigia Pelassa Bordone was born September 25, 1852, in Cellarengo, Italy.  


In the year One Thousand Eight hundred and Seventy-three on the eighth day of November at 11a.m in the City Hall of Asti appeared in front of me, Knight Attorney-at-law Agostino Re, deputy-alderman by an ordinance dated on the first day of January One Thousand Eight hundred and Seventy-one, Freilino Pasquale Luigi, son of Secondo and of Cisi Rosa, both resident in Asti, born in this city on the fourteenth day of October in the year One Thousand Eight hundred and Fifty-one and here resident, a mason and a bachelor and Bordone Teresa, daughter of  Michele and of  Luigia Pelassa, both resident in Asti, born in Cellarengo on the twenty-fifth day of  September in the year One Thousand Eight hundred and Fifty-two, resident in this city from over one year, an unmarried  weaver. They requested officially and in the presence of their own witnesses, i.e. of Cumino Battista, son of the late Domenico, a cobbler aged twenty-five and Fassio Angelo, son of Giuseppe, a carpenter aged twenty-two, both resident in Asti, to proceed with the celebration of their wedding, for which the two prescribed banns were already posted for three running days to the doors of this City Hall on Sunday the twenty-sixth day of the past month of October and on the second day of this month. The groom, being less than twenty-five years old, had also obtained his parents consent to this marriage, consent which was given by their intervention to the banns' request made on the twenty-sixth day of October and entered into the register and recorder under number three hundred and twenty and in the same time the spouses' birth certificates duly legalized were also delivered. I judged their request to be legitimate and no opposition having ever been made to this wedding, I read to both spouses articles One hundred-thirty, One hundred thirty-one and One hundred thirty-two of the Civil Code and following their declarations, made separately and successively, of consenting to take each other as husband and wife, I pronounced them married in the name of the Law and I immediately drew up this very document which was read to the parties and to the witnesses and signed by myself and them all  

Freilino Pasquale Luigi

Bordone Teresa

Cumino Battista witness

Fassio Angelo witness


5. iii. FELICE FREILINO, b. 1854; d. 1925.

6.  iv. CLEMENTE FREILINO, b. 1858, Asti, Piemonte, Italy; d. May 8, 1910, Asti, Italy.




                   i.  FERDINANDO4 FREILINO, b. February 28, 1859; m. GIOVANNA LAZZARINI; b. June 09, 1855, Venezia, Italy.  

                        ii.  LUIGI BENVENUTO FREILINO, b. April 17, 1880.



  Generation No. 4 


5.  FELICE4 FREILINO (SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1)  was born in 1854. He married ANGELA RICOMAGNO. She was born in 1855 and died February 27, 1929.


i.  ALBERTO DOMENICO5 FREILINO, b. October 20, 1881, Asti, Italy; d. March 14, 1886, Asti, Italy.

ii. CLEMENTE ORESTE LUIGI3 FREILINO, b. October 25, 1884, Asti, Italy; d. July 09, 1957, Asti, Italy; m. CLARA MOSSOTTO, May 22, 1910, Asti, Italy. Clara was born  September 26, 1887 to Giovanni and Silvina Mazzola Mosotto and died in 1950 in Asti.


I learned that Clemente was a cousin of Secondo from the Ellis Island Database. He came to visit cousin Secondo with Umberto and Amalia Freilino Chiusano on June 4, 1907. They traveled on the SS Virginia from Genoa, Italy. Physical description of Clemente: 5'4", pink complexion, fair hair and blue eyes. He was single.

          iii.  ALBERTO FREILINO, b. January 05, 1897.


6.  CLEMENTE4 FREILINO (SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born July 1857 in Asti, Italy, and died May 8, 1910 in Asti, Italy. He married MARIETTA MAGGIORA January 12, 1878 in Asti, Italy, daughter of GIUSEPPE STEFANO MAGGIORA and PAOLA BALDACCI.  Marietta was born 1861 in Asti, Piemonte, Italy, and died April 1936 in Asti, Italy.

(Additional information on the parents of Marietta Maggiora:  Giuseppe Stefano Maggiora was born in 1813 in Refrancore in the province of Asti to Antonio and Antonia Maggiora.  Giuseppe died July 17, 1871 at the hour of 6 pm in Asti.  His profession is listed as "pensionato".  Paola Baldacci was born in 1815 in Nice, France. Her father was Antonio Baldacci.  She died at 9 A. M. on February 19, 1889 in the Civic Hospital in Asti.)

MariettaMaggioraFreilino.jpg (109119 bytes)PaolaBaldacciOrMariettaMaggiora.jpg (233069 bytes)Left: Marietta Maggiora Freilino; Right: Marietta's mother, Paola Baldacci 




The year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-seven in the City Hall on the twenty-ninth day of the month of December at 3.35 p.m.

In front of me Knight Doctor Gioanni Dittarelli, Senior Alderman acting Mayor and Registrar in the Municipality of Asti, appeared, not in person but represented by his father, Freilino Clemente, twenty years of age, a mason resident in Asti, son of Secondo, aged sixty-one, a mason resident in Asti and son of Cisi Rosa, a seamstress resident in Asti. Also appeared Maggiora Marietta, aged seventeen, a spinner resident in Asti, daughter of the late Giuseppe, aged=====, resident in Asti while living and daughter of Baldacci Paola, a housewife resident in Asti. They both requested me to publish the banns for the marriage that they intend to celebrate between themselves in this very office----------------- and they declared that : the groom was born in Asti, the bride in Asti, they both have had for the last year the status of Asti's residents,  they do not have either adoptive  fathers nor mothers   and that  to their marriage there exists no impediment   of  kinship, consanguinity or any other prescribed  by the Law.

Their declarations have been confirmed under oath as prescribed by the Law by Musa Francesco, aged fifty-six years, a servant and by Palmiero Francesco, aged forty six, a servant, both resident in this Municipality. I examined the documents submitted to me and, after having legalized them with my seal of office and enclosed them among the attachments to this register; I stated that the banns will be read here in Asti. The documents are the copies of the spouses' birth certificates issued by the parish priests of St. Silvestro and of St. Marino in Asti and the bride's father's death certificate. -----------------

Also present were the groom's parents and the bride's mother and they all stated to give their consent to this union. Having read this document to all participants, the same has been signed only by the bride and by the witnesses, because the groom's parents and the bride's mother declared to be illiterate.  

Maggiora Marietta

Musa Francesco

Palmiero Francesco


An excerpt of a letter from Virginia Barisone to Secondo.  This letter was written in early 1910.  On May 8, 1910, at 3:00 AM, Clemente Freilino died.  His death certificate lists his profession as mason.

Dear Secondo,

Here is some news about your father.  They informed you that he was  ill and the doctor didn't seem to have  much of a hope. But on the eighteenth he started recovering and feeling better. We shall see what happens during the next week and we must hope for the best.


Caro Secondo

tido notizie di tuo padre. ti avevano scritto che era ammalato il dottore aveva dato poca speranza ma il giorno diciotto migliorava stava meglio si vederà poi la settimana speriamo in bene.



Florence Freilino says that Maria's father was an English officer, last name Major. He was stationed in North Africa part of each year and Northern Italy the other part. She said that Maria's mother was French.  I have not been able to substantiate these family stories.  Another bit of information, to further confuse the issue:  I have a clear recollection of my Grandfather telling me that his grandmother was English!  Although I was a child at the time, I remember this because it struck me as being so odd.

Below is a letter from Marietta and Mario, Secondo's brother, who is probably in 3rd or 4th grade, making the date of the letter to be about 1915.

Dear brothers and sisters-in-law

Dear brothers I hope you are in good health as we all do. Dear brothers and sisters-in-law I write these few lines to thank you for the all the attentions you show to us and to our dear mother. I hope that one day, when I will be older, I could be able to reward you all. Mother is sending the seeds you have ordered and I hope you shall receive them. She has also thought of making a nice present to [you] my three dear brothers and she shall be sending it within a few days. I'm also informing you that she has already mailed three little boxes of sweets. She is very sorry, but the Post Office doesn't accept [parcels] over 300 grams and please let us know as soon as you received them. Many kisses to my dear nephews and nieces from our brother Angelo and dear mother. Affectionate kisses to you all, Secondo, Pinin and Luigi and the respective sisters-in-law. I sign as your affectionate brother and brother-in -law Mario 

Dearest all, I'm sending the seeds and I'm sorry that I couldn't find either chicory or cauliflower: next time. My dearest, please give me often the news that I always so desire from you. Especially in these times I'm very worried and I'm always praying the Lord to give you all, who are so dear to me,  good health and happiness.

Dear Luigina in the parcel of seeds there are two tape-measures and please write as soon as possible because I'm in such a state with anxiety and ill humor, I don't even know why. Affectionate greetings and kisses to you all.

Lots of kisses to all my dear grandchildren.




This part of the letter is from Mario and Secondo's mother, Marietta.

Translator's notes:

Marietta sends two tape measures with the seeds.  You might wonder why.  Couldn't she buy tape measures in the States?  She certainly could....but in inches and not in the centimetres she was used to.



Karen's Notes:

In 1915, those grandchildren would be Giacamo, Clementina and Ortanzo.

Marietta Maggiora died in 1936.  Below is a letter from her daughter Angela to Secondo, describing the funeral of their mother.  Angela begins by referring to the recent death of Secondo's wife, Luigia.


