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I have added notes in Italics

These Sarver families have traced their ancestors from John Sarver, Jr. (born 1772) and his wife, Margaret (Smith) Sarver (born 1779), married 1797 in Botetourt County, Virginia.

John and Margaret's children were, Margaret, John "The Fox Hunter," Cass, Mary, Jeremiah, Sr., Wyatt, Catherine, Telitha, Henry, and Elizabeth, and were all born between 1798 and 1820. Members of this family migrated from Botetourt County, Virginia, to Allen County, Kentucky, and to the Herrick area.

John "The Fox Hunter" and Cass came to Bowling Green around 1833, Jeremiah, Sr., their brother, came about 1840. John "The Fox Hunter" and Cass were married to Frailey sisters and Jeremiah married a Frailey, a cousin to the sisters.


John, born 1801, son of John Jr. and Margaret Smith Sarver, was called "John the Fox Hunter". He married Virginia Frailey and to this union was born two daughters. Tabitha married Harvey Jones, no children known (I have 9 children). The second daughter, "Dump" Mary Jane married Wright McClanahan. They operated a store on Bowling Green Hill in 1850. Rosa, their tenth child of eleven children, married Frank Adams. To this union was born Edith Adams, who resides in Herrick, the late Frank Adams and the late Maggie Adams Conn who at one time was the mayor of Herrick.


Cass, born 1803, son of John Jr. and Margaret Smith Sarver, settled and built a log house on government ground about three miles southeast of Herrick. Their first son "Red" John (1831-1922) was born in a covered wagon either on the way or shortly after arriving in Fayette County. Cass and Polly had two other children, Wyatt died a young man and Betty married Joe Beck, son of young Hiram Beck.

"Red'' John married Cynthia Jane Beck, daughter of Hiram Beck (young Hiram Beck's father). They raised six children, Wyatt, Elizabeth Rogers (John), Harriet McDonald (Charles), Cass, Joe, Molly Snow (Jerry) and Ed.

Wyatt Burton Sarver, born 1855, married young Hiram Beck's daughter. They had one daughter Mary, who was raised by her grandfather "Red" John.
Mary married Joe Corley of Herrick. Wyatt's second wife Sydney Belle Welch, daughter of Sollie and Phoebe Frailey Welch raised ten children. John "Jack Wyatt''; ''Red" Joe; Kathern (Will) McNeer; Jenny Rentfro (Burl); Gurtie married (1) Oat Sloan (2) Johnny "Fats'' Sarver (3) Jess Dobbs; Candie Gallop (Rube); Luella Miller (Ed) and Iva Vise (Ray); Bertha Burrus (Joe Dick); Clara Wills (John).

Cass, born 1862, was married twice. Four children by one wife (Harriet Ann Snow), Odie and Owen never married, Edna married Burl Frailey, and Otto was raised by Charlie McDonald. Otto married and had children. Cass and his second wife (Rhoda Mahan) had one son, Milo, who married and had several children. Cass shot Rhoda Mahan (one of his wives) and himself.

Joe, born 1865, left home at sixteen, went to Texas, married and had children.

Ed, born 1875, was a frail child. He wasn't expected to live but died at the age of ninety seven. Ed married Lib Lite, they had one daughter Faye who married Clifton Hadley.


"Jack Wyatt'' married Lora Sarver, daughter of ''Hay" John and Cynthia Beck Sarver. "Jack Wyatt" drove a dray wagon pulled by horses. He delivered bread, feed and other products from the Herrick railroad to the village stores. He was a carpenter, also raised and fought game chickens as did his father and grandfather before him. Lora and Lottie Burrus started a restaurant next to the Marathon station in 1943. Lora's son Erman and wife Dorothy took this over a year later for a short period of time. "Jack Wyatt'' and Lora's children were Erman "Tat," Charles "Buster," Russell, Ina Mae and Ellen (died at the age of one year).

Erman married Dorothy Evans from Cowden, they have two sons, Lowell and Nelson. Erman was in the Navy CB's, WWII. He had a dog business called Herrick Hound Kennels, also worked for the Herrick elevator for several years. Erman's second wife was Glapha Frailey Pope.

