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Fox Hounds With Ancestry From Hawaii


Name:  Stephanie Eledge

Lineage:  8)Hannah FOX, b: abt 1755 in NC - d: unknown, m: 1775 in VA to James Hampton, b: 1758 in VA - d: abt 1809 in KY> 7)Elizabeth HAMPTON, b: abt 1785 in KY - d: 1823 in AL, m: 1806 in KY to Ezekiel Smith, b: 1775 in KY - d: 1819 in unknown> 6)William Russell SMITH, b: 1815 in KY - d: 1896 in DC, m: 1847 in AL to Mary Jane Murray, b: abt 1830 in AL - d: 1953 in AL/MS> 5)Sophie Ann SMITH, b: 1850 in AL - d: 1924 in AL, m: 1875 in AL to William Franklin Walker, b: 1840 in AL - d: 1888 in AL> 4)Lucy Agnes WALKER, b: 1880 in AL - d: 1960 in TX, m: 1900 in AL to Seaborn Jeffries, b: 1874 in AL - d: 1958 in TX> 3)Elizabeth Hampton JEFFRIES, b: 1910 in NM - still living, m: 1930 in NM to James Booker Agnew, b: 1909 in OK - d: 1973 in CA> 2)William Russell AGNEW, b: 1938 in TX - still living, m: 1958 in CA to Peggy Lou Wetter, b: 1936 in HI - still living> 1)Stephanie Dianne AGNEW, b: 1961 in CA, m: 1981 in CA to Joseph Edward Snyder, Jr., b: 1958 in CA

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