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Melton Mowbray
List of Names Included

 Extract from White's Leicester and Rutland Directory 1877

Adcock George (trustees of) ale and porter brewers, Nottingham st. & Thorpe end; Geo. My. Ellingworth, agt
Adcock, Pacey & Co. ale and porter brewers and maltsters, Eggerton brewery, Bentley street, and Nottingham street, and wine and spirit merts. Market place
Adcock Thomas Pickard, brewer (Whissendine Brewery Co.), & wine, spirit, and porter merchant, and agent for the Sun Fire and Life office, King street
Adcock Wm. (A. Pacey & Co.); h North ldg. Bentley st
Anderson John, plumber & glazier, Sherrard street
Anderson Thomas, tailor and draper, Market place
Anderson William, pig dealer and grazier, Thorpe road
Andrews Frederick, greengrocer, Burton street
Andrews Richard, coal agent, Norman street
Angus John, vict. Half Moon Ion, Nottingham street
Ash Samuel, grocer, and ale and porter mert. Burton st
Atkins John, tailor, and agent for the Prudential Assurance Co. Thorpe end
Attenburrow Jas. & Son (Joseph), chemists, druggists, and grocers, Corn hill; h Pall Mall
Attenburrow William, vict. Red Lion, Burton street
Bailey John, bootmaker, Nottingham street
Bailey John, bootmaker, Thorpe end
Bailey Jonathan, baker and flour dealer, Market place ; h Leicester street
Bailey Mrs Matilda, vict. Black Horse, King street
Baker Miss Ann, draper, Market place
Baker William, accountant, Scalford road
Bakewell John, painter & paperhanger, Melbourne street
Barker John, butcher, Burton street
Barker Richard, grazier, Brook cottage, Burton road
Barker Richard, jun. solicitor, Leicester street ; h Brook cottage, Burton road
Barker William, butcher, Market place
Barker William, butcher. New street
Barnard James, keeper, Temperance hall, King street
Barnes Charles, builder, contractor, dealer in Staffordshire ware, and sanitary pipes, Thorpe end, and brick manufacturer,- Rotherby
Basford Edward , chimney sweeper, Rutland street
Bass George, grocer and baker, Rutland street
Batty Mrs Matilda, baker, confectioner, and pork pie manufacturer, Nottingham street
Baxter John, furniture broker, Bentley street
Baylis George, (j) cook, Nottingham road
Beeby Mrs Adelaide, victualler, White Lion Hotel Notiingham street
Behrens Mr Horatio, Newport lodge, Scalford road, and London and Manchester
Bennett Frencis, valet, Thorpe end
Bennett George & Mrs Rebecca Selina, school teachers, Union workhouse, Thorpe road
Betts George, rope, twine, and waggon cover manufacturer, Leicester street
Betts William, chemist and druggist, Cheapside
Bickley Mr John Cutler, Acacis house, Great Dalby road
Bickley Mrs Sarah Eliza, The Bird Cage, Nottingham st
Bishop Thomas, coal and toy dlr. & fishmonger, Norman st
Bishop Mr Joseph, Nottingham street
Bolderson James, vict. King's Head, Nottingham street
Boulger James, hosier and tobacconist, Halford road
Bonshor George, grocer, Sherrard street
Bowley William, watchmkr. jwllr. & optician, Cheapside
Brereton Robert, manager, Church street
Breward Richard, coal and lime merchant, Station yard; h New street
Brewin William, Wesleyan chapel keeper, Sagecross st
Briggs Miss Elizabeth, Scalford road
Brookhouse Samuel, joiner and builder, Sherrard street; h Thorpe road

Brown Mrs Ann, Wilton terrace
Brown Benj. chemists' assistant, Sydney street
Brown Edward, grocer, Sherrard street
Brown Edwd. (R. & Sons); h Cardigan ter. Great Dalby rd
Brown George, grazier, King street
Brown Rev Henry (Wesleyan), Asfordby road
Brown H. & Sons, corners and leather dlrs. Cheapside
Brown Robert (R. & Sons); h Scalford road
Brown Thomas, tailor, King street
Brown William, bootmaker, King Street
Bryan Benjamin, cutlery manfr. Market place
Bryan Miss Hannah, dressmaker, Leicester street
Burton Mrs Ann, milliner, Burton street
Burton Langley, auctioneer & bookseller, Burton Street
Burton Thomas William, furniture dealer, Burton street
Butterfield Samuel Harding, solicitor's managing clerk & assistant clerk to commissioners of taxes, Thorpe end
Caldwell James, baker, Scalford road
