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An incorporated town, beautifully situated on the Governor's Road, in the townships of Brantford and South Dumfries- is the second place in population and importance in the county. It is divided into the upper and lower town by Smith's Creek, which here enters the Grand River. This town was laid out in 1831, by Hiram Capron, Esq., and surveyed by Lewis Burwell, Esq. P.L.S., when lots sold for 10 dollar. In 1850 it contained a population of about one thousand and was incorporated as a village. In 1855 it was incorporated as a town. Paris was so named by Hiram Capron Esq., from its contiguity to beds of Gypsum or Plaster of Paris. The first plaster mill was built in 1823, by William Holmes Esq.. The post office was established in 1831. The first hotel was built in 1831 by John Vanevery Esq. Hiram Capron Esq.,  built the first grist mill in 1832. There is one school- grammar and common- situated in Queen's Ward, Paris and Dundas Road, built in 1857, at a cost of $ 14,200. There are four teachers- J. W. Acres, principal. The Great Western Railway passes along the northern end of the town. The Buffalo and Goderich section of the Grand Trunk Railway also passes through it. Mails received daily. Paris is situated in the center of one of the most fertile regions in Ontario.

The Paris star was established in June, 1850 by B. C. Hearle Esq.. From that time up to 1855 it passed through several hands and was then carried on by Messrs. Oliver and Powell. The former ceased to have connection with it in 1857 and the latter became sole proprietor in 1859. Politics, reform.

The Paris Town Hall was built of brick in 1853 - costs about 12 thousand dollars. Architect John Maxwell. Situated in Queens ward, Upper Town - surrounded by Dumfries, Church, and Burwell Streets.

There are several manufactories now carried on successfully in Paris, of which mention may be made of the new Paris mill, C. Whitlaw proprietor. This mill is 180 feet long by 45 wide, two stories high, containing 6 run of stone propelled by water and employment is given to large number of hands, about two thousand barrels of flour are turned out per week.

The old Paris mill, George T. Florey proprietor, is four stories high, of frame, with stone basement 60 by 30 feet and contains 4 run of stone propelled by water. About 150 barrels of flour are manufactured daily.

There is a custom grist mill on the flats - carried on by Alexander Henderson. The building is brick, three stories high and 40 by 25 feet. The mill contains two run of stone, propelled by water power.

In the manufacture of plaster, J W Coleman employs about 80 hands, and turns out about 10 thousand tons per annum. The works have been established over twenty years. The premises are built of brick, and the machinery propelled by water power.

The manufacture of tobacco is here carried on extensively by Messrs Brown, Dickson & Co., who employ from 20 to 30 hands in the manufacture of plug tobacco. The factory is two stories high, and 40 by 60 feet. It is situated on Dumfries Street.

Cooperage - Whitlaw's Cooperage, under the management of Mr. D. Finlayson, is a large frame building, 80 feet long, by 26 feet wide. Fourteen hands are here employed, and about fifty thousand barrels turned of annually.

The Paris Foundry and Machine Shop is carried on by Messrs. Maxwell & Whitlaw. The buildings are frame, being 30 feet wide and 200 feet long, and for 120 feet in length are two stories high. Water power is used to propel the machinery and about 20 hands find constant employment. Agricultural implements, mill gearing, and every description of castings are turned of here.

Sewing Machines - in the manufacture of this now useful and indispensable machine to every family, the 'British American Manufacturing Sewing Machine Company', established in 1866, are extensively engaged. They now turn out about 500 machines annually; employ 18 hands, and use hydraulic power. The premises are 80 feet long by 30 and three stories high. The works were originally establish by Mr. Barclay. The company claims a greater simplicity in the structure of their machine, and considers the machine superior to any other manufacture. Messrs.  Hall, Laing and Totten Directors: D Totten , President: James Laing, secretary.

Leather Manufacturing- Messr.  H Finlayson & Co are engaged in the manufacture of leather of various kinds. They employ 5 hands. The business was legally establish established in 1832 by Mr. Macklin.

Pork Packing- Messrs J. M. Whitlaw & Co, have been doing business as pork packers and curers for a number of years. A number of hands are kept employed during the packing season.

Fanning Mills- in this branch of manufactures, Mr. J. E. Mitchell has been established about 30 years. Water power is used, and a number of men employed. The premises are frame.

