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Note for:   Jane L. Foulkrod,   1821 - 1887          Index
George C. Martin's "Genealogical Data Concerning The Family of Foulkrod, 1717 - 1910," pub. by Martin & Allardyce. (Ashbury Park, N.J. : 1913):

"John Foulkrod, interred in Cedar Hill Cemetery, had a daughter Jane, who married Lewis Unruh, eldest son of George Unruh and Maria Castor, Maria was born October 1, 1799, and died July 16, 1878. See 'The Castor family,' 1910, by George Castor Martin."


Note for:   Anna Barbara Esler,   9 AUG 1766 - 19 JUL 1848          Index
Last Will & Testament of Barbara Ann Foulkrod (uncertified copy), Will No. 191, Year Deceased 1848.

FOULKROD, Barbara Ann of the Borough of Frankford, Philadelphia County. Seven children: viz: Rebecca, Elizabeth (Mrs. Thomas Dorsey), Ann Maria, Henry, Louisa, Julia Ann (Mrs. John Kidd), and Jacob A. Foulkrod. Executors: My friend, Levi Foulkrod and daughter, Louisa Foulkrod. Witnesses: John Hickly and J. Pugh. Signed October 19, 1847.

According to George Castor Martin's "Genealogical Data Concerning the Family of Foulkrod," Anna Barbara Foulkrod [w/o George Heinrich, later George J.] is buried in the Frankford Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Martin's "Genealogical Data ... " further provides Anna Barbara/Barbara Ann (Esler) Foulkrod's date of birth as August 9th 1766 and her date of death as July 19th 1848.


Note for:   Mathias Gilbert,    -          Index
1790, 1810-1820 U.S. Census Index:

Gilbert, Matthias Philadelphia City, Philadelphia County, PA 215 1790
Gilbert, Matthias Frankford Borough, Philadelphia County, PA 057 1810
Gilbert, Matthias Frankford Township, Philadelphia County, PA 078 1820

Unconfirmed that these are the same Matthias Gilbert or that this is the same Matthias Gilbert who married Christian Foulkrod.


Note for:   Joseph Foulkrod,   1764 - 21 SEP 1792          Index
According to Paragraph 7A of the Foulkrod document from the Chester County Historical Society:

"He [Joseph] is mentioned in the Penna. Archives, 6th Series, Vol. 3, on pages 1111 and 1325, as a member of Captain Conrad Rush's company, Fourth Battalion, Philadelphia Militia, Lieutenant-Colonel William Will, Esq."


Note for:   Philip Foulkrod,   ABT. 1790 - BEF. 1871          Index
Virgil D. White's "Index to War of 1812 Pension Files, Vol. I : A-F." pub. in Waynesboro, Tenn., 1989), p. 750:

"FOULKROD, Philip, Frances (Swarts or Schwartz) SC-220, m 9 May 1812 Phila PA, sd 23 Apr 1856, srv Knorr's PA Mil, wid lived Frankford in Philadelphia PA in 1871."

Philip Foulkrod is also listed in the "Roll of Pennsylvania Vol. Privates, War of 1812."

Census Records:

1850 U.S. Census, Borough of Frankford, Philadelphia Co., PA, viz: Philip Toubhrod, ae 60 (laborer); Francis, ae 59; Thomas, ae 30 (carpenter); Benjamin, ae 24 (mason); and Philip J., ae 3.

(Census Roll 824, p. 150)


Note for:   James Lyle Hilt,   ABT. 1923 -          Index
"The Helt / Hilt Family and The Foulkrod Family of Philadelphia County Pennsylvania," , pp. 33-34:

"Lyle [Francis Lyle Hilt] also worked with his father [Benjamin Franklin Hilt] at the Glenwood Hotel, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. There he met his second wife, Agnes Josephine Murphy (daughter of Agnes Farrish and James Murphy). They were married about 1921 and had a son, James Lyle Hilt, born about 1923. Josephine served as a social hostess at the Glenwood and her mother made handmade dresses for dolls to be sold at the hotel gift shop. They were divorced and Josephine married as her second husband, Donald Gayton. Because of this second marriage, James Lyle Hilt had his name legally changed to Gayton. At this writing, James Gayton lives in Atlanta, Georgia."