Callis Charles, grocer and general dealer, Thorpe end
Callis Samuel, hosier, haberdasher, & general dlr. King st
Calthorpe Lord, Old Club house, Burton street, and Elvetham house, Hants
Canner Mrs Elizabeth, vict. Railway Inn, Burton street
Carnington Lord, Burton street, and London
Cartwnight Charles, butcher, Sherrard st
Cartwnigbt Mrs Mary, Wilton terrace
Cawthorpe Charles, victualler, Golden Fleece, Leicester st
Chadwick George William & Arthur Geoffrey, chemist druggists and dentists, Sherrard street
Chambers Geo. temperance hotel & confectioner, Burton st
Chaplin Mr William Augustus, Windham lodge, Burton rd
Chapman William, builder and contractor, Pall Mall
Childs Alfred, victualler, George Hotel, High street
Christian Mrs Ann, baker, Sherrard street
Clancey Miss Elizabeth, milliner, Leicester street
Clark Hy. eating house proprietor and plasterer, Church st
Clarke Captain Edmund Henry Major, solicitor, commissioner in Court of Chancery and Court of Common Law, clerk to commissioners of taxes for the Framland division, The Limes, Sherrard street
Clarke Henry, bricklayer and contractor, Sydney street
Clementson Joseph, victualler, Three Crowns, and corn and coal agent, Sherrard street
Clifford Mrs Elizabeth, Nottingham road
Coatsworth Robert William. head groom, Burton street
Cobley James, highway & nuisance inspector & surveyor,
Nottingham road
Colin & Co, pork pie mfrs. & Stilton cheese fctrs. Burton st
Colles Rev. William Morris, D.D. vicar, The Yicarage, Burton street
Collins Henry, head groom, King street
Collins William, hatter and hosier, Cheapside
Constantine Joseph, foreman, Chapel street
Cooke Alfred (C. & Sons) ; h Leicester street
Cooke Gideon (C. & Sons) and farmer, Leicester street
Cooke Gideon, jun. (C. & Sons); h Leicester street
Cooke Sidney (C. & Sons); h Leicester street
Cooke & Sons, iron & brass founders, engineers, gasfitter and white and locksmiths, Leicester street
Cooke Thomas (C. & Sons) and vict. Fox Inn, Leicester st
Copley Mr Joseph, Thorpe end
Corn Exchange, Nottingham street; Mrs Emma Willis hall keeper
Cotton Mrs Hannah, vict. Generous Briton, King street
Cotton William, basket maker, Rutland street
Coultas John, coal merchant, Sherrard street
Crabb Miss Janet, British Free schoolmistress, Thorpe end
Crosher John Thorpe, pork pie manufacturer (Tebbutt Co.); h Mount Pleasant, Great Dalby road
Cunnington Mrs Eleanor, Wilton terrace

Curtis Charles, vict. Eight Bells Inn, Nottingham street
Daft John, tobacconist, Sherrard street
Dale Alfred John, victualler, Harbro' Hotel, Burton st
Dalgliesh Richard, civil engineer and manager of Holwell Iron Co. Nottingham road
Davie Edward, tailor, Nottingham street
Denman Thomas, picture frame maker, Pall Mall
Dennis Mrs Marian, dressmaker, Thorpe end
Dewey Matthew, victualler, Black Swan, Sherrard street
Dickinson Mrs Elizabeth, Scalford road
Dickinson Frederick, shopkeeper, Queen street
Dickinson John, pork pie manfr. grazier and cheese factor, Nottingham street; h Scalford road
Dickinson Joseph, pork pie manfr. (Colin & Co.) and coal merchants and carrier for the Railway Co. Station yard ; h Cardigan terrace, Great Dalby road
Dixon James, coal dealer, Timber hill
Dixon Thomas, cattle dealer & vict. Rutland Arms, King st
Dixon William, clothier, Sherrard street ; h Nettingham
Dobney Richard, bootmaker, Thorpe end
Dobney Thos. (Exors. of). whitesmth & gasfitr. Leicester. st
Drake Henry, grocer, Burton street
Draper Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper, Goodrich street
Drury Robert, greengrocer, New street
Drury Thomas, greengrocer, King street
Eagers Wm. bootmkr. & sewing machine dealer, Market pl
Eason Thomas Brewster, grocer, wine and spirit merchant and agent for Eagle, Lancashire and Albion Insurance Cos. Cheapside
Ellingworth George Henry, brewer's agent, Thorpe end
Ellis & Everard, coal, lime and cake merchants, Station yard; Richard Andrews, agent, and Leicester and Peterborough
Ellis James (E. & Everard); h Lanfield
Evans & Hill, pork pie manfrs. Thorpe end. (See Advt.)
