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James McLeod, husband of Margaret Blakely (Gordon)

This page has been created as a companion page to the ACMS Public Results at FTDNA and as part of the Walking With Ghosts Genealogy site. Information has been gathered using various Internet sources, records on file in Sumter and/or Kershaw County, South Carolina, other Public Records regarding the State of South Carolina.


James McLeod settled in South Carolina after reportedly fighting in the Revolutionary War. Whether he served as a Patriot or Tory is uncertain, but certain family stories indicate he was on the side of the Patriots. They came into the new world from Ireland (where he reportedly met and married Margaret) to Virginia and then traveled the Great Wagon Road on into Charleston South Carolina before eventually settling in the Sumter area. It is said they lived on the Scape Or Swamp near Oswego in Sumter District. James was deceased by 1784 when his widow is found married to Roger Gordon. She was deceased by Dec. 30 1814. Margaret Blakely McLeod and Roger Gordon had four children, all daughters; Elizabeth Gordon Thompson, Agnes Gordon Neilson, Sarah Gordon and Janet Gordon Potts. Work on the James McLeod Family of Sumter and Clarendon Counties by Nelson McLeod June 2003.

He was born about 1750 reportedly in Scotland however, he married Margaret Blakely who born b: 11 Mar 1755 in County Down, Ireland. She re-married Roger Gordon, a close family friend, about 1783.

The information on this page regards MacLeod/McLeods NOT of my line and represents the combined efforts of several researchers. I have verified the information by Wills, Equity, Deeds, Census and Cemetery Records where possible. Where no source is given, the information is unproven/unverified. Additions and corrections are welcome. Proper credit is always awarded to the provider of information. Happy Researching! !Source: Lori McLeod Wilke; "Walking with ghosts", Research 2000 - 2011. No attempt has been made to verify any of the information regarding this family. This information is included on this website to show the family lines of McLeod in the Sumter and Kershaw Areas of South Carolina. This work has been taken from two sources, neither of which is primary. Therefore, researchers of this line are encouraged to verify all information contained herein before adding it to their own family files. Information from the Von Hacke Files is included in this work and should be closely investigated. To read about the mistakes found in his files during my own years of researching the various McLeod family lines, please visit the following page:

Von Hacke's Work on the McLeod families of Sumter and Kershaw District South Carolina


1. David Blakely McLeod (husband of Margaret Cassells) b. abt 1773 reportedly in Scotland d. 17 August 1842 in Sumter County SC YDNA -

R1b Haplogroup appears to L21 M222 Subclade

In Sumter area by at least 1793 - see record dated Jan 20 1829 below

1810 Salem County, Sumter District Census David McCloud- 3 males aged 1-9; 2 males aged 10-15, 1 male aged 26-44, 1 female aged 1-9, 1 female aged 10-15, 1 female aged 26-44, 8 slaves (#98)

1820 Sumter District Census page 106 - David McCleod 4 males aged 1-9, 1 aged 16 - 19, 1 aged 19 - 26, 1 male 45 +, 1 female aged 1-9, 2 females aged 10-15, 1 female aged 45 +

Von Hackes Paragraph on David McLeod/McCloud

July 17 1784 or Mar 3 1789 apparently named as bordering neighbor in a deed; shows residence in Salem County, Sumter District on East side of the Scape Orh (Whore) (Book D, page 249) Note born in about 1773, he would have been only 11 years old in 1784 and only 16 in 1789 - this may indicate that it was his father's estate that was named in this deed.

May 30 1797 Salem County, Sumter District (Book AA page 39) no further information

Aug 4 1797 Salem County, Sumter District (Book AA page 40) no further information

Sep 25 1801 (Book A, page 67) apparently named as a bordering neighbor in a deed; shows residence in the Fork of Black River on Long Branch. - and again in (Book A, page 317)

Jan 31, 1805 Witness in (Book B, page 275)

Feb 1 1808 (Book C page 309) no further information

May 10 1808 Witness to brother Moses McLeod of Salem Co., Sumter District, with brother Roger Gordon McLeod (Book I page 241) - Moses McLeod bought from the heirs of their step father Roger Gorden 330 acres on South side of the Scape Or bordered by John McCoy, South Alexander McCray

Dec 30-1814 heir to Estate of mother, Mrs. Margaret Gordon deceased; with brother's Roger Gordon (McLeod) and Moses Bl McLeod or McCloud (Book page 468)

Sep 19 1821 (Book FF page 102) no other information

Jan 30 1829 (Book H page 275) to Thos Rees English - sold on Jan 13 1829 200 acres in Fork of Scape Or and Long Branch orig. granted to Messer Brown on Oct 2 1786 who sold to David McLeod in 1793, David's wife Margaret, released her Dowry right on Oct 24 1829.