Knitting Works - The Paris Knitting and Manufacturing Co. , Messrs Penman and Adams, use hydraulic power to the extent of 40 horse and employ one hundred hands. The building is rough cast, 84 feet by 50 feet and four stories high. The factory contains three sets of manufacturing machines and 680 spindles. There is also a steam boiler for dying and heating purposes etc.. All kinds of woolen goods are here turned out to the extent of about $ 70,000 per annum.

Planing Mills-  Mr. George Angus, in this branch of industry employs 15 hands-water power is employed to propel the machinery. The building is rough-cast, two stories high, and 66 by 36 feet. Messrs Turnbull & Thompson, in the same line, employ 9 hands, using hydraulic power also. Their building is frame, two stories high, and 70 by 30 feet. Each of the above firms manufactures sash, doors, blinds, mouldings, and engage in building.

Potters - Messrs Schuler & McGlade, employ 6 hands in this business, which has been established about 11 years-at first by Mr. Marlatt. The firm is doing a large trade, and manufacture every description of earthen, flint and enameled ware.

Ahren's pottery was established in 1848 -6 hands are here employed, and goods to the value of about 6 thousand dollars turned out per annum, consisting of flint, enameled and common earthenware.


St. James'  Church-the Church of England, is a substantial stone edifice, a transept in the Gothic style of cut stone was added to the church in 1865 by the present incumbent the Rev. Dr. Townley. The cost of the church has been about 500 pounds sterling. It will accommodate 300 persons. There is a large and prosperous Sunday school in connexion.

Church of the Sacred Heart-the Catholic church, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, was opened for divine service in the year 1857; but in consequence of a heavy debt contracted at the time, the building has remained for several years and in an unfinished states. It is a substantial solid stone edifice, 70 by 45 feet, capable of accompanying 400 persons, and is constructed in the mediaeval style of architecture, of rustic exterior appearance, embellished by ornamental cut stone bordering the doors and Gothic windows. The outside walls are low, as it was intended that the inner was should be elevated so as to admit of a clear story, lighten from above; but this part of the plan, for the want of funds, has been for the present omitted. The chief beauty of the church is displayed in the interior, which is remarkable for its two rows of massive stone pillars, with ornamental capitals, supporting on either side three Gothic arches, besides the grand arch in the center leading into the sanctuary. The ceiling is of  polished wood intended to be painted, and the windows which are for the most part temporary ones, are to be all enriched with stained glass. Preparation are already being made to carry these improvements into effect. When the present clergyman assumed charge-some four years ago-the church was not only deeply in debt but the building itself, through neglect, was very much dilapidated. Since that time, aided by the generosity of such gentlemen as D O'Neil & Sons, (who themselves subscribed one thousand dollars) James Maxwell Esq., the Messrs. Skelley, T McGrory, and others who also subscribed most liberally, the reverend gentleman has succeeded not only in liquidating the greater portion of the debt, but also in effecting many desirable repairs and improvements. 'The Ladies Altar Society'  recently established, is contributing handsomely to the interior decoration. They have already procured, among the ornaments, 14 lithographic paintings of the Stations of the Cross representing scenes in the life of our Redeemer, and the first stained glass window is marked as the gifts of the same society. The cabinet organ lately presented to the church is the gift of the Messr. Maginn of Burford. Rev Father Dowling is the resident priest. He is also in charge of a congregation in Galt, so that he officiates in Paris church only every alternate Sunday on which days high mass is celebrated at 10:30 a.m. Sunday school is held at 2:30 p.m. and Vespers at 3:30 p.m.

Separate school -The Catholic Separate school is taught in the building formally used as a church. The school is conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph. The average attendance of pupils is between sixty and seventy.

Canada Presbyterian Church- this church is situated on Dumfries street. The church is large and will seat comfortably650 persons. This is one of the oldest congregations in the town and was originally organized in 1836 by Rev. G Murray. The congregation now numbers two hundred and seventy members under the pastoral charge of the Rev. John James.

The Congregational Church building is situated on Congregational Square  fronting the south. it is a substantial but unpretending brick building, capable of seating 300, with a lecture room behind. It is plain and comfortable in the interior, heated from beneath with hot air apparatus. A small but sweet toned organ is in the gallery and the lecture room is well hung around with missionary maps. The church is prosperous, though not numerous, is influential and gradually increasing. They own a beautiful and accommodating  parsonage, situated on the same square. The present pastor, Rev W H Allworth, was settled over them in 1865, successor of Rev E Ebbs of Ottawa city. This church in proportion to its numbers is liberal, and not without reason is full of hope for the future.

