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Walking With Ghosts - Volume IDescendants of Angus & Nancy McCutchen MacLeod

Also Available in Ebook

Volume 1 Companion containing transcribed/scanned documents used in writing Volume 1.


Walking With Ghosts - Volume II - The War Between The States

It's 1861 and the call for volunteers to defend the state of South Carolina have gone out. This second book in the Walking With Ghosts series once again combines fictional story telling with factual recitation of the battles our family fought during the war years, with information on the 2nd, 9th/6th, 15th and 19th and 20th and 23rd (Hatches) South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiments, Garden's Palmetto Light Artillery, Rion's Battalion (7th), The Kirkwoods Cavalry and the 3rd Palmetto Battalion and the battles each were engaged in during the war.  

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Primary Research

MacLeod DNA Project

Secondary Research
When not researching my McLeods and working on the FTDNA projects, these lines are researched.

Wilke of Germany/N.Y

Jessup of England

Checker/Tskeris of Greece/N.Y.
Abnett of England
Hudson of South Carolina
Ives of South Carolina

Sideline Research
These lines have married into my family (primary and secondary lines of research seen above) and are included here to aid other researchers. I am not currently researching these names; however, the pages are updated as information becomes available.

Arrants of South Carolina
Barnes of South Carolina
Blyther of South Caroliina
Boykin of South Carolina
Cook Family of South Carolina
Coombs of Maine
Checker/Tskeris Greece
Davis of South Carolina
Dennis of South Carolina
Freeman of South Carolina
Holland of South Carolina
Huggins of South Carolina
Hurst of South Carolina
Jones of South Carolina
Josey/Jossey of South Carolina
Keretas of Greece
Medhurst of England
Meyers of South Carolina
Moseley of South Carolina
Rodgers of South Carolina
Ross of South Carolina
Yates/Yeates of South Carolina

Online Research Sites

Sumter South Carolina Genealogy

Kershaw South Carolina Genealogy

County Kent England Genealogy

Walking with Ghosts..........

a website for the descendants of Angus and Nancy McCutchen MacLeod~~


Primary Research - MacLeod/McLeod

This is the entry page for the MacLeod/McLeod portion of this this is by far the largest portion of the site, links to each MacLeod section have been provided - If you suddenly find that you can't see the tree for the branches.....simply look left~:)

Below, you will find links to my MacLeod Family; information on the MacLeods of Sumter and Kershaw and Darlington Counties who have participated in the YDNA Projects and links to pages with information on "Other MacLeods" in those counties.

The original intent of this web site is the same as it has always been; to provide a FREE tool for researchers to help each other by the sharing of information - please support this intent by helping to keep it as accurate as possible. Corrections are always welcome - rude emails are not...(those of you who have sent them know who you are....). When sending corrections, please remember to copy the web address of the page and paste it into your email - without this information, it can be difficult to make those corrections. Thank you in advance~~

Happy Researching and "Hold Fast"!

My MacLeod/McLeod Family

Our family is blessed to have not only an early written history by a great granddaughter of Angus but also an oral interview given by a great grandson - these great grandchildren came from two different lines of descent and corroborate each other in many ways. We have further been blessed in that our paper research has confirmed their stories and cleared up some confusion that had developed over the years.The Interview with Albert John McLeod cr. 1920

"Alexander, with his family, left Scotland and traveled to Ireland (or the Island?) for a time. They sailed from Ireland (or the island?) to Virginia and a brother, Norman, was born on board ship. They eventually migrated to Robeson, North Carolina where another brother named Daniel was born. Alexander with his wife, a McIntosh, left for Old Camden District in South Carolina. Alexander had two grants of land on Beaverdam Branch. He (Alexander the II?) had cousins who were Bethunes. Daniel's descendants remain in the area today" (Sumter/Kershaw). "How are our Boykin cousins?" Interview notes provided to Lori McLeod Wilke by Col. Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr., who received them from the late Jay Frank McLeod, the Interviewer of Albert John McLeod. Albert was a gr grandson of Angus and Nancy McCutchen McLeod.

Getting Started:

Angus and Nancy McCutchen MacLeod - Our Earliest Known Ancestors immigrated from the Isle of Skye to Virginia; migrated to North Carolina where they are found in Richmond County Records by the 1790's; and then on to Sumter and Kershaw Districts in South Carolina.

North Carolina Timeline - A chronological listing of the records found to date in North Carolina and how they correspond to the oral legend/interview with Albert John McLeod, great grandson of Angus and Nancy.

South Carolina Timeline
- A chronological listing of the records found to date in South Carolina

Alabama Timeline
- A chronological listing of the records found to date in Alabama regarding three of the daughters of Angus and Nancy (some Texas records referenced)

MacLeod YDNA Project at FTDNA

My First Cousin One Time Removed - Col. Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr. - participated in an early DNA study performed by the University of London and learned that he was part of a group of MacLeod men who shared a common ancestor. In 2005, a second study was begun at FTDNA sponsored by the Associated Clan MacLeod Society where these initial results were confirmed through expanded testing. Purdy shared his matches with me and asked me to see if I could "sort it out" - thus began my obsession with YDNA. Six years later, we find that share a common ancestor with approximately 40 other men and may be close to figuring out to which of them we are more closely related. The ultimate goal is, of course, to get us "back over the pond" in our genealogy research.

