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Historical Outline

1500 Native Americans the Chickasaw, Yuchi, and Cherokee inhabited the area.
1540 First explorer to enter the area was the Spaniard Hernando de Soto.
1541 Hernando de Soto crossed the Mississippi near the area of present-day Memphis.
1560 Spanish explorer Juan Pardo journeyed through eastern Tennessee building forts including one near present-day Chattanooga.
1673 The French (Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet) and English (James Needham and Gabriel Arthur) explorers begin to arrive.
1682 The Frenchman La Salle set up Fort Prud'homme near where Memphis stands today. He traveled down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico claiming the land for France naming it Louisiane, or Louisiana in English.
1712 French traders built post near today's Nashville, which was later called French Lick after the French who founded it.
1748 English traders from Virginia began to come into the area to trade with the Native Americans, competing with the French. They named the Cumberland Mountains, Gap and River after the Duke of Cumberland.
1754-1763 French and Indian War
1763 French surrendered to the English giving them control of Louisiana including Tennessee all the way to the Mississippi River.
1769 In 1763 the British King prohibited settlement by whites to west of the Appalachian Mountains, but   many began to enter the area regardless. By 1769 people by the hundreds had begun to build log cabin homes in the Watauga River valley.
1772 Settlers explored and established themselves in the valleys of the Holston and Nolichucky river valleys and formed the Watauga Association to govern themselves.
1775 American Revolution began in the east. The Transylvania Company was formed headed by Judge Richard Henderson and the company purchased land from the Cherokee in present-day Tennessee and Kentucky.

Wataugan James Robertson and John Donelson establish Fort Nashborough today's Nashville on the Cumberland River near French Lick. During this period Daniel Boone was sent to blaze a trail through the Appalachians to the Kentucky River. The first part of this trail was known as the Wilderness Road and was a major route between East and Middle Tennessee.

On October 7, 1780 the Battle of Kings Mountain took place in South Carolina. Tennesseans lead by Isaac Shelby and John Sevier defeated the British there.

1784 North Carolina ceded Tennessee to the US., State of Franklin was formed but was not recognized by Congress.
1785 The Act of Cession was repealed.
1788 The State of Franklin disintegrated because of internal disputes.
1790 The area was ceded to the Government and became part of what was the Territory of the US South of the Ohio River.

Census was taken later lost.
1791 Knox County formed from parts of Green and Hawkins Counties.
1794 Sevier County created from Jefferson County.
1795 Special census was taken to determine population needed for statehood.

Blount County formed from Knox County.

1796 June 1, 1796 Tennessee became the 16th state of the federal Union. Sevier was elected governor, and Andrew Jackson as U.S. congressman. Knoxville was made the capital. The population consisted largely of English, Scots-Irish, and German peoples.
1798-1819 Native American's gave up much of the land they claimed and by 1819 the only land recognized as Native American territory was Cherokee land in the Chickamauga Valley around Chattanooga.
1800 Census was taken later lost.
1801 Roane County formed.
1807 Rhea County formed from Roane County.
1810 Census was taken but consists of Rutherford and Grainger Counties only.
1819 Hamilton County formed from part of Rhea County.

McMinn County formed from Cherokee lands with Calhoun as the first county seat  In 1823 Athens became the county seat.

Monroe County formed from the Hiwassee District.

1820 Census taken.
1828 Cherokee people at Chattanooga published a weekly newspaper , the Cherokee Phoenix and Indian Advocate. Many of the Cherokee people at this time were prosperous and owned plantations some owned slaves who worked them. Also gold was found on Cherokee lands and whites began to push the Native Americans from their lands again.
1830 Census taken.
1830's East Tennessee agriculture was small family farms, Middle Tennessee was commercial farming (cotton, corn, tobacco and live stock) and also raising horses and mules in bluegrass country, West   Tennessee was known for cotton growing. Slave plantations were more common in West Tennessee with somewhat less in the Middle Tennessee and very few in the eastern part of the state.  East Tennesseans major travel routes were the Cumberland and Mississippi rivers. Construction of turnpikes during this era improved access to the rivers and to areas in Middle Tennessee.
1835 Cherokee gave up their claim to all their lands in Tennessee. This agreement was signed by only a few and the treaty was found to be fraudulent.
1836 Bradley County formed from Cherokee land cessions.

Meigs County formed from Rhea County.

1838 The Native Americans were removed from the state by federal troops and led into the Arkansas Territory. Many thousands of the Cherokee people died in this forced march, which became known as the Trail of Tears.
1839 Polk County was created from parts of Bradley, and McMinn Counties.
1840 Census taken.
1850 Census taken.

Railroad construction grew greatly.

1860 Census taken.

Textile manufacture grew, as did mining and manufacture of iron, coal, copper and other minerals found in Eastern Tennessee.

1861-1865 American Civil War. Important battles in Tennessee were Fort Donelson in 1862, Stones River in 1863, Chattanooga in 1863, Franklin in 1864, and Nashville in 1864. It is important to note that after 1862 marauding armies traveled the state tormenting civilians.
1870 Census taken.

Loudon County formed from parts of Roane, Monroe, and Blount Counties

1870-1880s Farmers formed self help-groups such as National Grange and Farmers' Alliances.
1880 Census taken.
1890 Census taken but later destroyed.
1900 Census taken.
Submitted by Terry Latey

Fox Hounds With Ancestry From Tennessee

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Name: Rich and Sandy (Fox) Ascherl

Lineage: James Fox b. approx. 1752>Enoch Fox b. 1774 Shenandoah VA>John Fox b. 1807-08 KY or TN>Enoch Fox b. 1830 IL>William Henry Fox b. 1854 IL>EldoRado Fox b. 1882 IL

Email Address:

Name: Albert H. Spinks


Philip Fuch (Fox) b. Germany??, d. 1796 NC
Jacob Fox b. 1750 PA, d. 1834 TN
William Fox b. 1785 NC, d. 1868 MS
Nathan Jackson Fox b. 1815 SC, d. 1891 MS
David Burney Fox b. 1865 MS, d. 1931 MS
Helen Burnice Fox b. 1897 AL, d. 1972 MS
Albert H. Spinks b. 1930 TN (myself)

Email Address: - currently not in service

Name:  Tina M. Stevens

Samuel Fox,
children: John Fox b.1790 NC d? m.1815 m1. Nancy Cox/Cook
Lydia b.1819 TN, Lydia Fox m. Jackson Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert b.1841 Elizabeth m. Esquire Riley b.1840 KY
Maxaline Riley b.1863 KY Maxaline m. Daniel Morris
Lillian Morris Lillian Morris m. Justice Riley
Lawrence Riley Lawrence Riley M: Joyce Audria Price
Elaine Carrol Riley b: 1949 Elaine M: Andrew Jackson Branam
Tina Maria Branam b: 1968 Tina Maria Branam M: Brian David Stevens

updated 6/20/2000

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Name: William Eugene Fox, Ph. D.

