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Frakes Genealogy and History Information



This page is a resource for you to find online data relating to Frakes genealogy and history, for use in your personal genealogical research. The information posted here includes some from my own research, as well as that generously offered by other Frakes researchers.

It is up to you to check the accuracy of the information you obtain here, and the source citations, through your own research. Verify the data using primary sources (i.e. original documents, not just library books and other peoples research).

Contributions to this page are welcome. If you have Frakes-related information you would like to share with others using this website, please email me by clicking on the Contact link at the top of this page.



Thanks to George R. Frakes of Oceanside, CA for these two spreadsheets with Frakes data from the US Census! George is tireless researcher of all things Frakes. He has generously allowed me to post this file as an aid to others. If you don't want to subscribe to, this is probably the most comprehensive Frakes-related Census compilation you will find! (These are large files—they may take a while to download!) This file has data for the states Alabama thru Indiana. (1.26 Mb)

MS Excel file George Frakes Census AL to KY

This file has data for Kentucky thru Wyoming (1.16 Mb)

MS Excel file George Frakes Census Data KY to WY



Here is an excerpt from my first book, The Life and Times of Henry Freaks/Friggs, Sr., of Old Somerset County, Maryland... This section is from Chapter 2: Leads Prior to Henry Freakes/Friggs, Sr. This is the man we call Henry I.

Note: Henry I may have been the Henry Freke who came to the New World in 1676 on a ship called the Maryland Merchant—transported to serve for a period of indenture to last 4 years, leaving from Bristol, England and bound for "Virginia." (118 kb)

Microsoft Word document Origins of Henry Freaks/Friggs of Old Somerset County Maryland



Here is an excerpt from my second book, Will the Real Sons of Henry Freaks/Friggs, Jr. (II) Please Stand Up?... This section is from Chapter 8: Other Speculations on Frakes Origins...

Note: In this chapter I review, and PROVE INCORRECT, several speculative theories about the origins of John Frakes, Sr. of Nelson County, Kentucky. I provide this to those of you who believe in and care about good research, to help set the record straight. (150 kb)

Microsoft Word document with some incorrect speculations on the origins of John Frakes, Sr. of Nelson County, Kentucky



This is an 1878 photograph of a DeBaun, Harris and Frakes group at the Parke county, Indiana household of Samuel and Angeline DeBaun. In it, Rhoda (Frakes) Harris is the sister to my great grandfather Peter Frakes. Also shown is Mary "Polly" (Siner) Harris, one of my great-great (G2) grandmothers. Polly Siner's image is the oldest I have for an ancestor of mine. (This is a large file—it may take a while to download!) (2.89 MB)

1878 Parke County Indiana photograph DeBaun, Harris and Frakes

Here is an index to the people in the 1878 photograph (659 kb)

Index to 1878 Parke County Indiana Photograph



This is a document titled The Remembrances of Ethel Amy (Vickery) Frakes, of Parke, Sullivan and Vigo Counties, Indiana, by Charles Frakes, 2007. This is a compilation of original information written by my grandmother about her life and the people she knew in Parke and Sullivan counties during the 1890's and up to her marriage to Walter Frakes in 1916. (109 kb)

Booklet, Rembrances of Ethel Amy (Vickery) Frakes

(Surnames include: Albee, Anderson, Biggs, Carter, Case, Davis, DeBaun, DeHart, Dotson, Drake, Duckworth, Frakes, Fuson, Goodwin, Halberstadt, Hall, Harmon, Harris, Haret, Harris, Harvey, Hogg, Hogue, Holmes, Howlett, Johnson, Jones, Kinser, Locke, Madison, McCoy, McNulty, Miller, Myers, Parker, Pound, Pogue, Ransford, Reed, Richmond, Romine, Scott, Siner, Tarrh, Thomson, Thompson, Trueblood, Vickery and Welsh.)



This is a 1952 photograph taken at a Frakes reunion held in Prairie Creek, Indiana. Many of my grandparents, great uncles and aunts, and cousins are pictured. My count is there are 81 persons in the photograph, and about half of them are not yet identified. Do you or someone in your family know any of these people? (This is a very large file—it may take a while to download!) (1.25 MB)

1952 Prairie Creek Indiana Frakes Reunion photograh

Here is an index to the people in the photograph (52 kb)

Index to 1952 Prairie Creek Frakes Reunion Photograph



If you have other Frakes-related data or files to add to this page please use the Contact button on the top of this page to email me the information.


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