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Family Images - Martha Zelmer

Martha was one of the daughters of Wilhelm Zelmer's first wife.

Above and below, Martha Zelmer, My Great Grandmother at the age of 19 years old (1905) Photos taken in Westprussia. Martha married Andrew Dreger Sr.

Sisters, Martha (left) and Lydia (right) Zelmer. Daughters of Wilhelm Zelmer and his first wife in Europe.
Both sisters are my Great Grandmothers. Martha is the mother of my Maternal Grandmother and Lydia is the Mother of my Paternal Grandmother. Because of this link, my Maternal Grandmother was able to sponsor my Paternal Grandmother's family to come to the US after WWII.

Martha and Husband Andrew Dreger Sr.

Andrew's & Martha's family in 1925... (left to right) daugher Anna from Andrew's third marriage we think, daughter Lucile (my grandmother) and Andrew Jr. and their mother (andrew's 5th wife) Martha (ZELMER) and Andrew Sr. standing on the deck of the "U.S.S. Yale".

This photo was in my Grandmother Lucile (Dreger) Barton's scrapbook. The lady in the middle is her mother, Martha (Zelmer) Dreger. The older couple is listed on a handwrittend note as "Aunt and Uncle Lemke". We suspect that Martha's mother's Maiden name was Lemke or Lempke.
So this photo is still kindof a mystery!

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