Nov 21 1836 Neighbors: John McCoy; Robt. Wilson; James Bradley; Thos McCray; James Bradley (Book II page 301) - apparently the Will of brother Moses B. McLeod - this document also names a Daniel B. McLeod - this could be another brother - or even possibly Daniel, h/o Jane Christmas - research needed - this document should be investigated to determine connections if any to other McLeod lines in the Sumter/Kershaw area.

Children of David McLeod and Margaret Cassells

i) David Blakeley McLeod (husband of first cousin Martha B. McLeod daughter of Roger Gordon McLeod and Jane McCoy)

Child of David Blakely and Martha B. McLeod McLeod

1) James Oliver McLeod b. Jul 23 1837 d. Aug 24 1875 buried Sardis Methodist Church
ii) Thomas Gordon McLeod b. bet. 1795-1801 married to Elizabeth Alexander (dght of Wm. Alexander)

1820 Sumter District Census page 109 Thos. McLeod 0-0-0-1-0-0 1-0-1-0-0

Children of Thomas Gordon McLeod and Elizabeth Alexander

1) Mary Isabella McLeod born cr 1820 (wife of Rev. Wm. H. Smith Apr 26 1848, son of Jesse Smith, grandson of Arthur Smith and Ann Pearce)

2) Adolphus A. McLeod

3) Benjamin F. McLeod

4) William James McLeod married to Amanda McMillan Rogers?

Son? = Thomas Gordon McLeod 1868-1932 - Governor of South Carolina from 1923-27?

2 . Moses Blakeley McLeod (husband of Margaret Coskrey) b. Feb 14 1777 d. Feb 24 1855 married first to Elizabeth Margaret CROSKEY b. abt 1782 married second to Martha M ROBERTS b. cr 1783 reportedly the daughter of Robert ROBERTS b: ABT 1761 and Agnes DUNN b: ABT 1765

Described by Hollingsworth McLeod as being "6'7" tall, weighing 300 pounds, and possessing prodigious strength". Many of his descendants left South Carolina for Madison Florida in the 1850's. A nephew, son of his brother, Roger Gordon McLeod, migrated to Florida as well as he had married Margaret Blakely McLeod, Moses' daughter.

Note: Moses was apparently married twice; first to Margaret Coskrey (1810 Census/Apr 29 1815 document below) and second to Martha Roberts ( Dec 25 1826 document below). In 1810, he has a daughter aged 1-9 and a daughter aged 16-25; in 1820, he is shown living alone.

Census 1810 Salem County Sumter District - 1 male aged 26-44, 1 female aged 1-9, 1 female aged 16-25, 1 female aged 45+, and 8 slaves

Census 1820 Salem County Sumter District (next to David and Andy McLeod) 1 male aged 26-44 (no others in household)

Von Hacke Paragraph on Moses B. McLeod - also MCLOUD, MCCLOUD

June 6 1807 Witness in Salem County (Book C page 441)

May 10 1808 bought from the heirs of step father Roger Gorden 330 acres on South side of the Scape Or bordered by John McCoy, South Alexander McCray Witnessed by David and Roger G. McLeod (brothers) (Book I page 241)

January 6 1812 - Aligator Bay (Book CC page 516) no further information

No date - Jurymember (Judg. Book F page 307)

Dec 30 1814 named in Will of Margaret Blakely McLeod Gorden (mother) with brothers David and Roger (Book D page 468)

Apr 29 1815 Wm Coskrey gives to daughters Elizabeth and Margaret (husband Moses McLeod) 26 negroes, horses, cattle, hogs sheep, etc. and lands (Book DD page 15)

July 31 1816 sold to John E. Coskrey 5 tracts on the Black River Swamp and Beech Creek all lands originally that of father in law Wm Coskrey (Book DD page 374)

Feb 11 1817 bought from Thomas Gorden 100 acres originally granted to James McConnel on 11 - 17 -1791 and 200 acres part of 400 acres witnessed by Samual Wison and Roger G. McLeod (Book KK page 1)