Charles married Jean Corley, daughter of Ralph and Gladys Williams Corley. "Buster" was a WWII combat veteran, entered the army in 1941 and was in the second wave in the Normandy Invasion, wounded in Metz, France. Transferred to a hospital in England then on to Utah and discharged in 1945. "Buster" also raised and fought game chickens. He and Jean have two children. Terry, a bachelor, was an Army recruiter promoted to personnel of the Federal Civil Service in the Army Reserves, Springfield. Connie married Tim Hardimon, son of Raymond and Ruth Hardimon.**

Russel's first wife was Harriet Elberson from Pana. Second wife Sherol, daughter of Ralph and Tennessee Ginger Horn. To this union three children were born, Sherrie Lynn (died as baby), Lisa and Larry. After serving one year in the army in 1943, Russel and Randall Frailey were in a trucking business, shipping dogs and hauling gravel for farm to market roads. Russel and Sherol operated a restaurant for a short period of time in Herrick before he reenlisted in the army in 1954. They were stationed in several different bases in the United States, in Germany, Korea and Japan. Russel retired in 1968 with a medical discharge.

Lisa graduated at Camp Zurna High School in Japan. Married Martin Hardimon, son of Raymond and Ruth Hardimon * *. Larry, married Herrick's 1973 Fourth of July Queen and the 1973 Shelby County Queen, Lee Ann Sarver, daughter of Paul and Phyliss Sarver. Larry graduated from Herrick High School. They have four children, Shawn and Zack attend Herrick Grade School. Ginger and Lora still at home.

Ina Mae, "Jack Wyatt" and Lora Sarver's daughter, married Kenneth Blackerby, son of Ozwald Barnes Blackerby**. Ina Mae and her nephew Nelson's wife Carol were partners in a restaurant from 1981 to 1982.


"Red" Joe married Ada Lorton, to this union two children were born, Lucy and Dewey. Lucy married Dale Blankenship, they had one son, Francis. Lucy's second husband was Delbert Sims. Dewey married Eva Marie Dial. He was in the dog supply business before retiring. They live near Cowden in Fayette County. Children of Dewey and Eva are Terry, Gary, Carolyn, and Randy.

Terry's first wife was Donna Moore from Beecher City, they have three children, Kimberly, Carol, and David. Terry's second wife is Ann Draper from Indiana, they live in Cowden, no children. Gary married Connie Tucker from Cowden. They live near Gary's parents and have two children, Laura and Aaron. Carolyn married Larry McDowell from Vandalia. They have two children, Deana and David and also live near Dewey and Eva. Randy married Cindy Wonus from Beecher City, they live in Cowden, no children.



Lowell married Illabelle Shippy, daughter of Raymond and Ethel Shippy**. They own and reside southeast of Herrick, near where Lowell's great great great grandfather, Cass Sarver first settled when he came here from Kentucky.

Lowell and his brother Nelson managed the Shell Station for five years, 1964-1969. During this time they built and started the first coin operated car wash in the village of Herrick. They were also in the vending, juke box, and other coin operated machine business, Sarver Vending Service.

In 1968 they bought and remodeled the building next to the post office. This was Sarver's Discount Store, operated by Illabelle and Nelson's wife Carol until 1971. Lowell is now a journeyman machinist by trade, they have two children Mark and Sandy. Mark works with his father, he married Kathy Snow of Papa, they have one daughter Heather. Heather was Herrick's first Fourth of July Princess in 1982. Sandy married ''Butch'' Glenn Heiserman II of Lakewood, they have one daughter Shannon.


Nelson married Carol Berryman, daughter of Ralph and Dalena Burrus Berryman * *. In 1963, Nelson operated a pool room in the building next to the Marathon Station. His grandfather "Jack Wyatt" attended the pool room for him. Sometime around 1975, Nelson bought out his brother Lowell's half of the car wash and coin operated machines. He also has an insulation service. In 1981, Carol and Nelson bought and remodeled the building south of the tracks (was at one time Frank and Mary Sarver's ''Super Market"). Half of the building was used as a recreation center, the other half was a restaurant operated by Carol and Nelson's aunt Ina Mae Blackerby. Nelson and Carol own and live in the house at the edge of Herrick that was once Joe Dick Burrus's Tavern. They have two children. Curtis graduated from Cowden Herrick High School in 1982. He is now in the army, stationed in Germany. Nina lives at home and is a student at Cowden Herrick High School.


