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Fox Hounds With Ancestry From Michigan

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Name:  Robert Stanley Fox

Lineage:  Jacob Fox of PA m. Ellen Young > John Christine or Christian? Fox(Siblings UnKnown) b.  Jan. 15, 1841 in Montgomary County, PA. d. March 10, 1922, in Robinson, IL m. Mary Jane Wilson March 4, 1863 > John(no children), William(unknown), Harry(unknown), Howard(no children), Charles(m. Mabel ?, lived in Indiana, children unknown), Anna E. (m. Fred Bivins? > Marjorie Bivins m. Chris Vasiff? in Chicago? IL > two daughters?) and Major R. b. February 28, 1887 Newaygo, White Cloud, MI m Maxine Hubbard on June 25, 1934 d. December 17, 1964 in Danvile, IL > Richard K. Fox of Reno, Nv b. July 26, 1935 m. Bette Jean McFarlane on February 5, 1957 in Ord Bend, Glenn County, CA > Robert Stanley Fox b. January 21, 1958 in Chico, CA.

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Name:   Melinda Stuart

Fletcher Fox b.? in Muskegon, MI - d. 05/1973 in MI
His brothers: Noel Fox, Clem Fox, Basil Fox, Marshall Fox,
Sister: Burnadette Fox
He married my grandmother (Mary Wisneski) and had three children: Charles Fox b. 08/01/1946 in MI, Marilyn Fox b. 05/11/1948 in MI, David Fox b. 07/18/1950 in MI.
Marilyn married my father (Charles Stuart) in 09/1973.

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Name: Jeff and Marcy Yates

Ancestry Generation 1: Thomas Fox, Sr., b. 7/15/1809 in England, d. 10/28/1883 in Marengo (Calhoun Co.) MI, married Mary Elizabeth Pryer > Ancestry Generation 2: Mary Jane Fox, b. abt. 1837 in MI, d. 1906 in Marengo (Calhoun Co.) MI, married Michael Weaver 3/22/1856 in Olivette (Eaton Co.) MI > Ancestry Generation 3: Charles Erwin Weaver, b. 1/6/1857 in Marengo (Calhoun Co.) MI, d. 6/9/1933 in Marengo (Calhoun Co.) MI, married Mary Elizabeth Martin 10/1/1879 in Marengo (Calhoun Co.) MI > Ancestry Generation 4: Grace Ina Weaver, b. 4/11/1881 in Marengo (Calhoun Co.) MI, d. 9/20/1962 in Battle Creek MI, married Charlie Sidney Holt 12/25/1901 in Marengo MI > Ancestry Generation 5: (Bertha) Elinor Holt, b. 12/3/1902 in Marengo MI, d. 8/4/1985 in Pennfield Twp. MI, married Clifford C. Hunt 11/1925 in Marshall MI > Ancestry Generation 6: Helen Adell Hunt, b. 4/19/1926 in Battle Creek MI, married Earl William Yates 6/19/1942 in Battle Creek MI > Ancestry Generation 7: Jeffery Lynn Yates, b. 12/1/1944 in Battle Creek MI, married Charlene Mary Johnson 11/11/1967 in Arlington Hts. IL

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Name: Christi Dukman

Home Page: users/d/u/k/Christi-E-Dukman

Lineage: John Foxe, 1516 in Eng> Samuel Foxe, 1560 in Eng> Thomas Fox, 1608 in Eng> Rev. Jabez Fox, 1657 in MA> Rev. John Fox, 1678, in MA> Colonel Jonathan Fox, 1716 in MA> Jonathan Fox, 1747 in MA> Benjamin Fox, 1790 in CT> Henry Fox, 1826 in NY> Jesse Benjamin Fox, 1863 in MI> Della Fox Turner, 1882 in MI> Gladys Turner Golley, 1907 in MI> Jeannette Golley Covert Carmell, 1932 in MI> Christi Covert Dukeman, 1954 in MI

Allied lines: Randall, Greene, Reyner (Rayner), Tyng, Carter, Delano, Evo, Kelly, Turner, Golley, Covert, Carmell, Dukeman.