May 7, 1936

My dear brother Secondo and all

On the second day [of this month] I received your letter. Poor you! I understand how you are suffering because I myself went through the similar sorrow of losing your companion. It takes many years before one is able to start again without feeling alone. And now another severe grief hit all those of our family, something that, for the time being, is very hard to bear. I hope the dear God will give me the strength and the courage to get over this serious loss: poor Mother, we shall not see her again. Let me assure you that I try and be brave also because, from some time on, I feel that my heart is not working as it should. I'm telling you Secondo: I feel so empty; I used to go and visit her almost every night and on Sundays; the happiest moment of the day was when we went and visited her on our way to the market-place in the square. Now she is not anymore: alas! How this saddens me, but we must resign ourselves to  fate. I must tell you about the funeral: four businesses (?) were involved, the best hearse, the coffin alone cost 800 lire, three priests, all dressed in black, five clerics with torches, the Holy Don Bosco's band, then three more priests all the way to the cemetery praying the Holy Rosary, the Don Bosco's young men with pennants and flags, the United Club with pennant, many wreaths and flowers, with three more cars carrying the wreaths and not to mention the people who attended: truly it was a comfort to our sorrow to see how mother was remembered by all social classes. Poor mother, had she been able to see all this show of respect, she would have been very pleased. The bells were ringing a full peal: certainly a first-rate funeral. It couldn't have been any better; we bought her a vault, one of the most expensive and the reason they are expensive is because they are among the most commodious; we already ordered a tomb-stone with its flower-holders, a lamp and her picture. We already had a Mass said for her soul, poor mother who so much regretted to have to die. Sometime during this week we shall be writing to Mrs. Bonello. Your wire caused many comments about your courage: may the Lord assist you. I hope this letter finds in good health you and all our numerous kinsmen. Many greetings from me to your daughters and kisses to your sons. Give my greetings to Estella, Piero and all the children: tell them to please write to me more often as it gives me so much pleasure. If you could see me Secondo: even if I'm not so old, I have really aged a lot. As you know from the other letters she [mother] managed all by herself with her own savings. Poor mother she did not burden us with a single cent, may the Lord give her the peace deserved by the righteous.

Translator's notes:

Angela starts talking about the funeral mentioning  four " compagnie".  I cannot understand what she means. Four funeral parlours? I don't think there were so many in Asti in 1936 (and probably not even today!). Besides, why four? Four different organizations paying their last tribute? Was Marietta really that important in town? I used the word "business" leaving it as wide open as possible!   Don Giovanni Bosco, founder of the Salesiani's order, was born in Castelnuovo d'Asti and was certainly, with Vittorio Alfieri the most renowned among Asti's sons.   Eight hundred lire for a coffin was a lot of money.  To give you an idea, there was a song at that time titled " If I just could earn 1,000 lire each month". Marietta wasn't the only one who had regrets about having to die, what do you think?

And finally: During a funeral the bells do not ring a full peal (suonano adistesa), but rather knell (suonare a morto).



To the right is a photo of the funeral procession of Marietta Maggiora Freilino.  Front row:  Mario,MariettaFuneral.JPG (89147 bytes) son of Angelo Freilino, then Angelo, Mario Freilino and Alda Nosenzo.  Back row:  Rosa Graziano Chiusano, wife of Costante, Maria Nosenzo Conone, Costante Chiusano and Umberto Chiusano, husband of Amalia Freilino.


           7. i. ANGELA ROSA MARIA FREILINO,angela2.jpg (423079 bytes) b. 1878, d. April, 1965 in Asti, Italy.EstellaAngelaRenatoMarietta.JPG (40836 bytes)

To the left is a photo of four generations, taken while Estella Nosenzo Barisone was visiting her family in Asti.  Top:  Estella and her mother, Angela Freilino Nosenzo.  Front:  Stella's son, Renato Barisone,  and Marietta Maggiora Freilino, mother of Angela. 

ii.   GIOVANNI FREILINO, b. May 1881, Asti, Italy; d. March 25, 1885, Asti, Italy.

SecondoFreilino.jpg (107912 bytes)

8. iii. SECONDO GIOVANNI PIETRO FREILINO, b. July 05, 1883, Asti, Italy; d. May 11, 1961, Citizen's General Hospital, New Kensington, PA.


      9. iv. AMALIA FREILINO, b. 1885, Asti, Italy; d. Asti, Italy.

  v. ROSA FREILINO, b. September 1887, Asti, Italy; d. November 03, 1888, Asti, Italy.  


From the death record of Rosa Freilino:  The death was reported at 9:30 AM on November 3, 1888 by Angela Ricomagno, 33, housewife, and Secondo Bertolino, 35, printer.  (Angela was the wife of Felice Freilino and would have been Rosa's aunt.)  The death was reported as occurring at 2 AM that day at the address Corso della Vittoria.  Rosa Freilino, born in Asti, was one year and one month old, the child of Clemente Freilino, muratore (mason), and Maria Maggiora, housewife.


10. vi. GIUSEPPE ALFONSO GIOVANNIGiuseppeFreilino_MtAlto.jpg (459631 bytes) FREILINO, b. 1889, Asti, Italy; d. December 19, 1941, Leechburg, PA.

vii.  FELICITA FREILINO, b. 1891, Asti, Italy; d. July 29, 1893, Asti, Italy.


From the death record of Felicita Freilino:  The death was reported at 10:30 PM on July 29, 1893 by Clemente Freilino, mason, and Giuseppe Rapetti.  The death was reported as occurring at 5 PM that evening at the address Sezione Sardegni.  Felicita Freilino, born in Asti, was two years old, the child of Clemente Freilino, muratore (mason), and Maria Maggiora, housewife.


11. viii. LUIGI FREILINO, b. 1895; d. 1956, Leechburg, PA.

The picture to the right is from 1925 and was LeechburgConstructionCompany.JPG (267649 bytes) taken for Leechburg's 75th anniversary celebration.  From left to right:  Arthur Hunter, Louie Freilino, Chich______?, and Joe Freilino. 


12. ix. ANGELO FREILINO, b. 1901, Asti, Italy; d. 1961, Corso Galileo Ferraris, Asti, Italy.


MarioClementeFreilino.JPG (42411 bytes)(Mario Clemente Freilino) 

13. x. MARIO CLEMENTE FREILINO, b. 1904, Asti, Piemonte, Italy; d. 1988, Asti, Piemonte, Italy.





                   i.  BIANCA ANGIOLINA SERAFINA5 FREILINO, b. June 18, 1904; m. GIORGIO ARTIOLO, Torino, Italy.



  Generation No. 5 


7.  ANGELA5 ROSA MARIA FREILINO (CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born in 1878 in Asti, Italy and died in Asti on April 14, 1965. She married LUIGI NOSENZO. He died Abt. 1920.

Below is an international check sent by Secondo to Luigi Nosenzo via Antonio Maridon, Notary Public, of Leechburg.  There is no explanation regarding the reason for the check.


Receipt.JPG (45095 bytes)English Translation:

"Duplicate International Cheque issued by Received from Mr. Freilino Secondo Italian lire Two hundred and six.------------ to be sent to Mr. Nosenzo Luigi, resident in Asti, Post Office of Asti, Province of Alessandria via White Star Line, 21 Stock Exchange Sq., Napoli 

It.Lire 206.= White Star Line Not valid for[ remittances] over $50. or Lire 250."



MariaNosenzo2.JPG (3987 bytes)i. MARIA6 NOSENZO, b. May 5, 1900; married Francesco Conone; d. October 3, 1975 in Asti, Italy. The writing on the back of the picture below is "Maria Nosenzo and friend"


MariaNosenzo.jpg (89782 bytes)Notes for MARIA NOSENZO:

She came to the US with her sister, Estella (see notes for Estella), but returned to Asti while Estella stayed. Physical description: 5'3", with fair complexion, blond hair and blue eyes.

14.  ii.   ESTELLA FRANCESCA NOSENZO, b. February 22, 1903, Asti, Italy; d. September 05, 1997, West Haven Nursing Home, Washington Twp., PA.

AldaNosenzo.jpg (4582 bytes)

iii. ALDA NOSENZO, b. June 15, 1909, Asti, Italy; d. May 22, 2000, Asti, Italy.

In this 1952 note from Alda to her Uncle Secondo, we learn that Alda was Secondo's goddaughter.

Dear uncle Secondo

I avail my self of the opportunity given by the letter I wrote to Estella to enclose this short note and inform you about your [bank] interests by the end of 1952. So:

Government bonds    L.  77.000. =

 Bearer deposit                50.851. =

Total                            L. 127.851. =

I hope you spent a merry Holiday season with your beloved and I'm wishing you and them all a happy continuation of the year that has just started. Remain cheerful and in good health. I'm wishing you peace and serenity for many years to come. Greetings and kisses from my mother too. Your goddaughter, Alda


8.  SECONDO GIOVANNI PIETRO5 FREILINO (CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born July 05, 1883 in Asti, Italy, and died May 11, 1961 in Citizen's General Hospital, New Kensington, PA. He married ANGELA CAROLINA LUIGIA BARISONE June 10, 1909 in Asti, Italy, daughter of GIACOMO BARISONE and VIRGINIA TOSETTO. She was born December 13, 1886 in Asti, Italy, and died March 26, 1935 in Jamestown, New York.                                    


The military record of Secondo Freilino, with notes from the translator, Mario Pamfili:


As usual good news and bad news !

I can not understand where the visit took place. It must have been in Asti, probably the name that I cannot read is one of Asti's barracks. Now the good news : dear Secondo was  one of us !  Mountain Troops ! "

Alpinjo mame ! " ( Mother, I'm an alpino ). And of the glorious 3rd ! I'm sure he was pround ( as I am !) of  the black eagle feather he wore on his hat


Nr. 74

Ministry for the cultural and environmental property

State Archives of Ministry  for  the cultural and environmental property State Archives of Asti

SUMMARY from the conscription register of  Asti commune, 1883 contingent of  Mr. Freilino Secondo, born in the Municipality of Asti ( Province Alessandria )   

 Surname:  Freilino    Name: Secondo    Son of  Clemente  and of   Maggiora Maria 

 bornJuly 5, 1883        Municipality:  Asti      DistrictAsti         

Height      1.70 (5'6"]                                                                                                                        Chest        0.99 [39"]                                                                                                    

 Hair  colour :    nut-brown    shape:  sleek

 Eyes:     grey                                                      

Complexion:  dusky                                                                                

Set of teeth: sound                                                                                                                                


Conscription Council's  decisions :

Checked in Xxxxxx on October 3, 1903 : fit  for the 1st class. He declared to have no right to the 3rd class. Assigned to the 3rd  Mountain  Troops Regiment.  Nr. 13461


Information from the National Archives: Secondo Freilino sailed from Naples, Italy on the SS Italia with his friend, Giovanni Perone. They left Naples on June 15, 1906 and arrived at the Port of New York on June 29, 1906. He was 23 years old, could read and write, listed his occupation as mason and possessed $18.00. Both he and Giovanni Perone said they were going to visit their cousin Davide Liatti in Uniontown, Pa. Although I don't know who Davide Liatti is, there is a record of him living in Uniontown in 1910. He was 32 years old, married, with a child.

