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West Virginia

Fox Hounds With Ancestry From West Virginia

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Name: John W. Fox

Ancestry Generation 1: Asa Fox m. Sarah ? Ancestry Generation 2: Asa Fox, b.1785 in Conn,d. bef Nov. 1865, m. Elizabeth Fickle Ancestry Generation 3: Joseph Fox, b 1825in Ohio,d. 1884 inPeach Orchard, KY, md. Emaline Sharp Ancestry Generation 4: Asa Fox, Sr. , b abt 1845 in Ohio, d. unknown, md. Amanda Robinson Ancestry Generation 5: Asa Fox, Jr. b.1874 in Lawrence county Ohio, d. 1911 in Fayette county, WV. md. Mary A. Sadler Ancestry Generation 6: James R. Fox Sr. b 1910 in Mt. Hope, WV d. 1995 inBeckley, WV. md. Kathleen E. Pack Ancestry Generation 7: John W. Fox, b. 1943 in Braddley, WV md. Shirley J. Parsons

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Name: Carolyn (Wendy) Ann Fox Lemley

Lineage: Johannes Pieter Fuchs,b.1679 in Germany.>John Peter> Peter> Henry > John, b. April 25,1830, d.April 5, 1904> Eli>b.Oct. 16,1850. D.1932.>Lafayette.Eli. b. Sept,19,1880 d.Mar 14,1973> Paul b.? d. Nov 1973 at Duquense,PA > Wendell R. b.Dec 13, 1936 in Mt, Morris, Pa. d. Feb 2, 1997 in Morgantown, W.Va >Carolyn A. b.Jan 11, 1960 in Mgtn, W.Va.

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Name:   Ronald Lee Fox

Samuel & Elizabeth Fox 1758 from England Amherst & Nelson Co. Va
William & Elizabeth Nelson & Greenbrier Co. Va
David Fox & Mary Ballengee Nelson, Greebrier Co. Va
Benj. Franklin Fox & Virg.Boggs summers & Braxton Co.WVA
Herny C. Fox & Susan Mc Morrow Braxton
Edward Henry Fox & Adolphine Audin

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Name: George E. Stover

Lineage: Asa Fox, b. in CT> Joseph Fox, lived in OH and KY> Matilda (Fox) Murphy lived in KY and WV> James David Murphy from WV> Patricia (Murphy) Stover> George Stover.

Allied lines: Murphy, Stover.

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Name: Crystal Bingham

Lineage: Mathias Fuchs m. Mary Spencer (dates unknown) Son Mathias Fuchs/Fox (1775ish) m. Margaret/Peggy Rouch/Rowh 1799, Augusta Co. Their marriage record, in German with old spellings, confirmed our ethnicity. Mathias-Peggy children include: Christopher m. Margaret McLaughlin John (1804) m. Sarah McLaughlin George (1806) m. (Mary) Elizabeth Burgess Sarah m. John Jordan (Jordon?) Margaret m. John Vance Wm C. (Abt 1810) m. Mary A. .Burgess David (1808) m. Catherine Gabbert Susan m. Andrew J. Courtney Mathias M. Lydia Guilden Elizabeth m. Joseph Clutter Catherine m. John Clutter Nancy m. David Russell, then Sampson Jordan Mary died in infancy E. (Abt 1810) May include a Seber Mathias is the confusion-welding name.Wm C also had a Mathias, as I believe did a couple others. I'm just very blessed that my different surnames chose different names to go multiple on! We have more on Wm C's family, David & Catherine, John & George's. These families are known to have been in: VA: Augusta, Culpeper, WV: Greenbrier, Tyler, Wetzel, Harrison, Doddridge

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Name: Kirk & Carol Kempton

Lineage: Henry FOX marr. Margaret ?> Arthur Wellington FOX,b. Jul 21,1847-d. July 25,1909 marr. Elizabeth Bragg b.Aug.16,1848-d.Sept.27,1933> Martha Alice FOX,b.Dec.13,1875 in Charleston,Kanawha,WV-d.March 27,1972 in Ft. Myers,Lee,FL,marr.Sheridan Riddel May 31,1900 in Charleston, Kanawha,WV> Julia Elizabeth RIDDEL,b.July 22,1901 in Charleston,Kanawha,WV-d.April 19,1990 in Ft. Myers,Lee, FL,marr.Percy Edward Histed>Martha Julia HISTED,b.Nov. 28,1922in Charleston,Kanawha,WV-d.Dec.19,1984 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO, marr. Jack Elliotte Kempton> Kirk Alan KEMPTON,b.Feb.10,1950 in Kansas City,
Jackson, MO

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Name: Karen Fitzgerald Pekar

Lineage:  Mary Jane FOX,b.1 June1878 in Ontario, Canada, d.1921 in Eldorado, Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada> Russell Johnson FITZGERALD, b. 16 March 1897 in Madoc, (Hastings), Ontario, Canada, d. Nov 1966 in Niagara Falls, New York.> Claude Eugene FITZGERALD, b. 24 November 1919 in Eldorado, Hastings, Ontario, CANADA, d. 23 Nov 1996 in Martinsburg, WV> Karen FITZGERALD PEKAR, b. 10 Nov 1947 in Niagara Falls, NY.