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Name: Charlotte Burton

Lineage: Lydia Fox,b. abt 1780 in Conn.-d. bef 1803 in NY> Putman Burton, b. June 5,1827 in Seneca Co., NY- d. 1911 in Genessee Co., Mich.> Charles Burton,b. 1859 in Genessee Co., Mich- d. 1930 In Genessee Co., Mich. C> Erwin Burton, b. April 17 1910 in Genessee Co., Mich.-d. Dec.31,1969 in Hancock Co., Ohio> Charlotte Burton, b. July 23,1948 in Hancock Co., Ohio

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Name: Connie Fox

Lineage: George Thomas Fox, 1860 in IL> John Henry Fox, 1885 in MI> Frank Altman Fox, 1911 in IL> John Allen Fox, 1945 in IL.

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Name: Deborah Dalton

Ancestry Generation 1: Adam Fuchs b. 1723 in Germany d. 1769 in Frederick Co, VA md. Catherine Eilor (?) d. aft 1785 Shenandoah Co, VA Ancestry Generation 2: Adam Fuchs, Jr. (Fox) b. 1760 in Berks Co., PA d. 1814-1830 in Sevier Co, TN md. Elizabeth Derrick Ancestry Generation 3: George Fox, b 1789 Sevier Co, TN, d. 1859 Sevier Co, TN md. Cristena Eversole b. 1788 Ancestry Generation 4: Campbell Fox, b. 10/05/1832 Sevier Co, TN d. 06/16/1911 Sevier Co, TN md. Margaret Baker b. July 1846 Sevier Co, TN d. 12/26/1916 Sevier County, TN Ancestry Generation 5: Eli Fox b. 05/09/1885 Sevier Co., TN d. 11/23/1921 Sevier Co, TN md. Mary Atchley b.10/26/1896 Sevier Co., TN d. (Mary Sharp)June, 1986 Livonia, MI Ancestry Generation 6: Audley Blaine Fox b. 08/26/1916 Sevierville, TN d. 11/06/1983 Winston-Salem, NC md. Gladys Viola Garrett b. 08/08/1918 Detroit, MI d. 09/16/1966 Livonia, MI

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Name:  David Benham

David Fox, b. Dec 17, 1779,CT d. Mar 8, 1862, Busti, NY
David Spencer Fox, b. Nov 28, 1817, Broken Straw, PA d. May 24, 1901, Flint, MI
Charles Aldrich Fox, b. Nov 12, 1853, Birmingham, MI d. Aug 22, 1909, Flint, MI
Ethel May Fox, b. Oct 10, 1878, Flint, MI d. Nov 14, 1946, Detroit, MI
Doris Barbara Allison, Mar 5, 1910, Detroit, MI d. Jul 31, 1982, Columbus, SC
David Reynolds Benham, Apr 3, 1945, Wash. D.C.

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Name: David A. Fox

Ancestry Generation 1: Joannai Michaelis Fuchs/1670 Langenfeld, Germany/1727 Langnenfeld Germeny/Catharina Dahm m 1700 Langenfeld Germany Ancestry Generation 2: Servatius Fuchs/06-01-1719 Langenfeld, Germany/ abt. 1750 Langenfeld, Germany/Anna Margartha Wirth m. abt 1843 Langenfeld, Germany Ancestry Generation 3: Johann Michael Fuchs/ 05-08-1745 Langenfeld, Germany/ 12-21-1817 Langenfeld, Germany/ Marie Haensgen m. 11-23-1772 Langenfeld, Germany Ancestry Generation 4: Johann Fuchs/ 06-11-1777 Langenfeld, Germany/ 7-14-1847 Westphalia, MI/ Anna Maria Schueller m. 02-17-1806 Langenfeld, Germany Ancestry Generation 5:Anton (Anthony) M. Fuchs(Fox) 08-31-1811 Langenfeld, Germany/ 01-31-1892 Lyons, MI/ Mary Ann Schafer m.10-01-1846 Westphalia, MI Ancestry Generation 6: John Peter Fox/ 02-21-1860 Westphalia Twp, Clinton Co, MI/02-03-1941 Pewamo, MI/ Ida Simon m.10-05- 1889 Westphalia, MI Ancestry Generation 7: Ernest Louis Fox/ 09-27-1896 Westphalia, MI/ 05-11-1978 Pewamo, MI/ Anna Francis Schafer m. 10-08-1924 Pewamo, MI Ancestry Generation 8: Donald Alferd Fox/ 02-08-1928 Fowler, MI/ 12-19-1998 Durand, MI/ Barbara Jean Brown m. 08-08-1953 Pewamo, MI Ancestry Generation 9: David A. Fox/ 03-09-1960 Ionia, MI/ living/ m. Ann Marie Thurston m. 05-08-1982, Clare, MI