Lineage:  Sarah Fox, b.abt 1803, PA, commonlaw wife of John Doan
Joseph Fox, b. 17 Nov 1821 Floyd Cty, IN m. Mary Ann Brown, b. 25 Nov 1825 TN m. 25 Sep 1845 Wash. Cty IL
Melissa Fox b. abt 1849 d. abt 1870 m. Unkn Woodrum
Jefferson Riley Fox b 07 May 1853 Wash.Cty.IL m.abt 1875


Name:   George Randall Fox

Elijah Milton Fox b 1786 Burke County NC d 16 Nov 1861 Williamson County TN ggg grandfather
Hugh Alexander Fox b 16 Oct 1813 Burke County NC d @ 1900 NC gg grandfather
Thomas Milton Fox b 23 Nov 1845 Williamson County TN d 04 Feb 1928 Williamson County TN g grandfather
George Washington Fox SR. b 29 Aug 1873 Williamson County TN d 14 Jan 1924 Williamson County TN grandfather
George Washington Fox Jr b 28 Aug 1915 Maury County TN d 26 Jan 1986 Maury County TN father
George Randall Fox b 16 Dec 1956 Maury County SELF
Darren James Fox b 07 Apr 1980 son of George Randall

Email Address:

Name: Jamie Farley

Ancestry Generation 1: Adam Fox b. abt. 1773 in MD, d. 1856, Monroe County, KY m. Ann Garber November 02, 1798 in Frederick County, MD Ancestry Generation 2: Solomon Fox b. abt. 1802 in Frederick County, MD d. Sullivan County, TN m. Martha Elizabeth Whurley December 19, 1829 in Washington County, TN Ancestry Generation 3: Adonigah Fox b. October 13, 1841 in Kingsport, Hawkins County, TN d. May 17, 1920 in Knox County, KY m. Martha Leger March 19, 1865 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 4: James Philip Fox b. August 09, 1871 in Knox County, KY d. May 30, 1959 in Knox County, KY m. Rachel Detherage September 19, 1901 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 5: Otis Edward Fox b. May 18, 1908 in Barbourville, KY d. October 04, 1976 in Coldsprings, KY m. Ellen Eversole December 28, 1928 in Campbell County Ancestry Generation 6: Elizabeth Fox b. January 09, 1933 in Manchester, KY m. Raymond Farley September 14, 1949 in Knoxville, TN Ancestry Generation 7: James Lee Farley b. June 06, 1963

Email address:

Name: Caroline Cook

Lineage: HENRY FOX b ca 1521 Greater Missenden Parish, Buckinghamshire, ENG M._______HAWES; WILLIAM FOX b ca1545 & ANNE LANE; HENRY FOX (1578-1625) England m ELIZABETH PINKERNELL SIR JOHN FOX (1602-1655) Middlesex England m. ELIABETH CONVERSE CAPT JOHN FOX (1626-1683 Gloucester Co, Va) m MARGARET THOMAS HENRY FOX b 1650 & ANNE WEST (dtr of Col John West & Unity Croshaw) THOMAS FOX b 1680 New Kent County, Va & MARY TUNSTALL COL JOHN FOX (1705-1771) m JOHANNA WILLIAMSON LUCY FOX 1747Mecklenburg Co Va -1821Williamson County TN. m. LUKE MATTHEWS Martha Matthews & Dr. Clement Charles Jordan Edward Leland Jordan & Martha Susan Faris Fannie Elizabeth Jordn & Joseph Lee Burnett Charles Archer Burnett & Caroline Beasley Norton Caroline Burnett (that's me) & Boyce W. Cook

Allied lines: West, Croshaw, Tunstall, Smith, Williamson, Mathews, Jordan.

Email Address:

Name:  Joe P Fox

Lineage: Abraham M Fox b 1794 NC-d 1863 GA> Cicero A Fox b 1835 TN-d 1905 AR> James H Fox b 1866 GA-d 1942 AR> Jay P Fox b 1904 AR-d 1982 OK> Joe P Fox-------

Email Address:

Name: Christopher G. Fox

Lineage: Harry Fox, b. 1874 in Gap. PA - died 1933 in PA> Harry Richard Fox, b June 7, 1908 in Colwyn, PA -died February 2, 1986 in Knoxville, TN> Christopher G. Fox, b March 18, 1952 in Abingdon, PA living in Otter Rock ,OR

Email Address:

Name: Linda Palmer

Ancestry Generation 1: Abraham Fox b. 1775 NC? d.? m. Elizabeth? 1774 Ancestry Generation 2: Jacob Fox b. 1804-1806? NC? d. <1838 m. Ann Sanders? in KY Ancestry Generation 3: David Fox b. 1824 , McMinn, TN. d. 1911, Leflore, IT m. Caroline Stoneman Ancestry Generation 4: Cruzen Fox b. 1855, McMinn, TN. d.? m. Zylphia L. Morris Ancestry Generation 5: Dora LaVerne Fox b. 24 Feb 1884 AR. d. 25Dec 1929 OK m. William Mack Kitchens 1903 Ancestry Generation 6: Lona Belle Kitchens b.18Feb 1905 Colorado City, TX. d. 12Feb 1990 Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA. m. Arthur Chester Heflin 1921 Leflore, OK Ancestry Generation 7: Edward Harold Heflin b.25Oct 1926 Wister, Leflore, OK. m. Clella Jeanette Lawrence 1947 Ancestry Generation 8: Linda Carol Heflin Palmer

Email address:

Name: John Wheeler Fox, b. 1846 in TN> William Henry "Dee" Fox, b. 1871 in TN> William Harold Fox, b. 1908 in Kansas> Kenneth Lee Fox, b. 1930> Debra Lee Fox Claussen.

