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Norman McLeods of Kershaw and Sumter Counties of South Carolina

This web page has been updated in May/June of 2011. The original intent of this site is the same as it has always been; to provide a FREE tool for researchers to help each other by the sharing of information - please support this intent by helping to keep it as accurate as possible. The information on this page represents the combined efforts of several researchers. I have verified the information by Wills, Equity, Deeds, Census and Cemetery Records where possible. Where no source is given, the information is unproven/unverified. Additions and corrections are welcome (rude emails are not). When writing, please include the Page Title and Web Address. Proper credit is always awarded to the provider of information. Happy Researching! Keep the circle of sharing intact, include the following if you take information for your own records: !Source: Lori McLeod Wilke; "Walking with ghosts", Research 2000 - 2011

1820 - 1840

Norman McLeod -identity unknown Census Kershaw District 1820 -1 m 45+ foreigner not naturalized - Census Kershaw District 1830 - NOT FOUND - born before 1775.

Norman McLeod - Indirect Line - Born cr. 1788 probably on board ship from Ireland to Virginia, he was the son of Angus and Nancy McCutchen/eon McLeod, brother of Alexander McLeod, h/o Sarah McIntosh and brother to Daniel McLeod, h/o Catherine McLean. Named in his brother Alexander's 1824 will as co-executor with Daniel, the last known document for him is his March 8 1824 appearance in Probate Court where he swore the executor oath. Not named in his sister Margaret's 1828 Will, it would appear he was deceased by that year or had left the area.

Norman McLeod, husband of Betsy McLeod - this Norman was the son of Alexander and Sarah {Gellis?/McCaskill?} McLeod. His wife was the daughter of Angus and Nancy McCutchen McLeod, making this another of my indirect lines. Norman and Betsy McLeod McLeod migrated to Alabama in 1839 along with Besy's sisters, Mary Polly McLeod McCoy/McKay, and Nancy McLeod Bethune

Norman McLeod, husband of Elizabeth Lackey - the exact identity of this Norman is unknown - he, like the first Norman above, is never found in any census in Sumter or Kershaw Districts. On a recent research trip, I pulled Deeds concerning Elizabeth Lackey McLeod and confirmed that she was indeed the wife of a Norman McLeod.

The following are unattached records of Norman McLeods 1729 - 1830

Misc. SC Index (1729-1825) VVV/550 Power of Attny from Elizabeth McLeod to Norman McLeod dtd 12/31/1805 ownership unknown

Misc. SC Index YYY/230 same Index ownership unknown

Court of Common Pleas (Index found in the Camden Archives)

Simmons, Jermiah vs Alexander McLeod for Norman McLeod Year 1810

Hood vs. Norman McLeod A 044 Roll 44 Year 1818

Osprey vs. Norman McLeod A 336 Roll 195 Year 1820

Draugh vs. Norman McLeod A 424 Roll 248 Year 1820

Stafford vs. Norman McLeod C 233 Roll 752 Year 1820

Williams vs. Norman McLeod C 236 Roll 753 Year 1820

Lackey Mary vs Norman McLeod Year 1820

Boykin, Francis vs Norman McLeod Camden Court of Equity GS-3533

Neighboring Districts/Counties

Darlington: Norman McLeod,

husband of Elizabeth Cade - reportedly the son of Norman and Jennette Morrison McLeod but nothing found to prove this relationship. Norman died between 1824 and 1830. He is reportedly buried in Little Mountain Cemetery with other McLeod Family Members. This is 100 ft off dirt road 1/4 mile from hwy 301 toward Lynches River ( this road is 1 mile from hwy 52 and 301 at Effingham). He married ELIZABETH ADAIR CADE October 30, 1796 in Williamsburg County, SC, USA, daughter of ROBERT CADE and ANN ADAIR. She was born March 15, 1780 in North Carolina, and died February 15, 1860 in Darlington County,SC. Darlington county census 1850; Elizabeth age 71, lived at son's house( Robert Cade McLeod) She died at age 79 ;Burried in same cemetery. Darlington County 1860 Mortality Census, frame 297, line 15

i. DANIEL MCLEOD, b. Abt. 1798 - Family lost site of early but research shows a Daniel McLeod fought in the war of 1812 and was in Darlington County in 1840 and 1850. No positive identification yet established.

ii. JACOB A MCLEOD, b. August 20, 1804.

iii. AGNES ANNE MCLEOD, b. April 02, 1807, d. October 29, 1889, Georgetown,Texas.

iv. JAMES THADEUS MCLEOD, b. April 02, 1807,d. June 06, 1889, Georgetown, SC.

v. HARRIETT MATILDA MCLEOD, b. July 17, 1811, Elim Community, Effingham, SC; d. June 06, 1889.

vi. ROBERT CADE MCLEOD, b. December 29, 1813, Elim Community, Effingham, SC; d. December 01, 1894, Georgetown,Texas.

vii. RODERICK MCLEOD, b. Abt. 1815.

viii. NORMAN E MCLEOD, b. October 18, 1816; d. July 25, 1844.

ix. GEORGE WASHINGTON MCLEOD, b. December 13, 1820, Elim Community, Effingham, SC, USA; d. September 25, 1895, Timmonsville, Sumter, SC, USA. (link to YDNA page)

Norman h/o Elizabeth Cade is claimed as a brother of Daniel McLeod, h/o Jane R. Evans - A descendant of George Washinton McLeod has participated in the ACMS YDNA Project; his Haplotype (think signature) has a clear pattern of mutation that allows us to place him in a Branch of MacLeods whose Most Recent Common Ancestor was born about 1700 AD in Scotland.

The project would greatly benefit (as would researchers of this family) from the participation of a male from Daniel and Jane's line; should such a descendant match the clear pattern of mutation found in the descendant of Norman and Elizabeth Cade McLeod, the relationship would be proven. The research on this family has a great deal of questionable attachments which will be discussed below - YDNA can help to sort out the truth behind those assumed attachments.

1836 - A Norman petitions the court along with other area residents to charter a railroad from Darlington to Wrights Bluff on the Santee River. October 11 1836 Series Number S165015 Item:00084 Description: CITIZENS OF DARLINGTON, BISHOPVILLE, MECHANICSVILLE, SUMTERVILLE, AND CLARENDON, PETITION TO CHARTER A RAILROAD FROM DARLINGTON TO WRIGHTS BLUFF ON SANTEE. accessed 8/27/2004 by Lori McLeod Wilke !Source:
!Source: Lori McLeod Wilke copyright © 2000-2011 All Rights Reserved