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Temperance Mathis


Info, from: Family Group sheet, Nancy Long

Temperance was born on 18 Aug 1818 in North Carolina. She died on 21 Oct 1898 in Moody, Howell Co., Missouri.  She was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Moody, Howell Co, Missouri.


Notes, from: Vol.11,No.1, p.6, Bobbie Duncan McDowell (M378)

born about 1820, NC, married H. Madison Claxton.

1840 Tippah, MS Census, 20001/00001

1841 Census, next to Giles Matthews, 3 m, 1 f

1845 census, not listed


1850 Tippah County Census, P. 304

Madison Claxton








Francis M.




James C.








William P.




Mary E.




Martha J.








300 RE


1860 Tippah Census

Madison Claxton








William P.




Mary E.




Martha J.




Thomas J.




Sarah A.




John D.




Benj,. T.








Gen. Jackson





Madison Claxton Land Records

B-158      witness to a deed, 1838

B-161      witness to a deed, 1838

K-495      to Peter Crum, 14 Mar 1852

L-485      Henry Westbrook, 13 Jan 1853

M-103     Gift of Ford Mathis to Madison & Tempy Claxton, 29 June 1853

S-383      Oakes & Mathis (Wyatt) exers. Of Ford Mathis to Madison Claxton, 28 Feb. 1859

U-403      Madison & Tempy Claxton of Independence Co. AR to Ambrose Ray, Tippah Co. MS, 10 Apr 1861

T-258      Peter Crum Sr. To daughter Elizabeth Claxton, wife of J. C. Claxton, Mar 31, 1860.

(see p. 96, Vol. 10, #4, for reference to Tempy)

(see Vol 12, pp. 29-30, No. 2, for ref. On Madison Claxton Family)

NOTE: Son Francis M., (Frank), is buried in Tuckerman, AR. (M378)

Notes, from email by Nancy Long
Think Hiram and Tempa moved there because of Hiram's brother James A. Claxton of Polk Bayou. I'm not
positive about that though. I know Hiram moved there probably to escape the civil war and wound up in it
anyway. Some of the families had left the area for Rolla, Mo. evidently Hiram had to go there after the war to get his family. They wound up staying until about 1870 and went back to Fulton Co., Ark. I know
some of the men that testified for Hiram were Lassiter's, one was married to Mary Mathis daughter of
Jordan Mathis who was Ford's brother. Mary's son was a William Lassiter and Jesse was her husband.
I found, these surnames all in North Carolina either in Franklin or Granville Co., and a Claxton or two
also. Lassiter, Bass, Mathis/Mathews/Matthews. Frank Claxton's wife Sarah died at Dillon, Mo. during
the civil war. Testimony from Mrs. Caroline Shirley said "she lived in the same yard at Rolla during the
civil war. with James A. Claxton's wife."

There was another cousin, I think, if I read this material right that was Francis Mathis (male). That
lived in Hardeman Co., Tn. Francis stated his older brother went off with the marriage party to LaGrange,
Tn. There was a Francis A. Mathis in Salem, Fulton Co., Ark., in Aug 1891.

Originally I had looked up information on Ford. I thought that is what you wanted. So am doing this from
memory and bouncing around as I think of something. Hiram gave just about all of his testimony for a c.w.
pension in Ark.

I'll look at this more and try to get it straight on dates. If I can find fairly close ones. Hiram and 3 of his son's and Lassiter and his son's all enlisted in 1862 in Co. D 1st Regiment Arkansas Volunteers. UNION
PEOPLE. My great grandfather enlisted in the CONFEDERATE Army. James Clinton Claxton.

Looks like they moved to Arkansas because Hiram's brother was there. James A. Claxton born Franklin Co., Tn 1827 married Eliza A.C. Bass 18 Jan 1851 in Tippah Co., Ms. They moved into Arkansas before 1852 as thier first child Winfield Scott Claxton was born there in 1852.


There was another cousin, I think, if I read this material right that was Francis Mathis ( male). That lived in Hardeman Co., Tn. Francis stated his older brother went off with the marriage party to LaGrange, Tn.


This information about Sarah was probably handed down to Arthur Ellis Claxton from his Father Andrew Jackson Claxton. Andrew took care of his mother Temperance Mathis Claxton until her death. Arthur Claxton knew Temperance as a child. He lived to be 101 years old.


Testimony, from a book by Wanda Claxton Warehime, emailed by Nancy Long

A summary of  Hiram Madison Claxtons, Civil War military and pension records. Beginning 1 Jul 1862. Which names Lassiter people.