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Name: Ellyn R. Fox

Ancestry Generation 1: Francisco Dias Raposa married to Maria Brilhante Raposa both of St. Michael, the Azores Ancestry Generation 2: Francisco Dias Raposa married to Rose Branco Raposa b. 1893 d. October 5, 1971 born in Mosteiros, St. Michael, Azores, died in Fall River, MA Ancestry Generation 3: Mannuel Dias Raposa born in Feb 1922 in Providence, RI still living Ancestry Generation 4: Ellyn R. Fox (Raposa) a lady never tells her age


Name:  Leslie (Fox) Bremner

Lineage:  Dane' FOX b.Unknown in Ireland d.Unknown US> Matthew William FOX b.05/20/1831 co.Meath,Ireland d.04/07/1904 in VT>  Charles John FOX b.11/17/1881 in Pitts.VT-d.04/20/1932 in Pitts.VT> Morice (Dan)Daniel FOX b.02/02/1916 in Pitts.VT -d.11/07/1992 in Alpena MI> Patrick Daniel FOX b.02/03/1942 in Detroit.MI -Living> Leslie Ann Fox b.06/06/1965 in Landstuhl,Germany-Living
I am trying to locate information on Dane'Fox and his wife,Bridgette Karanagh or Kenner.They left Mattew at the age of 1,inIreland and came to America with his six brothers and sisters.he came here at 18 or 19 and was never able to find them.The only clue I have is that a sister might of lived in Arkansas. But I have no names.I would appreciate any help. My family is part of the Fox Chevrolete family.

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Name:  Robert Lee Fox

Lineage:  Philemon Fox b.Jan 31, 1868. Ontario, Canada d. Dec. 28, 1950 Orangefield, Tx. Wife Lottie, 2 sons

Leo Fox b. June 13, 1892 MI, Milfred Fox b. Mar 22, 1895 MI. 2nd wife-Magdelena Wirtz. M. Sept. 1904 La. Had 8 children=Albert Joseph Fox (my dad) b. Jan 28, 1907, George Fox B. Nov 24, 1909, Allen Fox b. Dec 25, 1911, Etta Fox b. 1913, Cllifford Fox b. 1918, Ambrose Fox b. 1920, Sadie Fox b. 1922, Anna Mae Fox b. 1930.

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Name: Linda MacLachlan

Thomas Fox, b. 1608-1619, England - d. 14 Apr 1658, Concord MA & 2 of his sons by Hannah Brooks, daughter of Henry & Grace [Wheeler] Brooks:

Samuel & Mary [Moore] Fox of New London CT >
Isaac & Mary [Jones] Fox of Campton NH or Salem CT>
Samuel & Mary [Dodge] Fox orig. of Montville CT?>
William & Mercy Fox >
Anne Fox & Charles Andrews of Glastonbury CT >

Isaac & Abigail [Osborn] Fox of New London CT >
Ebenezer & Jane [Stedman] Fox of East Haddam >
Ebenezer & Esther [Purple] Fox of East Haddam CT >
Moses & Caroline [Mack] Fox of East Haddam CT>
Minerva Fox, who d 1859 in Bridgewater PA & William Birge Sr. who thereafter moved to MI >

Name:  Elizabeth Fox

Lineage:  Henry & Mildred Fox lived in Caro Michigan. They had 4 children , 3 boys and 1 girl. Edward, Fred, ? , & Clara.
Fred Fox, born Nov 8 or 10, 1938, in Tuscola County, Mi. is my father. My mother is Cheryl Duwana Babcock.
All I remember is hearing my father say that he is in direct lineage with Geronimo, the Apache war chief


Name:  Ms. Jerry T. (Fox) Griffith Martin

Ancestry Generation 1: Adam Fox b. abt. 1773 in MD, d. 1856, Monroe County, KY m. Ann Garber November 02, 1798 in Frederick County, MD Ancestry Generation 2: Solomon Fox b. abt. 1802 in Frederick County, MD d. Sullivan County, TN m. Martha Elizabeth Whurley December 19, 1829 in Washington County, TN Ancestry Generation 3: Adonigah Fox b. October 13, 1841 in Kingsport, Hawkins County, TN d. May 17, 1920 in Knox County, KY m. Martha Leger March 19, 1865 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 4: James Philip Fox b. August 09, 1871 in Knox County, KY d. May 30, 1959 in Knox County, KY m. Rachel Detherage September 19, 1901 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 5: Otis Edward Fox b. May 18, 1908 in Barbourville, KY d. October 04, 1976 in Coldsprings, KY m. Ellen Eversole December 28, 1928 in Campbell County Ancestry Generation 6: Jerry T. Fox b. February 26, 1937 in Barbourville, KY