Note for:   Samuel Foulkrod,   BET. 1792 - 1793 -          Index

Paragraph 32 of the "Foulkrod document" from the Chester County Historical Society, provides that: 'Samuel Foulkrod, s/o George Foulkrod, Jr., mar. April 25, 1815 at St. Michael's Evangelical Church, Germantown, Rebecca Ashton.' The author (unknown) does not provide a reference to his source document for this date.

Contradicting that date, however, is Virgil D. White's "Index to War of 1812 Pension files, Vol. I : A-F (Waynesboro, TN (1989)), p. 750, which states: "FOULKROD, Samuel, SC-1107, Rebecca (Ashton) m 9 May 1815 Germantown PA, srv John Fesmyer's PA Mil, lived Philadelphia PA 1850-71."

Note to the Reader: In the Picton Press "Complete Catalog of Publications" (Fall/Winter 1998), a new publication entitled "(GERMANTOWN). ST. MICHAEL'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Germantown (now in Philadelphia) Pennsylvania Volume 1 Baptisms 1741-1841." Transcribed and ed. By Frederick S. Weiser and Debra D. Smith, CGRS. 448 pp. 1998. #1566. Contains this description: "Here are some of the earliest Lutheran baptisms of Philadelphia with records beginning in 1741, not long after the church's organization. Lutheran practice required adult sponsors, or godparents, thus providing important additional information about the individual families since the sponsors were often family members."

In the 2nd paragraph of this description, "This volume contains all baptisms from 1741 to 1841. Marriages and burials began being recorded in 1751. A subsequent volume will translate and publish the lists of marriages, burials, confirmations and related data in the registers of the church to 1841."

It is reasonable to assume, therefore, that when the subsequent Vol. II is released, that the marriage date of Samuel Foulkrod and Rebecca Ashton can be confirmed.

Military Records:

According to the Chester Co. Hist. Soc. "Foulkrod document," Samuel Foulkrod served in the war of 1812 as Third Corporal in Capt. John Fessmire's Co., 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Sep 12, 1814 and Jan 3, 1815 (Penna. Arch. 6th Ser. Vol. 7, p. 693; Vol. 9, p. 213). On Oct 15, 1814, he was encamped at Marcus Hook, Company called 'Independent Frankford Riflemen.' (Ibid, Vol. 7, p. 693). On Oct 20, 1814, Samuel Foulkrod received additional pay as Corporal. (Ibid, Vol. 9, p. 133). He is on the list of pensioners of the war of 1812. (Ibid, Vol. 9, p. 337).

Samuel Foulkrod signed the Pennsylvania Vol. Privates Roll, 'a musician.'

(Roll of Pennsylvania Vol. Privates, War of 1812, p. 146.)

Census Records:

The 1830 Federal Census shows Samuel Foulkrod of Moreland Township, Philadelphia County. His family was listed as follows: 1 male of 5 and under 10, 1 male of 10 and under 15, 1 male of 30 and under 40; 1 female under 5, 1 female of 5 and under 10, 1 female of 10 and under 15, and 1 female of 30 and under 40. (Microfilm Roll 158, p. 12.)

The 1840 Federal Census shows Samuel Foulkrod and his family in Lower Dublin Township, Philadelphia County, listed as follows: 1 male of 10 and under 15, 1 male of 15 and under 20, 1 male of 40 and under 50; 1 female of 5 and under 10, 1 female of 10 and under 15, 1 female of 15 and under 20, and 1 female of 40 and under 50. (Microfilm Roll 489, p. 216.)

Samuel Foulkrod and his family are shown in the 1850 Federal Census in Lower Dublin Township, Philadelphia County as follows: Samuel Foulkrood, 57 (Blacksmith); Rebecca, 51; and Frances, 17. (Microfilm Roll 808, p. 71.)

And in the 1860 Federal Census, enumerated on June 23rd, Samuel & Rebecca (Ashton) Foulkrod are living with Hugh Evans and his wife, Rebecca A., in Abington Township, Montgomery County: Hugh Evans, 38 (Farmer); Rebecca A., 36 (his wife); Samuel A. Evans, 13; Stanford H. Evans, 9; Samuel Foulkrod, 68 (Farm Labor); Rebecca Foulkrod, 62 (Servant); Elizabeth Foster, 18 (Servant); and Charles Chandler, 23 (Farm Labor). (Microfilm Roll 1143, p. 51.)