A few years after arriving in the US, Secondo returned to Asti, Italy to marry Luigia Barisone. Both then returned to the US. Documented by the Ellis Island Data Base:  Secondo and Luigina Freilino, married, residence Asti, Allesandria, Italy, left Cherbourg, Manche, France on the St. Paul and arrived at Ellis Island on July 4, 1909. Physical description for Secondo: 5'8", rosy complexion, auburn hair and grey eyes. Physical description for Luigia: 5'3" with rosy complexion, auburn hair and eyes.

Secondo made another trip to Italy early in 1921. He came home March 6, on the SS Imperator sailing from Cherbourg, France. Estella and Maria Nosenzo were also passengers on the ship.


Information from the 1910 Pennsylvania Census, Gilpin Township:

Secondo and Luigia are living with baby Giacomo and six boarders. Secondo lists his occupation as plasterer and odd jobs. He in the only person among his neighbors who does not work as a coal miner.


From the 1920 PA census:

Secondo and Luigia own their own home, the street listed is "The Island" I believe this is the street below Canal Street in Leechburg by the walking bridge to Hyde Park. Secondo and Luigia are listed as naturalized citizens of the US as of 1915. I am not sure how this could be for Luigia as she is listed as not being able to speak English. Secondo's occupation is listed as contractor and road builder. Their youngest child at this time was Earl - 7 months old. Ortanzo's name was listed as Ortensio - the same as Luigia's sister Maria's child.

From the 1930 PA Census:  

The family of Second Freilino is living on Beale Avenue in Leechburg.  The eldest child, Jimmy, is not listed.  (I later found Jimmy in the census in the Army in Panama.)  Clementina is 18; Ortanzio, 16; Virginia, 14; Earl, 11; Armondo, 8; and Gilbert, 1 year six months.  Secondo owns his home, valued at $10,000.  His occupation is Building Contractor.


JoeSecondo.jpg (69054 bytes)One of my favorite photographs. I would guess that this picture was taken about 1915 and showed the beginnings of the Freilino Construction business. I still have vases similar to those shown in the picture. Joe Freilino is on the far left; Secondo is on the far right. To the immediate left of Secondo is Giovanni "Frenchie" Perone, with whom Secondo immigrated in 1906. The other workers are unknown to me.


 A letter received by Secondo regarding his purchase of construction supplies:


Milano March 12, 1926


Second Freilino

Leechburg, Pa. 

We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated February 12 and we thank you for the order that we are entering into our books to be expedited precisely and perfectly, as well as with the most prompt delivery date.

We don't have anything to comment on your choices, but, as far as the colors are concerned, we would like to point out, that, due to use of commercial drums, we shall not be able to obtain for all [hues] an exact weight of 100 kilograms, weight that will be reached with approximation only. We also take the liberty of advising you to substitute Green cement with Green grass chrome oxide at L.24 - per kilogram. The same goes for Black special, where we are advising Black extra at 390 - per hundred kilograms. These replacements are advisable for a better outcome, as proven by the experiences in our own job-sites where we obtained with those colors far better results.

The payment, as already written to your Mr. Angelo in Asti, to be made with the well know export system i.e. for the total amount, less the down payment that we are expecting from Asti; your Bank will have to open a letter of credit.

The shipment will be made by the S.A.Innocente Mangili, a company that has always dealt with our export service with utmost care and diligence.

Looking forward to hearing from you with the confirmation of the above, yours faithfully: 


SecondoConst3.JPG (763231 bytes)Photograph of Secondo Freilino and his construction crew.  The building is on the corner of Third and Main Streets.  It was built for an automobile dealership and contained a hydraulic lift.


Secondo Freilino was one of the founding members of the William Marconi Lodge of Mutual Benefit.

Excerpts from the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book of the Marconi Lodge - A Brief History of the Lodge, by Dom Ravotti:

"Leechburg became the new home of many Italian immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century starting with the Catalinos in 1891 followed by the Raimondis, Bonattis, and Maridons.

Many of the new Italians that settled in Leechburg were from Northern Italy (Piemontesi). Others were from Sicily, Toscany, and other regions. By 1910 a large colony of Italians were living in Leechburg and in surrounding mining camps of Peru )West Leechburg), La Malasse, Bagdad, Pecle, Pine Run, Black Stone, Aladdin, Haddon, Apollo, and Vandergrift. The majority of immigrants worked in the coal mines: however, some worked on railroads, in steel mills, and on construction jobs, while others started their own business, notably fruit stores and groceries.

.....As the number of immigrants increased, the need of a place to get together, for social events, and for meetings became a necessity. A group of Italians rented the 2nd floor of the Favero Building (now Marconi Hall) and used it as a social room. In the evenings they met to enjoy a few hours of leisure over a glass of wine to play cards, to talk about their work and future plans, and to hear from other paisani. (friends)

However as the group increased in number something else was needed to keep them together, to help immigrants when in need, and to teach them to become good and dependable citizens. ......

....The title chosen for the lodge was "The William Marconi Lodge of Mutual Benefit". Secondo Freilino was authorized to write to Mr. William Marconi, the inventor of the wireless, in Rome, Italy for permission to name the society in his honor. A personal reply was received from the great inventor granting permission to use his name. Mr. Marconi also informed Mr. Freilino that if he was ever in the United States he would visit the Lodge.....

Photo to the right (about 1912) is the Cristoforo Colombo Band ofColomboBand2.jpg (44575 bytes) the Marconi Lodge - Top row far left is Carlo Isacco (father of Allesandrina Freilino); Joe Freilino is 4th from the left in the top row.  


...Secondo Freilino was given the hard task of designing an emblem and seal for the society. As expected he designed a very appropriate emblem, the seal is in the design of a transmitting and receiving signal towers across the ocean and of an ocean liner at sea. This represents the wireless telegraph invented by William Marconi, a very deserving and fitting emblem."

marconi.jpg (36318 bytes) Some of the Freilinos at the Marconi Club: Starting front left:  Mondo and Tina Sillas Freilino, Mary Sorisio Freilino and Tango Freilino, Dolores Thomspon Freilino and Gilbert Freilino.  Behind Mondo on the left is Renato Barisone, then Earl, an unknown woman, and Jean Silvestri Freilino.  About 1950


WWI Draft Registration Card -click to enlarge. SecondoWWIFront.jpg (42085 bytes)

Naturalization: November 8, 1920, Pittsburgh, PA


During the depression, the family left Leechburg and moved to Jamestown, NY.  Luigia died in Jamestown in 1935. We were told that the cause of her death was mastoiditis, but Florence Freilino feels that she might have died of cancer. After her death, the family returned to Leechburg.  (Image above, left:  Jimmy, Tango and Secondo in Jamestown.  Image to right:  Secondo Freilino at the grave of his wife Luigia - St. Catherine's Cemetery, Leechburg, PA.)



JimmySchool.jpg (6005 bytes)15. i. JAMES C. FREILINO, b. April 8, 1910, Leechburg, PA; d. April 20, 1991, Leechburg, PA.

16. ii. CLEMENTINA FREILINO, b. February 25,  1912; d. 1991, North Carolina.

17. iii. ORTANZO FREILINO, b. January 29, 1914; d. April 1977, Leechburg, PA.

18. iv. VIRGINIA MARIA LOUISE FREILINO, b. March 16, 1916.

19. v. EARL PETER FREILINO I, b. May 13, 1919,EarlClementina.jpg (151871 bytes) Leechburg, PA; d. April 30, 2001, Allegheny Valley Hospital, Natrona Heights, PA.

20. vi. ARMONDO JOSEPH FREILINO, b. January 28, 1922, Leechburg, PA; d. June 07, 1980, Leechburg, PA.


GilbertFreilino.jpg (20745 bytes)21. vii. GILBERT MARIO FREILINO, b. October 13, 1928, Leechburg PA.


The obituary of Luigia Freilino, from the "Leechburg Advance".

Mrs. Luigia Freilino, aged 48 years, wife of Secondo Freilino, died at her home in Jamestown, N.Y., Tuesday March 26, 1935, following a mastoid operation which had been performed several weeks ago.  

The Freilino family were former well known residents of Leechburg, having moved to Jamestown two years ago.

Surviving are the husband, Secondo, and the following children:  James C., Clementina, Ortanzio, Virginia, Earl, Armando and Gilbert, all of Jamestown and one brother, Peter Barisone of Leechburg.  The body was brought to the home of her brother until the hour of the funeral services which will be held in St. Catherine's church Saturday morning, March 30th, at 9:00 o'clock.  Father Augustine Bellerio, of Jamestown conducting the services. 

Internment will be made in St. Catherine's cemetery.

The obituary of Secondo Freilino:

From "The Daily Dispatch", New Kensington, Pa. May 12, 1961:

Second Freilino, 77, of 375 Third St., Leechburg, a building contractor in the borough for more than half a century and a leading citizen, died yesterday (May 11, 1961) at 4:55 p.m. in Citizens General Hospital, New Kensington.  Mr. Freilino was admitted to the hospital five weeks ago after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.  Born on July 25, 1883, in Asti, Italy, he was a son of Clement and Maria Maggiore Freilino.  He came to the United States 54 years ago and settled in Leechburg, where he set up the contracting business and where he has lived since.