Email Address:

Name: Deborah Dalton

Ancestry Generation 1: Adam Fuchs b. 1723 in Germany d. 1769 in Frederick Co, VA md. Catherine Eilor (?) d. aft 1785 Shenandoah Co, VA Ancestry Generation 2: Adam Fuchs, Jr. (Fox) b. 1760 in Berks Co., PA d. 1814-1830 in Sevier Co, TN md. Elizabeth Derrick Ancestry Generation 3: George Fox, b 1789 Sevier Co, TN, d. 1859 Sevier Co, TN md. Cristena Eversole b. 1788 Ancestry Generation 4: Campbell Fox, b. 10/05/1832 Sevier Co, TN d. 06/16/1911 Sevier Co, TN md. Margaret Baker b. July 1846 Sevier Co, TN d. 12/26/1916 Sevier County, TN Ancestry Generation 5: Eli Fox b. 05/09/1885 Sevier Co., TN d. 11/23/1921 Sevier Co, TN md. Mary Atchley b.10/26/1896 Sevier Co., TN d. (Mary Sharp)June, 1986 Livonia, MI Ancestry Generation 6: Audley Blaine Fox b. 08/26/1916 Sevierville, TN d. 11/06/1983 Winston-Salem, NC md. Gladys Viola Garrett b. 08/08/1918 Detroit, MI d. 09/16/1966 Livonia, MI

Email Address:

Name: David Hacking

Lineage:  1. Johnson Monroe FOX-80 b.12 Mar 1819 d.Abt 1870 in Bradford, Gilson, TN sp: Nancy INGRAM-81 b.15 Sep 1822 m.13 Jun 1843 d.Abt 1875 in TN
      2. Mary FOX-5159 b.Abt 1845 in TN
      2. Elizabeth FOX-5160 (b.Abt 1847 in TN
      2. Martha FOX-5161 (b.Abt 1848 in TN
      2. Johnson Monroe FOX-79 (b.25 Jun 1849 in TN d.2 Jun 1926 in Okemah, OK           sp: Sophronia Lucy JOHNS-82 (b.10 Jan 1852 in Bradford, Gibson, TN m.7
          Feb 1869 d.12 May 1876 in Clay, AR
          3. FOX-4346 (b.1869 in TN
          3. FOX-4343 (b.1870 in TN
          3. James Monroe FOX-4336 (b.29 Feb 1872 in Boydsville, Clay, AR d.22 Nov
          3. Charles Patten FOX-77 (b.27 Sep 1874 in Boydsville, Clay, AR d.22 Mar
             1947 in Vernal, Uintah, UT) sp: Mary Caroline MOORE-78 (b.28 May 1884
             m.20 Feb 1907 d.11 Dec 1978)
             4. Charles Laurence FOX-75 (b.6 Nov 1908 d.12 May 1984)
               sp: Alice Hannah MARKEY-76 (b.2 Jul 1909 m.12 Sep 1934 d.18 Sep 1984)
               5. Laura Carolyn FOX-6 (b.18 Nov 1937) sp: David Roger HACKING-5
                 (b.24 Nov 1935 m.29 Sep 1960)
                 6. David Laurence HACKING-1 (b.2 Mar 1962) sp: Jennifer Lee
                      SPERRY-2 (b.13 Jan 1962 m.8 Jan 1988) sp: Mary A WINGO-4338
                      b.Abt 1860 in TN m.25 Dec 1876
         3. Kirby J FOX-5168 b.Abt 1877 in TN
         3. Johnson Early FOX-5169 b.Jul 1879 in TN
         3. William Earnest FOX-5170 b.Jul 1879 in TN
         3. Ethail FOX-5178 b.Jun 1881 in TN sp: Alice Marietta DAVENPORT-4340
            m.9 Jan 1883
         3. Raden U FOX-5171 b.Abt 1886
         3. Biney? FOX-5172 b.Sep 1888
         3. Elmer S FOX-5173 b.May 1891
         3. Marlie? FOX-5174 b.Apr 1892
         3. Nora FOX-5175 b.Mar 1894
         3. Harmon FOX-5176 b.Aug 1896
         3. John FOX-5177 b.Feb 1898
            2. Sarah FOX-5162 b.Abt 1851
            2. Louisa FOX-5163 b.Abt 1852
            2. Anthony FOX-5164 b.Abt 1854
            2. Wesley FOX-5165 b.Abt 1856
            2. Jackson FOX-5166 b.Abt 1858
            2. Samuel FOX-5167 b.Abt 1859

Email Address:

Name:  Darla Hilliard

Lineage:  Cruzen Fox, b May 1855, Tennessee, d ?, m Zylphia Morris, 18, November, 1877. Children: Lillieann, Dora, Lena, Meliney, Carrie, Johnny, Oisie (?). Lillieann married Brown Wilson 7 November, 1900 Indian Territory, Oklahoma. Children: Erie, Melvin, Walter, Oliver, Audie, Leola, Odie, Lafayettte (Fate). Melvin Wilson married Eartie Lea, 8 June, 1925, Wister Oklahoma. Children: Helen, Carrie Hazel, Lillieann, Margaret, Marvin, Rodney, George, Roger, Travis, Patricia, Darla (myself).

Email Address: 

Name:  Dick D Fox

Web Site:

ADAM FUCHS (Later Fox) Born: Probably Germany :Died: ca 1769 Frederick (later Shenandoah) Co, VA
Buried: Shenandoah Co, VA
Lived Also: Augusta Co, VA and possibly Berks Co, VA
Died: After 1785 Shenandoah VA or Sevier, TN ?:
Adam Jr. B: ca 1760 Probably VA D:1814-1830 Sevier Co, VA
M: Elizabeth Derrick
Mark B:ca 1765 Probably VA D:21 Jun 1787 Sevier Co, TN
M:Catherine Bauthman 4 Jun 1785 Shenandoah,VA
Catherine (not proven) M:Jacob Rousch (1746-1830) 21 Feb 1775
Barbara (not proven) M: Jonas Rousch (1763-1850)
Maria or Mary (not proven) M: John Snavely (Johannes Schneblis)

Email Address:

Name:  Sherry Lee

Lineage:  William Fox b. abt 1813 in TN - died after 1850>John Fox b. 1839 in TN - d.1923 IA>Josephine Fox McClain b.1879 in IA - d.1962 IA>Ralph McClain b. 1903 in IA d.1966 in CO>Sherry Dee McClain Lee b. 1930 in Ia.

Email address:

Lineage: Andrew Fox, b. abt. 1750 from TN.

