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Fox Hounds With Ancestry From Massachusetts

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Name: Aimee McMahon

Lineage: Leo Fox, b. 1917, in Boston, Mass.> Elizabeth Fox, b. 1944 in Lynn, Mass.>Aimee McMahon, b. 1969 in Washington D.C

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Name:  Beverly McAvoy

Lineage:   Thomas FOX b. abt. 1623 England d. 1658, Concord MA> Eliphalet FOX b. 1644 Concord, Mass, d. 15 Aug 1711, Concord, MA> Christopher Benoni FOX b. 1676 Concord, Mass d. 1755> Ephraim FOX b. 1719 Hartford, Conn d. 1791 Pulaski, NY> Ephraim FOX b. 1749 d. 1833, Pulaski, NY> Justus FOX b. 1784 d. 1861, Pulaski> Justus Barnes FOX b. 1822 Conn d.1896, Pulaski> Seymour Justus FOX b.1857 Richland, Oswego Co., NY d. 1916 Pulaski, Oswego Co., NY> Gladys Mae FOX Benedict b. 1900 Pulaski NY d. Galveston, TX 1968> Beverly Benedict McAvoy b. 1924 Watertown, NY.

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Name: Christi Dukman

Home Page: users/d/u/k/Christi-E-Dukman

Lineage: John Foxe, 1516 in Eng> Samuel Foxe, 1560 in Eng> Thomas Fox, 1608 in Eng> Rev. Jabez Fox, 1657 in MA> Rev. John Fox, 1678, in MA> Colonel Jonathan Fox, 1716 in MA> Jonathan Fox, 1747 in MA> Benjamin Fox, 1790 in CT> Henry Fox, 1826 in NY> Jesse Benjamin Fox, 1863 in MI> Della Fox Turner, 1882 in MI> Gladys Turner Golley, 1907 in MI> Jeannette Golley Covert Carmell, 1932 in MI> Christi Covert Dukeman, 1954 in MI

Allied lines: Randall, Greene, Reyner (Rayner), Tyng, Carter, Delano, Evo, Kelly, Turner, Golley, Covert, Carmell, Dukeman.

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Name: Gary Smith

Lineage: Thomas Fox, bet 1619-1622 in Eng> Samuel Fox, 1651 in MA> Isaac Fox, bet 1683-1686 in CT> Daniel Fox, 1722 in CT> Allen Fox, 1755 in CT> Allen Fox, 1798 in NY> Martha Fox Cummings, 1842 in OH.

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Name: Thomas L. Trolia

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Lineage:  Jabez G. Fox b:9/2/1802 Sheffield, Mass m:3/6/1833 Roxbury, CT. d:11/12/1895 Porter County, In. Wife: Anice Caroline Bronson b: 11/22/1807 North Haven, Ct. d:3/15/1885 Porter County, In. Son: Eli Gillete Fox b:3/23/1830 Tusten, Sulivan County, N.Y. m: 8/2/1859 d: 1/4/1900 Danville National Home for Disabled Civil War Soldiers Wife: Louisa Stocker Piper b: 8/22/1841 d:6/1/1876 Zelpha Alberta Fox b:11/16/1866 Porter County, In. m:11/5/1887 d:4/4/1946 Decatur, Il Husband: Charles August Johnson b:11/16/1866 Jonkoping, Sweden d: 5/27/1949 Decatur, Il. Grace Carie Johnson b: 10/7/1901 Decatur, Il m:5/25/1921 age 96 Thomas Lee Trolia b: 11/10/1937 Decatur, Il. age 60

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Name: Ellyn R. Fox

Ancestry Generation 1: Francisco Dias Raposa married to Maria Brilhante Raposa both of St. Michael, the Azores Ancestry Generation 2: Francisco Dias Raposa married to Rose Branco Raposa b. 1893 d. October 5, 1971 born in Mosteiros, St. Michael, Azores, died in Fall River, MA Ancestry Generation 3: Mannuel Dias Raposa born in Feb 1922 in Providence, RI still living Ancestry Generation 4: Ellyn R. Fox (Raposa) a lady never tells her age

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Name:  C. Fox Romeo

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Lineage:  Thomas of England and Concord, Mass 1619-1658; Samuel c1651-1727 of New London, Ct; Samuel (the elder) 1681-1754 of Montville, CT; Samuel c1707-c1785 of Montville, CT; Elisha 1743-1800 of Montville, Ct; Daneil 1766-1820 of New London, Ct; James Angel 1794-1881 of Montville, & Hebron, Ct, Natchez & Woodville & Bovina, Mississippi; David Raymond 1822-1893 of Warren Cty. Miss and Plaquemine, LA; George Edward Randolph MD 1863-1939; George Alphonse 1894-1968 of New Orleans, LA; Benjamin C. Fox, 1925-1978, New Orleans & Baton Rouge, LA