Wesleyan Methodist Church- was erected in the year 1846, and is 65 by 38 feet, framed, rough cast, regional costs three thousand dollars, will seat 500 persons. Present congregation or congregation now in attendance 450 persons. The following ministers have officiated in this church:-from 1850 to 1853 Rev Edwin Clement; from 1853 to 1855, Rev Joseph Shepley; from 1855 to 1858 Revs O H Ellsworth and Thos Jeffery; from 1858 to 1860, Rev Peter Kerr and Wm Hay; from 1860 to 1863, Revs W S Griffin, Richard Potter, Wm Hayhurst, and H. Bartlet; 1863, Revs James Spencer, Samuel Hume, and Thomas Kelly; from 1864 to 1867, Rev John G Laird, G H Bridgeman and G Burson; from 1867 to 1869, Revs John Mills and John F German, M.A.

Primitive Methodist church was built in 1862. It is a frame, the rough cast building, 42 by 32 feet, seated for 200 persons and costs about one thousand dollars. Its membership is about forty, and is gradually on the increase. The Rev A Hepworth is the present officiating minister.

Paris Baptist church- the Baptist church in this town was formed in the year 1843. In the course of the preceding year a chapel was erected, which is now used as a Sunday school and lecture room. In 1864, a neat and commodious brick chapel was built on an eminence overlooking the lower town, and near the site of the former place of worship. With the opening of the new church edifice the pastorate of the present minister, the Rev. Thomas Henderson, commenced.

Baptist Church Edifice Society for the Province of Ontario-president Alexander Mackenzie Esq., M. P. treasurer William Buck Esq., Brantford; secretary Rev. Thomas Henderson, Paris. Subscriptions: - Life Director, 200 dollars; Life Member, 25 dollars; Annual, 1 dollar.

Paris Horticultural Society

Officers-president C Whitlaw; Vice do. C Arnold; secretary H Hart; directors: William Morse, H C Latshaw, John Arnold, N. Hamilton, Hugh Finlayson ,T N Bosworth ,Geo. L Scott ; John Carnie and Joseph Steel.

Paris Mechanics'  Institute

Organize April 22, 1841. Incorporated 18th Sept.1867. Containing a library of 1000 volumes. Building destroyed by fire 1867, and rebuild immediately. The reading room is well supplied with magazines and papers. Building belongs to the institute and is free from debt. It is a rough cast 24 by 36, one large room about 16 feet high. Subscribers two dollars a year, and apprentices 50 cents. Classes are organized during the winter months.

President Mr. John Roberts; 1st Vice do, Mr. A Campbell; 2nd do Mr. James Lang; Secretary, Geo L Scott. Managing Committee - Messrs James Reith, John Whitlaw, D R Dickson, A H Baird, Henry Hart, C Whitlaw, J Brown, Dr. Clarke, Dr Lawrence, H Finlayson, John Hall, W Hunter, George Angus, E Fudger, H Thompson, John Smith.

Fire Brigade

Paris Fire Engine Company No. 1 -1869- Captain James Lang; 1st Lt. George E Hemming; 2nd do P Adams; 1st Engineer Henry Aherns; 2nd do Jno Steel; secretary and treasurer George L Scott.

Fire Engine No.2- Captain, Joseph Shaffer; 1st Lt. Thomas Turner, 2nd do, Gideon Miller; 1st Branchman Guy Marshall; 2nd do, Franklin Miller; 3rd do., Franklin Brockie; Engineer, James Miller; secretary George Hoffman.

Rescue hook and ladder Co. - Captain John Walker; 1st Lt. Hugh Finlayson, Jr; 2nd do John Halliday; 1st foreman, Robert White; 2nd do William Smith; secretary William Hunter; treasurer Thomas McCosh.


Paris Curling Club

Instituted in 1843. Dr. McCosh was the first president. Officers- Chas Whitlaw Esq., Mayor, Patron; Thomas Hall, President John M Whitlaw, Vice President; Jno McCosh, secretary and treasurer. George Denholme and H N Baird representative members. Committee of management- James Reid and John Torrance. Consists of about 30 members and in flourishing condition. Was admitted into the Royal Caledonian  Club of Edinburgh in the year 1857.