Email address:

Name: Darlene Tracy

Lineage: First line, Malinda Fox Howell, b. 1838 in TN dau of Caroline Dicky Fox; md. Asa J. Howell 1861 in TN

Second line, Williamson Owen Fox Sr., b. 1846 in TN> Elizabeth Fox Howell, b. 1883 in TN md. James Thomas Howell 1901 in TX.

Email Address:

Name:  Ethel Burns

Lineage:  Philip Fuchs/Fox, b. abt 1725 in Germany - d. Jul 1796 in Rowan Co.NC> John Fox, b. 19 Feb 1759 PA-d.1 Sep 1840 in TN> Jacob Fox, b 17 Jan 1795 in NC -d. 2 May 1849 MO> John James Fox b 20 Apr 1829 IN - d. in MO> James Thomas Fox b 15 Oct 1861 in KS d. 9Mar 1942 WA> Bert Fox b 14 Aug 1898 MO - d 18 Nov 1979 CA.

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Elijah Fox, listed in 1830 census Cocke County, Tenn.USA
Ransom Fox b.July 18, 1799, North Carolina d. March 04,1862,Tenn.
John McDuggal Fox b.Nov. 15,1831, Cocke County, Tenn d.Jan 15, 1923,TN
James Breckenridge Fox b.May 02,1870,Cocke County, Tenn d.Sep13,1949
Vernium Fox b.Nov09,1890, Cocke County, Tenn d. Dec21,1976 Texas
Mary Alyce Fox b.Dec 07,1932,Caddo,Texas

Email Address:

Name: Earnestine Hammons

Web Site:

Lineage:  Nicholas FOX all data unknown, Spouse:Nancy JOHNSTON all data unknown, Child: Henry A. FOX birth ca.1836 Davidson Co., N.C., Spouse: Susannah FINE/birth 07-1846/Davidson County, N.C./married 02-01-1872/ Lexington,N.C./Parents:Daniel FINE /Birth10-22-1819/ Davidson, N.C./ Death 06-15-1885/Mary GORDON/b.abt1820 in Indiana/buried in Clarksbury Methodist Church Cemetery in Davidson,N.C.

Henry A.FOX's Child Mary FOX/birth 10-1872/Davidson, N.C. Spouse: Ambrose Grubb Jr., Child: Lillie Mae GRUBB/birth 02-04-1898 in N.C./D.02-04-1975/Clay County,Kentucky, Spouse: Samuel Francis COBB/birth 10-20-1895/ (RoadHouse) Scott County,Illinois/D.09-06-1946/Knoxville,Tenn., Child: Leola Mae COBB/ (STILL LIVING-PRIVATE DATA) Eugene JOHNSON/ all data unknown/,
Child: Earnestine E. Johnson (MYSELF-Living-PRIVATE DATA)

Email Address:

Name:  Elizabeth Fox Farley

Believed 2nd great-grandfather Solman Fox b. 1801, md Elizabath Worley>
Adonajah Fox, b. 1843 in Hawkins Co. TN, served in the Civil War (8th Calvery), md Martha Leger, 1865 in TN. They had seven children, but only four lived they were: John, Mary, James Phillip, and Andrew.>
James Phillip Fox, me Rachel Elizabeth Detherage in September 1901.  They had 12 children.>
Otis Edward Fox, b. May 1908, d. 1979, md. Ellen Eversole in 1928.>
Elizabeth Fox Farley, b. Jan 9, 1933 in Clay Co., KY

Email Address:

Name: Samuel J Fox

Lineage:  Ancestry Generation 1: Robert Burton Fox, b. unknown, d. unknown, md. unknown Ancestry Generation 2: James Oscar Fox, b.1883 in Clear Branch TN, d. 1965 Yancey NC, md. Jensey(Jencie) Mae Waycaster Ancestry Generation 3: Joe Frank Fox, b. 1914 in NC or TN, d. 1995 in Madison NC, md. Cilia Chandler (date unknown) Ancestry Generation 4: Gary Lee Fox, b. 1948 in Yancey NC, d.-----, md. Delana Dodd 1970 Ancestry Generation 5: Samuel J Fox b.1977 in Asheville NC, d.-------- 

Email Address:

Name: Gerri George

Lineage:  Mary Ann Fox born 1 May 1802 TN? - died 15 March 1868 in Livingston Co., MO married John Maxwell. Maxwell issue on 1850 census of Randolph Co., MO: Harriett, William, Robert, Hugh, Sarah, Hortense, John.

Email Address:

Name: Joanna Houck

Lineage: Samuel Fox b. ? in England> Johnny Fox b. 1790 in NC> Isaac Fox b. 1830 in TN> Shadrach Fox b. 1855 in KY, d. 1925 in KY> Albert Fox b. 1900 in KY, d. 1970 in IN> George D. Fox b. 1925 in KY> Joanna Fox b. 1959 in IN.


Name:  Ms. Jerry T. (Fox) Griffith Martin

Ancestry Generation 1: Adam Fox b. abt. 1773 in MD, d. 1856, Monroe County, KY m. Ann Garber November 02, 1798 in Frederick County, MD Ancestry Generation 2: Solomon Fox b. abt. 1802 in Frederick County, MD d. Sullivan County, TN m. Martha Elizabeth Whurley December 19, 1829 in Washington County, TN Ancestry Generation 3: Adonigah Fox b. October 13, 1841 in Kingsport, Hawkins County, TN d. May 17, 1920 in Knox County, KY m. Martha Leger March 19, 1865 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 4: James Philip Fox b. August 09, 1871 in Knox County, KY d. May 30, 1959 in Knox County, KY m. Rachel Detherage September 19, 1901 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 5: Otis Edward Fox b. May 18, 1908 in Barbourville, KY d. October 04, 1976 in Coldsprings, KY m. Ellen Eversole December 28, 1928 in Campbell County Ancestry Generation 6: Jerry T. Fox b. February 26, 1937 in Barbourville, KY

Email Address:

Name: Vernon L. Smith

Lineage: Adonigah Fox b. abt 1842 in Knox Co.,KY m. Martha Leger in Knox Co.,KY Adonigah d.5-17-1920 in Knox Co., KY daughter Mary Adeline Fox b. 5-5-1869 in Knox Co.,KY d.6-11-1970 Knox Co.KY married George W. Mays in TN resided in Knox Co., KY son Clifton E. Mays b 5-18-1902 in Knox Co.,KY d.5-20-1958 in Knox Co.,KY married Otie B. Williams in Knox Co., KY daughter Shirley E. Mays b 2-17-1928 in Knox Co., KY married Lloyd Smith in Clairborne Co.,TN 1-1950 son Vernon L. Smith b 12-28-52

Email address:

Name: Jim Fox

Lineage: Andrew Fox> Jacob Fox, b.1783 in TN> Joseph Fox, b. 1811 in TN> John M. Fox, b. 1842 from TN> James Ewing Fox, b. 1887> James Ewing Fox Jr., b. 1932> James Ewing Fox III, b. 1952.

