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Pennsylvania Line, Flying Camp

The Foulkrod Connection

 Page 13 from Addenda, Näf-Neff History:

interest, and never suggested any Revolutionary connection, until the finding of this record of Captain Rudolph Neff as a member of the "Flying Camp," together with the dates given in the affidavit of Jacob Foulkrod.

Esther Neff, the niece of Rudolph Neff, who died in 1809, married a man by the name of Jacob Foulkrod (see Näff-Neff, page 129) and the writer [Elizabeth Clifford Neff] hopes to prove that it is the same Jacob Foulkrod whose affidavit has been quoted in this article. If such is the case, the relationship would confirm the evidence regarding the identity of Captain Rudolph Neff.

As a summary of the above statements, find that Rudolph Nef was captain of the Pennsylvania "Flying Camp" militia, in August, 1776.

The term of service was probably six months, and the "Flying Camps" in New Jersey were largely made of Pennsylvania troops.

Washington crossed the Delaware on the 25th of December, 1776.

Family tradition says Rudolph Neff, who died in 1809, had something to do with Washington crossing the Delaware, and the evidence is conclusive that Captain Rudolph Neff of the Pennsylvania "Flying Camp" was the Rudolph Neff who came to America in 1749 and died in 1809.

Neff, Elizabeth C. Addenda, Näf-Neff History. (Cleveland, OH : 1899), p. 13.

The Possible/Perhaps/Maybe Philip Jacob Welty (b. Apr 16, 1759) Connection
Which as of--September 5th 1999--Remains to be Confirmed!

Monday, August 30, 1999 11:47 AM email from Rick and Melony Graham to Wilma Sakowsky

                                                                                 *     *     *
I thought he [Philip Jacob Welty] was with the Flying Camp, but don't quote me, I know I looked it up once, I'm hoping I wrote it down somewhere. I'll have to check it out and get back to you.


Monday, August 30, 1999 12:22 PM email from Wilma Sakowsky to Rick and Melony Graham

                                                                                *     *     *
The Flying Camp?  Oh please do confirm this.  If this is the same Flying Camp under the command of Rudolph Neff, that crossed the Delaware with Gen. Washington,--then this also establishes a connection for another family group I am investigating (Foulkrod) that became involved with the Welty's that migrated to northern Pennsylvania.  Specifically, I have records of one Jacob Foulkrod of Oxford Township, Philadelphia County who signed an affidavit for Rudolph Neff's military pension that he (Isaac) could testify to Rudolph's presence in the boat the night Washington crossed the Delaware.


Tuesday, August 31, 1999 6:50 PM email from Rick and Melony Graham to Wilma Sakowsky

I looked through my stuff and couldn't find it, but I remember the circumstance of me looking for it. I was trying to get a copy of the Flying Camp members for someone who wanted to join the DAR.  When I found it I saw Welty's name on it and decided to make a copy for myself. Unfortunately the gentleman who copied it was new to the Historical Society and only copied the first part of the list leaving my ancestor off. I didn't realize it til I got home. I was going to go back and get it again and never got around to it. I also never made a note of it, so at this point although I'm pretty sure it was him and not one of the other members of my family I would feel more comfortable with it before me to confirm it. I will get a copy and I can now scan it and send it so you have it also.


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List of "Flying Camp" holdings at the Pennsylvania State Archives:

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Bureau of Archives and History
Pennsylvania State Archives


Depreciation Interest Certificates, l782-l787 (5 Boxes)

6-0095           Flying Camp, A-Z              5 folders

{series #4.17}



Accounts and Related Records, l777-l78l (3 Boxes)

Depreciation Interest Books, l777-1782, undated (5 vols.)

D-E. l777-1782 (Certificates issued at Philadelphia "expressing interest" to officers retiring or Soldiers discharged since December l8, l780. Issued to Pennsylvania Line, Flying Camp, State Regts., or militia.

{series #4.30}



Pierce's Certificate Accounts, Consisting of Pay Roll Books, Voucher Indexes, Ownership Certificates, and an Account of Certificates Loaned to the United States, Signed by John Pierce and Relating to the Issuance of Interest Bearing Certificates to the Pennsylvania Line, [ca. 1784-1793] (3 volumes, 1 box)

Ownership Certificates, l782-1787 (1 Box)

6-0099           Flying Camp        A-Z        l folder

{series #4.44}

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