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Name: Robert Barber

Lineage: Anthea or Antha (Fox) Barber, b. 1800 in CT - d. 1886 in MI> William Barber, b. 1817 in NY - d. 1901 in MI> Francis W. Barber, b. 1844 in Ont, Canada - d. 1915 in MI> Issac W. Barber, b. 1870 in MI - d. 1929 in MI> Arthur E. Barber, b. 1904 in MI - d. 1970 in FL> Robert D. Barber, b. 1931 in MI.

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Lineage: Leonard Fox (Fuchs), b. abt. 1850 in Germany> Corneilus Fox, b. 1852 in WI> Lewis Nicholas Fox, b. 1913 in MI> Lewis Neil Fox, b. 1921 in OR.

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Name: Joy Bevan

Ancestry Generation 1: Emery A Fox, b 1896, d 1978 in Warren MI, md. Mattie (Gulliver)

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Name: Jenifer Dintaman Selwa

Home Location: Fremont, MI

Favorite Sites: LDS -

Rosell Fox, 1853-1937, married three times - Frannie Mead 1878, Clare Nichols 1896, and Amanda Dodds in 1918. Clare is my line.>
Lloyd Fox,1899-1970/Michigan, married Ella Bredow (1899-1987) in 1921 in southeast Michigan.>
Lucille Fox (1922-present) married Richard O. Dintaman (1920-1976) in 1945 in Detroit, Michigan.>
David J. Dintaman (1949-present) married Carleen K. Nelson (1950-present) in 1970 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.>
Jenifer S. Dintaman (1973- present) married Matthew S. Selwa (1971-present) in 1997 in Kalamazoo, Michigan>

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Name:  Karin Stanton

Lineage:  >John B. Fuchs/Fox b. 1770 PA? d. 1840 Trumbull Co. OH m. to Susannah Sprenckel b. 1770 Fredrick Co. MD d. 1852 Trumbull Co. OH> Peter Fox b. 1812 York Co. PA d. 1890 Grand Traverse Co. MI> son, Gared Fox b. 1833 No. Lima, OH d. 1909 MI> dtr, Susannah Fox b. 1839 Col.Co. OH d. 1916 L.A. Co. CA> Rose E. Randolph b. 1875 MI d. 1959 Whittier, CA > Mary Belle Wilson b. 1903 CA d. 1987 Whittier, CA > Karin Nordstrom Stanton b. 1933 Whittier, CA

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Name: Joy Bevan-Fox

Ancestry Generation 1: Warren Fox, b.abt 1860, md Margaret (Deal) Ancestry Generation 2: Emery Fox, b 1896, d 1978 in MI, md Martha (Gulliver) Ancestry Generation 3: Donald Fox, b 1923. md Merlyn (Fox)

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Name: Marilyn Rector

John B. Fox, b.1770, in PA? - d. 1840 in OH >
Peter Fox, b.1812 in PA - d. 1890 in MI >
Jared Potter Fox, b. 1833 in OH - d. 1909 in MI >
Floyd Potter Fox, b. 1870 in MI - d. 1941 in MI >
Verabell Fox-Pike, b. 1900 in MI - d. 1985 in MI >
Marilyn Pike-Rector, b. 1932 in MI

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Name: Jo

Lineage: Philander Fox lived in MI.

Allied lines: Brigham

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Name: Anita Mosteller

Allen Fox, b. abt. 1812 in ?Canada>
Simeon Fox, b. Aug. 7, 1838 in Canada>
John Franklin Fox,b. Aug 2, 1864 in MI>
John Henry Fox b.1/19/1896 in
Eugene Fox, b. Sep 9, 1929 in SD>
Anita Frances Fox, b. Sep. 30, 1954 in WA.


Name:   Donald B Fox

Leemon Wright Fox Sept 1916 Perryville Missouri lives in Lou KY at the present.