Allied lines: Broyles/Broiles, Painter, Downing, Cox, Robinson, Hoover.

Email address:

Name: JoAnne G. Garner

Lineage: Samuel D. Fox, livied in TN> George Washington Fox, b. 1835 in TN> Margaret "Maggie" Caldonia (Fox) Givens, b. 1889 in TN.

Allied lines: Biggs, Barnes, Rutherford, Romines, O'Daniel, Taylor, Prince, Stephenson, Harris, Bivins, Givens, Burns, Hicks.

Email Address:

Name:  Jesse K. Moore Jr.

Lineage:  John FOX, b. 19 Feb 1764 probably Burke County, North Carolina - d. about 1 Sep 1840 Knoxville, Tennessee > Austin Albert FOX, b. about 1792 probably Burke County, NC - d. about 1 Jan 1841 Knoxville, Tennessee > Joseph William FOX, b. about 1820 North Carolina - d. about 3 Aug 1857 Knoxville, Tennessee > Margaret Manerva (Fox) MURRAY, b. about 1846 probably Knox County, Tennessee - d. about 1916 Knoxville, Tennessee > Robert Lee MURRAY, b. 29 Oct 1870 Knoxville, Tennessee - d. 19 Jan 1903 Knoxville, Tennessee > Cordia Irene (Murray) SWEET, b. 26 Oct 1898 Knoxville, Tennessee - d. 8 Oct 1952 Middlesboro, Kentucky > Agness Alberta (Sweet) GILES, b. 20 Feb 1915 Inskip, Knox County, Tennessee - d. 31 May 1989 Middlesboro, Kentucky > Velma Kathleen (Giles) MOORE, b. 14 Jan 1934 Fonde, Bell County, Kentucky - d. 28 May 1996 Dog Walk, Lincoln County, Kentucky > Jesse Kelly Moore Jr, b. 26 Mar 1970 Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky

Email Address:

Name: Jean Turner Wigglesworth

Lineage: Generation 1: Jesse Fox, b. abt. 1786 in TN, d. 6-18 in Cocke Co., TN, md. Catherine Naillon abt. 1824> Ancestry Generation 2: Sarah Fox, b. abt. 1830 in TN, d. aft. 1880 in TN, md. "Pink" Turner abt 1849> Ancestry Generation 3: Jesse Millard Filmore Turner, b. 10-14-1858 in Cocke Co., TN, d. 4-9-1932 in Cocke Co., TN, md. Margaret Levina Black on 10-31-1878

Email Address:

Name: Ken Hall

Lineage: John FOX, b 1630, d. 1692, England> Zachariah FOX, b. 1665, Eng> Henry FOX, b. 1700, Eng> Anne FOX, b. 1730, d. 1802, Eng> Andrew FOX, b. 1747, Eng> Jacob FOX, b. 1783 Culpeper, VA, d. 1832> Matthias FOX, b. 1808 Greene Co., TN, d. 1893> James Milton FOX, b. 1838 Rutherf'd Co, TN, d. 1911> Ewen Jasper FOX, b. 1878 Rutherf'd Co, TN, d. 1968> Bina Mae FOX, b. 1908 Bell Co., TX, d. 1995> Kenneth Allen HALL, b. Lea Co., NM

Email Address:

Name:  Kimberly (Fox) Schumacher

Lineage:  Jesse Fox, b. abt 1850 in NC - d. abt. 1930 m. ? Arrowood>James Lattie Fox b. abt 1888 - d. 1961 in OH m. Bessie Lee Phillips b. 1891 in TN>Charles Kenneth Fox b. 1911 in TN m. Frances Miller b. 1916 in OH>David Fox, b. 1939 in OH m. Karen Searcy, b. 1941 in MO>Kimberly Fox b. 1963 in KS

Email Address:

Name:  Lois Prince Calvert

Lineage: Thomas Fox - came over on the Channing from Ireland in 1848> William Thomas Fox- my Great Grandfather TN.> John Robert Fox- my Grandfather TN.> Beulah Fox Prince- my Mother 1-27-23 to 8-30-96 TN> Lois Prince Calvert 6-27-48 to present TN

Email Address:

Name: Linda Carroll Fox Hughes

Lineage:   Adam Fox, b. 1773 in Frederick County, MD. married Nov. 2, 1798 to Ann Garver b. 1783 > John D. Fox b. 1816 Shenandoah Co. VA. married Elizabeth Isenberg b.1839 > Daniel Fox b. Nov. 4, 1842 in Washington Co. TN d. Oct. 27, 1905 in Monroe Co. KY.(served in 9th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, Co.G), married June 18 1863 in Jackson County, Macon, TN. to Mary Jane Fulks b. Jan. 19, 1845 d. April 14, 1931 > Sammie Proctor Fox b. Jan. 11, 1887 in Emberton, KY d. July 2, 1952 in Dickens County, TX married Aug. 25, 1907 to Lula Jane Rich b. Nov. 3, 1890 in Monroe Co. KY d. Feb. 23, 1980 in Crosbyton, TX, buried in Dickens, Tx.>Lawrence Bailey Fox b. April 22, 1911 in Monroe Co., KY d. Dec. 10, 1990 in Crosbyton, Crosby Co., TX, buried in McAdoo Cemetery, Dickens County, TX married October 5, 1946 to Winona Adeline Brannan Clark b. Feb 6, 1921 in Sopris, CO. >Linda Carroll Fox Hughes b. August 26, 1947 in Dallas, TX. married Sept. 1, 1972 to Steve Hughes b. Sept. 4, 1948 in Wellington, TX.