To set the tone for the following pension records I might fill you in on how the Lassiter’s. Bass and the Claxton’s had been long time friends from Tennessee, to Mississippi to Ark.They could have even been in North Carolina with the Ford and Jordan Mathis people. They seemed to always be together either in the census showing them in the same neighborhoods, through the Civil War in the same outfit, (Jesse Lassiter and his sons enlisted the same day as Hiram and his sons) and after the war they lived in the same neighborhood. The older Jesse who was married to Mary Mathis, died while in the hospital in St. Louis. The Claxton’s also testified for the Lassiters on their pension applications. It took much testimony (as you will see) in order to finally receive an invalids pension for your service in the Union Army.


The above is an excerpt from the genealogical history book of Hiram Madison Claxton and his descendants, “Here’s to Daddy Claxton” written by several family members, including myself,  Wanda Claxton Warehime put it all together and had it published in 1995. Since Hiram had 13  children with 12 living to adult hood Wanda assigned a descendant down each line to get the family history done and it worked. My James Clint line turned out to be the largest chapter but with the help of Mary Sue Carey it was done.

Below is a summary of some of the testimony for Hiram by Lassiter people.


Jesse C. Lassiter Aug 19, 1879 in Co. of Independence Ark. Appeared and stated he was a private in Co. D of the 1st Regiment Ark.Vols. with Hiram M. Claxton. He testified he was a  sound and healthy man before the war.  Then Jesse stated the nature of the disease, injury or wound then the source, Jesse stated “From being with him on guard. This was sworn before William Lassiter a Justice of the peace. (Apparently Hiram  developed deafness while at the St. Louis hospital also from taking Quinine for chronic dysentery.)


General affidavit Nov. 1882. These men gave testimony to his health:

John A. Lassiter, Jesse C. Lassiter,

William Lassiter J.P.

M.S. Wycough Clerk.


In Mar of 1885

Q. What brothers or sisters knew of your condition?

A. James A. Claxton of Poke Bayou, Ark.


Q. What witness do you wish examined?

A. K. W. Powers of Fulton Co., Ark., P.O. Box Moody, Howell Co., Mo., William Lassiter and Jesse C. Lassiter, P.O.  Polk Bayou, Independence Co., Ark. And John Lassiter of the same post office and county


June 1886-deposition- William Lassiter said- I am 55 years old, a farmer, p.o. address Sandtown, Independence Co., Ark. I was aquainted with the claimant when he lived in Tippah Co., Miss. Some 15 years before the war. I came to this state in 1858 and this co. in 1859 or 1860, I am not positive which, we lived about two miles apart before he (Hiram) enlisted. I deer hunted with him a great deal. We were in the same Co. together. William went to see Jesse while he was at the hospital in St. Louis and saw Hiram there.



Jun 25 1886-Jesse Lassiter said; I am 43 years old the 10 of July next, a farmer, p.o. address Alvis, Independence Co., Ark.  We lived in Mississippi before the war, lived in the same neighborhood about 9 miles from him. I came to this state in 1858 he cam in 1860, I believe. We lived about 3 miles apart here. As far as I know Claxton was stout hardy man before the war. I never heard anything to the contrary. We both went in the same Co. and Reg’t. together.


Excerpt from same book under Rolla, Missouri.


“I am sure neighbors and maybe other relatives would be in the same predicament so I feel a number of them would travel together. (Means to escape the war). We know Tempy’s cousin Mary Mathis Lassiter, who was married to Jesse Lassiter lived near them and also perhaps another cousin Francis Mathis. This is a presumption until we can prove more.

We know Hiram’s the women and children were there during the war because Hiram had to go to Rolla,  to get his family after the war. Frank Claxton’s wife Sara died at Dillon, Mo. during the war in 1863. We also have testimony from a Mrs. Caroline Shirley who says she lived in the same yard at Rolla, during the war with James A. Claxton’s wife.


Testimony for Tempy’s widows pension.


She filed Mar 28, 1890 in Howell Co., Mo. She stated: She was the lawful widow of Hiram M. Claxton, deceased, that he died on the 9th of Mar. 1890. She said she married him in 1837 in La Grange, Hardeman Co., Tn and that her name before marriage was Tempa Mathews (Mathis).


Francis Mathis gave a sworn statement that he was well acquainted with Hiram M. Claxton in Hardeman Co., Tn before the marriage of Tempa Mathis about 50 years ago and the acquaintance lasted till his death. That he knew they were married and recognized as such in Tn, Ms., and Ark. where they have since lived.