Paris Cricket Club- Nevill Smith, President; A. M. Bennett, Vice do., John McCosh, secretary and treasurer; A Baird, N Totten and T Blakeney Committee of Management. Established about 1845 is in a very flourishing condition - about 20 members. The ground is situated on the Grand River Road on land given by Hiram Capron Esq. to the club every year.


St. Johns Lodge No.82 Paris - Meetings first Tuesday in every month. Officers for 1868 and 1869 - William S Martin, W M and P M.; R. Scott, S. W.; W. Winter, J. W.; A. Nash, Chaplain; H. Hart, treasurer; W S Wilkinson, secretary; G. Angus, S. D.; H. Penton, J.D.; R. Walker, I. G.; F. C. Slack, Tyler; T. Turner, Director of Ceremonies; T. A. Richards, J. Loughhead, Stewards.


G. W. R., Paris- H. C. Wynn, agent; G. W. Railton, night agent; W. White, freight agent; G. W. Oakley, ticket agent; George Conium baggageman; George Tennant, switchman; A. McIntosh, night switchman; John Wright, checker; J. Kirkness, George Tarrant, J. Robinson, porters.

Grand Trunk Railway- W S Martin agent G T R; R F Evans, freight clerk; J. Dore, telegraph operator, F R Smith, telegraph operator; F Cowls, baggagemaster; B Bauer, switchman; Thomas Millington, freight checker; W Snider, night watchman.

Post Office

George Stanton, postmaster, h Upper Town; Owen Hitchcox, h Lower Town.


Royal Canadian Bank- N Totten, agent; James G Eddington, accountant

Custom house

Collector of customs- F H Haycock.

Express Company

American Express Company-W. Winter, agent; G Perry, assistant.

L. O. L.

L. O. L. 1108-Paris Orange Lodge - meetings are held in their Hall over the post office, first Wednesday in the month, at 8 p.m. established 1860. About 40 members. W J McCommon, W. M.; E Bradwin, Dep. M.; John Hill secretary, W. Fraser, Treasurer; H Griffiths, Foreman of Committee.

Stage Routes

Paris to Burford, Scotland, Round Plans and Simcoe. Leaves Simcoe for Paris at eight a.m. arriving at Paris at one, in time for afternoon trains.


No. 1 Company, 38th Battalion, Rifles- Headquarters, Brantford. This company was established 26th June 1856, and was raised by Captain McCartney, now of 100th Regiment. It is the oldest company, and one of the most efficient in the Dominion [of Canada]. Captain, A H Baird; Lt. O Totten; Ensign, W Huson; Sgt-Major R Hubbard. 55 strong.

Town Officers

Mayor: Charles Whitlaw; Reeve: Dr Lawrence; Dy. Reeve, A H Baird. Councillors. - J. Schaffer, W H Capron, L Maus, J Buckley, J H Graham, C Flanagan, H Finlayson, T Hall, A Whitelaw, S Qua, N Smith, C Gurney, Clerk and Treasurer, Thomas N Bosworth; Coroners, Dr. Cook, Dr. Clark; Assessors, Walter Gouinlock; Collector, John Roberts, Constables Jas Rendall chief; George Inksater, Joseph Lamb, S Reynett.


Union Board of School Trustees - Grammar - Rev J James, Rev. J Roberston, Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Clarke, Thomas N Bosworth, Geo L Scott.

Common - J Euckley, W S Martin, D Finlayson, J H Graham, H Finlayson, T Walker, J Roberts, J Smith.  Teachers- Grammar School - J W Acres, master and principal of the union schools. Common- C Clarkson, Miss Bullock, Miss Forsyth.  Central School Ward Schools, Miss French, Miss Spencer and Miss R French.


J  W Acres Principal Grammar school h Upper Town
Chas Edwin Adams Clerk (Penman & Adams) bds Emily
Peter Adams Blacksmith & Horse shoer, River
Wagon maker, Walnut
J H Ahrens Potter,  h Mechanic
John Allan Brown, Dickson & C0; h Flats
John Allan Carpenter h Walnut
Mrs. Allen Widow, River
Rev W H Allworth Congregational Minister
Mrs. Andrews Widow, h West
Geo Angus Planing Mill, Flats,  h Upper Town
Wm Armstrong Mail Driver,  bds River
Mrs. Armstrong Widow,  h River