Mr. Freilino constructed many buildings in the Leechburg area during his lifetime.  He was a member of St. Martha Roman Catholic Church, Leechburg; William Marconi Lodge, Leechburg, and BPO Elks Lodge 377, Leechburg.  His wife, Mrs. Luigia Barisone Freilino, died in 1935.

He leaves five sons: James, Allegheny Township, who operates a grocery store in the township; Ortanzo, Leechburg, who operates an appliance store in Leechburg; Earl, Leechburg, who operates a jewelry store in the borough; Armondo, who is operating the construction business founded by his father; and Gilbert, who works with his brother, Ortanzo, in the appliance store.  Two daughters: Mrs. Clementina Lehman, Leechburg, and Mrs. Virginia White, Pensacola, Fla.; 18 grandchildren; two sisters: Mrs. Angela Nosenzo and Mrs. Amalia Chiusano, both in Asti, Italy; and a brother, Mario Freilino, Asti, Italy.

Friends will be received after 11 a.m. tomorrow in the Fred H. Clawson Funeral Home, 2nd and Main Sts., Leechburg, where prayers will be said Monday at 8:30 a.m., followed by a Requiem High Mass at 9 in St. Martha Church. Burial will be in St. Catherine Cemetery, Leechburg.

9.  AMALIA5 FREILINO (CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born 1885 in Asti, Italy, and died in Asti, Italy.  She AmaliaUmbertoChiusano.jpg (29879 bytes)married UMBERTO CHIUSANO.  He was born January 02, 1882, and died June 27, 1964 in Asti, Italy.


Amalia and husband Umberto visited Secondo in Leechburg, PA in 1907.  See notes for Clemente (cousin) Freilino.

  Umberto Chiusano also visited Secondo in 1913.  The name in the Ellis Island records is misspelled as Chinsano.  He sailed from Cherbourg on the SS New York and arrived on January 30, 1913.

From the death notice of Angela Freilino Nosenzo, Amalia was still living in 1965.


CostanteRosa.jpg (8637 bytes)i. COSTANTE6 CHIUSANO.

To the left:  Costante Chiusano and his wife, Rosa Graziano

Below is a letter written by Costante Chiusano to his Uncle Secondo:


 Asti February 14, 1960 

Dear uncle. We have been for a long time without your news and we hope you all are in good heath. At the present we are all well except aunt Angela who is bedridden because her legs can hardly support her. We are sending the pictures of my parents. They stand in S. Peter's church and are celebrating their fifty-fifth marriage anniversary. The clergyman you can [also] see is the local parish-priest and when he learnt of you living in the States, he asked for your address in order to send you their bulletin. This is the year of the Olympic Games and we really hope, considering the huge discounts given to the Americans, to be able to see you and your children, whom we long to meet. Many greetings from all of our relatives, your brother Angelo, Mario, brother and sisters-in-law, and all your nephews and nieces.

Your nephew Costante Chiusano.

Dear uncle, if you need something write me a note and I will gladly do whatever possible and please do try and come to Italy where you would be our welcomed guests. Last summer we had here two families from the States. One from Florida and the other from California, S. Francisco; you can well imagine how happy we should be if you and your sons would be coming too.





10.  GIUSEPPE A.5 FREILINO (CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born 1889 in Asti, Italy, and died December 19,1941 in Leechburg, PA. He married FLORENCE MARY NARDELLI. She was born June 14, 1893 in Wainwright, Ohio, and died November 02, 1941 in Leechburg, PA. She was the daughter of Simon Nardelli (born October 1866 in Austria) and Adeline Coradini (born November 1872 in Austria) Census information lists brothers and sisters of Florence as: Laura J., b. March 1891; John M., b. March 1894; Joseph B., b. February 1895; Catherine, b. June 1896; Magdaline, b. 1899; Louis, b. 1902; Mary, b. 1904; and Herman S., b. 1906.


From the Ellis Island Passenger Record Database:  Guiseppe Freilino, 17 years old, residence Asti, Italy, left Genoa, Liguria, Italy on the Konig Albert and arrived at Ellis Island on February 15, 1907.  Physical description:  5'4", with fair complexion, brown hair and brown eyes.

From the 1910 Federal Census for Ohio, Tuscarawas County, town of Roswell, ED 0117: Joe Frailino W 20 IT, boarder in the household of  Charles Conconi.  His occupation was coal miner.

1920 Census, Leechburg, Armstrong County, PA:  Joe and Florence are living on Canal St. and own their own home.  Joe's occupation is bricklayer/contractor.  Clement is 5, Herbert (Albert) is 4, and Adeline is 2.

1930 Census, Leechburg, Armstrong County, PA:  Joe and Florence are living at 271 Lincoln Ave.  and own their home, valued at $10,000.  Joe's occupation is contractor/buildings.  Loretta is their youngest child, 8 years old.


Obituary Notice from the "Leechburg Advance":

J.A. Freilino, Local Contractor Dies

     Even though he had not been in good health for some time, the death of Joseph A. Freilino, in Mercy Hospital, Friday afternoon, December 19 (1941) came as a surprise to his many friends.

     Since the death of his wife Florence Nardelli Freilino, on November 2nd, he had been residing with his daughter, Mrs. Adeline Getto, in Apollo, until the first of the week when removed to the hospital.  A heart attack is attributed as the direct cause of death.

     Mr. Freilino was will known among building contractors throughout the state, which occupation he followed until forced to give it up on account of ill health.  With his son Clement he established the Old Mansion, at the corner of First and Hicks streets.

     Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Adeline Getto of Apollo, and Loretta Freilino at home; two sons, Clement and Albert, both at home; four brothers, Second and Louis of Leechburg; Angelo and Mario, of Italy; two sisters, Mrs. Angela Nozenza and Mrs. Amalia Chiusano, of Italy.

     Services were held Tuesday morning at 9:30 in St. Catherine's Catholic church.  The Rev. Father J. Earl McNanamy was in charge.  Friends were received until 8:30 Tuesday morning.

Obituary Notice from the "Leechburg Advance":

Mrs. Florence Freilino

     After being in ill health for more than a year, death came to Mrs. Florence Mary Freilino, wife of Mrs. Joseph A. Freilino, at her home at First and Hicks streets, Sunday afternoon, November 2nd, at 3:30 o'clock.

     She was 48 years of age, having been born June 14, 1893, in Wainwright, Ohio, a daughter of the late Simon Nardelli and Adeline Coradini Nardelli, who was with her when she succumbed.

     The Freilino home is in the upper portion of the "Old Mansion", which is under the management of her son, Clement Freilino.

     She was well known throughout the community as is also her husband, Joseph Freilino, who until ill health forced him to retire, was in the general contracting business.

     Surviving are her husband, mother, two sons, Clement and Albert; two daughters, Mrs. Adeline Getto, Apollo; Loretta, at home; three sisters, Mrs. Mary Malley, New Philadelphia, Ohio; Mrs. V.C. Williams, Beverly Hills, California; Mrs. Anthony Guadio, Los Angeles, California; two brothers, Louis Nardelli of this place and Herman Nardelli, Powhattan Point, Ohio.  Also one grandchild.

     Funeral services were held Wednesday morning, November 5th, at 9:30 o'clock in St. Catherine's Church conducted by the Rev. Father L. Earl McNanamy.


22. i. CLEMENT L. FREILINO, b. January 19, 1914; d. April 18, 1988, Leechburg, PA.

23. ii. ALBERT S. FREILINO, b. February 06, 1916; d. November 1985.

24. iii. ADELINE FREILINO, b. October 29, 1917, Leechburg, PA, d. April 27, 2004.

25. iv. LORETTA GLORIA FREILINO, b. September 02, 1921, Leechburg, PA; d. November 17, 2004, Leechburg, PA.


11.  LOUIS (LUIGI)5 FREILINO (CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3,LuigiSandrina&Kids.jpg (24903 bytes) DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born July 29, 1895, and died May 5,1956 in Leechburg, PA. He married ALLESANDRINA ISACCO, daughter of CARLO ISACCO and FRANCESCA ALLERA. Allesandrina was born November 16,1897 in Italy, and died October 7,1955 in New York.


Immigration Notes for LUIGI FREILINO:

From the Ellis Island Passenger Records Database: Luigi Freilino came to Ellis Island on October 6, 1912. He traveled on the SS Rochambeau from Le Havre, France. His height is listed as 5'4"

Immigration Notes for ALLESANDRINA ISACCO:


Ship Manifest for La Savoie, October 25, 1902

Sailing from the port of Havre


 0022.  Allara, Francesca F 27 M Italy Trino

 0023.  Allara, Allessandrina F 4y S Italy Trino

 0024.  Allara, Giovanna F 2y S Italy Trino


Trino is a misspelling; it is Torino.

The family is going to Leechburg, PA to see husband and father, Carlo Isaco.



Ship Manifest for La Lorraine, May 24, 1913

Sailing from Havre  


 0001.  Allora Isasacco, Francesca F 37y M Italy, Italian Ericco, Italy

 0002.  Allora Isasacco, Alessandrina F 14y S Italy, Italian Ericco, Italy

 0003.  Allora Isasacco, Giovanna F 13y S Italy, Italian Ericco, Italy

 0004.  Allora Isasacco, Lino M 9y S Italy, Italian Ericco, Italy

 0005.  Allora Isasacco, Francesco M 8y S Italy, Italian Ericco, Italy

 0006.  Allora Isasacco, Arcangelo M 5y S Italy, Italian Ericco, Italy


(Ericco is a misspelling.)  Francesca has been to the US in 1901 and 1907 and is going to see her husband Carlos Trasacco.  Francesca and her children all have light complexions, with brown hair and eyes.  Francesca is 5'6", and Alessandrina is 5'5".