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Name:  Paul David Fox

Philip Adam Fuchs, b. abt 1700, Baden, Germany
married Katherine Lemer, immigrated to Maryland, 1722.
>Philip Fox, married Sarah (Snider) Fox
>John C. Fox, married Juliana (Wigle) Fox
>Leonard J. Fox, married Maria (Bruner) Fox, lived in Canada
>Edwin Peter Fox, b. abt. 1890, married Wilhemina Dukesherer Fox abt. 1910, Michigan
>4 children: Francis (Fox) Kelsey, H.Leonard Fox, Lucille (Fox) Pearce, and my father,
Hubert Ralph Fox, b. 1923, Gr.Rapids, MI, married Bernice Norman, 1946
>Paul Fox, b 1951, Grand Rapids, MI

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William James FOX b. between 1849-1851 Ontario, Canada d. 1930, Simcoe Co. Canada (It is believed William had brothers James and John. Places of birth unknown) m. Sarah Cross b. 1864, Canada d. 1940, Canada.
Their children were: (believed to all have been born in Simcoe County, Midland or Victoria Harbor area)

Ernest William FOX b. 1882, Ontario d. 1963 Canada m. Mary Jane Mohan

Mary Jane (Pearl) FOX 1886-1922 unmarried

James Garnet FOX, 1891-1913 unmarried

Magdeline (Pansy) FOX....later Sr. Ethelbert, Order of Sisters of St. Joseph, Canada

Gladys Theresa FOX 1896 m. Elwood Belfry 

Margaret (Greta) Ellen FOX 1899 m. Edgar Columbus

Rose Ann Marvel FOX 1901 m. Edward Vaillancourt

Edward Leith FOX 1903 m. (1) Lillian Ralph / (2) Lucille K. moved to Michigan and then Arizona his children were Kevin FOX and Garnet FOX

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Name:  Dennis Fox

Lineage:   Sylvester Fox,b.1825 in NY -d 1898 in MI> Lewis Sylvester Fox, b. 1854 in MI -d 1912 in MI> Vernor Claude Fox,b. 1888 in MI -d 1965 in MI> Arthur Fox,b. 1912 in MI> Raymond Fox,b 1944 in MI> Dennis Fox 1965 in MI

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Name:  Priscilla Mueller

Lineage:  Thomas Fox married Veronica Peters (my grandparents) in MI. They had four children born and raised in Peck, MI: Catherine (d. 1939 Detroit, MI), Helen (b. 1917, d. 1990 Detroit, MI), Ruth (b. 1919) and Cornelious (d.? CA)

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Name:   Patricia Jones Settle

Thomas FOX m. Unknown GOLDEN/GOULDEN
Golden FOX, b. abt 1700, d. abt 1751, Northampton, VA, m. Sara ?
Jacob FOX, b. abt 1730, Accomack Co., VA, d. unknown in S.C., m. unknown
Phillip FOX, b. bef. 1770, SC, d. 1828, Bullitt Co., KY m. unknown
Jacob FOX, b. abt 1794, MD, d. in SC, m. Eliza BIGGS, 28 Sept. 1815, Bullitt Co., KY
J. William FOX, b. abt 1820, KY, d. unknown, m. Sarah E. SPENCER, 24 Feb. 1842, Bullitt Co., KY
Afred James FOX, b. 3 Feb. 1843, Bullitt Co., KY, d. unknown, m. Mary Eliz. SMITH, 17 May 1863, Hardin Co., KY
Mollie Roenas FOX, b. 23 Oct. 1869, Bullitt Co., KY, d. 2 Sept. 1898, Cincinnati, OH, m. Jesse Hamilton JONES, 3 Sept. 1889, Louisville, KY
William Golden JONES, b. 6 Aug. 1897, Jefferson Co., KY d. 2 Dec. 1960, Wayne Co., MI m. Evelyn V. THIRLWELL, 28 Sept. 1921, Jeffersonville, IN
Patricia Ann JONES, m. Billy T. SETTLE, 2 Dec. 1950, Wayne Co., MI

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Name: Suzann Peters

Lineage: James Daniel Fox> Claude Emmett Fox, b. 1880 in MI.