Robt Ashman Bricklayer  Upper Town
Ed Axten Joiner  h Lower Town
Alexr Bain Clerk, bds Mrs. Chambers, Upper Town
A H Baird  Deputy Reeve J M Whitlaw & Co  h Broadway & Emily
John Baker Boot & shoemaker,  h Lower Town
John Baker Carpenter
H Ball Laborer  h Queen
John Baptie Tailor  h Burwell
John Barclay Machinist  h River
Robt Barclay Watchmaker & Jeweler and dealer in fancy goods, River   h  same
J Barker Wool Sorter Penman & Adams bds N River
David Barry Butcher
Geo Battersby Brown & Battersby,  res Simcoe
Thos Batty Tinsmith  h Dumfries
Wm Batty Tinsmith  h  Dumfries
Geo Baxter Laborer
J E Beamer Hair dresser,  River
Wm Beare h Broadway
Miss M Beare toys & fancy goods, River  h Broadway
Geo Beggs Clerk bds Congregational Square
John Beggs Spinner  bds Congregational Square
Mrs Beggs Tailoress  h Congregational Square
Patrick Coughlin Carpenter  h North River
John Craig Teamster  bds Mechanic
James Craigie Mason   h River
John Cramer Laborer  bds William
J S Crane Mail contractor,  h North River
James Crawford Peddler
R A Cripps Tobacconist  bds Main
Mrs. Cripps Widow   h Main
Richard Crittenden h Queen
Patrick Croly Coleman's Mill,  h Side Hill
Mrs. Currie Widow
Mrs. Daley Widow,  Queen
Mrs. Davey Milliner & Dressmaker,  William
David S R  Dickson Land and insurance agent,  River
Agent for  Royal Ins Co.  h Upper Town & George St Brantford
James Dickson   M.D. LCRS Ed., surgeon, Medical Referee
John M Dickson Brown, Dickson & Co,  Queen
Dominion Saloon J Chambers prop.  River
Edith Dowling Milliner  bds William
Rev Thos J Dowling R C Priest, Church of the Sacred Heart
Thomas Dowling Cabinet maker  h William
Dumfries House,  Mechanic Thos Gray prop
Andrew Dunlop Saddler wks at Flanagan's, h North River
Mrs. Dunn Widow  h North River
Jas G Eddington Accountant Royal Canadian Bank, River
Joseph Ellison Miner, bds Queen's Arms Inn
James England Cooper  h William
Elizabeth Evans Seamtress,  h Lower Town
Richard Evans Polisher, BASM Co., West River
Thomas Evans Cooper,  h North River
William Evans Shoemaker,  h North River
William Evans Shoemaker  h West River
Mrs. Ewer  
J S Fagan Japanner, BASM Co. h cor River & William
Farmers' Exchange Hotel Mechanic, R Storr,  prop
David Fawcet Clerk, Paris Station P O
Geo Henry Fawkes Watchmaker & Jeweler  River,  h Emily
Wm Ferguson Clerk,  bds nr Paris Station
Donald Finlayson Cooper,  Whitlaw,  h  Walnut
Hugh Finlayson M P ,  h Dumfries
Hugh P Finlayson Saddler,  Dumfries

