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List of Names in the Eames Cemetery at the Junction of Vermont Routes 8 and 9 in Searsburg

This was a "spur of the moment" project, so I wasn't able to copy the epitaphs as they were illegible without some way to make them stand out. I hope to get back later and add them, plus possibly some photos.


Click on the row and stone number to go to the map, or on the Inscription label to go to the inscription. Once at one or the other, you can go back and forth by clicking on the Row and Stone numbers, but will have to go to the bottom of the page and click on "List" to return here.

Alphabetical Listing of Names in Searsburg Cemetery
Adams, Frank [3-11] Inscription
Aldrich, Annette E. [8-1] Inscription
Aldrich, Fred Sr. [8-3] Inscription
Aldrich, Margaret B. [8-2] Inscription
Bartlett, Nedham D. [3-10] Inscription
Bishop, Alonzo K. [2-4] Inscription
Bishop, Amanda A. [3-5] Inscription
Bishop, Amos [4-3] Inscription
Bishop, Charlotte E. [3-1] Inscription
Bishop, Claude E. [4-4] Inscription
Bishop, Elliott [3-2] Inscription
Bishop, Eva [4-1] Inscription
Bishop, Henry [4-5] Inscription
Bishop, Lewis A. [3-4] Inscription
Bishop, Lucy A. [2-3] Inscription
Bishop, Mary [3-3] Inscription
Bishop, William Charles [1-4] Inscription
Bond, William [5-5] Inscription
Doane, Phebe Ann [6-3] Inscription
Eames, David [6-7] Inscription
Eames, Joseph W. [6-6] Inscription
Griffin, baby [10-1] Inscription
Grousbeck, Lucy Day [6-4] Inscription
Grousbeck, Nicholas [6-1] Inscription
Grousbeck, William [6-2] Inscription
Hall, Della [E-2] Inscription
Hall, Dennis G. [7-3] Inscription
Hall, Eli [7-2] Inscription
Hall Frederick H. [E-1] Inscription
Hall, Florence A. [7-3] Inscription
Hall, George [E-3] Inscription
Hall, Henry [6-8] Inscription
Hall, Rufus [3-8] Inscription
Harvey, Adelbert [2-2] Inscription
Harvey, Ida B. [2-5] Inscription
Lillibridge, baby [3-9] Inscription
Mann, Nathan [3-7] Inscription
Maxfield, Mary [3-6] Inscription
Morse, Brigham [5-4] Inscription
Morse, Brigham Jr. [5-3] Inscription
mother [4-2] Inscription
Perkins, Fred [4-9] Inscription
Philips, Adelaide L. [4-8] Inscription
Porter, Martha E. [6-5] Inscription
Rumboldt, Lenora [2-1] Inscription
Rumboldt, Richard C. [1-1] Inscription
Rumboldt, Roy [2-1] Inscription
R., W. [1-3] Inscription
Russell, Harry A. [2-6] Inscription
Sharpe, Martha Bishop [4-6] Inscription
Shippee, Geo. C. [6-9] Inscription
Shippee, Mrs. Geo. [6-10] Inscription
Smith, Eva R. [1-2] Inscription
Stanley, widow [4-7] Inscription
Tatro, Martha M. Hall [7-1] Inscription
unknown [5-1] Inscription
unknown [5-2] Inscription
Vose, Fanny L. [3-6] Inscription
Vose, Lowell [3-6] Inscription
Wall, Peter [6-11] Inscription

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