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Family Images - Holder

Emily (Dreger) Holder, Dave Holder, Anna Dreger (Emily's Neice) and Martha (Zelmer) Dreger.

Family shot including (back row left) Andrew Dreger Sr. & David Holder, Kids in front (second from left) Lucile Dreger (my Grandmother) and (front row right) Andrew Dreger Jr. Lucile's Brother.

My Grandmother Lucile (as a child- on left)
visiting her uncle David Holder's farm in Buena Park (Near Knott's Berry Farm).
Anna is Lucile's Step Sister, Andy Jr. is her brother. Kenny is Dave's youngest son.


The three children of David and Emly Holder. (Left to Right) Irvin, Kenneth and Irma.

Irvin Holder, Second Child and oldest Son of David and Emily Holder.
Kenneth Holder, youngest son of David Holder and Emily (Dreger) Holder. Kenny joined the RAF as a pilot before the United States entered WWII and was unfortunaly shot down.


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