 Francis said: “ I was not present at the marriage but knew my older brother, now dead, went off with the marriage party to La Grange, Tn., where the ceremony was performed. I was a small boy twelve or 14 years old. I was informed by my brother and others that the marriage occurred in La Grange, Tn. (Francis A. Mathis a witness.)




Excerpt from book before mentioned book. Most of this was done by Richard Merel Claxton, original Oct 1978 and update May 1985.


There are records of Hiram and Tempy in Fayette Co., TN . Ford Mathis left a record of him being in Fayette Co., Tn. In 1836. Hiram has been difficult. BUT a James Claxton and family moved to Fayette Co. Tn. Sometime before 1840.


I believe James Claxton and a Polly Martin were his parents.


In 1817 James Claxton married Polly Martin in Sumner Co., Tn. Never again was a Polly mentioned (only husbands on census until 1850). In 1830 there is James Claxton listed in Weakley Co., Tn with a son age 10-15 (Hirams’s age in 1830) he also had two other sons, ages 5-10 and under 5. One of these sons fits a John Claxton later in Tippah Co., Miss. There were also daughters listed. One age 10-15 and two under 5. Now remember this! Also in this same census a female age 50-60 was listed with the family. To add to our evidence we found a land record in Weakley Co. in 1829 for James. He was also in other court records 1827-1835 there. In 1840 the same James Claxton appears in Fayette CO TN, pg. 153 federal census. He had moved there before 1840. Probably before 1837. If this is the case it would explain how Hiram and Tempy met. The change in the census show the son Hiram’s age gone, which he was married and in Tippah Co., just across Tn., Ms., line. The female 50-60 mentioned was also no longer with them. Ford Mathis and family were also gone now living in Tippah Co. near Tempy.


The 1850 census lists all the names in the census. Tippah Co. Ms. Hiram and the whole family were listed. Nearby Ford and Sarah Mathis ages 78 and 73 born in North Carolina are living and they have a female named Martha Martin age 78 born Va. living with them. In the same neighborhood was John Claxton age 20 and Mary Claxton age 15 listed living with Joseph Dodds and his family. (Mary later married Joseph Dodds.)


By 1860 Ford and Sarah had died and Martha Martin age 100 born Va. was living with Hiram. I think she was Hiram’s grandmother. The mother of POLLY MARTIN before mentioned. Mary Claxton had married Joseph Dodds and John Claxton was not listed in Tippah Co. He probably had his own family by now. I have found no record of this yet.


The Dodds family was no long in Tippah Co., census after 1860. NOTE; There was a J.W. Dodds listed next door to Hiram in the Dog enumeration of Howell Co., Mo., in 1880.


This is circumstantial evidence but so far it is the best we have. I have considered this possibility for several years but just could not put it to paper until a professional genealogist and others had the same theory. We need a will, bible record or some written record that name the children of James mentioned as Hiram’s father but so far…………


Facts we have seen.

Hiram was born in Tn. In 1817. We cannot find any record of him saying where in Tn.

His brother James A. Claxton. from Hiram’s pension records from the Civil War. James stated on his enlistment papers for the Union Army he was born in Franklin Co., Tn. In 1827. Then he served in the Mexican War and said he was born in Gibson Co., Tn.


Hiram married Temperence a dau of Ford Mathis in 1837 in La Grange, Fayette Co., Tn.


In 1836 Fayette Co., Tn Dist. 13 was list Ford Mathews had 200 acres and 2 slaves listed.


In 1840 Fayette Co., Tn. Census shows James Claxton listed as follows:


1 male 5-10 years of age                         2 females under 5 years of age

1 male 15-20                                                                1 female 5-10

1 male 20-30                                           1 female 10-15

1 male 40-50                                           1 female 20-30

                                                                1 female 30-40


In 1840 Tippah Co. Ms. And 1841 state census show Hiram and family of 4 in the same neighborhood as Ford Mathis family.


Tombstone Pictures from Rosemary Hollis:

Tombstone of Temparence Mathis Claxton, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Howell Co., MO

Holy Bible

Wife of H.M. Claxton
Aug. 18 1818
Oct. 2nd 1892
75 years, 2 mo., 5 days


Tombstone of Hirem Claxton
Mt. Zion Cemetery, Howell Co., MO

Aug. 12, 1817
Mar. 9, 1890

No. 446