WWI Draft Registration Card  of Luigi Freilino- click to enlarge.LuigiWWI.jpg (47399 bytes)

1920 PA census:

Louis and Allesandrina own their own home on Spring Street (by Canal Street) in Leechburg. Louis lists his occupation as contractor and brick layer. Their youngest child, Frank, is one month old, Mary and Angeline are 4 and 3. Neither Louis nor Allesandrina are naturalized citizens. Louis states he came to the US in 1912, the date for Allesandrina is too blurred to read; however, in the same census, her parents state they came to the US in 1903.

In the 1930 Census, Louis and Allesandrina own their home at 311 Lincoln Avenue. Louis' occupation is contractor. Here he says he came to the US in 1910 and Allesandrina in 1912.



Obituary from the Leechburg Advance: 

Louis Freilino, age 60, 325 Logan Avenue, Leechburg, suffered a heart attack while driving his car along First Street at Lincoln, in Leechburg, on Saturday night at 9:15 and died after he succeeded in pulling to the side of the road. He was born on July 29, 1895, in Asti, Italy, a son of Clement and Maria Maggiore Freilino. His wife, Alice Alesandrina Isacco, died last fall. He was a member of St. Catherine's Church, Leechburg. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Angelina Williams, New York, and Mrs. Elmo Verardi, Leechburg; a son, Frank Freilino, Pottsville; a brother, Second Freilino, Leechburg, and four grandchildren. Mr. Freilino was a mason and bricklayer and had been employed recently by a New Kensington construction company. In addition to the survivors in this country, he also leaves two brothers and two sisters in Asti and Turin, Italy. Friends were received at Clawson Funeral Home. Services were held at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday morning in St. Catherine's Chuch, with the Rev. Francis Mullen in charge of services and burial in St. Catherine's Cemetery.

louiesandrina.jpg (100091 bytes)


Obituary from the Leechburg Advance: 

Mrs. Allesandrina Freilino, the wife of Louis Freilino, 325 Logan Avenue, died suddenly while visiting her daughter, Mrs. Angeline Williams, 403 E. 78 St., New York City, Friday, October 7. She had gone to New York the previous Saturday. She was born November 16, 1897 in Italy, the daughter of Charles and Francisca Allera Isacco. Survivors include her husband; two daughters, Mrs. Williams in New York, and Mrs. Elmo Verardi, Freeport; a son Frank, Pottsville; her father, Charles Isacco, Leechburg; two sisters, Mrs. Anthony Zanotto and Mrs. Emil Martinisko, both of Leechburg; and two brothers, Frank and Leo Isacco, Cowansville. Friends were received at Clawson Funeral Home. Services were held Tuesday morning in St. Catherine's Chuch, of which the deceased was a member. Rev. Francis Mullen officiated. Interment followed in St. Catherine's Cemetery.



26. i. MARY MAGDALENE FREILINO, b. January 21, 1915, Leechburg, PA; d. April 20, 1997.

27. ii. ANGELINE FREILINO, b. October 12, 1916; d. May 16, 1998, Canoga Park, Los Angeles, California.

28. iii. FRANK FREILINO, b. November 24, 1919, Leechburg, PA; d. December 1976, New York.


12.  ANGELO5 FREILINO (CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born 1901 in Asti, Italy, and died 1961 in Corso Galileo Ferraris, Asti, Italy. He married MICHELINA MAGGIOROTTO. She was born May 5, 1899 in Asti, Italy.  Angelo and Michelina had one child.


Angelo came to the US at the age of 21, but didn't stay. He arrived on August 1, 1922. Physical description: 5'6", brown complexion, brown hair and eyes.

The following letters were written to Secondo by Angelo and his wife Michelina.

(Winter, 1955)

 My dearest brother Secondo,

It’s a while that I'm planning to send you a letter but I was always waiting for an answer to the last one I wrote, the one dealing with your illness. You cannot imagine how bad we felt, myself and all my family, learning that you had suffered a heart attack and I hope that this letter will find you in a much better shape. My family and I are wishing you with all our heart a prompt and complete recovery.

Dear brother, we were made aware of the death of our dear sister-in-law Sandrina and we were terribly grieved, as we were when your dear Luigina passed away and also when this happened to our brother Giuseppe and sister-in-law Flora. It must be terrible when we lose the companion of our life, but one has to be strong and I believe that, for all of us, the destiny has already been written down.

Now something about us: as you should know from the letter we mailed a long time ago, we don't reside any more in Chiesa della Salute Street. Our landlord wanted to use the apartment for himself and my wife tried to find a job as a concierge in a new building and earn at least the rent that is very expensive. She was lucky enough to find [a building] right in the street where our son Mario lives; it's a lot of work for Michelina, what with white marble stairs and can you imagine: the street has still to be paved and when it rains it becomes so slushy I can't even describe it, but anyhow we are glad because at least the rent is taken care of. Although Michelina and I are still under medical care, I because of my high blood pressure and she due to her liver, we are thankful to the Lord that we stay out of [sick] bed and we are, more or less, able to do our job. Our son and his family are all in good heath and I can not say how good he is towards us and how much he does respect us: we truly did many sacrifices to keep him in school, we never knew what the words luxury or entertainment meant, we always led a very simple life but we are glad we did these sacrifices, because now our son shows all his gratitude. This year he hopes to become department head in the company he is working for, i.e. head of the technical designers. With a family to support, he has many expenses and he must also keep a certain standard of life, but all considering, they are doing rather well. I must stop writing to avoid tiring you. Receive our warmest greetings; we wish you and your beloved ones a merry Christmas, happy year's end and an ever better beginning for next year. Your brother Angelo and sister-in-law Michelina.

Affectionate greeting and wishes of a good holiday season from our son and his family



Torino, November 23rd (1957)

My dearest brother

It was a long time that I wanted to write and today, on the twenty-third, I received your letter: both my family and I are elated hearing that you and yours are all in excellent health. We are awfully grateful for the five dollars you said you have mailed to my son: as soon as he receives them, he will write himself. From my part I must also thank you for the dollar you mailed to me through my nephew Costante and for the two bonds at 3.5 %, the first with a capital amount of ten thousand and the other of five thousand lire. The bank account you had in Italy was of sixty thousand lire and was divided among [your] brothers and sisters in fifteen thousand lire in bonds each, of which I thank you again with all my heart. I see from your letter that you are not aware of my health conditions: I inform you that I haven't been working for the last fifteen months and it is almost one year that I'm on an invalid pension because of my heart being very fatigued. The doctors say that it is an xxxxxxx heart; my dear brother let me tell you I had two very strong heart attacks, so strong that I thought I was going to die. Thanks to the good Lord, to the immediate medical care and to my family's attentions, I feel now much better, but it's sure that I cannot work any longer, because my heart could not stand the stress. Dear brother, I wouldn't like you to think that I'm a drinker: you may rest assured I never drink either wine or alcohol. It was all caused by high blood pressure. I confess that I cannot resign myself to the fact that I had to stop working still so young, at fifty-seven, also because I have always worked hard and with goodwill. My morale is still reasonably high due only to my wife's and my son's, who both love me dearly, affection and encouragements. I don't want to talk any longer on this matter: it saddens me just to think how, after all the work I did, I'm now here with a monthly pension of twenty-two thousand lire. Never mind: I must try and resign myself to my fate. There is something else I want to tell you: in your letter to our nephew Costante, you mentioned you would like to come to Italy during next spring. I assure you that it would be a delight, for me and for us all, to see you again after so many years. Make sure you don't change your mind; we are eagerly waiting for you.

Receive the most affectionate greeting from me, my wife, my son and his family and please give our regards to all your beloved ones; please give also our greetings to my nephew Pierino and his family. To you all we wish a Merry Christmas, a happy ending of this year and an even better beginning for the next.

Your brother Angelo and sister-in-law Michelina. Excuse my errors, since I write very rarely.

Again many greetings and thanks

A big kiss from your nephew..., our son's child 

Translator's notes:

22,000 lire for a monthly pension was not an awful lot of money to live on but one could manage. In 1957 an occasional unskilled laborer.....was paid daily 1,000 lire and was working an average of 4 days a week. One thousand lire was the equivalent of $1.25 US.

Karen's notes:

Even for 1957, the sums of money being discussed are small, indeed.

















This postcard was written the following year

Torino, December 6, 58

Dear brother

After a long silence I'm again getting in touch hoping to find in good health you and your children together with their families: thanks to the Lord, we are all out of the [sick] bed. I was hoping to see you making it to Italy as you promised and unfortunately I'm feeling much disappointed. I believe the reason of your non-arrival is your mature age of 76 and I and my family wish that you could add another 25 years, thus passing the 100 years goal. Do you agree? I'm closing this letter by wishing a merry Christmas, happy year’s end and an even happier beginning for the next year to you, your dear family and your grandchildren. I'm asking you, dear Secondo, to pass these wishes also to the children of the dear deceased Pinin and Flora and please tell them we are always fondly remembering them. Again we wish you all the very best, also from my son and my daughter-in-law. A big kiss from our little grandson.

Angelo and Michelina 

The front of the postcard is labeled "Torino - un angolo pittoresco di Piazza Castello"









Karen's notes:

"Our dear deceased Pinin and Flora" are Joe and Florence Nardella Freilino, Secondo and Angelo's brother and sister-in-law.