Everard Breadon, coal, &c. merchant (Ellis & E.) Ashby-de-la-Zouch
Everett Wm. plumber, glazier and painter, New street
Ewen Amos, medical assistant, Nottingham road
Fardell Mr Matthew, Wilton terrace
Fast John Jones, brewer (Whissendine Brewery Co.) and builder, contractor, monumental mason & timber, stone, slate, cement and sanitary pipe merchant, Burton street ; h Whissendine
Ferneley Claude Lorraine, professor of music and drawing, Scalford road
Fetch Arthur, fellmonger, Bentley street
Fetch Thomas, brick, tile and sanitary pipe manufacturer, Snow hill, and fellmonger, & h King street
Fetch Thomas, jun. fellmonger, Thorpe end
Fisher Luke, bootmaker, King street
Fitten George, grocer and agent for Atlas Insurance Market place ; h Burton street
Floar Mr Thomas. Southern lane
Flude Wm. Cornelius, gasfitter & whitesmith, Timber hill
Foster Thomas, tailor, King street
Freckingham Mrs Ann, grocer, Bentley street
French Jph. nurseryman, seedsnman & florist, Sherrard st
Gamble James, ironmonger, tinner and brazier, Market pl
Gammidge Edward, rope end twine manfr. Timber hill
Garner William, ironmonger, Cheapside
Garton Mr Samuel, Sydney street
Gee John, solicitors managing clerk, Norman street
Gent George, beerhouse, Bentley street
Gibson John Frow, draper & agent for London Assurance and British Life offices, High street
Giles Wm. draper, Market place ; h High street
Gilford Miss Susan, milliner and hosier, Nottingham st, & (h) Leicester
Gill Josiah, chemist and grocer, Market place
Glover Josiah, joiner, bldr. & cabinetmkr. Nottingham st
Glover Mrs Sarah, Pall Mall
Goodacre John, tailor and draper, Market place
Goodacre Richd. vict. Crown Inn, Burton street

Goodacre Richd. shopkeeper, King street
Goodalle Henry John, M.R.C.V.S. veterinary inspector for Melton and Waltham districts, Burton street
Goodburn William, farmer, Thorpe end
Goodman William, police inspector, King street
Goodwin Mrs Catherine, teacher of music. Leicester st
Goodwin Jas. head coachman, High street
Goodyear William, clerk, Southern lane
Gray Thomas, timber and slate merchant and farmer, Burton street
Greaves Thos. manager, Gas works, Southern lane
Green Geo. Chas. baker & provision dealer, King street
Gregg Rev Henry, rector of Brookesby and chaplin to the Union, The Villa, Asfordby road
Griffey Wm. Hy. British Free schoolmaster, and agent to the Scottish Equitable Life office, Nottingham road
Grimbley Thus, brush manufacturer, Sherrard street
Hadfield Misses Eliza and Fanny, young ladies' seminary, Nottingham road
Halden John, clerk, Scalford road
Hall Thos. hosier and hatter, Market place
Hallam Wm. tobacco pipe manufacturer, Rutland street
Hardstaff Jno. wheelwright & light trap builder, Leicester street and beerhouse, Queen street
Hardy Edward, head groom, Burton street
Hardy Rev Thos. (Wesleyan), Asfordby road
Harrington Mrs Ann, King street
Harris Hy. bootmaker, Thorpe end ; h Melbourne street
Hawkesley William, nail manufacturer, Sherrard street
Hawley Fredk. pionoforte, harmonium, and glass & china dealer, dyers agent and foreman printer, and agent to Emperor Live Stock, and Norwich & London (plate glass) Insurance Cos. Church street
Hawley Thomas, clerk, Thorpe road
Hayes George, joiner, builder and monumental mason, Bentley street, and milliner, Market place ; h King st
Hazlewood Joshua, draper, Market place
Henfrey Thos, painter, paperhanger, and glass and china dealer, Leicester street
Hewitt George, railway inspector, Burton street
Hewitt Mrs Sarah, mllnr. & straw bonnet mkr. Timber hill
Hickman Benjamin, butcher, Leicester street
Hickman Wm. (Exurs. of), butcher, Nottingham street