Feb 11 1818 bought from brother Roger G. McLeod 202 acres on Long Branch in Salem County witnessed by Charles and Jane McCoy (Book I page 239)

Feb 21 1818 bought from John McCoy Jr. 2 adjacent tracts on East side of the Scape Or, witnessed by Roger McLeod, Allen Clark (Book I page 239)

July 24 1819 sold/gave? to nephew? Moses T. McLeod 200 acres on Long Branch (Salem County) bordered on the North by Allen Clark, on the West by Charles McCoy, South by Charles McCoy, this land part of two tracts originally granted to Roger G. McLeod and John McConnell witnessed by John McDonnel and John G. Potts (Book C page 167); Note: John G. Potts was the husband of his half sister Janet Gorden

Dec 6 1825 buyer at auction of of Samual Lowry (Potts Sales II page 118)

Dec 25 1826 married second to daughter of Robert and Agnes Dunn Roberts, his wife rec'd 3 negroes Book GG page 58

Sep 16 1828 Trustee of Methodist Episcopal Church (Book H page 55)

Feb 21 1829 Leases to Bryant Ingram 100 acres on the Est side of Scape Or bordered on the south by McCray west by the Scape Or, North by himself, E by Thomas English (Book H page 83)

Jun 16 1830 Trustee for Methodist Episcopal Church ( Book H page 391)

Nov 21 1836 to wife Martha M and children: James Harvey, Eliza A., Moses D., Agness E., Margaret B. , Martha Jane., Rob't B., Sidney M., Trustees Samual Cooper and Daniel B. McLeod - 164 acres of the East side of the Scape Or bordered on the north by John McCoy, East by the Little Long Branch, and Robt. Wilson; on the South east by James Bradley and the south by Thos McCray and David McLeod and James Bradley and on the West by Scape Or Swamp plus 39 negroes. witnessed by John M. Smith, Alester Gorden, wife Martha M. (Book II page 301)

Sep 5 1846 from Peter A Brunson and wife Joanna C. 15 acres for $1 on East side of Scape Or bordered on the north east by David McLeod East by the estate of J.H. Wilson, South by Samual Cooper, west by himself witness by nephew Moses T. McLeod (Book MM page 103)

- Moses T McLeod was born in 1816 - von Hacke shows Moses B. McLeod selling to Moses T. McLeod in 1819. Researching the deed should reveal if this was a deed gift to his nephew or if another Moses T. McLeod was in the area at the same time.
- Von Hacke states that he had a child in 1844 posthumeously (Warren) and that his wife died in childbirth. Family files show that Moses died in 1855, therefore the son was born prior to his death.

Children of Moses B. McLeod and Margaret Coskrey or Unknown Roberts (see note above)

i) Margaret Blakely McLeod (wife of first cousin O'Neil McLeod, the son of Roger Gordon McLeod and Jane McCoy) Marriage 1 Thomas TOWNSEND b: ABT 1827 Marriage 2 Delorme O'Neil MCLEOD , Sr. b: 24 Jan 1825-Birth: 8 May 1832 in Maysville, Sumter District, South Carolina Death: 1 Sep 1912 in Madison County, Florida

ii) James Harvey McLeod (husband of Joanna married by 1841 and was deceased by 1843 according to Von Hacke)
Von Hacke paragraph on James Harvey McLeod
Oct 7 1844 - left a widow and one child Thomasina Mcleod who also died before 10-7-1844 (Roll 60)
Nov 11 1836 (prob minor) of Moses B. Mcleod (Book II page 301)
Dec 18 1842 bought with Archibald Barnes at Sherriffs sale from George Deschamps 1,351 acres bordered on the north by Zacariah McKenzie?, and Leonard Brown, on the east by the estate of Jos. McCoy, and Dr. Thomas M. Dick, South Ditto, and on the west by William C. Guerry and Nicholas S. Punch (Book L page 429)
Aug 11 1843 sold to Henry D. Green and James E. Rembert that same 1,351 acres witnessed by Moses T. McLeod and Lewis J. Lewellen, and wife Joanna C. (Book LL page 146)
May 8 1845 widow remarried to Peter A Brunson
Sep 5 1846 Estate sold for $1. to father Moses B. McLeod 15 acres on East side of Scape Or bordered on the North by the estate of (uncle) David McLeod, East by the estate of J.H. Wilson, South by Samual Cooper and West by father Moses B. McLeod (Book MM page 103)
iii) Eliza A. McLeod (Richard Montgomery ROBERTS b: ABT 1820)