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Name: Grace Gamble

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  Edward Sanborn Fox b. NH m. Elizabeth Willis Long>
  William Long Fox b.10/18/1857, Clarlsetown, MA. d.11/13/1915, Pitsfield,MA. m.Blanche Sumner Colby,04/28/1887, Boston, MA>
Harrison Colby Fox b. 02/05.1888, Arlington, MA m. Clara Pearl Chapman>
Doris Clara Fox b.11/14/1921,Wakefield, MA d.05/02/1997,Litchfield,NH m. John Robert Gamble>
John Robert Gamble Jr. b.01/11/43,Boston,MA m. Grace Marie Young, Quincy, MA>

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Name:  Michael Alan Fox

Thomas Fox, b.1619 England, d.1658 Concord, MA>Samuel Fox, b.1651 Concord, d.1727 New London CT>Issac Fox, b.1685, Lyme CT, d.1754>Samuel Fox, b.1706 Montville CT>Oliver Fox, b.1741 East Haddam CT>Jeremiah Fox, b.1766 East Haddam CT, d.1824 Turin, Lewis Co, NY>Asher "Oshea" G. Fox, b.1799 Albany NY, d. 1857 Buffalo NY>Charles E. Fox, b.1822 Nassau Twp NY, d.1887 McCook, Red Willow Co, NE>Charles Austin Fox, b.1852 Wapello IA>Claude Lewis Fox, b.1882 Albia, IA>Charles Healey Fox, b.1911 San Francisco CA, d. 1943 San Francisco, CA.

Thomas Fox may be descended from Samuel Fox, b. 1583 in England and his father John Fox of Lincolnshire.

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Name: Deborah Marlett

Lineage:  Thomas Fox,b. abt 1619, England - d. 4/14/1658, Concord, MA>Eliphalet Fox b. 8/15/1644, Concord, MA - d. 8/15/1711, Concord, MA>Nathaniel Fox b.12/18/1683Concord, MA - d 12/20/1765, Dracut, MA> David Fox b.3/19/1716or1716, Dracut, Ma -d 9/24/1758, Schenectedy, NY>David Fox b.7/18/1714, Dracut, MA-d.1832, ?Groton, MA>Russell Fox b. 11/2/1780, Dracut, MA - d. 8/25/1883> Darius Lincoln Fox b.1/14/1818, Dracut, MA - d. 8/26/1800, Dracut, MA>Eben Tappan Fox b.6/6/1855, Dracut, MA - d. 10/31/1903, Dracut, MA> Lester Hill Fox B. 10/17/1886, Dracut, MA - d 2/7/1976, Lowell, MA> Olive Hill Fox Colburn b. 11/26/1923, Lowell, MA d 5/13/1998, York, ME> Deborah Jane Colburn Marlett b. 12/11/1949, Boston, MA

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Name: Linda MacLachlan

Thomas Fox, b. 1608-1619, England - d. 14 Apr 1658, Concord MA & 2 of his sons by Hannah Brooks, daughter of Henry & Grace [Wheeler] Brooks:

Samuel & Mary [Moore] Fox of New London CT >
Isaac & Mary [Jones] Fox of Campton NH or Salem CT>
Samuel & Mary [Dodge] Fox orig. of Montville CT?>
William & Mercy Fox >
Anne Fox & Charles Andrews of Glastonbury CT >

Isaac & Abigail [Osborn] Fox of New London CT >
Ebenezer & Jane [Stedman] Fox of East Haddam >
Ebenezer & Esther [Purple] Fox of East Haddam CT >
Moses & Caroline [Mack] Fox of East Haddam CT>
Minerva Fox, who d 1859 in Bridgewater PA & William Birge Sr. who thereafter moved to MI >

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Name: Ann Fox Gulbransen

Home Location: Sharon Center, OH

Thomas Fox (Ffoxe) of Concord MA 1619 (England)-1658, m (2) Hannah Brooks in 1647>
Isaac Fox, b 1647, Concord MA, d 1735 in New London, CT, m Abagil Osborn in 1678>
Ebenexer Fox, b 1689 in New London, CT, d 1752 in East Haddam, Ct, m Jane Stedman in 1719>
Ebenezer Fox, b 1721 d 1813 in East Haddam, CT, m Esther Purple 1748>
Moses Fox, 1765-1813, East Haddam, CT, m Caroline Mack in 1787>
Dana Fox b 1795 in East Haddam, CT, d 1876 in Highland, KS, m Jane Strong in 1824>
Simeon Moses Fox, b 1841 NY State, d 1938 Manhattan, KS, m (2) Esther Butler>
Philip Fox b 1878 Manhattan, KS, d 1944 Boston, MA, m Ethel Lillian Snow in 1905>
Bertrand Fox, b 1908 in Williams Bay WI, m (2) Patricia Noyes in 1951>
Ann Fox Gulbransen, b 1951, Boston MA, m Martin Gulbransen 1977>