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Name: Wanda Fox Deitemeyer

Lineage: Richard Fox immigrated from Dublin, Ireland to Fostoria, Ohio about 1841. With him were his son, Robert who was age 5 and Richard's brother, Thomas who was about 10. Richard raised both boys in the Fostoria, Ohio area. Both Robert and Thomas enlisted in the Civil War. Robert was given a medical discharge for severe varicous veins. Thomas was shot in the leg at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Va. Both returned to Fostoria, Ohio and married. Robert married first Henrietta Clay and had one daughter Ella who is my great grandmother. Robert married second Mary Geisler. Thomas married Caroline Kinketer. They had at least 1 son. They latter moved to Gratiot Co, Michigan.

William Fox born 1790 in Pa. ( probably Northumberland Co. Pa) William moved to Fairfield Co, Ohio about 1818. He moved to Seneca Co, Ohio about 1826 and to Hancock Co, Ohio in 1831. He died in Hancock Co, Ohio in 1868. He had 20 children and was married four times. Several of his children from his first marriage moved to Wisconsin. I am descended from his son Nicholas (1848 Hancock Co, Ohio to 1920 Hancock Co, Ohio.

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Name: Lawanna Hauck

Ancestry Generation 1: Adam Fox b. abt. 1773 in MD, d. 1856, Monroe County, KY m. Ann Garber November 02, 1798 in Frederick County, MD Ancestry Generation 2: Solomon Fox b. abt. 1802 in Frederick County, MD d. Sullivan County, TN m. Martha Elizabeth Whurley December 19, 1829 in Washington County, TN Ancestry Generation 3: Adonigah Fox b. October 13, 1841 in Kingsport, Hawkins County, TN d. May 17, 1920 in Knox County, KY m. Martha Leger March 19, 1865 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 4: James Philip Fox b. August 09, 1871 in Knox County, KY d. May 30, 1959 in Knox County, KY m. Rachel Detherage September 19, 1901 in Knox County, KY Ancestry Generation 5: Otis Edward Fox b. May 18, 1908 in Barbourville, KY d. October 04, 1976 in Coldsprings, KY m. Ellen Eversole December 28, 1928 in Campbell County Ancestry Generation 6: Jerry T. Fox b. February 26, 1937 in Barbourville, KY m. Roy Lee Griffith December 18, 1954 in Carleton, MI Ancestry Generation 7: Lawanna Hauck b. August 23, 1961 m. Richard Hauck April 15, 1989 in Wyandotte, MI

Allied Lines: Griffith, Eversole, Hauck, Dyer, Murphy


Name:  Janet Roberts


Calvin Nathan Fox, b. unknown, d.1926 place unknown
Amanda Louella Edgar, b. unknown, d. unknown
Edgar Byron Fox, b. 16 April 1877, place unknown,d. May 1925 in Mich
Mabelle Alice Klein, b. abt 1877 place unknown, d. 01 March 1941 in Illi
Ivan Fox, b. 11 Oct 1903 in Mich, d. 18 March 1965 in Fla
Vivian Mae Peck, b. 12 November 1905 in Mich, d. 01 May 1991 in Fla
John Isaac Peck, b. abt 1873 in New York, d. abt 1922 in Mich
Myrtis Mae Post, b. abt 1868 place unknown, d. 1917 in Mich
Calvin Edgar Fox, b. 27 August 1926 in Illi, living
Ada Maude Wallace, b. 03 July 1927 in Georgia, d. 20 July 1993 in Utah

Email address: Ruthie

Name: Ruthie Fox

Lineage: Jacob P. Fox, from NY> John Fox, b. 1811 in MI> Charles Marine Fox. b. 1849 in MI> John Elwood Fox, b. 1889 in MI> Robert Elwood Fox, b. 1912 in MI.

Allied lines: Scott, Aldrich, Kraemer, Atkinson.

Email address:

Name: Carolyn Gail Smith Jensen

Lineage: Clinton Fox, b. abt. 1890 in IN? - d. 1964 in OH
Wife to Clinton, Hazel(Good)Fox - b.? - d.about 1962 in Detroit, MI?
Son to Clinton Fox - John Lee Fox, b.5-4-1918 in Ricmond, IN - d.12-3-1988 Richmond, IN
Son to John Lee Fox - Michael Fox, b.abt. 5-1948 in IN- d.abt.-1987 in NV
Daughter to John Lee Fox - Carolyn Gail Smit, b.2-6-63 in Richmond,IN - Currently residing in Richmond, IN

Email Address:

