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Fox Hounds With Ancestry From Arkansas

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Name:  Patricia Fox Noble

Originally from England.
Ernie Fox b.? d.? married to
Gracie Branscom b.? d?
Children:Logan,Ida,Martha,Eddie,Walter,John,Lawton & Charlie.
My gf Charlie Damon Fox,b.12-20-1909 in ARK d.11-1984 in OK

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Name:   Joe P Fox

Lineage: Abraham M Fox b 1794 NC-d 1863 GA> Cicero A Fox b 1835 TN-d 1905 AR> James H Fox b 1866 GA-d 1942 AR> Jay P Fox b 1904 AR-d 1982 OK> Joe P Fox-------

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Name: Charles R. Fox

Augustin Fox, b ? died? born in Germany
Joseph Fox, b 1840 in Germany
John Henry Fox, b abt. 1870, d abt. 1910, Arkansas
Robert Lee Fox, b 1902, Arkansas, d 1973, Arkansas
Charles R. Fox, b 1935, Arkansas

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Name:  Maggie Moore

Lineage:  William FOX b. Snowball(Searcy Co) AR. m. Elizabeth TURNEY b.1860 TN.  Their children:
Henry B. FOX b. 1875 Searcy Co, AR
Sarah E. FOX b 1878 Searcy Co, AR
Emma FOX
Trudy FOX b. 1888 Searcy Co, AR
Trudy FOX m. Robert BALES c1904 in Batesville, AR
They had 10 children:
Sarah Alice Eliabeth b. 3/30/1906
Sarah Alice m Granville MOORE 1924 in Batesville, AR.
Laymond Dale Moore b 1940 Batesville, AR

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Name: Linda Palmer

Lineage:  Ancestry Generation 1: Abraham Fox, b. abt 1775 NC or VA Ancestry Generation 2: Jacob Fox, b. abt 1804-1806 Ancestry Generation 3: David Fox, b. 1824 in McMinn, TN Ancestry Generation 4: Cruzen Fox, b. 1855 McMinn, TN, md. Zylphia L. Morris from NC Ancestry Generation 5: Dora LaVerne Fox, b. Feb 1884 in AR, d. Dec 1929, md. Wm. Mack Kitchens Ancestry Generation 6: Lona Belle Kitchens, b. 18Feb 1905 in TX. md. Arthur Chester Heflin Ancestry Generation 7: Edward Harold Heflin, b. 25Oct 1926 in Wister, OK, md. Clella Jeannette Lawrence Ancestry Generation 8: Linda Carol Heflin Palmer

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Name: David Hacking

Lineage:  1. Johnson Monroe FOX-80 b.12 Mar 1819 d.Abt 1870 in Bradford, Gilson, TN sp: Nancy INGRAM-81 b.15 Sep 1822 m.13 Jun 1843 d.Abt 1875 in TN
      2. Mary FOX-5159 b.Abt 1845 in TN
      2. Elizabeth FOX-5160 (b.Abt 1847 in TN
      2. Martha FOX-5161 (b.Abt 1848 in TN
      2. Johnson Monroe FOX-79 (b.25 Jun 1849 in TN d.2 Jun 1926 in Okemah, OK           sp: Sophronia Lucy JOHNS-82 (b.10 Jan 1852 in Bradford, Gibson, TN m.7
          Feb 1869 d.12 May 1876 in Clay, AR
          3. FOX-4346 (b.1869 in TN
          3. FOX-4343 (b.1870 in TN
          3. James Monroe FOX-4336 (b.29 Feb 1872 in Boydsville, Clay, AR d.22 Nov
          3. Charles Patten FOX-77 (b.27 Sep 1874 in Boydsville, Clay, AR d.22 Mar
             1947 in Vernal, Uintah, UT) sp: Mary Caroline MOORE-78 (b.28 May 1884
             m.20 Feb 1907 d.11 Dec 1978)
             4. Charles Laurence FOX-75 (b.6 Nov 1908 d.12 May 1984)
               sp: Alice Hannah MARKEY-76 (b.2 Jul 1909 m.12 Sep 1934 d.18 Sep 1984)
               5. Laura Carolyn FOX-6 (b.18 Nov 1937) sp: David Roger HACKING-5
                 (b.24 Nov 1935 m.29 Sep 1960)
                 6. David Laurence HACKING-1 (b.2 Mar 1962) sp: Jennifer Lee
                      SPERRY-2 (b.13 Jan 1962 m.8 Jan 1988) sp: Mary A WINGO-4338
                      b.Abt 1860 in TN m.25 Dec 1876
         3. Kirby J FOX-5168 b.Abt 1877 in TN
         3. Johnson Early FOX-5169 b.Jul 1879 in TN
         3. William Earnest FOX-5170 b.Jul 1879 in TN
         3. Ethail FOX-5178 b.Jun 1881 in TN sp: Alice Marietta DAVENPORT-4340
            m.9 Jan 1883
         3. Raden U FOX-5171 b.Abt 1886
         3. Biney? FOX-5172 b.Sep 1888
         3. Elmer S FOX-5173 b.May 1891
         3. Marlie? FOX-5174 b.Apr 1892
         3. Nora FOX-5175 b.Mar 1894
         3. Harmon FOX-5176 b.Aug 1896
         3. John FOX-5177 b.Feb 1898
            2. Sarah FOX-5162 b.Abt 1851
            2. Louisa FOX-5163 b.Abt 1852
            2. Anthony FOX-5164 b.Abt 1854
            2. Wesley FOX-5165 b.Abt 1856
            2. Jackson FOX-5166 b.Abt 1858
            2. Samuel FOX-5167 b.Abt 1859