Asti Decembre 2,1960

Dear brother,

After the long time elapsed without receiving your news, I hope this letter will find you and your family in excellent health; we are also doing reasonably well in spite of all what has happened to us (as you know I'm disabled and unable to work due to my heart and my high blood pressure and also my wife has been very ill although, thanks to the Lord, she is now feeling better). I must tell you that I'm no longer residing in Turin: after so many years we moved back to Asti. My son used up all his savings and bought from my nephew Costante a small apartment where we live without paying the rent and since the cost of living here in Asti is less expensive than in Turin, we try and manage, without many pretences, with the small pension I'm receiving. You know dear brother, Michelina and I never had anything in life or in other words we were always satisfied with very little; as a reward the Lord gave us a son who is worth his weight in gold. I cannot even start telling you the attentions and the affection that he pours out on us, giving us a reason for living. Thanks to the Lord they are also doing well, my daughter-in-law is very kind and their son very sweet. He is eight ears old and attends the third class, doing so far extremely well. Every two weeks the entire family comes and visit us and when we see them we feel our greatest joy. Dear brother, I also inform you that on the same floor where I live, resides also our sister Amalia and our brother-in-law. We keep each other company and, in spite of their advanced age, they are doing very well indeed.

Many greetings to you and your family from me, Michelina, our son and his family and we are all hoping that this Christmas should bring you and your family all kinds of happiness. Best regards from all your relatives.

Your brother Angelo

Please give our regards to all my relatives. 

Then the sad news from Michelina:

Asti February 21,1961

Dear brother-in-law

I apologize for not writing earlier but after the severe mourning that hit my family, I simply was not in the condition.

You are already aware of the death of your beloved brother Angelo, death that brought the deepest sorrow and grief into my and my son's house. He did always love you with a brotherly affection and his biggest wish was to see you once more. He was often talking about you and all your beloved ones and on the very Christmas day he, once more, voiced the desire of meeting you again. I cannot express how good he was, how loyal and especially how sincere: never did a single untrue word come out of his mouth. He was completely dedicated to his work and to his family's welfare. The Lord called him too early to His side, leaving an emptiness in our family: my son and I will never forget him. I'm enclosing this memento for you and your family, sure that you will appreciate it: remember that he always deeply loved you all.

I trust your and your family's health is as good as I wish it to be.

Accept the most respectful regards for you and your family from me, my son and his family.

Your sister-in-law Michelina




13.  MARIO CLEMENTE5 FREILINO (CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born 1904 in Asti, Italy, and died 1988 in Asti,Italy. He married Maria Marescotti, the daughter of Francesco and Anna Della Casa Marescotti, on December 26, 1931 in Asti, Italy. Maria was born on July 1, 1905 in Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina.  Mario and Maria had one child.


  Generation No. 6 


14.  ESTELLA FRANCESCA6 NOSENZO (ANGELA5 FREILINO, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born February 27, 1903 in Asti,Italy, and died September 05, 1997 in Leechburg, PA. She married PIETRO BARISONE, (See Barisone Page) son of GIACOMO BARISONE and VIRGINIA TOSETTO. Pietro was born January 30, 1897 in Asti, Italy, and died April 1975 in Leechburg, PA.

Pete and Stella Barisone owned "Pete's Place", a well-known restaurant in Leechburg.  

The Pete'sPlace.JPG (139800 bytes) photograph to the right was taken at Pete's Place.  Front row:  Burgess Stanier, Bud Williams, Second Freilino, ______?, and ______?.  Back row:  Pete Barisone, Angeline Freilino, Marie Maritto, Virginia Barisone, Dr. August Pugliese, Helen Molnar Anthony,  Dorothy Grantz, and two bartenders, names unknown.



From the Ellis Island Passenger Record Database: Estella Nosenzo, 18 years old, single, from Asti, Italy left Cherbourg, Manche, France on the SS Imperator and arrived at Ellis Island on March 6, 1921. Traveling with her was Maria Nosenzo, age 21. Physical description: 5'6", fair complexion with dark hair and brown eyes.


Estella Barisone Obituary

  Estella F. Barisone, 94, formerly of Leechburg, died Friday, Sept. 5, 1997, at 6:20 a.m., in West Haven Nursing Home, Washington Township, where she had been a resident since Feb. 1. 1993. She was born Feb. 22, 1903, in Asti, Italy, where she also completed her education, including two years of college. She came to the United States in 1920. From 1932 until 1975, she and her husband, Peter ``Pete'' Barisone, owned and operated the former area restaurant ``Pete's Place'' in Leechburg, well-known for serving Italian cuisine, fresh seafood and steaks. She was a member of St. Catherine Roman Catholic Church of Leechburg. She was an avid bingo player. Survivors include a son and three daughters.   She was preceded in death by her husband, Peter ``Pete'' Barisone, on April 20, 1975; a sister, Maria Conone; a grandson, John Peter Liptak, on Jan. 20, 1974; and her parents, Louis and Angelina Freilino Nosenzo. Friends will be received in the CLINE FUNERAL HOME, 260 Market St., Leechburg, Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. A parting prayer service will be held in the funeral home Monday at 10:30 a.m. A Christian Funeral Mass will follow at 11 a.m. in St. Catherine R.C. Church, Leechburg, with the Rev. Michael Bienia as celebrant. Burial will follow in St. Catherine Cemetery, Gilpin Township.

petestella.jpg (143616 bytes)Burial: St. Catherine's Cemetery, Leechburg, PA



From the Ellis Island Passenger Record Database: Pietro Barisone, single male, of Asti,Italy left Genoa, Liguria, Italy on the Dante Alighieri and arrived at Ellis Island on May 14, 1920. Physical description: 5'8" with dark complexion and chestnut hair.


Burial: St. Catherine's Cemetery, Leechburg, PA


Children of ESTELLA NOSENZO and PIETRO BARISONE are: Three living children and:

VIRGINIA MARY3 BARISONE (ESTELLA FRANCESCA2 NOSENZO, LUIGI1) was born July 29, 1926 in Detroit, Michigan, and died August 10, 2004 in Mayview Convalescent Home, Raleigh, North Carolina.  She married JULIUS ANDREW LIPTAK June 21, 1950 in St. Catherine's Church, Leechburg, Armstrong Co., PA, son of JULIUS LIPTAK.  He was born May 10, 1913 in Leechburg, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, and died August 23, 1987 in Allegheny Valley Hospital, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania.


Obituary from the Valley News Dispatch:

  Virginia M. Barisone Liptak, 78, of Raleigh, N.C., formerly of West Leechburg, died Tuesday (Aug. 10, 2004) in Mayview Convalescent Home, Raleigh. Born July 29, 1926, in Detroit, she lived in West Leechburg most of her life. She was a graduate of Leechburg High School and earned a degree in home economics from Carnegie Tech Margaret Morrison School for Women, now Carnegie Mellon University, in 1949. Mrs. Liptak was a member of Kiski Valley Assembly of God, Leechburg. She was an avid seamstress and quilter, and enjoyed studying the Bible. She was preceded in death by her husband, Julius A. Liptak; a son, John Peter Liptak; and her parents, Peter and Stella Nosenzo Barisone.


Burial: St. Catherine Cemetery, Leechburg, PA


15.  JAMES C.6 FREILINO (SECONDO GIOVANNI PIETRO5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born April 08, 1910 in Leechburg, PA, and died April 20, 1991 in Leechburg, PA. He married FLORENCE ELIZABETH WHITE (See White/Bragg Page) July 15, 1931 in Jamestown, NY, daughter of CHARLES WHITE and IDA HILL. Florence was born August 23, 1911 in Carrol Twp., Chautauqua Co., New York, and died November 6, 2006.

Obituary, Valley News Dispatch:
Florence E. Freilino
Allegheny Township

Florence E. (White) Freilino, 95, of the Weinels Crossroads area of Allegheny Township, died Monday, Nov. 6, 2006, in UPMC St. Margaret, Pittsburgh. She was born Aug. 23, 1911, in Jamestown, N.Y., to the late Charles and Ida Ann (Hill) White and also was predeceased by her husband, James C. Freilino, who died April 20, 1991. Mrs. Freilino was the owner and operator of Freilino Market at Weinels Crossroads from 1948 to 1978, and her interests included crocheting, growing aloe vera plants and talking politics. Mother of ............,  Sister of Marie Hawley, of Frewsburg, N.Y., and the late Ray White and Thea Eklund. Also survived by 11 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren. 


From telephone call between Karen and Florence Freilino - February 4, 2001:

James and Florence met on a bus when Jimmy helped Florence open a window. She was traveling home from school at a maternity hospital in Brooklyn, New York, and he was coming back from the army after serving in Panama. His family at that time was in Bradford, PA, where his father Secondo was building two houses. Jimmy had been ill and was very pale and thin after an illness in Panama. They married the next day. Florence said it took them so long (!) because the first Justice of the Peace they went to wouldn't marry them because they were from different states. Jimmy went on to Bradford and they next saw each other about three months later. Florence barely recognized him because he was healthy and tanned and had gained weight.

They lived in Jamestown until 1937 and their first son, Ray, was born there. They then moved to Gilpin Township, Armstrong County, PA.

Children of JAMES FREILINO and FLORENCE WHITE are: Four children


16.  CLEMENTINA6 FREILINO (SECONDO GIOVANNI PIETRO5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born February 25, 1912, and died February 27, 1991 in North Carolina. She married SAMUEL BRYAN LEHMAN, (See Lehman Page) son of SAMUEL LEHMAN and MARY JOHNSON. (Click here for family of Mary Jane Johnson) Samuel was born December 07, 1906 in Monessen, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania, and died June 05, 1942 in Wichita, Kansas.

Children of CLEMENTINA FREILINO and SAMUEL LEHMAN are: Two children


17.  ORTANZO6 FREILINO (SECONDO GIOVANNI PIETRO5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born January 29, 1914, and died April 25, 1977 in Leechburg, PA. He married MARY SORISIO 1939, daughter of JOHN SORISIO and ROSA VISCA. Mary was born June 19, 1916, and died August 26, 1977.

Right:  Tango and Mary Sorisio Freilino with their child. Taken while on a visit to Jamestown, NY. The woman on the left is Florence White Freilino's sister, Thea.