Hickson Mr Thomas, Staveley house, Nottingham road
Hickson Mr William, Asfordby road
Hill Jas. Jun. pork pie mfr. (Evans & H.); h Thorpe end
Hill Jno. coachbuilder and farmer, Sherrard street
Hill Jph. fishmonger and greengrocer, Nottingham street
Hill Josiah, ale and porter merchant, farmer and cart owner, Burton street
Hill Mrs Mary Ann, Nottingham road
Hinman Henry, coach and general smith and spring and tyre minufacturer, Burton street
Hinman William, shoeing smith, Regent street
Hockin Joe brick mfr. and vict. Bell and Swan, Corn hill
Hodgson Jno. Jas. Church Free schoolmaster, Southern In
Holdbrock Rev Henry, (Roman Catholic), Thorpe end
Hollingshead George, grocer, Nottingham street
Howett Henry, confectioner, baker and soda water mnfr. Church street
Hubbard Miss Ann, berlin wool and fancy repository, and bookseller and stationer. Market place
Hubbard Miss Mary Eliz. hosier & draper Market place
Hutton Mrs Mary, Woodville cottage. Barton street
Hutton Robt vict. Bishop Blaze Inn, Sherrard street
Ireson John, victualler Wheat Sheaf, Thorpe end
Irons John, grocer, Scalford road
Ives Charles, engineer and gasfitter, Thorpe end
Jackson Miss Elizabeth (Exors. of), Asfordby road
Jackson Henry, agent to the Leicestershire Banking Co. High street
Johnson Mr Joseph, Wilton terrace
Johnson Oliver, paperhanger, Leicester; h Asforby road
Johnson Mr Philip, Market place

Johnson Robert Winter, architect, surveyor and secretary to Savings' Bank, Burton street
Johnson Mrs Sarah, Eglin lodge, Scalford road
Johnson Miss Sarah, baker and confectioner, Market place
Johnstone Sir Frederick, Coventry house, Burton Street and Scotland
Jones William, foreman, King street
Kemp Mrs Jane, Melbourne street
Ladbury Richard, ironmonger, &c. (Shannon & L.) ; h Nottingham road
Lane Saml. Drury, plumber, glazr. and gasftr. Sherrard st
Large John, victualler Blacks Head, Market place
Large Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, Market place
Latham & Paddison, solicitors, Nottingham street
Latham William, solicitor (L. & Paddison) and commissioner to administer oaths in the Irish Court of Chancery and commissioner in all English courts, clerk to Local Board and Melton Canal Co. and agent to Guardian Insurance Co; h Nottingham street
Leadbeater William, relieving officer and registrar of births and deaths for Melton district, Sherrard street
Leadbetter William Austin, pharm. chemist, grocer and wine and spirit merchant. Market place
Leake John Brown, clerk, Sydney street
Leake William, grocer, provision dealer and wine merchant, Church street, & (h) Pall Mall
Lee John, baker, Thorpe end
Lee William, gardener and seecdsman, New street
Leicestershire Banking Co. (draw on London and Westminster Bank), High st. & Leicester: Hy. Jackson, mgr
Leicestershire Trades Protection Society (Friday only), Corn Exchange, Nottingham street
Lewin John, well sinker, Bentley street
Lightfoot Miss Jane, Burton street
Line John, tailor, Burton street
Lineham James Boster, joiner and builder and agent to United Temperance Provident Institution, Regent st
Linett Joseph, tobacconist and hairdresser, high st. and Burton street ; h High street
Linney Miss Elizabeth, Asfordby road
Literary Institute, Library and Readinq Room, Corn Exchange, Nottingham street W. H. Griffey. sec Miss E. Willis, librarian and hall keeper
Littlewood Charles, beerhouse, Pall Mall
Littlewood Joseph, plumber and glazier, Leicester street
Littlewood Mark, beerhouse, Rutland Street
Lock Mr William, Asfordby road
Lord John, farmer, Scalford road
Lowden George, blacksmith, Sherrard st h Leicester st
Mabbott Mrs Elizabeth, staymaker, Goodrich street