Email Address:

Name:  Michael B. Fox

Elijah Fox,b.abt.1775,d.before 1850>
Ransom Fox,b.7/18/1799,NC,d.3/4/1862,TN>
John McDuggal Fox,b.11/15/1831,Cocke Co.,TN,d.1/15/1923,Cocke Co.,TN>
James Breckenridge Fox,b.5/2/1870,Cocke Co.,TN,d.9/13/1949,Cocke Co.,TN>
Lafayette(Fate)Fox,b.7/16/1893,Cocke Co.,TN,d.5/5/78,Hamblen Co.,TN>
Bruce Thomas Fox,b.10/29/21,Cocke Co.,TN>
Michael B. Fox,b.9/24/51,Cocke Co.,TN

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Name:  Martha A. Thayer

Lineage: Job FOX b. ca. 1781, Tenn, d. after 1850 census wife on census listed as Lydia (maiden name unknown) b. 1780, NC d. after 1850 census> Robert A. FOX, b. 29 Dec. 1801, Tenn. d. ca. 1869 wife was alive when estate was settled, Hunt Co., Texas. His wife, Mary REED b. July 5, 1809, Tenn. d. after 1869, Texas, they married on 5 Feb. 1824. (They sent five sons to fight for Texas during the civil war, one was killed.)> John L. (Lihue) FOX, b. 18 march 1838 gravestone, 1839 Bible, Tenn. d. Nov. 28, 1919 death certificate, Nov. 29, 1919 gravestone and bible. In 1865 he married Nancy C. BROWN, Bible, Nancy G. BROWN gravestone b. Jan 8, 1839, NC d. May 8, 1895 Hunt Co. Texas> Henry Wilson FOX, b.10 Sept. 1877, Texas d. 16 Dec. 1962, Hunt Co., Texas. On August 30, 1902 he married Kate Ann HATCHETT b. May 6, 1883, Clarksville, Arkansas d. Aug 25, 1971, Fort Worth,Tarrant Co, Texas she is buried in Hunt Co. Texas next to Henry Wilson FOX.> Lena Odessa FOX b. 8 June 1905, Hunt Co., Texas d. 1 April 1992, Moab, Utah. She married on Augst 1, 1928, Duren Howard SHIELDS b. Aug 5. 1905, Hunt Co. Texas d. May 19, 1994> Martha Ann SHIELDS, b. May 8, 1936, Santa Fe, New Mexico married Norman S. THAYER, Jr b. May 30, 1033, Jacksonville, Florida. They were married Jan. 30, 1960

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Name: Shelley Broyles

Lineage: Abraham Fox, b. abt 1752-59 in NC> Jacob Fox, b. abt. 1804-06 in VA or NC> David Fox, b. 1824 in TN> Williamson Owen Fox, b. 1846 in TN> William Owen Fox Jr., b. 1870 in TN> William Thurman Fox, b. 1905 in OK> Thurman E. Fox, b. 1928 in OK> Thuresa Gene (Fox) Latey, 1946 in CA> Michelle Rene (Latey), b. 1970 in CA.

Allied lines: Morris, Shaw, Tollison, Dickey, Howell.

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Name:  Jim Fox

Lineage:  John Fox b.unknown married to Jeanette Brady b. unknown. son George Jackson Fox b 4/27/1889 d. 4/1/1926 married to Minnie Kate Snowden b.7/24/1895 married 10/3/1912 in Greenville Tn. children: Willie Fred Fox,Warren Harding Fox, Edward Eugene Fox, Betty Jo Fox(Thompson), James Claude Fox married Edna Mae Connor. children: Richard Colon Fox, Jack Delpheus Fox, Rebecca Gail Fox, and myself..James Allen Fox
My family has strong ties to the Cherokee Nation..any information on George and John would be grateful..

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Name: Johnella Boynton

Lineage: John Fox, b. abt 1725, d. 1781>Matthew Fox, b. abt. 1761 Abbeville Dist., SC, d. aft 1850 Cocke Co., TN> John S. Fox, b. 1800 Abbeville Dist., SC, d. aft 1870 Murray Co., GA>William A. Fox, born 1828 Cocke Co., TN, d. 1914 Floyd Co., GA>William L. Fox, b. 1861 Murray Co., GA, d. 1919 Lamar Co., TX..>Stella C. Fox, b. 1891 Murray Co., GA, d. 1977 Baton Rouge, LA.

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Name: Shirley Sinclair Key

Ancestry Generation 1: Abraham Fox b 1770 d Tenn m Elizabeth b 1787 NC d 1865 Tenn Ancestry Generation 2: Jacob Fox b 1804 in Vir m Ann Sanders b 1805 Ancestry Generation 3: David Fox b 1824 Tenn d 1911 in LeFlore Co., Ok m Caroline Stoneman b 1823 SC Ancestry Generation 4: William Owen Fox b Oct 14, 1846 in Tenn d Nov 17 1935 m Elizabeth Jane Morris b Oct 14, 1947 Tenn d May 30 1910 Ancestry Generation 5: Joe S Fox b February 2, 1878 in Ark d February 6, 1961 in Stonewall Oklahoma m Martha Ollive Austin b October 15,1879 in Ark d August 8 1941 in Stonewall Ok Ancestry Generation 6: Dorothy Pauline Fox b August 19, 1914 in Vanoss, Ok m Bill Sinclair April 5, 1933 b June 6 1913 in Locust Grove Ok d Jan 20 1985 Okc buried in Ada Ok Ancestry Generation 7: Shirley Sinclair Key b Sept 9 1949 in Sacramento California

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Name: Pete Hamilton

Lineage: Barbara (Fox) Cockrill Collinsworth Kells, b. ?, d. 1801 in TN> John Cockrill, b. Dec 19, 1757 in VA, d. Apr 11, 1837 in TN> Mark Robertson Cockrill, b. Dec 2, 1788 in TN, d. Jun 27 1872 in TN> Henrietta Augusta (Cockrill) Ewing, b. Dec 9, 1839 in TN, d. Aug 1910 in TN> Milbrey William Ewing, d. Jul 1876 in TN, d. July 8, 1972 in NC.

Allied Lines:  Cockrill, Collinsworth, Kells, Johnson, Thompson, Ewing, Gordon.