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Name: Heather Davis

Ancestry Generation 1: Charles Fox, b. abt. 1850 Philadelphia, d. Philadelphia, m. Mary Mingle Ancestry Generation 2: Rachel Fox, b. 9 FEB 1878 Philadelphia, d.23 FEB 1952 East Longmeadow, MA, m. Ernest Smith Ancestry Generation 3: daughter - living Ancestry Generation 4: son - living Ancestry Generation 5: daughter - living Ancestry Generation 6: Heather Evans- me

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Name: Kent Fox

Lineage: Thomas Fox, b. 1619 in England> Eliphalet Fox, b. 1644 in MA> Nathaniel Fox, b. 1683 in MA> David Fox, b. 1717 in MA> Eliphalet Fox, b. 1749 in MA> Charles Fox, b. 1782 in MA> Charles S. Fox, b. 1830 in MA> Oscar J. Fox, b. 1879 in AR> Maurice Fox, b. 1915 in OK> Howard Kent Fox, 1944 in MD.

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Name: Jani Fox

Lineage:  Thomas Fox Jr., born 1811 in Culpepper County VA. d. June 6, 1873 in VA.> Lemuel Franklin Fox, b. sep 26, 1838 - d. may 24, 1916 >Ashby Colonel Fox, b. July 15, 1889 VA - d. in VA.> Howard Colonel Fox, b. feb 8, 1922 in VA. - d. jun 29, 1973 in Gardner MA.> Roy Ashby Fox, b. mar 3 1957 in Gardner, MA - <-(my husband :)

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Name:  Paul R. Smith

Lineage: FOX, Thomas, b. ? in England - d. ? in Eng, m. ? > FOX, Captain John, b. ? in Great Missenden Parish, Buckinghamshire, Eng , d. bef. 1683 in Glouchester Co., VA m. ? > FOX, Henry, b. ca 1650, d. bef 17 Nov 1714, m. WEST, Anne > FOX, Anne, b. 20 May 1684 in King William Co., VA, d. 4 May 1732 in 'Sweet Hall', King William Co., VA, m. Claiborne, Thomas > CLAIBORNE, Augustine, b. 14 Jan 1720 in 'Sweet Hall', d. 3 May 1787 in 'Windsor', Sussex Co., VA, m. HERBERT, Mary > CLAIBORNE, Herbert, b. 7 Apr 1746 in King Willam Co., VA, d. Aug 1814 in 'Poplar Grove', New Kent Co., VA, m. BROWNE, Mary Herbert (daughter of William Burnett BROWNE, governor of Salem, MA) > CLAIBORNE, Harriet Herbert, b. 16 Jan 1693 in 'Elsing Green', King William Co., VA, d. 14 Jun 1868, m. Robert HILL > HILL, Robert Augustine, b. 1815 in King William Co., VA, d. 1886, m. JOHNSON, Mary Ann > HILL, Harriet Claiborne, b. 2 Jul 1838 in 'Poplar Grove', New Kent Co., VA, d. 20 Feb 1891 in 'Green Level', King William Co., VA, m. WHITE, James Ambrose > WHITE, James !

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Name: Robert Charles Fox

Ancestry Generation 1: Redverse Fox b. Nova Scotia, Lena Saulnier Fox b. 1900, d. 1977 Ancestry Generation 2: Ernest L. Fox, b. 1932 in Nova Scotia, June Ells Crockett Fox b. 1932, d. 1977 Ancestry Generation 3: Robert Charles Fox b. 1959 in Rosindale Mass., Lori A. Robertson Fox

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Lineage: John C. Fox, from Ireland> James Fox, lived in MA> James Francis Fox.

Allied lines: McAulifew, McLaughlin, Kane

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Name:  Timothy J. Fox

Lineage:  Herbert Fox, b. ? - d. ?> Clinton Charles Fox, b. 1904 in Ewen, MI - d. 1973 in Half Moon Bay, MA> James Patrick Fox, b. 1944 in Oakland, CA>Timothy James Fox, b. 1972 in Redwood City, CA>

Separate line: Richard Fox, b. abt 1680> Ebenezer Fox, b. abt 1700> Rachel Fox, b. abt 1720 near Glastonbury, CT> Mehitabel (Mabel) Matson, b. 1739 in Glastonbury, CT - d. 1824> Chloe Hollister, b. 1762 in Glastonbury, CT - d. 1869 in Eastbury, CT> Abigail House, b. 1783 in Eastbury, CT - d. 1860 in Clayton Co., IA> Edna Penhollow, b. 1803 in CT - d. 1853 in Clayton Co., IA> Frederick William Richardson, b. 1844 in Winnebago Co., IL - d. 1928 in Madison, NE> Amy Mary Richardson, b. 1875 in Battle Creek, NE - d. 1956> Harold Frederick Barnes, b. 1902 in Battle Creek, NE - d. 1980 in Redwood City, CA> Bonnie Ann Barnes, b. 1944 in Palo Alto, CA> Timothy James Fox, b. 1972 in Redwood City, CA

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