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Map of Berkshire County, 16??

Berkshire County, Massachusetts

Berkshire County was formed from Hampshire County in 1761. A few of the towns existed prior to the formation of the County.
HOLBROOKS started showing up in Berkshire County in the mid 1700's. Each town will include a small geographical history and will
present the first Holbrook families through 1850.
Some early records were collected by Rollin H. Cooke and are known as the Cooke 
Collection currently housed at the Berkshire Athenaeum.  Microfiche of some towns 
handwritten records are also available from Archives Publishing also known as the 
Holbrook Institue.  Microfilm is available at the LDS Family History Libraries 
(Look up the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the phone book for 
a local  branch.)
Records include Adams, Cheshire, Egremont, Clarksburg, Florida, Hancock, Lenox, Mount Washington, New Marlborough, Pittsfield, Savoy, Sheffield, Stockbridge. Many records were destroyed in fires.

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Adams (1778) -
Alford (1773)
Becket (1765) -
Bethlehem (1789)
Boston_Corner (1838)
Cheshire (1793) -
Clarksburg (1798) -
Dalton (1784) +
E_Hoosac (1778)
Egremont (1760) -
Florida (1805)
Gageborough (1771)
Great Barrington(1761)-


Hancock (1776)
Hinsdale (1804)
Lanesborough (1765)
Lee (1777)
Lenox (1767)
Loudon (1773)
Monterey (1847)
Mt. Washington (1779)
North Adams (1878)
New Ashford (1781)
New Marlboro (1759)
Otis (1810)
Partridgefield (1771)


Peru (1806) +
Pittsfield (1758)
Richmond (1785)
Richmont (1765)
Sandisfield (1762)
Savoy (1797)
Sheffield (1733)
Southfield (1797)
Stockbridge (1739)
Tyringham (1761)
West Stockbridge (1774)
Washington (1777)
Williamstown (1765)
Windsor (1778) +

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