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South Carolina Census Records


1790 Census


Cheraws District. It contained Marlboro, Chesterfield and Darlington.

Name seperation are for found on different pages.

   St. Thomas

William Lakes (could be Leaks?)haven’t checked NC.

Wil Covington

Jame Easterling

Henry    “

Shadrach “

Thomas Farmer


Abel Cain


 These are all on one page

William Cole

Daniel Cole

William Dick

Moses Matthes 523000

Marmaduke Williams

Enos Matthews 1120000

Alexdr Kirby

James Mathews 101000


James Hare

Edmund Henson

John Farmer


John Mattuce 1130000

Nathan Covington

Rich Knight

Nathaniel Knight

Moses Knight



1800 census


Marlborough Co.

I am writing notes on or surnames found in North Carolina. Most prominent to the Mathis people or in records that I can remember off hand.


William Bridges

John Bridges

William Covington Jr.

William Covington


William Easterling 520010020102

Shadrach Easterling 200103010001


NOTE: There was a William Easterling in Dobbs County North Carolina from 1780-1790, 1800-1810 Lenoir Co., 1820 didn’t find, 1830 Jones Co., then 1840 Lenoir Co., Kinston.

In a family genealogy by W.C. Bostick. Has in his trees, Easterlings, Covingtons, Believe also a Thomas Crawford and a John Taplin Derryberry. There was a John Derryberry who was on land records for Ford .

This family record places Wiliam Easterling born 10 Mar 1757 in Dobbs Co., Nc and married Eliabeth Sands Covington 24 Apr 1783 in Marlboro S.C. Williams father was a Henry Easterling mother Clara Baggot The Knight  and Farmer families also are associated with this family. William Sr. or Jr. must have gone there and back by 1790 as there is a William listed above at the beginning of the note. I did find in dobbs county a listing in 1790 of William Easterling Sr. (Dobbs became Lenoir and Greene by 1800.)


Lovice Henson

Charles Irby


Ann Knight

Aaron “

Achillie “

Charles MacIntyre


Charles Mathis 010102001000

Daniel McIntire


Thomas Mathis Jr. 100103001000

Joel Mathis       101103011000

Thomas Mathis     100011201000


Israel Snead


John Baggot

James Baggett


Henry Covington

Charles Mathis 010101201000

John Briley


Wiliam Wilkinson

James      “

Mary Wilkinson

William “ Jr.

William Lee

John Wilkinson


John Skipper

Benj. Bridges


William Covington Jr.

Sarah       “

William N.  “



Darlington Co.


Jaques Bishop


Jordane Mathes (you already have that image)


Moses Mathews 100103001000

Benj Cole

Wm Flowers

Drury “


Edmund Mathews 001002010000

Enos Mathis 100013001000

John Mathews 301000010000


Thomas Mathear? 100102101000


Chesterfield Co.



Joseph Bass

Neill Crawford- there was one listed on the 1779 tax list Richmond county by Myrtle Bridges.


Page 9 of this census from is missing. Will view at a later date.


Not any Mathis etc. unless they were on page 9 that I could find for 1800.



1810 Chesterfield


David Mathis 001010020100




Nancy Matthews 100000101000

Moses Matthews 210102210000

 There was a Drewry Flowers on this page


John Matthews 310104001100




I found no Matthews etc. There was only one page for county on Ancestry.


1820 Chesterfield


Britton Mathews  200010100100100 rest are 0’s







John Matthews 0001002010001 rest are 0’s

Henry  “      0001001010101     “

Moses  “      101101220100?00010002 rest are 0’s

                  The question mark could have been

                  The number 5 0r 6

 On this page were also the surnames of Flowers, Henson, Beasley, a James Oats Jeremiah Hinson Joshua Clements, Carraway, Dowling, William King, and there was a Clarrisa Cole here.


1830 Chesterfield


Caty Mathis 0220000000000010001000000







John Matthias 10001000000001100200000000

Surnames of Moore, McLauchlin.



1840 Chesterfield


William Matthews Christ Church Parish

William Matthews St. James Santee








Simmond Matoos 000100000000002001 rest 0’s


Henry Mathew  000001000000000001 rest 0’s


1850 Chesterfield


Martha Mathis 27f SC lived in the house with

Calvin Lowry 23m NC

Abigail  “   23f NC







Milly Mattuse 45f SC

Patsey        25f  “

Harriat       20f


Hyriam Mathews 50 SC (The census has HY but soundex had Hyriam)

Martha 29f SC                    One shows up in NC.

Mary   10f  “

Grace   2f  “