Jeremiah, Sr., born 1807 in Kentucky, married Mollie Frailey (1820) (cousin of Harriett and Polly) in Kentucky. Children of Jeremiah, Sr. and Mollie and (spouses of those children) were: John Coleman (Cynthia Jones); Jeremiah, Jr. (1838) (Sarah Ann Frailey); Samuel (1) Carolyn Burrus (2) Nancy; William "Billy" (Mary Matney); Millie (Dickerson Burrus); Telitha (Benny Dickerson Frailey); Mary (Isaac McManmie); Catherine (John Beck).


Jeremiah Sarver, Jr. (1838 1914) and Sarah Ann Frailey (1840 1892)
Jeremiah Jr., second of eight, grew up in the Herrick area and learned livestock, grain and tobacco farming from his father. He lived a good portion of his life in Bowling Green Township, Fayette County. He was united in marriage to Sarah Ann Frailey, a daughter of Dickerson Frailey and Chloe Beck Frailey of Herrick. After marriage, deciding he wanted more education, he returned to school and completed his education.

Jeremiah, Jr. volunteered and was inducted into Company A, 14th Regiment of the Illinois Infantry, 1864, at age 26. He served as a Private and was honorably discharged 1865, at the close of the Civil War. He then returned to the "home place", continued farming and he and his wife, Sarah Ann, raised eleven children.

In the late 1800's, the now widowed Jeremiah purchased lots in Herrick and built a two story building on the west side of Main Street, north of the Nickel Plate Railroad. He then divided his land and estate among his children, most of whom established their homes on same thus remaining in close proximity, and creating an exceptionally close family bond. Jeremiah moved from the farm and lived in part of the upstairs of his new building, renting the other portion upstairs to the Herrick Telephone Exchange.

Downstairs, he operated a drug store where he had a thriving business selling candies, drugs, jewelry, dishes and numerous other articles. This business was operated throughout the early 1900's until his health failed. He then returned to live with his son, Grover Cleveland's family on the ''home place" until his death in 1914.

Jeremiah, Jr., Pap or Grandpap, as he was known to all, was a man sincerely devoted to family and country. He earned a good living from the then uncleared and uncultivated soil around Herrick. He and wife, Sarah Ann, are resting at peace in Antioch cemetery, Herrick.

Jeremiah, Jr. (Grandpap) children: Hiram (1860) married Arminda Burrus; John M.** (1863) married Nellie Ferguson, Mineola, Texas; Jeremiah III** (1867), known as Uncle Jerry, married Alice Burrus, (2) Mollie Fair Jones, no children; Chloe, died as a small child; Riley (1870), married Ann Robertson; Mollie (?1873), married Cordis Jones; David (?Abt. 1875), never married; Sarah Ann** (1877), known as Sadie, married Rollie Jones; Martha" (1879), married John F. Lorton; Telitha (?), died as a small child; Grover Cleveland (1885), married Sylvia Elizabeth Welch.


Grover Cleveland Sarver Family (1885 1957) and Sylvia Elizabeth Welch (1888 1964)
married in 1906

"GC", born before the turn of the century in 1885, was the eleventh and youngest child of Jeremiah, Jr. and Sarah Ann Frailey Sarver of Bowling Green Township.

He attended grade school at the Frailey School on the J. M. D. Frailey property and spent his boyhood helping his (widowed) father on the farm clearing ground, raising livestock, poultry, tobacco and grain. He also assisted his father at the drug store in Herrick, prior to marrying Sylvia Elizabeth Welch, the third child of seven of Johnie and Candace Irene Redman Welch of rural Herrick.

Cleveland and Sylvia set up housekeeping on the Sarver family homestead farm located four miles southeast of Herrick.

A family man, well known and respected in the community, "GC" took an active interest in local and civic affairs serving as a director ~ for the Herrick Farmer's Store, Cemetery Trustee, Township Supervisor, Census Taker, Assessor, Church Elder and Deacon, and held many other offices.

Carrying on a traditional family interest, ''GC" was an enthusiastic fox hunter. Even today, there are many who fondly recall the numerous hunts that originated at the "home place" and covered such areas as "Red Barn," "Lilly Field," "Fannie Branch'' and "Long Hollow. "

He also held a lifelong interest in the game of baseball having played as a boy on a team in the Herrick area and later helping organize the local "DIXIE TOM CATS" ball team, and was a devoted Brooklyn 'Dodger tan.