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Name: David Standley Fox

Lineage: Johann Matthias Fuchs, b. 1713 in Germany?> Christoph "Christopher" Fuchs, b 1739 in MD> Adam Fox, b. 1765 in MD - d. in IN> Jacob Fox, b. 1804 in VA - d. 1888 in OH> Asa Taylor Fox, b. 1848 in IN - d. 1936 in AR> Asa Standley Fox, b. 1900 in AR - d. 1973 in AR.


Name:  Leslie (Fox) Bremner

Lineage:  Dane' FOX b.Unknown in Ireland d.Unknown US> Matthew William FOX b.05/20/1831 co.Meath,Ireland d.04/07/1904 in VT>  Charles John FOX b.11/17/1881 in Pitts.VT-d.04/20/1932 in Pitts.VT> Morice (Dan)Daniel FOX b.02/02/1916 in Pitts.VT -d.11/07/1992 in Alpena MI> Patrick Daniel FOX b.02/03/1942 in Detroit.MI -Living> Leslie Ann Fox b.06/06/1965 in Landstuhl,Germany-Living
I am trying to locate information on Dane'Fox and his wife,Bridgette Karanagh or Kenner.They left Mattew at the age of 1,in
Ireland and came to America with his six brothers and sisters.he came here at 18 or 19 and was never able to find them.The only clue I have is that a sister might of lived in Arkansas. But I have no names.I would appreciate any help. My family is part of the Fox Chevrolete family.

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Name: Sharon Hansen

Lineage: 1. John Riley Fox, b. Dec 1820, Indiana; d. 20 Apr 1890; md. Caroline Addoline Elrod 20 Oct 1842. 2. Marion Riley Fox, b.25 Jul 1864, Poolville (Weatherford) Parker Co. TX ; d. 25 Feb 1945 Spiro, Leflore Co. OK ; md. Anna Belle (Bell) King 15 Nov 1885, Parker Co. TX 3. Carrie Addoline Fox, b. 17 Jun 1892, Poolville (Weatherford), Parker Co. TX; d. 3 Sep 1980, Spiro, Leflore Co. OK; md. Jahue George Washington Hood, 27 Nov 1907 Jenny Lind, Sebastian Co. Ark 4. John W. Hood, b. 18 Apr 1923, Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co. Ark; md. Geraldyne Lou Acker, 10 Aug 1949, Red Rock, Noble Co. OK 5. Sharon Lynn (Hood) Hansen, b. 27 Dec 1951, Oklahoma City, OK; md. Scott Campbell Hansen, 8 Jun 1974, Mullica Hill, NJ

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Name: Kent Fox

Lineage: Thomas Fox, b. 1619 in England> Eliphalet Fox, b. 1644 in MA> Nathaniel Fox, b. 1683 in MA> David Fox, b. 1717 in MA> Eliphalet Fox, b. 1749 in MA> Charles Fox, b. 1782 in MA> Charles S. Fox, b. 1830 in MA> Oscar J. Fox, b. 1879 in AR> Maurice Fox, b. 1915 in OK> Howard Kent Fox, 1944 in MD.

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Name: Linda

Lineage: Mathew W. Fox, b. IL. d. ?> Robert Hugh Fox b. 18 May 1870 m. Minnie Belle Jackson b.11 June 1871 KY. d. 20 Oct 1917 AR.> Rosa Ethel (Fox) Shafer b. 19 Oct 1900 KY. >Dorothy Mae (Shafer) Langle b. 29 Nov 1923 CA.>Linda Diane (Langle) Love.

Allied Lines: Trevathen, Louder, Jackson.