McAlpin Jobn William, outfitter, Market place, and (h) Leicester
McDonald George, tailor, Nottingham street
Mackley James, bootmaker, King street
Manchester Edward, tin plate worker, Rutland street
Manchester Thomas (T. & Son), & butcher, Timber hill ; (h) King street
Manchester Thomas & Son, general house furnrs. King st
Manchester Tom (Thomss & Son) ; h King street
Manchester William, furniture dealer, South parade
Mapson Thomas, clock and watchmaker, Norman street
Markam Col. William Thomas, Melton house, Sherrard street, and Isle qf Wight
Marriott Mrs Caroline, Parke hottse, Sherrard street
Marriott William, Haberdasher. grocer, smallware dealer rag and bone merchant, Sherrard street
Martin Joseph, head groom, Leicester street
Mason Joseph, horse dealer Scalford road
Mather John, plumber and glazier, King street
Mayfield Mrs Eliza, Burton street
Melton Mowbray Gaslight and Coke Co. (lim.), High st Works, Southern ln; Joseph Miles, sec; Thomas Greaves, manager
Middleton Mrs Susannah, milliner. Sagecross street

Miles John, brick, sanitary pipe, and tile manufacturer, Norman street; h Ann street
Miles Joseph, auctioneer and secretary to Gas Co. High st
Mills James Henshaw, bookseller, stationer, printer and bookbinder, Corn hill
Minns E. G. solicitor's clerk, King street
Moore Mrs Eliza Annie, boarding school, Church yard
Moore William, butcher, baker and milk dealer. Timber hl
Morley John, grocer, Rutland street
Morley Thos. saddler and harness maker, Nottingham st
Morris John, butcher, Market place
Morrison Edward, grocer, King street
Mowbray John, foreman, Thorpe road
Neale Mrs Elizabeth, housekpr. Hudson Bede ho. Burton st
Needham William, joiner and cabinet mkr. Chapel street
Newton William, victualler, Malt Shovel, Sherrard street
Nicol Robert2 solicitor's clerk, Wilton terrace
Nimmo John, travelling draper, Southern lane
Oddfcllows' Hall, Church street; John Draft, hallkeeper
Qldham Frederick Jennings, solicitor, coroner for Framland Hundred, registrar of county court, superintendent registrar, clerk to magistrates, to Board of Guardians, to Rural Sanitary Authority, to Highway Board, to Assessment Committee, and to Gaddesby, Great Dalby, and Somerby School Boards, & agent for County (Fire) & Provident (Life) Insurance Cos., Sth Parade; h High st
Oldham Mr Joseph, Burton street
Oldham Mr William, Ann street
Overton Wm. plumber, whitesmith, gasfitter, and picture dealer, High street
Pacey James, brewer (Adcock, P. & Co.); h Sherrard st
Paddison Jph. solicitor (Latham & P.); h Nottingham rd
Palmer Geo. hairdresser and razor strop maker, Church st
Palmer Misses Phbe & Mary Jane, milliners and dressmakers, Sherrard street; h Nottingham street
Palmer Robert, bootmaker, Nottingham street
Pares's Bank (Tuesday only) (draw on Smith, Payne & Smith), Market place, and Leicester
Parker Henry, painter and paperhanger, Bentley street
Parker Thomas, bootmaker, New street
Payne Thomas, shoeing smith, Leicester street
Peach Miss Ellen, wine and spirit merchant, Cheapside
Peach John (Exors. of), wine and spirit merchant. Nottingham street
Pearson Charles, shoeing smith, Nottingham street
Pearson William, saddler and harness maker, High street
Peck Stepto, grocer's assistant, Nottingham road
Pepper William, bootmaker, Leicester street
Perkins Edward, grocer and chandler, Burton street
Perkins Wm cabinetmaker and upholsterer. Sherrard st
Perry William, cooper, Nottingham street
Perch Mr Joseph, Nottingham road
Peters Robert, milk dealer, Leicester street
Platts Mr John, Leicester street
Platts Mr Thomas, Ann street
Plummer Joseph William, clerk, Thorpe end
Polendine Robert, head groom, Wilton terrace