Jas Finlayson Machinist    h. Flats
James Finlayson h Walnut
John Finlayson Fancy Goods & Stationery, River, h Walnut
Wm Finlayson Currier (Finlayson & Co. )  h Dumfries
H Finlayson & Co Tanners,  River
Jas Finney Carpenter  h River
Robt Fisher Shoemaker,   h Dumfries
Bernard Fitzmaurice Potter,  bds West River
Michael Fitzmaurice Mason,  h North River
Charles Flannigan Saddler,  h Charlotte
P H Fleming Wagon maker,  Mechanic
Edward Fletcher Laborer,  Dumfries
George T Florey Miller, old Paris mills bds Gore Hotel
Mrs. Flueling prop Queen's Arms Hotel
Elias P Forsyth Tailor  h Burwell
Miss Forsyth 4th grade teacher, common school
Wm Fraser Plasterer, bds Queen's Arms Hotel
Adam Freehauf Clerk, bds J Lougheed, Paris Station
Wm French Tinsmith  bds Dumfries
Miss R French School Teacher
Miss S French School teacher bds River
Edward Fudger Wood & Fudger  h Burwell
Harris Fudger Clerk  bds Burwell
Peter Garson Laborer,  h Burwell
James Getty Teamster,  h Queen
James Gilbert J M Whitlaw & Co  h Lower Town
John Gilbert Laborer  h North River
Mrs. Giles Seamstress  h Burwell
Alexander Gill Foreman Coleman's plasterer mills
  h Mechanic
Gleason's Hotel Lyman Gleason prop,  Paris Station
Wm Golds Carpenter  h Bold
Gore Hotel R Sinclair  prop  River
Gore Hotel Stables Jas Palmer River
James Gouans Gardener  h River
Walter Gouinlock Groceries, provisions River h same 
Walter Gouinlock Jr Clerk bds River
J H Graham Tailor, book seller  River,  h Upper Town
Thos Graham Hair Dresser  River   h Upper Town
John Granton Grocer & provision dealer  h Dumfries
Thos Gray prop Dumfries House, Mechanic
Michael Green Paris Hotel
Mrs. Mary Green Widow bds North River
H Greenfield Machinist  BASM  Co.  h Main
Wm. Gunn Butcher  h North River
Rev Geo Haigh Primitive Methodist minister h Queen
John Hall Salesman  bds Upper Town
Thomas Hall Dry Goods, River h Upper TOwn
John Halliday Joiner  h Flats
Hugh Hamilton Cooper   h Walnut
Hugh Hamilton  Cooper  bds Walnut
Norman Hamilton J. P.  River
William Hamilton Cooper  bds Walnut
Charles Hannagan Harness Maker River  h Charlotte
Ed Harbin Retired    h Queen
William Harp Saddler  h River
Henry Hart Solicitor, conveyancer, notary public
Henry Havill Carpenter  h River
Henry Havill Carpenter  h Burwell
James Havill Carpenter  h Queen
H J Hawkins Carpenter  h River
Hiram Hawkins Carpenter & House Joiner, Queen
George Hayden Painter, River  h nr Railroad Bridge
Wm Hayes Saddler,  h Uppertown
David Hays ostler with Palmer
F H Hazell Tailor  bds Walnut
G E Heming at J M Whitlaw & Co,  h Broadway
George Hemming Butcher  h Broadway
Alex Henderson   Grist Mill prop  Flats
George Henderson Blacksmith,  North River
John Henderson Carder Penman & Adams
John Henderson Cameron & Montgomery & Co; bds Dumfries
Rev Thomas Henderson Minister of Baptist Church, West
Alexander Hewson Cooper  h Burwell
Wm Hewson Shoemaker  h Upper Town
John Hill Potter;  Ahren's Pottery
Joshua Hill Miner, bds Queen's Arms Inn
Thomas Hill Lumber Merchant,  Broadway

