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     PARIS  Part  2`
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Mrs. Page Widow,  h North River
James Palmer Livery Stable Keeper  h Flats
Samuel Palmer Miller bds  Queen's Arms
Paris Foundry & Machine Shop Maxwell & Whitelaw
Paris Hotel M Green prop. Dumfries
Paris Knitting & Manufacturing Co Penman & Adams North River
Paris Pottery Hy Schuler & Peter McGlade, W River
Paris Star W G Powell editor & Prop, River
Parker & Cattle S J Parker, J W Parker, H Parker & Geo Cattle, chemist, River
H Parker Parker & Cattle  res Durham
J W Parker Parker & Cattle  res Owen Sound
S J Parker Parker & Cattle h King cor Church
Edward Patten Cabinet maker, River
Wm Patterson Surgeon, dentist h William
David Patton Hardware, paper hangings River
Jas T Patton Clerk  bds River
Robert L Peddie Carey & Co  bds Gore Hotel
Alexander Peebles Machinist  h upper Town
Allen Penfold Blacksmith  bds River
Edward Penfold boot & Shoemaker  River h Broadway
John Penman Penman & Adams  h Emily
Penman & Adams prop Paris Woolen Mills
Henry Penton Groceries, provisions & crockery
Clerk Division Court, Com in Queen's Bench  h River, Upper Town
Francis Philp Carpenter  h Burwell
James Pierce Miller  h Upper Town
Mr. Post h River Road
John A Powell Clerk  h Queen
Thomas Powell Laborer bds North River
Wm G Powell Editor & prop Paris Star
Issue of Marriage Licenses office River
John Puckridge bookeeper h Queen
Arthur Qua Cameron & Montgomery Co
Samuel Qua clerk Cameron & Montgomery Co
Samuel Qua H Finlayson & Co h Burwell
Queen's Arms Hotel Mrs. Fluelling prop, Burwell 
Railway Saloon  J Wass proprietor
Jas Ranall Constable & caretaker Town hall h King
Charles Edward Ravell Plasterer, bds Main
Wm Ravell Bricklayer & plasterer h Main
Alexander Ray Machinist, B A S M Co h Upper Town
James Reith Mason  h River

Robert Reynett Laborer,  Mechanic St
Francis Reynolds Plasterer bds Paris hotel
John Reynolds Carpenter, Paris Foundry
Mrs. Reynolds Widow h River
Thomas Roberts Carpenter Angus Mill h River
Thomas Roberts Pattern maker h River
James Robertson Robertson & Young h Wall
James Robertson Clerk bds River
James Robertson Painter h River
John M Robertson Clerk bds Wall
Rev James Robertson Minister United Presbyterian Church
Robertson & Young Merchant tailors & Clothiers  River
Jane P Rodger Groceries, River
Robert Romans  
John Roney Coleman's Mill, h Side Hill
Robert Rosebrugh farmer core Queen and Bold
Royal Canadian Bank N Totten Agent, Whitlaw's Block River
John Scally Laborer  h River
Joseph Schaffer Hoffman & Co  bds Market
Henry Schuler Potter h West River
Schuler & McGlade proprietors Paris Pottery
George L Scott Druggist, importers of China, crockery, River
Thomas Scott Currier Finlayson & Co  h Upper Town
Miss Scott Milliner bd William
J Shannon Photographer, River h 8th Con Dumfries
James Sibble Clerk bds nr Paris Station
H Silvester Laborer  h North River
Robert Sinclair prop Gore Hotel, River
Sisters of St Joseph Mother Theresa Lady Superior, Burwell
Thomas Skelly Laborer, north River
Charles Slack Tailor,  h William
A  Smith Potter  h Dumfries
Andrew Smith Blacksmith, Paris Foundry
Herbert Smith Blacksmith bds Walnut
J Smith Laborer  h Burwell
Jane Smith Tailoress, Dumfries
James Smith Plasterer h Upper Town
James Smith Watchmaker  bds Upper Town
John Smith Carpenter bds Mr Thompson, River
John Smith Plasterer h Burwell
John Smith Baker bds Mr. Bell's
Wm Smith Carpenter,  h River