Police Station, King street; William Goodman, inspector
Powell Lionel Lewis, M.R.C.S., L.S.A. surgeon (Whitchurch, Roberts & P.); h Wilton terrace
Preston Mrs Frances, Thorpe end
Priestman Wm. Scott, grocer and pork pie mnfr. King st
Prior Mr Arthur Vickers, The Lodge, Great Dalby road
Pugh Miss Sophia, Church Free schoolmistress, Chapel st
Purser Miss Ann, Cheapside
Pywell Alfred, coal merchant (Wearer & P.), and solicitor's managiug clerk, Church yard
Randall James, bootmaker, Leicester street
Ridge Charles, dog biscuit manufacturer and greyhound trainer, The Cottage, Nottingham road
Riley John, farm bailiff, Thorpe end
Ringrose Benjamin, grocer, King street
Rippin George, butcher, Corn hill
Rippin Mr George, Thorpe end

Rix Robert, head groom, Holland house, Burton street
Roberts Henry, confectioner and gardener, Nottingham st
Roberts James, hairdresser, Nottingham street
Roberts James. M.R.C.S., L.S.A. surgeon (Whitchurch R. & Powell), and deputy coroner for Framland Hundred; h High Street
Robertson William, hairdresser, Nottingham street
Robinson Mrs Eliza, victualler, Peacock, Sherrard street
Robinson Page, joiner and builder, Regent street
Rodgers William, baker, Pall Mall
Rogers Charles, grocer, Timber hill
Rowell George, bootmaker, Church street
Rowell Thomas, bootmaker, Chapel street
Sapcoat John, Prim. Meth. chapel keeper, Goodrich street
Saunders George, postmaster and agent to Phnix Fire, Great Britain Mutual & Pelican Life offices, Market pl
Savings Bank, Corn Exchange, Nottingham street; Robt. W. Johnson, secretary
Scorror Henry, corn and coal merchant, Canal wharf, Burton street, and farmer (Joseph Clementson, agent); h Thorpe Arnold
Selby John, farmer, Burton street
Selby William, tailor and draper, High street
Seward George, greengrocer, Timber hill
Sharman & Ladbury, agricultural implement manufacturers and ironmongers, Sherrard street
Sharman Warren (S. & Ladbury), and agent to Globe Fire and Life office, Sherrard street
Sharp John, haberdasher, Nottingham Street
Sharpe William, greengrocer, King street
Sheffield James, bootmaker and milliner, Sherrard street
Shilcock Mrs Elizabeth, Asfordby street
Shimeld John, boot and shoe dealer, Market place
Shipley Richard, painter and paperhanger, Cheapside
Shipley Thos. (Exors. of), joiner and builder, Leicester st
Short Miss Mary Ann, dressmaker, Leicester Street
Shouler William, auctioneer, and agent for Provincial Fire office, Burton street
Sikes Mr Robert, White lodge, Burton road
Simpson Mrs Henrietta Maria, Burton street
Sissons Frederick, photographer and toy dealer, King st
Smith Edwin, supervisor of inland revenue, Asfordby road
Smith George, foreman, Church yard
Smith Henry, corn miller, Bishop mill, Regent street
Smith Joseph, greengrocer, Nottingham street
Smith Philip William, tailor and outfitter, New street
Smith Robert, grocer, Sherrard street
Smith Stephen, watchmaker, jeweller, and musical instrument dealer, South parade ; h High Street
Smith Thomas Edward, hatter, hosier, outfitter and fancy repository, Market place
Snow Thomas, butcher, Sherrard Street
Snow Thomas, jun. shopkeeper and butcher, Sherrard st
Soons Charles, gardener, Goodrich place
Southgate John & Son (Alfred), tailrs. & drprs. Sherrard st
Southgate Thomas, joiner and cabinetmaker, Sherrard street ; h King street
Spencer William, victualler, Granby Inn, Sherrard street
Stacey William, cashier, Thorpe end
Stafford John, butcher and cattle dealer, King street
Stamford, Boston and Spalding Banking Co. High street, and Stamford
Stanley Jacob, fishmonger and game dealer, Burton street
Starbuck George, tailor and clothier, Sherrard street
Starbuck John, bootmaker and parish sexton, Chapel St
