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Family Images - Dreger

My Great Great Grandparents Gottlieb Dreger, Juliana (Roeder) Dreger and the little girl is listed as "Della" from my Grandmother's handwritten note in the family album... not sure who "Della" is. Photo was taken aproximatly in 1910.

Julianna and Gottleib standing in front of their Home?

Some photos of Gottlieb, Julianna and family including their daughter Emily and Granddaughter Anna.

Emily Dreger, Daughter of Gottfried and Juliana Dreger. She married David Holder.

Andrew Dreger Sr.
My Great Grandfather
(Taken in 1911 when he was 44)

Andrew and (we think) his first wife.

Andrew and his Forth Wife

I think this "Step Mother" was Andrew's fourth wife pictured above.

Wedding photos of Andrew Sr and Martha Zelmer. Andrews 5th wife and My Greart Grandmother.

Andrew's family in 1925... (left to right) daugher Anna from his third marriage we think, daughter Lucile (my grandmother) and Andrew Jr. and their mother (andrew's 5th wife) Martha (ZELMER) and Andrew Sr. standing on the deck of the "U.S.S. Yale".

Left to Right: Andrew Dreger Jr, Andrew Dreger Sr, and my Grandmother Lucile (Dreger) Barton. Photo taken in 1946

See pictures and newspaper articles about the clocks Andrew Built, one of which now stands in front of Knott's Berry Farm Amusement park in Buena Park, CA

Save the Buena Park Town Clock

Lucile (Dreger) Barton (My Grandmother) and Emily Katherin Frank (my Daughter) right before Lucile passed away in 1997

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