  A picture of Mary Sorisio in 1933, from her school newspaper, the "Trotty Veck".  Mary played the character of Annabelle in her high school play,  "The Family Upstairs".

Children of ORTANZO FREILINO and MARY SORISIO are: Two children.


The obituary of Ortanzo Freilino, from the Leechburg Advance:

Ortanzo (Tango) Freilino, 63, of 381 Third Street, Leechburg, died unexpectedly of an apparent heart seizure Monday, Apr. 25, 1977 at 6 a.m. at his residence.  He was born on Jan. 29, 1914, in Leechburg, a son of Secondo and Luigia Barisone Freilino.  He had been a life-long resident of Leechburg, living at the Third St. residence for the last 30 years.

He had owned and operated the Freilino Furniture and Appliance Store in Leechburg for the last 28 years.

He was a member of St. Catherine's Catholic Church of Leechburg.

Survivors include his wife, Mary Sorisio Freilino; two sons ...........; four brothers, James C. and Armondo J., both of Allegheny Twp., Earl P. and Gilbert M., both of Leechburg; two sisters, Mrs. Clementina Lehman, Leechburg, and Mrs. Bernie (Virginia) White, Pensacola, Fla.; six grandchildren.

Friends are being received at the Clawson Funeral Home Inc. where prayers will be recited Thursday, Apr. 28, at 9 a.m. followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at 9:00 a.m. in St. Catherine R.C. Church with Rev. Dominic G. Pozzuoli, his pastor, as celebrant.  Burial will be in St. Catherine Cemetery.

The obituary of Mary Freilino, from the Leechburg Advance:

Mary S. Freilino, 61, of 381 Third Street, Leechburg, died Friday, Aug. 26, 1977, at 2:30 p.m. in Citizens General Hospital, New Kensington, where she had been a patient for three days.  She was born June 19, 1916 in Leechburg to John B. and Rosa Sorisio.  Mrs. Freilino had resided in Third St. for 30 years and was the widow of Ortanzo "Tango" Freilino, who died April 25, 1977.  Mr. and Mrs. Freilino had owned and operated the Freilino Furniture and Appliance Store, Third St., for 28 years.  Mrs. Freilino was a member of St. Catherine Roman Catholic Church of Leechburg.

She is survived by two sons, ..........; three brothers:  Louis Sorisio, of Vandergrift, Anthony and Mario, both of Leechburg; six grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by two brothers, Sylvester and John.

Friends were received in the Clawson Funeral Home, Inc,. where prayers were recited Monday, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial in St. Francis of Assisi Church, Hyde Park.  Rev. Dominic G. Pozzuoli, her paster was celebrant.  Burial followed in St. Catherine Cemetery.

Additional information on the family of Mary Sorisio Freilino:

November 22, 1903, Giovanni Sorisio, age 23, came to Ellis Island from Villadeati, Italy on the SS La Bretagne, sailing from Le Havre, France. From the same village were: Luigi Boario, Enrico Ferrari, Carlo Valenzano and Emmanuel Radicati. Their destination was Leechburg, PA, and each possessed $30.00. Their occupations were listed as laborers. (Geographical Note: Villadeati is a small town about 10 miles north of Asti.)
February 1, 1909, Rosa Visca (spelled Vioco) Sorisio, age 24, with children Luigi (4) and Angela (6) (Louise?) arrived at Ellis Island on the SS La Gascogne from Le Havre, France. Her height is listed as 5'2". Rosa was going to meet her husband, Giovanni Battista Sorisio whose address is listed as Box 642, Leechburg, PA.

From the 1920 US Census, Leechburg, Armstrong County, PA: John and Rosa own their own home on Canal Street. John lists occupation as retail merchant. John, Rosa, Louise and Louis state they were born in Italy and became naturalized US citizens in 1914. The other children were born in Pennsylvania. There were two boarders living in their house, Rocco Nigro and Martin Pavone.

From the 1930 US Census, Leechburg, Armstrong County, PA: John B. and Rosie own their own house at 503 Second St. The house is valued at $6000. Children living at home are Louise, 27; Tony, 20; Mario, 19; Sylvester 17; Mary, 13; and John, 4. John's occupation is retail merchant - grocery store. Louise, Tony, Mario and Sylvester all work at the grocery store. 

The obituary of Giovanni Sorisio, from the "Leechburg Advance":

John B. Sorisio, Wellknown Grocer Died Here Tuesday

A prominent Market Street grocer and wellknown Leechburg resident, John Battista Sorisio, died at his home at 502 Second street, early Tuesday morning, Oct 23.  Although he had not been well recently, Mr Sorisio's death came unexpectedly following a coronary occlusion.

Mr. Sorisio had resided in Leechburg for 53 years, having founded Sorisio's Market.  Together with his family, he was active in operation of the market until his recent illness.

He was born in Janco di Villadeta, Italy, on September 10, 1880, a son of Antonio and Angelina Sorisio.  Mr. Sorisio had been in ill health for 18 months.

Survivors include his wife, Rosa Visca Sorisio:  two daughters, Louise, at home, and Mrs. Ortanzo (Mary) Frelino, Leechburg; five sons:  Louis, Vandergrift; Anthony, at home; Mario, Leechburg; Sylvester, Leechburg; and John, Leechburg; 11 grandchildren and a sister, Louise Sorisio, Italy.

He was a charter member of the Leechburg Marconi club and a member of St. Catherine's Catholic church.

Friends were received at the hone on Second street until 8:30 Thursday morning when the body was moved to St Catherine's church where services were held with the Rev. Father Francis Mullen, pastor, in charge.  Burial was made in St. Catherine's cemetery.


was born March 12, 1916 and died September 22, 2003 in Pensacola, Florida.   She married BERNIE JACKSON WHITE January 11, 1945 in Wichita, Kansas, son of HENRY WHITE and HETTIE KNOWLES. Bernie was born July 02, 1915 in Flomaton, Alabama, and died March 12, 1997 in Pensacola, Florida.
(Click here to see ancestry of Bernie Jackson White)



They met in Wichita, Kansas on Christmas Eve, 1944 and married on Jan 11. She was working at Boeing and he was in the Army.

Children of VIRGINIA FREILINO and BERNIE WHITE are: Three children.

  was born May 13, 1919 in Leechburg, PA, and died April 30, 2001 in Allegheny Valley Hospital, Natrona Heights, PA. He married JEAN SILVESTRI 1945, daughter of NICOLA SILVESTRI and ROSA CARUCCI. Jean was born January 03, 1922 in Vandergrift, PA. 


From the Leechburg Advance:  

September 25, 1942

Pvt. Earl P. Freilino of Third street, has arrived safely in England, according to letters received here this week.  Earl is with a Medium Tank Division and has been in service over a year.


April 9, 1943

A telegram received by Second Freilino last Thursday from the War Department advised that his son Sgt. Earl P. Freilino had been wounded in action during the battle in North Africa, probably in the Tunisian area.  The wire as received read:  "Deeply regret to inform you, your son Sgt. Earl P. Freilino was seriously wounded in action in the North African Area March 20th.  Reports will be forwarded when received."  Signed Adjutant General, U. S. Army


Condition Improves

In a letter dated April 3rd, the War Department wrote the father here as follows:  "We are pleased to inform you that a report dated March 31st (11 days after the injury was incurred) has been received from the North Africa area stating that on March 28 your son Sgt. Earl P. Freilino was making normal improvement.  It further stated:  "You may rest assured when further information is received concerning your son, you will be notified immediately."

Earl trained in the tank division while on this side of the water, but was later transferred to a tank destroyer outfit.


June 11, 1943

Sgt. Earl P. Freilino, son of Mr. Second Freilino, of Third street, who was wounded during the North African campaign, is now in a government hospital at Fort Dix, N. J.  Earl served with a Tank Destroyer outfit and received three bullet wounds in his left leg, below the knee, when an enemy airplane "strafed" him after being forced to leave his tank, which had been put out of commission.  Sgt. Freilino was awarded the Purple Heart medal for outstanding military action and the Silver Star for the performance of exceptional duty under action.  He is a patient in Ward 5 at the Tilten General Hospital, Ft. Dix, New Jersey.  His father, accompanied by a brother, Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Barisone and Lino Vigna visited him over the week end.


Obituary Text from "The Kiskiminetas":

Earl P. Freilino, 81, Leechburg, died Monday, April 30, 2001 in Allegheny Valley Hospital, Natrona Heights.  Born May 13, 1919, in Leechburg, he lived there all his life.  He was a 1933 graduate of Leechburg High School, attended Carnegie Mellon University, and graduated from Western Pennsylvania Horological Institute, both in Pittsburgh.  An army veteran of Wold War II, he received the Purple Heart.  Mr. Freilino and his wife, Jean, owned and operated Earl's Jewelry Store in Leechburg for 56 years.  He was a member of Leechburg Rotary.

Survivors include his wife of 56 years, Jean Silvestri Freilino; two sons; two grandchildren; a brother, Gilbert Freilino, Leechburg; and a sister, Virginia White, Pensacola, Fla.  Mr. Freilino was preceded in death by his parents, Secondo and Louisa Barisone Freilino; three brothers, James, Ortanzo and Armondo Freilino; and a sister, Clementina Lehman.

The family received friends Wednesday in the Curran Funeral Home, 300 Market St., Leechburg, where services were at 2 p.m. with the Rev. L. Kenneth Hooten officiating. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery, Gilpin Twp.

Children of EARL FREILINO and JEAN SILVESTRI are: Two children.


20.  ARMONDO JOSEPH6 FREILINO (SECONDO GIOVANNI PIETRO5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born January 28, 1922 in Leechburg, and died June 07, 1980 in Leechburg, PA. He married CHRISTINA SILLAS January 27, 1945 in Wichita, Kansas, daughter of LOUIS SILLAS and MARGARET PARSONS.  She was born August 08, 1924 in Wichita, Kansas.