Sturgess John, victualler, Lord Warden. Leicester st. and maltster, Sherrard st; h Cambridge vla. Nottingham rd
Symonds Frederick, station master, Burton street
Tansley Rev Joseph (Baptist). King street
Taylor George, saddler and harness maker, High street
Taylor John Rippon, painter and paperhanger, Chapel st
Tebbs Robert, ironmonger, tinner and brazier, Market place
Tebbut Mrs Catherine, Thorpe end

Tebbut & Co. pork pie manufacturers and Stilton chees factors, Thorpe end and Market place
Temperance Hall, King street; James Barnard, hallkeeper
Thompson Charles, cooper & brush dir. High st.& Oakham
Thompson John, head groom, Burton street
Till Mrs Hannah, fancy repository and toy dlr. Burton St
Tinsley Walter, farm bailiff, Framland farm, Scalford road
Todd James, Weslsyan home missionary, Thorpe end
Towne Geo. farmer, cattle dlr. & manure mfr. Southern ln
Towne John, stamp distributor, printer, stationer bookbinder, registrar of marriages, and agent for Cheque Bank & the Norwich Union Fire & Life office, Market pl
Tunnicliffe Charles, tinner and brazier, Market place
Turville Thomas, beerhonse, King street
Turville William, beerhouse, Timber hill
Twidale Mrs Catherine, ladies' day and boarding school Wycliffe house, Snow hill
Twidale Rev Joseph (Independent), Wycliffe hs. Snow hill
Tyler Alfred, painter and paperhanger, Nottingham street
Tyler Mrs Elizabeth (T. & Son); h Market plaice
Tyler James, coach builder and cab propr. Nottingham st
Tyler & Son, glass and china dealer, Market place
Underwood Charles, butcher, King street
Union Workhouse, Thorpe road; Samuel and Mrs Martha Weston, master & matron; George & Mrs R. S. Bennett, school teachers
Valentine Lorenzo, organ bldr. & pianoforte.mfr.Scalford rd
Vellum Mr Thomas, Nottingham road
Vine John, shopkeeper, Sherrard street
Wade-Gery Mrs Sarah, Cardigan terrace, Great Dalby rd
Waite Thos. tanner and currier, Southern ln; h Sherrard st
Waite William, joiner and builder, Leicester street
Walker Henry, victualler, Noel's Arms, Burton street
Walker Jph. auctnr.&c. (Williamson & W.); h Burton Lazars
Walkerley Jno. brick & sanitary pipe mfr. Temperance ter
Wallis William, shopkeeper, Thorpe end
Ward James, coal dealer, Melbourne street
Ward James, victualler, Bricklayers' Arms, Timber hill
Ward Joseph, commercial traveller, Regent street
Ward Mrs Sarah, Ross cottage, Goodrich street
Warner Frederick, confectioner and clerk, Leicester street
Warner Thomas, gardener and seedaman, Cheapside, & (h) Leicester
Warren Miss Alice, infant schoolmistress, King street
Watchorn Miss Ellen, Iver house, Church yard
Watts Rev William (Primitive Methodist), Melbourne st
Wearer & Pywell, coal merchants, Canal wharf, Burton st
Wearer Robert, coal merchaut (W. & Pywell), and builder, contractor, stone and marble mason, and slate merchant, Sagecross street h Sherrard street
Weaver Samuel, draper and agent for Standard Life office, Market place
Wesson Thomas, tailor, Scalford road
Weston Ebenezer (W. & Eckett) h Cheapside
Weston & Eckett, confectioners, Cheapside
Weston Robert, grocer and baker, Norman street
We5ton Samuel and Mrs Martha, master and matron Union Workhouse, Thorpe road
Whalley Mrs Mary Ann, printer, statnr. & toy dlr. King st
Whalley Thomas, basketmaker, Nottingham street
Whissendine Brewery Co. ale and porter brewers, Cheapside and Whissendine
Whitaker William, saddler and harness maker, Cheapside
Whitchurch Nathaniel, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., J.P. surgeon (W. Roberts & Powell), and medical officer to Melton Union and officer of health to Local Board, High street, and Great Barford house, St. neots, Bedfordshire