Cleveland and Sylvia maintained an open house atmosphere in their home, having many visitors. As parents, they spent much time in teaching and directing activities of work and play. Family additions, both marriages and births, were joyfully welcomed. Babies and small children always brought a twinkle to his "Sarver Blue Eyes'' as he held a special love for them, both his own family and others.

Cleveland, Sylvia, and infant son, J. Clinton, are buried at the Buchanan Cemetery. There are ninety one living descendants, many can be found helping in various projects. We sincerely hope to have future descendants of Grover Cleveland Sarver involved in the future Bicentennial Celebration (200) of Herrick, Illinois.

Grover Cleveland Sarver children: Maggie Erma (1907), married Samuel Loyd Durbin of rural Cowden. Their children: Loyd, Jr., Russell, Stanley, Jerry. Carrie Bell (1909), married Edgar (Bob) Petty of rural Cowden. Their children: Imogene, Eugene, Lanell, Donald. Fern Irene (1911 1980), married Charles F. Simmons of rural Cowden. Their children: Maynard, Haldon, Pearl, J. P. Dugal Welch (1913), married Lucy Tucker of rural Cowden. Their children: Verla and Vera. Samuel Almond (1915), married Marcella Burrus of rural Herrick. No children. Herbert Wayne" (1918), married Nelsine Burrus of rural Herrick. Their child: Lois. Jeremiah Clinton (1920), died as an infant. Kenneth Ray (1923), married Genevieve Burrus of rural Herrick. Their child: Evelyn.

JOHN M. SARVER [1863 1938] born second child of eleven, son of Jeremiah Sarver, Jr. (1838 1914) and Sarah Ann Frailey (1840 1892), a grandson of Jeremiah Sarver, Sr. and great grandson of John and Margaret (Mary) Smith Sarver of Botetourt County, Virginia.

A bit of his ancestor's move along blood in him, John M. left his home at age 15 17 and hitch hiked his way to Pine Mills, Texas, a community nearly identical in looks to Wright's Corner, Illinois, a crossroads country store, lumber mill area. John worked clearing timber, and in the mill. He married Nellie Ferguson (1867 1917) in 1888. She was the daughter of the mill owner.

He was known as a man of his word, who kept by his easy chair, a Bible, Geography books and History books. He studied daily and could converse intelligently on any subject of conversation.

John M. returned to Herrick at least three times, the last visit in 1937, before his death in 1938.

He raised nine children as follows:
Clay V., Gracie, Myrtle, Johnie, Joseph Ray, Clifford, Mary, Lorena, Jerry S. All of these children were born between 1889 and 1905 and raised in the Mineola, Texas area.

John and Nellie were the only members of their family that had ever been in Herrick, Illinois, until the year of 1976. At that time, their grandson, Marlon Skeet" Turbeville, made a visit here.

He was thoroughly amazed at the number of cousins he had here. "Skeet" being a farmer himself, watermelon and sweet potatoes, could not understand why John M. left such good farm land not realizing that the area, at John M.'s departure (1878 to 1880) was mostly wooded uncleared saw mill territory.

JEREMIAH SARVER III "Little Jerry" (1867 1942), son of Jeremiah, Jr. and Sarah Sarver, lived on his farm near Mitchell Creek Bridge (near Glen Doty Farm). He worked on railroad "Bridge gangs" constructing trestles. He married Alice Burrus; they had one child, Clyde who died as small child. He later married Mollie Fair Jones. He and Mollie moved to Owaneco and ran a butcher shop, later returning to a walk out basement home he built near Valley School. Little Jerry and his son are buried at Antioch Cemetery.


Herbert W. Sarver, son of Grover Cleveland and Sylvia (Welch) Sarver," married Nelsine Burrus, daughter of Lane and Kathryn (Nowlin) Burrus.** The centennial farm where they now live was deeded to a Daniel Gregory in 1854 by the United States government. Nelsine's great great grandfather, Richard Nowlin, secured the land from Gregory in August of the same year.

Richard Nowlin died in 1863 leaving his wife Miriam, two daughters, Elizabeth who married Henry Burrus and Melinda Jane who married Jordon Lockwood, and two minor sons, Hiram Natheniel and James Andrew. They held the land as undivided interest until 1872 when they deeded this forty acres to James Andrew.