iv) Moses Delorme McLeod

Birth: 3 Dec 1825 in Maysville, Sumter District, South Carolina

Death: 20 Jul 1903 in Red River, Texas

married Mary Frances HOLLINGSWORTH

b: 1835

d. 1908 buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake City Birth and Death years of Mary Frances provided by Ed Olsen January 6 2011 (death place updated 2/10/13 email from Ed Olsen)

1. Frances M. McLeod married William Mayger (moved to Montana in her early twenties where she taught school). Two children.

Photograhs and Information provided by Ed Olsen November 2, 2010

v) Agness E. McLeod

vi) Martha Jane McLeod (James DAVENPORT b: ABT 1829)

vii) Robert B. McLeod

viii) Sidney M. McLeod

ix) Henry Warren McLeod married Ann Josephine LANGFORD b: 19 Sep 1845 in Madison County, Florida Marriage 2 Estelle BAKER b: 1870 in Florida

3. Captain Roger Gordon McLeod b. Apr 9 1779 d. Dec 25 1856 married about 1807 to Jane McCoy b. May 5 1786 d. Jun 25 1865 buried Sardis Methodist Church

"Hollingsworth McLeod states that Jane's family had been Tories in the Revolutionary War, but at least one relative, Redden McCoy, was a noted patriot." Work on the James McLeod Family of Sumter and Clarendon Counties by Nelson McLeod June 2003.

Roger was nicknamed "Ordy". Was named for his step-father, Roger Gordon. On account of his wife being a "Tory" (an English sympathizer), his family disapproved of the marriage, and manifested same by almost ostracizing them, until their family was about grown. Chris Tuten Ancestry Entries: 29820 Updated: Fri Dec 19 03:47:35 2003 Contact: Chris Tuten

1810 Census Salem County 2 males aged 1-9, 1 male aged 26 -44 1 female aged 16 -25 5 slaves

Von Hacke's Paragraph on Roger Gordon McLeod

Mar 2 1789 "bd" Salem on East side of Scape Or (Book D page 249)

Dec 1 1802 Salem (Book AA, page 161)

Mar 13 1804 Warranty

Mar 21 1804 Survey to Roger G. McCloud for 1000 acres on the south side of Lynches Creek on Cypress Branch for John Armstrong, McCormack, Samual Shaddock, Mary Murphrey (Misc. Plats page 705 a)

Apr 2 1804 bought from John Armstrong of Salem 2 negroes 1 horse and 7 cattle (Book B page 79)

May 1 1805 Witness Clarendon (Book B page 339)

May 6 1805 (Book BB page 19)

May 4 1809 sold to Wm Wilson all his rights to a tract of land on both sides of Boggy Gully bought from Tax Collector of Estate of Jas Wilson (Book F page 561)

Dec 30 1814 heir in mother Margaret Gordon's estate with brother Moses B and David McLeod (Book D page 468)

Jun 29 1816 Warranty

Aug 3 1816 Survey

Aug 8 1816 Grant to Roger G. McLoud for 471 acres on Briary Branch and the Scape Or Swamp bordered on the Southwest and the Southeast by Charles McCoy, Southwest by John McCoy Sr., Northwest by Jos McCoy and Northeast by the grant to John G. Guignard (Misc. Plats page 50)

Feb 11 1817 Witness to Moses B. McLeod (Book KK page 1)

Feb 11 1818 sold to Moses B. McLeod 202 acres on the Long Branch in Salem, Witnessed by Charles and Jane McCoy and wife Jane (Book I page 239) - this later sold by Moses to Roger's son Moses T. McLeod

Mar 18 1820 Witness as Roger G McLoud (Book G page 429)

Oct 3 1821 as Roger G McLoud, witness with Thos Wilson to John G. Potts (Book FF, page 82)

1824 Witness Pocataligo Book G. page 23

Sep 16 1828 sold 1 acre in Salem to the Methodist Episcopal Church bordered by James McCoy Witnessed by John Fullerton Isham Clark and son Napoleon McLeod