Whitchurch, Roberts & Powell, surgeons, High street
Whitehouse Edward (W. & Son) ; h High street
Whitehouse John Edward (W. & Son) ; h Oakham
Whitehouse & Son, gunsmiths and sporting tackle warehouse, High street and Oakham
Whittle Thomas Edward, victualler, Boatman Inn, Burton street

Wicklow, Earl of, Wicklow lodge, Burton road, and Shelton Abbey, Ireland
Mowson Robert, naturalist, Nottingham street
Winall Daniel, foreman, King street
Wilford John bricklayer, Southern lane
Willan Geo. Thos. M.R.C.S., L.S.A. surgeon, Burton street
Willcox William, draper and undertaker, South parade
Williamson George (W. & Walker); h Barkby grange
Williamson & Walker, auctioneers, accountants and tenant-right valuers, High street
Willis Mrs Emma, hall kpr. Corn Exchange, Nottingham st
Willis John, assistant overseer, rate collector, nuisance inspector, and rent and debt collector, Nottingham st
Wilson James, beerhouse, Pall mall
Wilton Earl of, Egerton lodge, High street, and Heaton house, near Mancheste
Wing George Newton (T. N. & Son); h Market place
Wing Thomas Newton (T. N. & Son), and agent for Royal Fire and Life office, Nottingham street
Wing T. N. & Son, grocers, chemists, druggists, and wine and spirit merchants, Market place
Wing Mr Vincent, Nottingham street
Woolhouse Henry, grazier, Woodbine cottage, Snow hill
Wright Mrs Ann, beerhouse, Scalford road
Wright Charles, farmer, Spring farm, Thorpe road
Wright Mr William (Exors, of), Chapel street
Wyles Joseph, corn and coal merchant, Burton street, and corn miller, Beck mill ; h Nottingham road
Yeamans Mrs Elizabeth, day school, Leicester
Young Henry, foreman, Thorpe road
Younger Mr William, Craven lodge, Barton road, and Haggerson Castle, Northumberland
Railway Station, Burton st; Fredk. Symonds, station mstr

(On Tuesdays only unless otherwise specified.)
ASHFORDBY - Waterson, Eight Bells
ASHBY - Swift, Noel's Arms
BARROW - Levesland, Granby
BARSBY - Swift, Noel's Arms
BRANSTON - Ryder, Bishop Blaise
BROOKSBY - Ward, Fox
BROUGHTONS - Pick and Cooper, Half Moon
BUCKMINSTER - Bartram, Peacock
BURROW - Mayfleld, Noel's Arms (and Friday)

CLAWSON - Paget and Robinson, White Lion
COSTON - Rose, Bishop Blaise
CROXTON KERRAL - Farnsworth, Granby
DALBY (GREAT)-Woolley, Fox
DALBY (LITTLE) - Wheat, Crown
DALBY (OLD) - Woodford, White Lion
EASTWELL - Harrison, Half Moon ; Hubbard, King's Head
EATON - Harrison, Half Moon ; Hubbard, King's Head
EDMONTHORPE - Sleath, Granby
Frisby - Hornbuckle, Black's Head; Marriott, Golden Fleece
GADDERSBY - Walker, Fox
GARTHORPE -Rose, Bishop Blaise
GOADBY MARWOOD - Harrison, Half Moon; Hubbard, King's Head
GRIMSTON - Woodford, White Lion
HARBY - Starbuck, White Lion; Kemp, Half Moon
HOBY - Ward, Fox
HOSE - Stubbs, Jolly Butcher
KETTLEBY - Martin, King's Head
LEICESTER - Bramley, Crown
MARKET OVERTON - Faulks, Half Moon; Leverland, Granby
OWSTON - Tidd, Crown
PICKWELL - Wheal and Tidd, Crown
PLUNGAR - Morris, White Lion
REARSBY - Bramley, Crown
ROTHERBY - Ward, Fox
SALTBY - Duffin, Peacock; Mount, Granby
SAXBY - Rose, Bishop Blaise
SAXELBY - Woodford, White Lion
SOMERBY - Wheat, Crown (and Thursday)
SPROXTON - Pick Black Swan; Everitt, Black's Head
STATHERN - Poyser, White Lion; Alderman and Woodcock, Black's Head
STONESBY - Brewster, Black Swan
SYSTON - Bramley, Crown
TEIGH - Faulks, Half Moon
TWYFORD - Walker, Fox
WALTHAM - Brewster, Black Swan; Hubbard, King's Head
WHISSENDINE - Stafford, Noel's Arms; Walker, Crown
WYMESWOLD - Smith, Fox
WYMONDHAM - F. Shield, C'rown (and Thursday and Saturday); W. Shield, Black's Head; Hickman, Bishop Blaise

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