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Fraser Relations

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne! (Robert Burns 1788)

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William Mackay Fraser

stamp Descendants of William Mackay Fraser and Ellen Harkness

William MacKay Fraser was born December 13, 1876 in Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland {thanks to information provided by his grand-daughter, Isabelle Raycroft-Keeley-Lehmann: "...his birthday is not December 25 but in fact Dec. 13. Being a very superstitious Highlander, it was not good to be born on the 13 as it will eventually fall on a Friday."},
He died June 26, 1958 in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada.
He lived in Embo, Sutherland and spoke both gaelic and english.
Although his middle name MacKay was not officially registered, he chose to use it (his mother's maiden name), to differentiate himself from other William Frasers in the Embo area. As a child, he was given the nickname "Wooly" Fraser, as a result of chasing the sheep on a Sunday.
He took up the plumbing trade; apprenticing at the home of the Duke of Sutherland.
William immigrated to Canada in 1907. He enjoyed gardening and camping trips with his wife.
He married Ellen Harkness , (born March 30, 1885 in Canada; and died 1956 in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada) September 08, 1909 in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, daughter of Richard Harkness and Janet McIntosh. (Go to The Wedding Page, to view the Wedding Announcement, The Marriage Certificate, and the Guest's Autographs.)
Ellen had amazing housekeeping skills. She could cut and sew together any outfit, without a pattern. She preserved fresh food. During the depression, she even ventured so far, as to try and preserve fresh eggs(not recommended). The family were Presbyterian and enjoyed the social events held by the church.

Ellen Harkness

Children of William Fraser and Ellen Harkness are:

i. John Richard Fraser, born June 24, 1910 in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada; died 1980 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; married (1) Mary Cecilia Mayotte, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada; and married (2) Evelyn.
Gordon Mckay Fraser, born May 01, 1913 in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada; and died December 12, 1920 in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada.
iii. Margaret Isabelle Fraser, born March 26, 1916, Arnprior, Ontario, Canada; and died September 22, 2001, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada; married Earl James Raycroft, 1940, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
iv. William David Fraser, born May 01, 1921 in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada; and died January 20, 1978 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
v. Kenneth Alexander Fraser, born February 21, 1925, Arnprior Ontario,Canada; and died July 13, 1994,Port Perry, Ontario, Canada; married Mary Theresa Bigras.
Ellen MacIntosh Fraser, b. June 18, 1931, Arnprior, Ontario, Canada; married Howard Bernard Downey, December 26, 1959, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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William Mackay Fraser
William Mackay Fraser


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