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Name: Margaret Fox

Ancestry Generation 1: William Fox a 1813 d/ aft/ 1850 married Anne Ellis Ancestry Generation 2: Silas Fox b. June 2, 1840 in TN d. in 1923 married Mary Magdalene Reece about 1863 Ancestry Generation 3: Howard Lafayette Fox b.1867 in Morristown, TN. Died in 1951 Married Nellie Mae Bowman abt 18 Ancestry Generation 4: Ralph Leroy Fox b. 1907 in MO died 1982 in Colorado married Faye McHale in 1927

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Name:  Linda Fox-Gabbard

Lineage:  Johnny Fox, b.1790 in NC>John Henry Fox, b.1822, TN>Harvey Fox, b.1854>Floyd Fox, b. 1896, d. Oct., 1972, Scott Co., IN>James Hurshel Fox, b. Feb. 7, 1919, Lee Co., KY, d. Oct. 9, 1996, Scott Co., IN>Wallace Dale Fox, b.May 18, 1944, Lee Co., KY>Linda Sue Fox b. Feb. 8, 1971, Scott Co., IN

Johnny Fox, b.1790 in NC>John Henry Fox, b.1822, TN>Thomas Fox, b.1852>Effie Fox, b. abt. 1898, d. abt. 1935>James Hurshel Fox, b. Feb. 7, 1919, Lee Co., KY, d. Oct. 9, 1996, Scott Co., IN>Wallace Dale Fox, b.May 18, 1944, Lee Co., KY>Linda Sue Fox b. Feb. 8, 1971, Scott Co., IN

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Name: Lawanna Hauck

Ancestry Generation 1: Adam Fox b. abt. 1773 in MD, d. 1856, Monroe County, KY m. Ann Garber November 02, 1798 in Frederick County, MD Ancestry Generation 2: Solomon Fox b. abt. 1802 in Frederick County, MD d. Sullivan County, TN m. Martha Elizabeth Whurley December 19, 1829 in Washington County, TN Ancestry Generation 3: Adonigah Fox b. October 13, 1841 in Kingsport, Hawkins County, TN d. May 17, 1920 in Knox County, KY m. Martha Leger March 19, 1865 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 4: James Philip Fox b. August 09, 1871 in Knox County, KY d. May 30, 1959 in Knox County, KY m. Rachel Detherage September 19, 1901 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 5: Otis Edward Fox b. May 18, 1908 in Barbourville, KY d. October 04, 1976 in Coldsprings, KY m. Ellen Eversole December 28, 1928 in Campbell County Ancestry Generation 6: Jerry T. Fox b. February 26, 1937 in Barbourville, KY m. Roy Lee Griffith December 18, 1954 in Carleton, MI Ancestry Generation 7: Lawanna Hauck b. August 23, 1961 m. Richard Hauck April 15, 1989 in Wyandotte, MI

Allied Lines: Griffith, Eversole, Hauck, Dyer, Murphy

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Name: Rhonda Hollingshad

Lineage: Ancestry Generation 1: 6/ Allen Fox, Sr. / b abt. 1800 NC/ d unkn/ m Jennie Cox abt. 1820's Ancestry Generation 2: 5/ Allen Esau Fox/ b 18 June 1840 Gibson Co, TN/ d 19 Sept 1913 Howell Co, MO/ m Mary E. Robinson 12 Oct 1862 Ancestry Generation 3: 4/ Lafayette Gatis Fox/ b 19 July 1871MO/ d 18 Dec 1954 Howell Co, MO/ m Rutha Pietta Dobbs 4 Feb 1893 Douglas Co, MO Ancestry Generation 4: 3/ Artie Eve Fox/ b. 2 Apr 1900 Ozark Co, MO/ d 19 May 1941 Howell Co, MO/ m Grover Cleveland Fox 28 Apr 1916 Howell Co, MO Ancestry Generation 5: 2/ Doris Flo Fox/ b 21 Sep. 1932 Howell Co, MO / still living/ m James Freeman Tackett 19 Feb 1955 Howell Co, MO

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Name: Ray Henshall

Lineage: George Washington Fox b 7/13/1857 Greenville TN d 1926> Daniel Webster or Winfield Fox b 5/14/1880 TN d 4/7/1955 San Bernardino, CA> Eugene Webster Fox b 6/19/1914 Omaha, NE d 1964 Longbeach, CA

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Name:  Ronnie Smith

John Fox (born circa 1810) married Margaret Reed. They lived in Cocke County, Tennessee near Absolom Fox and Ransom Fox.
John and Margaret's son, John, married Jeanette Brady, daughter of Jesse and Eliza Scott Brady.
John and Jeanette's son Henry, married Rebecca Sexton, daughter of Hiram and Mary Jane Parker Sexton of Cocke County.
Henry and Rebecca's son James married Rosa Cloud, daughter of Louis and Carrie Stubblefield Cloud of Hancock County, TN.
James and Rosa's daughter, Shirley, married Winfred Smith, son of John and Nannie Allison Smith of Cocke County.
Winfred and Shirley are my parents.

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Name: Terry Rushing

Lineage:  Susan Fox born-October 1, 1822 in Tennessee.d.January 19, 1878 in Vienna, Illinois.  Marry-Joseph A. Clymore

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Name:  Mary Ruth Fox

Lineage:  Allen Esau Fox, b.1840in TN - d.1918 in MO>Lafayette Gaitus Fox, b. 1871 in MO - d. 1954 in MO>Edward Basil Fox, b.1907 in MO - d. 1992 in MO

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Name: Dallas Fox

Web site: Dallas-C-Fox/index.html

Lineage: Johnny Fox, b. abt 1790 in NC> Isaac Fox, b. abt. 1830 in TN> Shadrach Fox, b. 1855 in KY> James B. Fox b. 1893 in KY> Wade Fox, b. 1918 in KY> Dallas Fox, b. 1938 in KY> Phillip Fox, b. 1964 in CA. Jeconiah Fox, b. 1987 in OH.

Allied lines: Gabbard, Maupin, Cain, Fields, Rigor, Whiteman, Kingery, Whittington, Rader, Amis.

Fox Hounds Photo Album Link

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Name: Sandra Baither

Lineage: John Fox, b. 1784 in NC> John Fox, b. abt. 1819 in TN> Columbus Fox, b. 1854 in TN> Oka Belle Fox, b. 1890 in MO> Lum Fox Lewis Thompson, b. 1909 in MO> Sandra Thompson, b. 1940 in IN.

Allied lines: Baird (Beard), Bennett, Hardison, Harris, Lewis, McLemore, Martin, Rushing.