Jan 18 1839 sold 50 acres on the Scape Or to John Harrington bordered by Northwest Webb Clark, NorthEast by himself, South by John Harrington, witness by Moses McClouse, wife Jane (Book K 370)

Jun 1 1841 sold to NS Punch 350 acres on Cowpen Swamp bordered on the north by J.J. Brown and the heirs of Jacob Michau deceased., East and South by the heirs of Gabriel Caper, West by William C. Guerry ; witnessed by bro (Book LL page 355) ther or son Napoleon McCloud

Apr 9 1842 Trustee to marriage contract between Welburn Clark and Lavinia McCoy (Book L page 288)

Dec 5 1845 to John W. Montgomery 661 1/2 acres on Long Branch waters of the Scape Or bordered by East and Northeast Lacoste, Mrs. Benbow, southeast by theEst of Allen Clark, west and southwest by Harrington, Mrs. Sarah McKay, North by Copeland and Gilmon, (Plat 8-26-1845 formerly granted to Jas McKay (Book M page 301)

Children of Roger Gordon McLeod and Jane McCoy:

i) Robert L. McLeod (Oswego) b. Dec 8 1808 d. Janu 22 1891 buried at Bethel Methodist Church in Oswego

Von Hacke's paragraph on Robert L. McLeod

Sep 16 1828 Trustee of Methodist Episcopal Church (Book H page 55)

Jan 5 1837 Administrator of Jos McCoy dec. (Book II page 344)

Apr 9 1842 Trustee (Book L page 288)

Dec 3 1834 as Robt McLeod Witness (Book II page 296)

Dec 4 1845 as R.L. McLeod Witness with Moses T. McLeod to father Roger Gorden McLeod (McCloud) (Book M. page 301)

ii) Napoleon B or R. McLeod b. Jul 20 1810 d. Jul 28 1887 (husband of Mary Jane Williams married on Jun 26 1836 d. by 1860) - moved to Alabama but returned by 1842 to Manning, Sumter buried in Manning Cemetery

Von Hacke paragraph on Napoleon B. McLeod

Sep 16 1828 witness to father Roger G. McLeod - Trustee of Methodist Episcopal Church (Book H page 55)

Feb 21 1829 witness to Uncle Moses B. McLeod (Book H page 83)

Jan 23 1830 bought from Wm S. and Jane, Lewis Smith one negro girl 9 years of age, witnessed by Robt T. Smith, George Mims (Book H page 197)

Dec 29 1834 Witness to Henry Cassels (Book I page 377)

Jun 1 1841 Witness with brother Moses T. McLeod to Roger G. McLeod (Book LL page 355)

Children of Napoleon and Mary Jane Williams McLeod

1) James George May b. 16 1837 in Alabama d. Mar 19 1885 married Nancy McCoy (seven children) - served in War between the States in Co. C. Hamptons LEgion Calvry and Co. I 23rd SC Infantry

Child i) Joseph - died in the Spanish American War on Jun 3 1898, the first caualty in the SC troops raised for that conflict

2) Martha Jane May b. 8 1840 in Alabama married William J. Norris on Oct 8 1857. Lived in Manning then moved to Florence.

i) Mella Reese Norris
ii) Jerome Norris

3) H.G. b. Aug 30 1842 in Sumter South Carolina

4) Harriet Gordon b. Nov 30 1843 in Sumter South Carolina married Jerome P. Chase in 1866 b. July 28 1838 d. 1916 native of New Market Tennessee; worked for the railroad during the War Between the States. Settled in Florence. First mayor of Florence when it was incorporated.

5) Roger Moses b. Mar 1- 1846 in Sumter South Carolina married Katie Moore - worked for the railroad and settled in Water Valley Mississippi.