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Name: Nancy Lewellen Roe

Lineage: Margaret Fox, b. abt 1794 in VA - d. 1872 in WV> John W. Fox, b. 1831 in OH - d. aft 1874> Annie Elizabeth Fox Lewellen, b. 1854 in (W)VA - d. 1916 in WV> Harry Franklyn Lewellen, b. 1887 in WV - d. 1968 in WV> Kenneth George Lewellen, b. 1924 in WV> Nancy Lewellen Roe, b. 1955 in WV

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Name: Lyle LeMasters

Lineage: Samuel Fox, b.bef 1770 Eng?-d.1808 Nelson Co.,VA> John Fox, b. abt 1780 Anherst Co.,VA-d. Bef. May 1850 Fayette Co.,WV>William Miles Fox, b.1803 Amhesrt/Nelson Co.,VA-d.May 1876 Fayette Co.,WV> Joseph W.Fox, b.3/6/1834 Greenbrier Co.,WV- d.9/18/1919 Fayette Co.,WV> David William Fox, b. 1877 Fayette Co.,WV- d. 1946 Fayette Co.,WV

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Name:   Mary Wagner

Lineage:  Samuel FOX I, b. Abt 1760 in England - d. 8 May 1808 in VA> John FOX, b. Abt 1780 in VA - D. Apr 1850 in WV> William Miles FOX, b. Abt 1803 in VA - d. May 1876 in WV> Sarah Ann FOX (Felix WOOD), b. Abt 1837 in WV>  Thomas Taylor (Zack) WOOD, b 14 Feb 1870 in OH - d. 19 Nov 1938 in WV>   Oscar WOOD, b 22 May 1900 in WV - d. 05 Sep 1946>  Mary Haven WOOD

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Name:Pat O'Toole

Andrew Fuchs, b. 1701 Germany; d. 20 Feb 1778 (or 1773) Reading, Berks Co., PA; Anna Magdalena Kurtz m. unk>
David Fuchs, b. 1716 Germany; d. 1775 Berks Co., PA; Catharine Geiss m. unk>
Jacob Fuchs/Fox b.12 Mar 1764 Reading, Berks Co., PA; d. 16 August 1849 Rawson, Hancock Co., OH; Mary Eva Bunsey (Pauntz) abt 1785 PA>
Christian Fox b.24 Feb 1801 prob. Fairfield Co., OH; d. 28 Apr 1865 Rawson, Hancock Co., OH; m. Juliann Bartoon 22 June 1826 Fairfield Co., OH>
Jonathon Fox b. 16 Oct 1829 Pleasant twp., Fairfield Co.; d. 20 Oct 1916 Holgate, Henry Co., OH (visiting son); Sophia Cramer m. 13 May 1855 Hancock Co., OH>
Mettie Ann Fox b. 20 Mar 1872 Rawson, Hancock Co., OH; d. 27 Apr 1958 Oakdale, Allegheny Co., PA; Charles A. Caldwell m. 21 May 1893 Findlay, Hancock Co., OH>
Loneta Marie Caldwell b. 11 Aug 1894 Findlay, Hancock Co., OH; d. 18 Nov 1987 Oakdale, Allegheny Co., PA; Chester C. Edwards m. 8 Aug 1914 Chester, Hancock Co., WV>

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Name: Robert L. Rinehart

Lineage: George Fox b. abt 1700 d. abt 1754 in Hunterdon, NJ> George Fox b. abt 1735 in Germany d. abt 1760> Charles Fox b. abt 1755 in NJ> William E. Fox b. 1 Aug 1790 in Md. d. 4 Jul 1910 in Mt Morris, Pa> George W. Fox b. 17 Mar 1818 in Pa d. 24 Nov 1905> Mary J Fox b. 2 May 1852 Mt Morris, Greene Co, Pad. 27 Aug 1913 m. Barnett Beall 11 Dec 1873> Lura Melinda Beall b. 4 Oct 1878 Ritchie Co, WV d. 8 Jan 1958 Wood Co, WV m. Robert T. Rinehart> Robert Oliver Rinehart> Robert Lewis Rinehart

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Name: Sherranlynn Kincaid Nichols

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Lineage:  Samuel Fox I b. abt. 1740 England d. abt. 1808 Nelson Co. VA and Elizabeth ? d. abt. 1835 Nelson Co. VA> William Fox Sr. b. abt. 1761 Avon, Nelson Co. VA d. bef. 1845 Greenbrier Co. VA and Elizabeth Durham b. abt. 1780 Amherst Co. VA d. aft. 1870 Greenbrier Co. WV>William M. Fox Jr. b. abt. 1801 VA d. aft. 1880 Fayette Co. WV and Margaret Harrah b. abt. 1797 Montgomery Co.KY d. aft. 1880 Fayette Co. WV>Jonathan Allen Fox b. abt. 1835 Greenbrier Co. VA d. April 1874 War Trace,Fayette Co. WV and Margaret Malinda Kincaid b. abt. 1835 Greenbrier Co. VA d. aft. 1880 Summers Co. WV> Margaret J. Fox b. 28 Oct 1860 Clay Co. VA d. 14 Feb 1935 Quinnimont, Fayette Co. WV and Mathias Carter b. 15 Aug 1848 (Raleigh Co.) VA (could be Greenbrier Co. or Fayette Co., given as Raleigh on death record) d. 28 Apr 1923 Humoco, Summers Co. WV>Hattie Mae Carter b. 10 May 1905 Berry Town, Summers Co. WV d. 31 Mar 1970 Huntington, Cabell Co. WV>Sherranlynn Kincaid

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