James Andrew Nowlin, better known as "Andy or Pap," and wife, Sara Jane (Meyers) Nowlin, were the parents of seven children, one being Nelsine's grand mother, Kate, who married Joe Dover Burrus. They were the parents of eight children and lived in a small house on the property until they built a large two story frame home with full basement. There were two fireplaces in the basement where they had a kitchen and dining area. The upstairs rooms were big with high ceilings. The walls were plastered, and there were carbide lights. Nelsine's parents lived there when she was born in 1922.

"Grandpa Joe" died in 1944, leaving the forty acres to Nelsine's uncle, Franklin Burrus. When Herb and Nelsine purchased the land from her uncle, this was the only time it has been sold at a per acre price during the 129 years the farm has been in the family. They tore the old house down, salvaged all the lumber possible, and built a smaller one.

In 1973, they received from her parents forty acres that great granddad Nowlin had purchased from William Ginger in 1880. It, too, with much effort has been in the family since that time. The grandfathers were all adventurous, hard working people. With much toil and tribulation, many mortgages, loans, redeems, most at 7% interest, they all managed to hold onto the property. Nelsine hopes she is not the one to break the chain.

Herb and Nelsine have a daughter, Lois Elaine. She is married to Harold F. Ruot; they have two sons, Charles W. and Chad L. Ruot.


Riley Sarver, 1870-1919, son of Jeremiah and Sarah Ann Frailey Sarver, married Barbara Ann Robertson, 1876-1929, in 1894. They were raised southeast of Herrick. They built a house and lived there all their lives.

They were parents of nine children: Myrl, Vern, Luther, Cecil, Pearl, Frank, and Dallas. Iva and Rodell died at an early age. Myrl married Elmer Burrus. They had a daughter Ethel, who married Russell Crouch. They had two sons, Carl deceased; Charles, who married Sandra Lorton. (See Louis A. Lorton"). Vern married Birdie Steele. They were parents of two children, Pauline, deceased, and Lester, who married Irma Anderson. They have three children Sandra, Sherry and Gary. Birdie lives in Cowden. Luther married Mary Long. They lived in Clinton. They were parents of Mary Ann of Decatur, Maxine, Doris, and Bud, all deceased. Cecil married Eva Lorton and moved to Michigan. They had one daughter, Sally Ann. Frank L. married Elizabeth Ditmore. They had four sons, Frank, William, Robert, and Donald. They all reside in Wisconsin. Frank's second marriage was to Helen Hicks and they had two children, Judy and Eddie. Dallas married Edna Holmes. Parents of two children, Dallas, Jr. and Barbara. They lived in Michigan.

Pearl Chandler and Cecil Sarver are the only two living children of the Riley Sarver family.


Jeremiah, son of John (1838 1913) and Cynthia Ann Jones (1839 1898), grandson of Molly (Frailey) and Jeremiah Sarver, Sr. (one of the three brothers who were the first Sarvers in the Herrick area).

Jeremiah (1866 1942) married Sadie Jane Beck (1866 1928), daughter of Hiram Beck and Harriet (Miller). He owned and ran a general store in Herrick for many years. They were the parents of eight children: Cynthia (Cleveland Black**); Hiram (Hiram Sarver"); Ellen, married Jess Dobbs, no children; John, married Letha McMahon, five children: Annabelle, Doris, Donald, Robert, and Betty; Eathel, married Ollie Hendricks, three sons: Lane, Delmar and Jerry; Otis, (Otis Sarver"); Edward, married Virginia Carey, two sons: Gary and Philip; Nola (Louis Smart").
After Sadie's death, Jeremiah married Ada (Hicks) Logue.


Hiram Lloyd Sarver Sr. (1889 1946) Fayette County, the son of Jeremiah and Sadie Jane Sarver. In 1915, he married Mabel M. (McClanahan), daughter of Smith and Maggie (Langdon) McClanahan. They have three children: Hiram Jr. married to Helen (Barr), daughter of Berton and Sadie (Adams) Barr.