W P Snider Clerk  bds Dumfries
South Ward School King,  Miss French teacher
Miss Helena M Spencer School teacher Kings Ward School
Congregation Square
Mrs. Spencer Widow Congregation Square
St James Church Church of England Dr A Townley, River
George Stanton Postmaster  h Dumfries
Wm Stapleton Boot & Shoe maker, River bds Gore Hotel
Mrs. Jennie Steele Music Teachers, bds Mr. Hill's Broadway
Jas W Stevenson Cooper bds Flats
John Stewart Carpenter h Dumfries
Robert Stewart Baker  h Dumfries
Mrs. Stewart Music teacher bds Mr. Hill's Broadway
Robert Storr Prop Farmers Exchange Hotel, Mechanic
Mrs. Stewart Straw Bonnet Maker h Dumfries
Wm Sullivan Blacksmith Works Mr. Chisholms
John Sweet Butcher  Burwell
George Tarrant Porter Freight Depot GWRH Queen
George Taylor Clerk bds Mr. Maus Paris Station
Henry Taylor Blacksmith bds Slab Town
John Taylor Cooper  h Walnut
Wm Henry Taylor Grocery, provisions River h same
Geo Telfer Customs Officer
Andrew Tesky Laborer h River
William Tesky Shoemaker bds River
Robert Theobald Coleman's Mill h at Station
William Thompson Moulder, Paris Foundry , Lower Town
David Thomson Butcher, River  h Paris Station
James Thomson Butcher  bds River
Robert Thomson h River
Frd Tompkins Saddler  bds Grey's Hotel
D Totten Manager British American Sewing Machine Co (Limited)  h Broadway
Henry Totten Barrister, Solicitor in chancery, notary public, conveyancer, solicitor for Royal Canadian Bank, River  h Dumfries
N Totten agent Royal Canadian Bank, River
Dr Adam Townley  D. D. Church of England,  h River
Robert Tremble Coleman's Mill, h Lower Town
Patrick Tulley Potter  h West River
David B Turnbull Turnbull & Thomson  h River
Turnbull & Thomson Manufacturers of doors, sashes &c
Carpenters & joiners,  Flats
Union Hotel J Lougheed prop, Paris Station
John Van Brocklin Clerk G W R, freight office

P C Van Brocklin Market Clerk
Mr. Van Brocklin Iron founder  h William
John Waddle Machinist  h Upper Town
Hugh Walkeer Carpenter  h River
John Walker Blacksmith h River
Robert Walker Carpenter h River
Walker, Thomas & James Blacksmiths, Burwell
Thomas Walker T & J Walker, h - Burwell
William Walker Blacksmith h Church
Thomas Walton Agent Sewing Machine  h North River
Wm Walton Gunsmith & Sewing machine agent
C Irwin & Co's Belleville River 
James Warnock Carpenter & joiner h River
J Wass prop Railway Saloon, Paris Station
Christopher Watson Tinsmith  h Market Square
John Watson Butcher
Mrs. Joseph Watson Widow, Market Square
Thomas Watson Well digger  Market Square
Wm Watson Drover, River
Charles Watts Hardware & Groceries, River & Brantford
A L West Fancy Goods & jewellery River
bds Mr. Bennett's h in Brantford
Wm West Weaver  h Congregational Square
Edward Wheeler Saloon Keeper,  Paris Station
James White Miner  h Burwell
J Andrew Whitelaw Maxwell & Whitelaw  h River
Henry Whiting Laborer
Whitlaw's Cooperage Donald Finlayson manager
Whitlaw & Co Port Packers, coopers &c William
J M Whitlaw & A H Baird
Charles Whitlaw J P, Mayor, prop New Paris Mills h River
J M Whitaw Pork Curer,  William
Robert Whyte Shoemaker  h Upper Town
Wm Wilkinson Laborer, bds North River
John Williamson Watchman  G T R, Paris Station
Charles Wilson Spinner  h North River
John Wilson Tobacco Factory  h River
John Wilson Laborer  h Queen
James Winter W & J Winter  h River
W Winter W & J WInter  h paris Statio
W & J Winter Fruit & oyster depot, River  (WIlliam & James)
William Wishart Miner  h Burwell
J Y Wood Clerk  h Broadway
Thomas Wood Wood & Fudger h Congregational Square

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