James Hitchox Miller  Flats
Owen Hitchox Telegraph operator & clerk post office
George Hoffman Hoffman & Co  h Market
Hoffman & Co Groceries, dry goods, boots, shoes, flour
Paris Station
Wm Holland Painter h River
John Holliday Carpenter,  h Walnut
Mrs. Holmes Widow, River
John Howe Tinsmith   h Dumfries
Rev James Howie Minister Canada Presbyterian Church
Samuel Hull Carpenter, bds Mr Angus
George Hunter Tailor  h Flats
Wm Hunter  Mason, bds Burwell
Edward Hutton Moulder h Walnut
George Hutton Moulder Paris Foundry
William Hutton Moulder bds Walnut
William Hutton Farmer, wks J Hill's
William Hymers Miner  h River
George Inksater Boot & Shoe maker, Post Office Block
F E Jackson Salesman  bds Queen's Hotel
Thomas Jackson Shoemaker  h North River
Thomas Jackson Shoemaker  Lower Town
Rev John James Minister Canada Presbyterian Church
William James Laborer  h Arnold
A Jamieson Stonecutter  h Dumfries
Mrs. Jamieson Widow  h Dumfries
John Jennings Potter, Paris Pottery, Capron's Block
T B Johnston Professor of Writing, bds Canadian Hotel 
Wm Johnston Painter  h River
Alexr Kay Engineer  h Arnold
David Kay Machinist, Paris factory  h Flats
John Kay Joiner  h Walnut
David Kay Carpenter  h Walnut
Elizabeth Kay Seamstress  h Upper Town
John Knarston Mason  h Burwell
Wm Kyle Clerk
Mrs. Laird Widow  Walnut
Joseph Lamb Cattle Dealer  h King
Wm Lamb Carpenter  h Queen
Susan Lamb Seamstress  h Upper Town
George Lang h Banfield
James Lang Manager  C Watts
Dr John Lawrence   J. P. Reeve, Physician & Surgeon , King
Samuel Lee Tobacconist  h Burwell
James Lee Cutter  bds Mr. Robertson
Mrs. Lemon Widow bds North River
J Lougheed prop Union Hotel  Paris Station
J H Luxford Clerk Paris Station
Joseph Luxford Mason  h Burwell
William Luxford Mason h Main
Alexander Lyall Laborer  h Mechanic
John Lyons Manager  h Lower Town
Harney McCabe h Flats
Charles McCabe Shoemaker  h North River
James McCabe Shoemaker  h Mechanic
Patrick McCabe Cooper  bds Flats
Wm McCloud Carpenter h Walnut
Wm J McCommon Shoemaker  h Uppertown
Richard McComyn Clerk,  bds Uppertown
John McCosh  Barrister Attorney at law, conveyancer, River
Thomas McCosh Clerk  h Church
Thomas McCosh Groceries & provisions cor Burwell & Dundas
Thomas McCosh Brown, Dickson & Co  h Burwell
Mrs. McCosh Widow  Burwell
James McCready Blacksmith  h River
Thos McCummins Shoemaker  h Upper Town
Ronald McDonald Tailor  bds Upper Town
W G McDonnell Clerk Royal Canadian Bank, River
Mrs. Geo McDonnell Widow  h River
J McElroy Foreman Paris Star, River  h Dumfries
Jas McEnerny Machinist  bds T Mayberry
Marion McGill Dressmaker  Burwell
Peter McGlade Schuler & McGlade, Paris Pottery
Luke McGlue machinist, B A S M Co
Mrs. McGorman Widow,  h Arnold
James McGrady Carriage Smith,  h River
James McGuire Laborer  h King
Henry McIlroy Coleman's Mill  h Main
Alexander McLean Currier  h Elgin
Peter Macgregor Cooper  h Mechanic
Wm Mackintosh Wagon maker  h River
James Maltus Saddler h Emily
Wm Maltus Carpenter  bds Mr. Thompson's
Miss Jane Mann Milliner h Upper Town
Robt Mann Joiner  h Upper Town
Lewis Maus Groceries, provisions, crockery
Agent for J Watson Ayr, Paris Station
John Maure Tailor  h Lower Town
Edson Marlatt bds West River
Wm Martin Station Master G T R
David Maxwell Maxwell & Whitelaw  h Flats
James Maxwell agent for Brant Famers' Mutual Insurance
Maxwell & Whitelaw Paris Foundry & Machine Shop
Thomas Mayberry prop Canadian Hotel
Mrs. Mayberry h Burwell

John Menzie Flour and Feed store, River
Milburn & Co Bankers & Brokers, River h Broom Hill
Charles Milburn Milburn & Co  River
Charles Milburn Jr Milburn & Co  River
David Miller Assistant G L Scott, River h Broadway
James Miller Carpenter
John Miller Dry goods, groceries, crockery Dumfries
William Miller Salesman  Dumfries
George Milligan Joiner  h Lowertown
Robert Milligan Laborer  bds North River
Thomas Millington Checker G T R, h River
George Mills Teamster  h Main
Rev John Mills Wesleyan Methodist minister h River
David Mitchell Miller  h Congregational Square
George Mitchell Tailor  h William
Jas E Mitchell Fanning mill factory h Broadway
Thomas Mitchell Clerk  h Broadway
Mrs. Mitchell Widow  h North River
Catharine Montgomery Widow h Dumfries
Robert Montgomery Cameron, Montgomery & Co, h Dumfries
Montreal Telegraph Company Post Office Buildings, Upper Town
John Mooney Teamster  h Flats
T Mooney Laborer  h Flats
Rev Wm Morse Church of England  h Arnold
James Muir Salesman bds Bradford's Hotel
Charles Munro Clerk  bds Upper Town
J Murphy Barrister
John Murray Tailor  h North River
Richard Murray Tailor  h Lower Town
Thomas Murray Drover,  h Church
Mrs. Murray Widow  h North River
Aaron Nash Boots, shoes, hats, furs, glover River, h Dumfries
George Neil Laborer  h North River
New Paris Mills C Whitlaw  prop
James Nimmo Uppertown
Arch Nimmo Foreman Mr Graham's bds Mrs. Wright's
Edgar H Nixon Clerk  River
Rev J W Noble Minister Canadian Christians,  William
T O'Brien Butcher  h North River
Thomas O'Neil Laborer  h William
Thomas O'Neil Grain buyer
Ontario House W Capron  prop   Paris Station

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