They were the parents of 5 sons: Larry Lee (died at birth), William Dale, Melvin Lloyd, Jerry David, and George Robert. After Helen passed away, Hiram married Blanche Davis; Roselyn (See Benjamin and Eula Austin); Helen Lolita married Van Cook Jr., son of Van Sr. and Etta Boaz. They had two children: Paula Elaine and Larry Dean.


Otis Sumner Sarver was born in 1903 in Shelby County, the son of Jeremiah and Sadie (Beck) Sarver. He married Inez Marie Ruff in 1927 in Shelbyville. They spent their married life in Herrick. At the time of his death in 1945, he was the Operator Clerk at the Nickel Plate Depot in Herrick. They have six children who are:

Darrel L., who is married to Dorothy (Bishop) of Chicora, Mississippi. Darrel served in the Army, enlisting in 1946. He is retiring this year from 35 years of Government employment and moving to Herrick. he is also a musician. Their 5 daughters are: Judy, Dianna, Patricia, Marilyn and Bridget.

Jerry [Gene], who is married to Iva (Logsden) of Tower Hill. They live in Pana and he was Plant Manager of Mallory Timers of Pana at the time of its closing and is a Korean Veteran. Their children are: Jerry, Marilea, David and Jodi.

Marilyn, who married Ronald Koetz. They lived in Herrick until she died in an automobile accident in 1955. They had one daughter, Valerie. Valerie is married to Tony Smith and lives in Herrick with their 3 children: Shawn, Staci and Brandon.

James O. [Jim], who is married to Dorma (Fleming) of Decatur. They live in Pana and own and operate a Grocery Store there. Their children are Robert, Janice, Donna and Terry.

Dennis H., who is married to Janet (Seitz) of Decatur. They live in Phoenix, Arizona. He works for an inventory team, and is a musician. They have two children: Jill and Michael.

Linda, who is married to John MiIler of Ramsey. They live in Herrick and are the parents of a son Michael. Daniel Gochez of Mexico City, Mexico, lives with them to continue his studies.

All 6 of their children graduated from the Herrick High School.

After Otis' death, Inez married Elver (Spud) Manuel in 1952. Spud was a Veteran of World War 11 and worked for the Government for 15 years until his death in 1966.
Inez still resides in the family home of 37 years.


John E. Sarver (1872 1935), son of ''Coleman" John and Cynthia Jones Sarver, married Cynthia Beck, daughter of John and Katherine Sarver Beck. John and his brother Jim started the poultry business and scale office in 1918. John got the nickname "Hay" John because he sold hay. He represented Herrick Township on the Shelby County Board of Supervisors, thus being instrumental in getting the Herrick Tower Hill road through in 1933. John and Cynthia's children were Charlie "Digger," Orville, Lora, and Roy "Red."

CHARLIE "Digger" married Nell Burgess of Bingham, Illinois. They had no children. "Digger" at one time had a shoe cobbler shop next to the Marathon Station.

ORVILLE married Reatha Evans of Cowden. Orville worked on the railroad and farmed the ground southeast of Herrick that he inherited from his father. After his death in 1974, the farm was sold to Martin and Lisa Sarver Hardimon, daughter of Russell Sarver, granddaughter of Lora, Orville's sister. Orville and Reatha had one son, Orville, Jr., married to Martha Nell Walls of Jefferson ville, Indiana. No children born to this union. Orville Jr. was killed in Belgium, 1945 in World War II. A daughter and second child of Orville and Reatha was Imogene who married Donald Orr, now living in St. Elmo.

ROY "Red" married Viola Wilson, daughter of Charles and Margaret Cothern Wilson. Roy was a construction worker, they had four children before he died. (See Clarence and Viola Sarver Brown family).

LORA, "Hay John" and Cynthia's only daughter, married John "Jack Wyatt" Sarver, son of Wyatt and Sidney Welch Sarver. (See "Jack Wyatt" and Lora Sarver Family).


James (Hay Jim), son of John (1838 1913) and Cynthia Ann (Jones) (1839 1898), grandson of Molly (Frailey) and Jeremiah Sarver, one of the three brothers who were the first Sarvers in the Herrick area.

James (1874 1933) married Harriet (Hattie) Elizabeth (Corley) (1877 1954) in 1910.