Children (3 sons 2 daughters)

i) Hattie married a Tate and lived in Oklahoma City in the 1960's

6) Jacob William b. Mar 23 1848 in Sumter South Carolina d. Jan 23 1914 buried in Manning Cemetery married Almira C. Boyd, b. --?-- d. Sep 18 1911dgth of James P. Boyd and Mary Matthews of Buchanan, Virginia on Feb 21 1869.

i) Edward Patton McLeod b. Sep 27 1872 d. Jun 26 1912 married Susan Covert Gaillard d. Oct 18 1957 buried Manning Cemetery

1) Marry Gaillard McLeod b. Jan 28 1896
2) Robert Purdy McLeod b. Nov 1897
3) Jake William McLeod b. Jan 11 1900 d. May 27 1953
4) William Henry McLeod
5) Edward Foster McLeod b. Apr 26 1905
6) Alec Boyd McLeod
ii) Jacob Lawson McLeod b. Nov 10 1882 attended Wofford College briefly.
iii) Lula Almira McLeod b. Mar 8 1887

7) C.H. b. Mar 6 1856 in Sumter South Carolina

iii) Martha B. McLeod b. Jul 12 1812 d. --?-- married first cousin David Blakely McLeod son of David McLeod (husband of Margaret Cassells)

Child of David Blakely and Martha B. McLeod McLeod

1) James Oliver McLeod b. Jul 23 1837 d. Aug 24 1875 buried Sardis Methodist Church

iv) Roxanna McLeod b. Mar 22 1814 d. Oct 3 1896 buried Sardis Methodist Church formerly Sumter County present day Lee County (never married)

v) Moses Tecumseh McLeod (Oswego) b. Mar 16 1816 d. Apr 13 1889 buried Sardis Methodist Church formerly Sumter County present day Lee County

Von Hacke paragraph on Moses T McLeod

Jul 24-1819 bought from uncle Moses B. McLeod 200 acres on Long Branck bordered by North- Allen Clark, West and South Charles McCoy -these acres were part of two tracts 1) Roger Gorden McLeod 2) John McConnell witnessed by John McDonnell and John G. Potts (husband of half aunt) (Book G page 167) Note: if he was born in 1816 how did he purchase land in 1819 - one of many Von Hacke Discrepancies.....

Jun 1 1841 Witness with brother Napoleon McLeod to uncle Roger G McLeod (Book M page 301)

Aug 11 1843 Witness to J. H. McLeod (first cousin) (Book LL page 146)

Dec 4 1845 Witness with brother R.L. McLeod to Roger G. McCloud (book M page 301)

Sept 4 1846 Witness to Uncle Mose B. McLeod (Book MM page 103)

vi) Hulda McLeod b. Apr 9 1818 d. Nov 1894 (wife of Milton McIntosh and lived in New Zion Community, Clarendon County)

vii) John Frank McLeod (Franklin - husband of Catherine Humphrey b. Jun 10 1829 in Clarendon died 5-1-1911 buried in Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery and lived in Manning) b. Jan 18 1820 d. Oct 24 1881 in Clarendon County- Von Hacke Paragraph on Franklin McLeod

Children of John Frank (Franklin) McLeod and Catherine Humphrey

1) John b. cr 1856 Clarendon

2) Agnes J. b. cr 1858

3) Anna b. cr. 1859

4) Elizabeth b. cr 1862

5) Eunice b. cr 1863

6) Y.E. (female) b. cr 1866

7) Theodosia McLeod1868 - 1951 married John Henry Geddings 1858 - 1928

viii) Oliver McLeod (Oswego) b. Jan 22 1822 d. Feb 3 1897

ix ) Lieutenant O'Neal McLeod b. Jan 24 1825 d. Jan 8 1870 (husband of first cousin Margaret Blakely McLeod- dgt of Moses Blakely and Martha M. Roberts) - moved with father- in-law to Madison Florida in the 1850's)

x) Annis J. McLeod b. Dec 8 1829 d. Jan 1 1911 buried Sardis Methodist Church formerly Sumter County present day Lee County (never married)

4. Margaret Blakeley McLeod (wife of Thomas Wells) b Feb 14 1781 d. 1841 - lived near Wells Crossroads in present day Lee County and had only two children - buried Wells Cemetery.
i) Margaret B Wells b. 1 jan 1809 d. 22 Sept 1814
ii) Irby S. Wells b. 1804 d. 1880

An Andy McLeod is found in the 1820 Census page 106 between David and Moses McLeod - it is possible that he was the son of James and Margaret. 2 males aged 1-9, 1 male aged 10-15, 1 male aged 26 - 44, 2 females aged 1-9, 1 females aged 1-9, 1 female aged 26 - 44 - He is not apparently named in Margaret Blakely McLeod Gordon's 1814 Will, but could have been deceased by that time. At any rate, it is likely he was related in some way to this McLeod line due to residence. 1820 Sumter District Census, Sumter Census Project,

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