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Name:  Martha A. Thayer

Lineage: Job FOX b. ca. 1781, Tenn, d. after 1850 census wife on census listed as Lydia (maiden name unknown) b. 1780, NC d. after 1850 census> Robert A. FOX, b. 29 Dec. 1801, Tenn. d. ca. 1869 wife was alive when estate was settled, Hunt Co., Texas. His wife, Mary REED b. July 5, 1809, Tenn. d. after 1869, Texas, they married on 5 Feb. 1824. (They sent five sons to fight for Texas during the civil war, one was killed.)> John L. (ELihue) FOX, b. 18 march 1838 gravestone, 1839 Bible, Tenn. d. Nov. 28, 1919 death certificate, Nov. 29, 1919 gravestone and bible. In 1865 he married Nancy C. BROWN, Bible, Nancy G. BROWN gravestone b. Jan 8, 1839, NC d. May 8, 1895 Hunt Co. Texas> Henry Wilson FOX, b.10 Sept. 1877, Texas d. 16 Dec. 1962, Hunt Co., Texas. On August 30, 1902 he married Kate Ann HATCHETT b. May 6, 1883, Clarksville, Arkansas d. Aug 25, 1971, Fort Worth,Tarrant Co, Texas she is buried in Hunt Co. Texas next to Henry Wilson FOX.> Lena Odessa FOX b. 8 June 1905, Hunt Co., Texas d. 1 April 1992, Moab, Utah. She married on Augst 1, 1928, Duren Howard SHIELDS b. Aug 5. 1905, Hunt Co. Texas d. May 19, 1994> Martha Ann SHIELDS, b. May 8, 1936, Santa Fe, New Mexico married Norman S. THAYER, Jr b. May 30, 1033, Jacksonville, Florida. They were married Jan. 30, 1960

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Name: Shirley Sinclair Key

Ancestry Generation 1: Abraham Fox b 1770 d Tenn m Elizabeth b 1787 NC d 1865 Tenn Ancestry Generation 2: Jacob Fox b 1804 in Vir m Ann Sanders b 1805 Ancestry Generation 3: David Fox b 1824 Tenn d 1911 in LeFlore Co., Ok m Caroline Stoneman b 1823 SC Ancestry Generation 4: William Owen Fox b Oct 14, 1846 in Tenn d Nov 17 1935 m Elizabeth Jane Morris b Oct 14, 1947 Tenn d May 30 1910 Ancestry Generation 5: Joe S Fox b February 2, 1878 in Ark d February 6, 1961 in Stonewall Oklahoma m Martha Ollive Austin b October 15,1879 in Ark d August 8 1941 in Stonewall Ok Ancestry Generation 6: Dorothy Pauline Fox b August 19, 1914 in Vanoss, Ok m Bill Sinclair April 5, 1933 b June 6 1913 in Locust Grove Ok d Jan 20 1985 Okc buried in Ada Ok Ancestry Generation 7: Shirley Sinclair Key b Sept 9 1949 in Sacramento California


Name: Sharon Kaye Howell

Lineage: Gatus Fox, B: 1834, Arkansas> Eliza Ann Fox, B:20 May, 1878, Pottersville, Mo.D:17 Mar. 1934, Depew, Ok.> Ana Mae Frazier, B: 23 Apr. 1904, Atoka, Ok. - D: 17 Nov. 1977, Okmulgee, Ok.> Buster Leon Howell, B: 10 July, 1938, Beggs, Ok.> Sharon Kaye Howell, B:21 Oct. 1961, Okmulgee, Ok.

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Name:  Sherry Fox

Lineage:  David Fox came down the Mississippi River from Ohio about 1830, married Eliza Ann Dean in Hot Spring Co., Arkansas 1831, had one child, Jesse F. Fox (1831-1864 Civil War). David drowned in 1832 AR. Only information have is newspaper mention of marriage which stated that he was "David Fox, of Ohio". Am stumped and seek help going back further to his parentage, county he came from. Any help will be appreciated.

David Fox, d. 1832>Jesse F. Fox, 1831 AR-1864 AR, mar Susan Buzan Edwards, TX 1854>Josiah Clay Fox, 1860 TX- 1908 TX>Eldridge Monroe Fox 1890 TX-1964 TX>William Donald Fox 1943 TX- (my husband, Don).

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Cecil Jones

Home Location: Corning, California

Web Site: Jones/

Resources: Familytreemaker CD's 1-5

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Carolo (Charles) Fuchs, b. abt. 1817 in Wuerttemberg, Germany, d. bef. 1900, md. Anna Mary Eckstein (?) b. abt. 1834, Herstein (?), Germany , d. Feb. 12, 1924, Clyde, Nodaway Co., Mo.>
Johannam (John) Fuchs, b. 1857 in Illinois, d. July 19, 1895 on claim in present day Moore, Cleveland Co., Ok, md. May 18, 1881 in Conception, Nodaway Co., Mo, Mary Ann Supple b. August 15, 1862 in New Jersey>
Catherine Ann Fox b. April 1, 1890 in Nodaway Co., Mo, d. June 30, 1949 in Westwood, Ca, md. January 1, 1909 in Norman, Cleveland Co., Ok, Arthur Morris Jones b. abt 1885 in Fulton Co, Arkansas, d. 1918 in Norman, Ok>
William Edward Jones b. March 17, 1918 in Burr, Oklahoma, md. January 21, 1939 near Stringtown, Atoka Co., Ok, Alice Ruth Williamson, b. Feb. 8, 1920, in Batesville, Arkansas, d. June 26, 1992 in Red Bluff, Ca>
Cecil Alan Jones b. April 4, 1954 in Santa Rosa, New Mexico>



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