(Click here to see ancestry of Christina Sillas.)


Mondo and Tina met in Wichita, Kansas when Mondo was in the Air Force during World War II. Tina had come back to Wichita from Arizona to stay with her mother. She and Virginia Freilino roomed together in Tina's mother's boarding house. They married in Wichita, and Mondo went overseas. After the war Mondo returned to Wichita and their first child was born three weeks later.  Mondo,Tina and baby soon returned to Leechburg to live with Secondo Freilino - 375 Third St.

From telephone conversation between Karen and Christina Freilino, on Saturday, February 3, 2001.

Tina reminded me that 11 people lived in Grandpa Freilino's house at that time!

Children of ARMONDO FREILINO and CHRISTINA SILLAS are: Two children.

Obituary Notice for Armondo Freilino:

Armondo J. Freilino, 58, of Maple Avenue, Allegheny Township, died Saturday (June 7, 1980) at 1:47 a.m. of a heart attack in his home. He had a history of heart disease since 1963. He was born Jan. 28, 1922, in Leechburg, to Second and Louisa Barisone Freilino. Mr. Freilino lived in his Maple Street home for 33 years, formerly residing in Leechburg.  Before 1971, he was a general contractor in the Leechburg Area. Since then, he was employed by the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Union, Local 75 of Greensburg.  A 1939 graduate of Leechburg High School, Mr. Freilino was an Air Force veteran of World War II, serving as a sergeant with the 7th Bombardment Group of the 9th Bombardment Squadron.  A brother, Ortanzo Freilino, died in April, 1978. His father died in 1961 and his mother in 1963 (sic).

Friends will be received in the Dean W. Cline Funeral Home, 260 Market St., Leechburg, Today until 9:30 p.m. where a service will be conducted tomorrow (June 10, 1980) at 10 a.m. by the Rev. Domenic Pozzuoli, pastor of St. Catherine Roman Catholic Church, Leechburg. Burial will be in St. Catherine Cemetery, Gilpin Township.



21.  GILBERT MARIO6 FREILINO (SECONDO GIOVANNI PIETRO5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born October 13, 1928 in Leechburg, PA. He married DOLORES JEAN THOMPSON October 03, 1948 in Gilpin Township, Leechburg, PA, daughter of LEROY THOMPSON and DOROTHY TIPPETT.  Dolores was born February 16, 1930 in Leechburg, PA.


From a newspaper article saved by Dolores Freilino:

Leechburg Area Couple Wed In Forks Parish Ceremony

Rev. Frederick Stuber performed the single ring marriage rites uniting in wedlock Dolores Thompson, of Route 1, Leechburg, and Gilbert Freilino, son of Second Freilino, of Third Street, Leechburg, Saturday morning at 10, in the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Forks Parish.  Two large vases of asters served a church decorations. Persons present at the ceremony included relatives and friends of the bride and bridegroom.  Dolores' wedding outfit was a two-piece blue velvet dress. She wore a brown hat with a blue veil that tied, bonnet style, under her chin and other brown accessories. A yellow rose corsage complimented her dress.  The bride's cousin was maid of honor. Her attire was a two-piece gray gabardine dress with black accessories and a red rose corsage.  Best man was the bridegroom's brother, Armondo Freilino, of Leechburg.  Miss Mary Paula Crafton, of Route 1, Leechburg, played the wedding march and appropriate music for the ceremony.  Mrs Thompson appeared at her daughter's wedding in a black and white print dress with black accessories.  The bride's aunt gave a reception in her home, in Ice Pond road, for the bridal party. Fifty guests were in attendance. The tables were decorated with candles and flowers. A three-tiered cake was cut in traditional fashion by the newlyweds.

When they return from a one-week trip to Cook's Forest, Mr. and Mrs. Freilino will reside in the formers fathers home, in Third street.  Both bride and bridegroom were students of Leechburg High School. Freilino is associated with his father as contractor.  A shower for the bride was held in the Earl Freilino home, in Main street, Thursday evening.

GilDeeKarenDeb.jpg (146048 bytes)






22.  CLEMENT L.6 FREILINO (GIUSEPPE A.5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born January 19, 1914, and died April 18, 1988 in Leechburg, PA. He married MARY L. MARTINISKO, daughter of ANDREW MARTINISKO and REGINA VORKO. Mary was born February 23, 1915 in Leechburg, PA, and died May 1984.


Burial: St. Catherine's Cemetery, Leechburg, PA

Children of CLEMENT FREILINO and MARY MARTINISKO are: Two children

23.  ALBERT S.6 FREILINO (GIUSEPPE A.5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born February 06, 1916, and died November 1985. He married ELVERA GASBARRO.

24.  ADELINE L.6 FREILINO (GIUSEPPE A.5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born October 29, 1917 in Leechburg, Armstrong County, PA, and died April 27, 2004 in Monroeville, Allegheny County, PA.  She married BERNARD M. GETTO Abt. 1937, son of GIACINTO GETTO and FILOMENA GETTO.  He was born August 12, 1912 in Truxall, PA, and died March 15, 2002 in Penn Hills, PA.


Valley News Dispatch

Obituaries For Wednesday, April 28, 2004

  Adeline L. Freilino Getto, 86, of Monroeville, formerly of Leechburg, died 1:18 a.m. Tuesday (April 27, 2004) at the home of her daughter in Monroeville. Born Oct. 29, 1917, in Leechburg, she lived there most of her life before moving to Monroeville five weeks ago.  Mrs. Getto was a member of Christ the King Parish and the former ladies guild of St. Catherine Roman Catholic Church, Leechburg, Willowbrook Country Club, Allegheny Township, and was a former member of the Catholic Daughters of America, Leechburg.  She enjoyed golf, sewing and spending time with her family.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Bernard M. Getto, in 2002; her parents, Joseph A. and Florence Mary Nardelli Freilino; and two brothers, Albert S. Freilino Sr. and Clement Freilino.


Burial: St. Catherine Cemetery, Leechburg, PA



Obituary from the Valley News Dispatch:

  Bernard M. Getto, 89, of Leechburg died at 5:50 a.m. Friday (March 15, 2002) at St. Margaret Seneca Place, Penn Hills.  Born Aug. 12, 1912, in Truxall, he lived at the same address in Leechburg for the past 56 years.  He owned and operated Getto's Barber Shop along Market Street, Leechburg, for more than 60 years, retiring in 1986.  Mr. Getto was a member of Christ the King Roman Catholic Parish and the Lions Club, both in Leechburg, and was a charter member of Willowbrook Country Club, Allegheny Township. Golfing was his "lifetime passion." He also enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Jacinto and Filomena Getto Getto; a brother, Peter Getto; and two sisters, Jennie and Noto Getto.

Children of ADELINE FREILINO and BERNARD GETTO are:  Two children 

25.  LORETTA GLORIA6 FREILINO (GIUSEPPE A.5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born September 02, 1921 in Leechburg, Armstrong County, PA, and died November 17, 2004 in Leechburg, Armstrong County, PA.  She married EDWARD MOZDIR, son of THOMAS MOZDIR and MELANIA OBLYWANIA.  He was born December 27, 1917, and died August 19, 2003.

Obituary from the Valley News Dispatch:
Edward Mozdir, 85, of Leechburg, died Tuesday (Aug. 19, 2003) in Veterans Administration Medical Center, Pittsburgh. 
Born Dec. 27, 1917, in West Leechburg, he lived in Leechburg all his life. An Army veteran of World War II, he served as a sharpshooter in the Pacific Theater with the rank of sergeant. Mr. Mozdir was an accountant at PPG Industries, East Deer, before retiring in 1985. He was a member of Christ the King Parish in Leechburg and the American Legion. Mr. Mozdir was an avid trout fisherman. 
Survivors include his wife of 57 years, Loretta Freilino Mozdir; .......... 
He was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas and Melania Oblywania Mozdir; a brother, John Mozdir; and a sister, Rose Hritz. 

Obituary from the Valley News Dispatch:

Loretta G. Freilino Mozdir, 83, of Gilpin died at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday (Nov. 17, 2004) in her home. Born Sept. 2, 1921, in Leechburg, she lived in Gilpin for the past 44 years. She was a waitress at the former Old Mansion Restaurant, Leechburg, for 15 years. Mrs. Mozdir was a member of Christ the King Roman Catholic Parish, Leechburg. She enjoyed walking and golfing. She is survived by ........... She was preceded in death by her husband, Edward Mozdir, in 2003; her parents, Joseph A. and Florence Mary Nardelli Freilino; two brothers, Albert S. Sr. and Clement Freilino; and a sister, Adeline L. Getto. 

Child of LORETTA FREILINO and EDWARD MOZDIR is:  One child

26.  MARY MAGDALENE6 FREILINO (LOUIS (LUIGI)5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born January 21, 1915 in Leechburg, PA, and died April 20, 1997. She married ELMO VERARDI, son of EUGENE VERARDI and AUGUSTA BORGOGNONE. Elmo was born April 11, 1917 in Freeport, PA, and died March 09, 2001 in North Ridgeville, OH.


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Burial: St. Catherine's Cemetery, Leechburg, PA

Children of MARY FREILINO and ELMO VERARDI are: One child


27.  ANGELINE F.6 FREILINO (LOUIS (LUIGI)5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born October 12, 1916, and died May 16, 1998 in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, California. She married BYRON D. WILLIAMS, son of Cora E. Wilson and David Harris Williams. Byron was born Abt. 1908 in Apollo, Armstrong County, PA.

Children of ANGELINE FREILINO and BYRON WILLIAMS are: Two children

28.  FRANK6 FREILINO (LOUIS (LUIGI)5, CLEMENTE4, SECONDO3, DOMENICO2, SECONDO1) was born November 24, 1919 in Leechburg, PA, and died December 1976 in Pennsylvania.  He married Beatrice Seifert.

         Child of Frank and Beatrice Freilino is:  One child