Name:  Susanne Kemp Bartlett

SAMUEL FOX b1746, Hanover Co VA,d 1844 Pulaski Co KY,m Rhoda Pickering.
WILLIAM FOX b 1779 Hanover CoVA, d 1855 Pulaski Co KY,m Sophie Irvine 1802.
AMANDA FITZALLEN FOX b1804 Pulaski Co. KY,d 1872 Pulaski Co KY,m Bourne Goggin 1825.
SOPHIA ANN GOGGIN b 1837, d 1901, m Timothy Morgan Pennington 1857.
AMANDA FOX PENNINGTON b1870 Pulaski Co KY,d 1957 Jefferson Co KY, m Phillip Edward Kemp 1893.
CHARLES BOURNE KEMP B 1900 BELL CO KY, d 1977 Detroit, Wayne Co MI, m Marjorie Bice Candler 1925.

Email Address:

Name:  Timothy J. Fox

Lineage:  Herbert Fox, b. ? - d. ?> Clinton Charles Fox, b. 1904 in Ewen, MI - d. 1973 in Half Moon Bay, MA> James Patrick Fox, b. 1944 in Oakland, CA>Timothy James Fox, b. 1972 in Redwood City, CA>

Separate line: Richard Fox, b. abt 1680> Ebenezer Fox, b. abt 1700> Rachel Fox, b. abt 1720 near Glastonbury, CT> Mehitabel (Mabel) Matson, b. 1739 in Glastonbury, CT - d. 1824> Chloe Hollister, b. 1762 in Glastonbury, CT - d. 1869 in Eastbury, CT> Abigail House, b. 1783 in Eastbury, CT - d. 1860 in Clayton Co., IA> Edna Penhollow, b. 1803 in CT - d. 1853 in Clayton Co., IA> Frederick William Richardson, b. 1844 in Winnebago Co., IL - d. 1928 in Madison, NE> Amy Mary Richardson, b. 1875 in Battle Creek, NE - d. 1956> Harold Frederick Barnes, b. 1902 in Battle Creek, NE - d. 1980 in Redwood City, CA> Bonnie Ann Barnes, b. 1944 in Palo Alto, CA> Timothy James Fox, b. 1972 in Redwood City, CA

Email Address:

Name: Trisha Fox

Ancestry Generation 1: Theodore Fox b. March 29, 1780 d.June 15, 1857 in Ansterdam NY-- we think he married twice 1st Ann Rowley (d. may 21 1818) 2nd Jane Fury Ancestry Generation 2: Charles Fox b. March 23, 1818 in New York d. Nov. 1886 Leslie --Ingham cnty. MI md. Maria Hogan abt. 1848 in Ontario cnty. NY Ancestry Generation 3: William Theodore Fox b. Sept. 18, 1852 in Phelps, Ontario cnty. NY d. Oct. 11, 1920 in Kalamazo MI md. Carrie Jane Meadsker March 28, 1888 Ancestry Generation 4: William Henry Fox b.July 4, 1898 in Ingham cnty, MI d. 2 Jul 1985 in MI md. Rueybell BarberJan 21, 1927 in Flint, MI

Email Address:

Name:  Liana Brunell Trombley

Web Site:

1)Richard FOX b: Abt. 1641 England,d:1708 CT m Beriah SMITH Abt. 1676. 2)Abraham FOX b: 1692 d: Abt. 1770, m:Dorothy HOLLISTER b:1697 m:1716 CT, d: 25-April-1761.
3)Jonah FOX b: Abt. 1729, d: Bef. 1810, m:Susannah WOOD 1754 CT.
4)Stephen FOX b:1754 CT d: Aft. 1820 CT, m:Sarah ANDREWS 1776.
5)Roger FOX b:1797 CT d: 1883 OH, m:Polly WEATHERLY b: 1800 CT,m:1819 CT, d:1881 OH.
6)Allen FOX b: 1826 OH, d:1906 OH m:Eliza Catherine BARTLETT b: 1828 NY d: 1903 OH.
7)Joseph Allen FOX b:1854 OH, d: 1917 MI, m:Mary Ann MARBLE b:1849 OH, m: 1881 OH, d:1910 MI,
8)Ruby Katherine FOX, b: 1890 MI, d:1980 IN

Email address:

Name: Ken Fox

Lineage: John W. Fox, b. abt. 1868> Elmer C. Fox, b. 1889> Arthur R. Fox, b. 1898 in MI.

Allied lines: Newton, Harris, Winstel, Fore, Crank, Fulleron

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