Jim and Hattie lived on the home place in Dixie, one half mile north of the Oak Grove Church. Frank was born there. They moved in 1907 to Cowden, living in the block house on the Herrick road entrance to the southwest corner of Cowden. Jim built a two story frame house across the street south and moved a year later. In 1910, they moved to Herrick, where Forrest was born. They lived in the southeast part of town across he street from the mill pond.

Jim Sarver was involved in the commodity business, such as buying and shipping by rail, apples, hay, etc. Jim traveled considerably in the Central Illinois area in the commodity business.

For a period of time Jim and his brother, John (Hay John), worked together operating the scale office buying and selling grain, coal, etc. Coal was sometimes hauled by team and wagon from Pana. Jim was also in the real estate business. Later he joined Frank in the dog business and mineral water business. They were members of the Church of Christ.


Forrest was the son of James William and Harriet Elizabeth (Corley) Sarver. He was born in 1911 in Herrick. He attended school in Herrick and joined his brother, Frank, in the dog business. Forrest married Faythe in 1933.

Later Forrest operated the Dixie Hound Kennels a short time and then bought dogs for experimental and serum laboratories. He worked for the Nickel Plate Railroad before operaing a restaurant and pool hall in Herrick. Later he moved to Toledo, Ohio, working for the Norfolk and Western Railroad and operating a Mobil Home Park. Faythe was a beautician for 32 years. Their two children are: Shirley Joyce, born 1934, and Forrest Hugh, born 1940.

Shirley married Roy Eldo Wilson in 1955. They had three children, Roy Bruce, James Mark, deceased, and Richard Lee.

Hugh married Carol Sims in 1964. There were two children from this union, Steven Hugh and Jonathan Henry. Hugh remarried Geraldine Agnes (Lyman) and their two children are: Aaron Lyman and Sarah Elizabeth.

Forrest died in 1968. Faythe married Homer Clark Cochran in 1975.


Franklin is the only child of Frank and Mary (Black) Sarver. Franklin was born in Herrick in 1928 and attended Herrick Schools. In 1950, Franklin married Beatrice (Sphar), daughter of Lester and Arline (Bryson) Sphar of Pana. (John Adams").

Franklin and Bea operated a grocery store for his father in Herrick. He is a veteran of the Korean Conflict, spending 10 months with the 7th Division in Korea.

Franklin joined Caterpillar Tractor Company in 1956 and was moved to the Peoria area in 1968, making their home in Morton. He traveled extensively installing corporate computer systems and is currently assigned to Corporate Purchasing. Bea has worked as secretary for two companies and the Herrick Schools. Bea has been a 4 H leader 14 years and has served on the County Youth Council and as President of the Morton 4 H Council.

Their children are Cindy Denise, Illinois State Univer sity Medical Technologist graduate; Sandra Rene attend ed Junior College; Wendy Michelle, attending Morton High and Scot Franklin, attending Junior High. They are or have been active in 4 H, band, symphony and sports.

The family is active in the Church of Christ. Sandra, Cindy, Bea and Franklin are Bible Teachers and Franklin is an Elder.

Sandra married Joe Cotter. Sandra is a Professional Secretary and Joe is a System Programmer. They attend Junior College and reside in Morton. Cindy married Terry Leitch. Cindy is a Registered Medical Technologist and Terry is in graduate school at the University of Chicago.


Charles E. (Digger) Sarver, son of I. R. (Dick) and Vina Nodine Sarver, was born in 1887. Grandson of John and Cynthia Sarver.

He had three sisters and one brother. Namely: Mrs. Owen (Janie) Hunter, Mrs. Emil (Ellen) Reeves, Ura and Elijah Sarver.

He married Nora E. Hawyer and to this union nine children were born.

One son died as an infant.
Namely: Harold C., Mrs. Newel (Lela) Welch, Mrs. Cale (Vica) Beck, Garold K., Mrs. James (Fern) Manuel, Kenneth E., Nelson G., and Vada Lorrain.

Three sons served in the Armed Services. Garold, in the Navy, Kenneth, in the Army, and Nelson in the Air Force.

He spent most of his life in Carson and Bowling Green Township and owning his home southeast of Herrick. Always a farmer.

He once removed the car body from his 1918 or 1919 Ford Touring car and made him a Model T Ford truck and many years hauled milk and neighbors' milk between his house and Herrick to J. L. Hughes Milk Station, located south of the railroad and at the northwest corner of Charley Austin and son in law Clifford Lynn's Grocery Store, now known as the Herrick Cafe.