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Name:  Suzanne Hollingsworth Meredith

1.David Fox(b.unknown)
2.Sallie David Fox (b.12/12/1888-d.12/9/1974  Rutledge, Tennessee) m.David Edward Hollingsworth   (b.1/4/1884 Claiborne County, Tennessee-d.2/21/1931 Knoxville, Tennessee)
3.Shannon French Hollingsworth (b.1/6/1910 Washburn Tennessee-d.4/23/1974 Roanoke, Virginia) m.Gladys Virginia Stewart (b.4/21/1907 Roanoke, Virginia-d.7/4/1974 Franklin County, Virginia)
4.Suzanne Carroll Hollingsworth (b.2/3/1937 Charlotte, NC) m. Claude Glovier Meredith (b.12/20/1934 Radford, Virginia-d.11/3/1985 Salem, Virginia)

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Name: Sally Moon

Lineage: John Fox, b. 1764> Stephen Fox, b. 1820 in NC> Mary M. (Fox) Kelly, b. 1842 in TN> Amanda Queenie Tennessee Kathryn Valentine Kelly, b. 1873 in TN.

Email Address: 

Name: Terry (Fox) Latey

Home Location: Omaha, NE

Resources: My resources are listed in the "Resources We Own Area"

Favorite Sites:,,,,

Abraham Fox, b. abt. 1775 in NC or VA, d. bef. 1886 in McMinn Co., TN, md. Elizabeth (last name unknown)>
Jacob Fox, b. bet. 1800-1810 in NC, d. bef. Oct. 1838, md. Ann Sanders in KY>
David Fox, b. 1824 in McMinn Co., TN, d. 1911 in LeFlore Co., OK, md. Cathy Caroline Stoneman>
Williamson Owen Fox, b. 1846 in Polk Co., TN, d. 1935 in Pontotoc Co., OK, md. Elizabeth Jane Morris>
William Owen Fox, Jr., b. 1870 in TN, d. 1942 in Los Angeles Co., CA, md. Lucy Neal Shaw>
William Thurman Fox, b. 1905 Indian Territory, OK, d. 1973 in Los Angeles Co., CA, md. Ola Della Tollison>
Thurman Eugene Fox, b. 1928 in Pontotoc Co., OK, md. Mary Lou Epple>
Thuresa Gene Fox Latey, b. 1946 in Los Angeles Co., CA, md Edmund L. Latey III>

Allied lines: Morris, Shaw, Tollison, Dickey, Howell.

Common Ancestor Committee Report: Abraham Fox, Sr.

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Name: Kate Rice

Lineage: John Fox, m. 1819 in Knox Co, TN to Rebecca Ann Galbraith, b. 1797 in VA> Ann Elizabeth Fox, b 13 Apr 1820 in KY, md William Moseley on 6 may 1830 and d. 29 sept 1861 in Illinois.

Email Address:

Name: Thomas K. Jones

Lineage:  Hugh Fox b. bef 1755 - d VA/TN? m. Mary ?> Hugh Fox b.12-1-1770 VA -d. 9-15-1853 Williamson Co. TN m. Margarette Thompson b.4-2-1774 -d. 9-2-1845 Willamson Co. TN> James Fox b. 1794-1802 ?- d. TN m. Rachel Church b.9-28-1805 NC -d. 8-15-1881 Cedar Co. MO > Elizabeth "Betty" Fox b. 1822 Willamson Co. TN -d. 10-7-1905 Maury Co. TN m. Thomas B. Wakefield b.3-29-1818 Williamson Co. TN -d. 2-25-1870 Maury Co. TN> James Thomas Wakefield b. 6-16-1852 Williamson Co. TN -d. 10-28-1917 Maury Co. TN. m. Elizabeth "Betty" Ladd b. 8-7-1854 Maury Co. TN - d. 5-20-1881 Maury Co. TN > Ida Mai Wakefield b. 12-8-1873 Maury Co. TN - d. 12-26-1949 Maury Co. TN m. Franklin Davis Jonesb. 1-29-1869 Maury Co. TN - d. 4-26-1948 Maury Co. TN > Thomas Franklin Jones b. 6-2-1896 Maury Co. TN - d. 4-28-1977 Maury Co. TN m. Oakie Lee Lentz b. 9-22-1905 Maury Co. TN - d. 4-28-1984 Maury Co. TN> Billy Ray Jones b. 6-29-1929 Maury Co. TN m. Reva Faye Blocker b. 2-9-1931 Maury Co. TN> Thomas Kendal Jones b. 11-19-57 Maury Co. TN

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Name:    Joseph H. Childress

Joseph Willam Fox ? ? ?>
James Fox 1876,Pine Knot, KY d4 4 1954,OK or AR m. Laura Cagle ?>
Joseph William Fox b.10 7 1897,KY d1984,/Campbell Co., TN m. Eva Lythabelle Wilburn ?>
Una Christina Fox b. 1 27 1919,Campbell Co., TN m. Earl Childress 12/1934>
Joseph H. Childress 8 16 1937,Campbell Co., TN m. Carolyn Cogdill 6 17 1961

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Name: Ray Phillips

Web site:

Lineage: The following 3 lines are of two brothers and one sister who immigrated together from Ballykilcline, Kilglass Parish, Co. Roscommon, Ireland in the spring of 1848 to New York aboard "The Channing":

Line 1: Thomas Fox, b. 1822 in Ireland, m.1854 Mary Ann Brown in Washington County,Tennessee> Nicholas Brown Fox, b.1855 d.1924 in Tennessee> Margaret Fox, b. 1858 d.1881? in Tennessee> William Thomas Fox, b.1862 d.1944 in Tennessee> Martha Brown Fox b.1866 , d.1880 in Tennessee

Line 2: Francis Fox, b. 1813 in Ireland, m. Mary b. 1815 in Ireland> Pat, b. 1841 in Ireland> Francis b. 1844 in Ireland

Line 3: Catherine Fox, b. 1832 in Ireland

Email address:

Name: Linda Fox

Lineage: Samuel Fox, b. unk in England> Isaac Fox, b.abt. 1799 in NC> Henderson Fox, b. 1835 in TN> Henry "Mank" Fox, b. 1875 in TN> George "Dewey" Fox, b. 1900 in TN> George D. Fox Jr., b. 1926 in TN> Linda G. Fox, b. 1955 in FL.

Allied lines: Heatherly, Snodderly, Rutherford, Pile, Ferguson, Stooksbury

Fox Hounds Photo Album Link

Email Address:

Name:  Wilbur Strickland

John Fox, b. ? d. 1920-30>Odessa May Fox, b.1884 - d. 1942 in Lookout Mtn, TN>Lawrence Irving Adams, b. 1908 - d. 1966 in Rossville, GA


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