Before his death he was one of the oldest citizens living around Herrick. He passed away in 1982, nine days short of 95 years old. He is buried in Myers Cemetery.


After attending Herrick schools, Frank worked for the Nickel Plate Railroad in the East St. Louis area yards for about two years. He returned to Herrick and purchased the newspaper, operating it for a year. He then started the Dixie Hound Kennels while helping his father. In two years the dog business was full time and prospering.

He married Mary (Black) daughter of Cleve and Cynthia (Sarver) Black, in 1927, in Vandalia, Illinois. They had one son, Franklin Montgomery Sarver, Jr.

Mary worked with Frank in the dog business. They then started the Fountain of Youth Mineral Water business. In the 1930's, there were twenty three people working in the busy season. After three years, the mineral water business had not become profitable, so it was dis continued.

In 1939, Frank started the Star Kennels while Forrest operated the Dixie Hound Kennels. Frank let the Star Kennels phase out and operated the Dixie Hound Kennels thereafter.

In 1947, Frank bought the Herrick Super Market. Mary and Franklin operated the store. Frank served as Democrat Committeeman, Township Supervisor, Rotary and board member of both High and Grade Schools. They were both members of the Church of Christ. Frank finished high school in 1942, when Franklin finished grade school.


Julia Clay married a Sarver. To this union two sons and two daughters were born, Alfred, George, Delilah and Julia. Delilah married a Bracken and Julia married an Elliot.

Alfred Sarver moved from Kentucky to Illinois in a covered wagon. George's sons, William H. and James W. walked beside the wagon. Their extra weight would have broken the wagon. Alfred traded his team and covered wagon for eighty acres of land west of Effingham, later selling and buying real estate in Henton, Illinois.

George Sarver later came to Illinois and bought forty acres three miles south of Herrick. Becks Creek flowed through this farm. He built a log house, smoke house and a frame barn. The lumber for the barn was sawed from logs off this forty acres at a sawmill which was located on this tract of land.

George married a school teacher from London, England. Their children were Georganne, who married a Wilson; Alice who married Willie Wilson; William Harry and James Wyatt. His second wife was Martha Moutrey. Their children were Virgil, Washington and Julia.

William H. Sarver married Anna C. Beck. Their children were William Harry, Junior, who married Emily Finley; Oscar P., who married Katie Miller; Bertha May, who married Walter England; Rhoda C., who married Howard England; Alice Leona, who married Elmer Allen; Fred Z., who married Eva Crouch; George; Jesse Lee, who married Virginia Tedrick and Jeanette, who married Brown Turner.

William H., Bertha, Alice, Fred, George and Jeanette are deceased. Rhoda and Oscar live east of Ramsey and Jesse lives in Brownstown.


Oscar, was born 1893, the second son in a family of nine, to William and Anna (Beck) Sarver who lived about three miles west and one mile south of Herrick, and later settled on a farm near Beck's Creek in Carson Township.

He attended Liberty School, helped on the family farm and later enjoyed serving the community as an auctioneer. This led to selling a Pie and Box Supper for a young teacher and then marriage to the teacher in 1923.

Katie Miller is the oldest child, in a family of four, of Frank and Anna (Wehrle) Miller and was born in 1900.

The family lived in the Dressor and Carson areas and later Bowling Green where they had a grocery store. She attended school at Good Hope, then taught school at Good Hope, Shady Lane and Pleasant Grove.

Their married life began and continued for many years on a farm that is now the Wilson Fish Farm. After selling to the Wilsons, they moved to Herrick for a few years, then back to their present home which is one mile south of the Fish Farm. While living in Herrick in 1973, they had the pleasure of celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Their work and interests have been: Farming, good cattle, various jobs as school officials and township offices, Farm Bureau Director, Reeds Chapel United Methodist Church and family. During World War 11, when teachers were scarce, Katie returned to her job for three years. Oscar has helped with an insurance company for many years and is at present serving as chairman of the board of directors.

Their children are: Marette, who married Eugene Durbin in 1945; Paul Lee, who married Phyllis Golds borough in 1952. Marette and Paul live in Herrick, and H. Miller ''Cy," who married Helene Jackson in 1960 and lives in Bradenton, Florida. There are eight grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.


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