There appear to have been as many as 8 distinct McLeod families in the Sumter and Kershaw Districts in the 1820's and 1830's:

1. Angus McLeod of the 1820 Sumter District Census - Sons Alexander (h/o Sarah McIntosh) and Daniel (h/o Catherine McLean) and Norman (identity unknown). Tested Haplogroup R1b Subclade L165/S68

2. Norman McLeod (h/o Elizabeth Lackey McLeod found in Sumter Records) - Tested - appears to be Haplogroup R1b Subclade L21 downstream M222 - this appears to prove that this Norman McLeod was NOT the son of Angus (#1 above) as had been previously speculated.

3. James McLeod (h/o Margaret Blakely later Gordon) - Tested - appears to also be Haplogroup R1b Subclade L21 downstream M222 - this proves that David and Angus (#1 above) are not related in several thousand years on a paternal side. Although David's descendant and Norman's descendant (#2 above) appear to be of the same Subclade of R1b, there are significant mutations between the two haplotypes - additional information is needed to state that these two lines were connected.

4. Daniel McLeod (h/o Jane R. Evans) - Kershaw District - Reportedly the brother of Norman McLeod (h/o Elizabeth Cade) of Darlington County SC - Norman's line has been tested and found to share the Haplogroup of Angus (#1 above) - Norman's descendants and Angus descendants appear to have shared an ancestor cr. 1700 AD. Daniel's line has NOT been tested.

5. Daniel McLeod (h/o Jane Christmas) - Sumter District - Previously stated by Von Hacke to be the son of Angus (#1 above) Wills and Deeds have proven that he was not. Reportedly a descendant of this line has tested at the 12 marker level and has been determined to be a member of the R1b Haplogroup but at that level of testing, with no SNP testing, his Subclade and potential relationship to the other lines is still undetermined.

6. Alexander McLeod (h/o of Sarah (--?--) - Sumter District - The parents of the Norman McLeod who married Angus's (#1 above) daughter Betsy McLeod (who moved to Alabama by the 1840 Census - this line has not yet been tested. Oral legend states that Betsy and Norman were cousins; YDNA testing of their descendants would confirm this belief.

7. Alexander McLeod (h/o of Mary Catherine McCaskill) - Kershaw District -Reportedly immigrated to North Carolina, migrated into Kershaw District cr 1820 - Alexander died in 1822 and his widow and descendants migrated to Ft. Walton Florida by 1840. This line does not yet appear to have been tested.

8. Angus (of the 1820 Kershaw Census) and Daniel McLeod (Angus h/o Margaret McQueen) - Kershaw District - the brothers, reportedly the sons of an Alexander McLeod who was first in North Carolina and may have been in South Carolina, moved to Barbour County Alabama in the 1830's. This line does not appear to have been tested.

Meet any MacLeod/McLeod here in the USA with ancestral history in North or South Carolina and eventually the question of how closely they are related to you will come up. YDNA is helping us to figure this out. Those who share a close haplotype (think signature) have definitely shared a common ancestor in genealogical times or since the use of surnames while those who are "outside" of allowable "genetic distances" do not. Of course, this is a very simplistic explanation of what YDNA can tell us; if you are interested in learning more, please feel free to email me. To get started on what may turn out to be your own obsession with YDNA as it relates to genealogical research:

FTDNA Clan MacLeod Project Haplogroup Tables - includes all the various Haplogroups found to date within the project. Includes the descendants of James MacLeod/McLeod and Margaret Blakely {later Gordon} of Sumter South Carolina.

FTDNA Clan MacLeod Project/R-L165(S68) Project Table - the Related Group of MacLeods who share an ancestor born cr. 1300 AD - includes "Branch Pages" which provide an analysis of the YDNA results and Genealogies where available. Included on this page are my family and the family of Norman MacLeod of Virginia and Gallia County Ohio.

FTDNA R-L165(S68) Project - Clan MacLeod has been tested and found to be in the R-L165(S68) Sub Clade of the Haplogroup R1b; it is believed that this is a Norse Cluster of R1b. The project was begun in January of 2011.

Other MacLeods

In the effort to determine the exact identities of the brothers of my ggg grandfather, I began to research the records of all of the McLeods in South Carolina; as a result, I compiled a great deal of research into those other families. That information is provided within the pages of this website. As my research expands into North Carolina, information on the MacLeods of that state will be included within these pages as well. As any researcher of the Scots in America realizes, the naming patterns (using the common names, such as Alexander, Daniel, Norman, John, Margaret, Catherine, generation after generation) cause great confusion in determining whose records are whose.....where I have been able to determine identity, it has been placed here.

For those of you who research other MacLeod/McLeod families of South Carolina, the following pages may of interest:

Angus MacLeods of Kershaw and Sumter County South Carolina - late 1700 to early 1800 - a listing of all the Angus McLeods (of any spelling) found in the aforementioned counties of South Carolina who are NOT my Angus MacLeod (husband of Nancy McCutchen)

Alexander MacLeods of Kershaw and Sumter County South Carolina - a listing of all the Alexander McLeods (of any spelling) found in the aforementioned counties of South Carolina who are NOT my Alexander MacLeod (husband of Sarah McIntosh)

Daniel MacLeods of Kershaw and Sumter County South Carolina - a listing of all the Daniel McLeods (of any spelling) found in the aforementioned counties of South Carolina who are NOT my Daniel MacLeod (husband of Catherine McLean/son of Angus MacLeod and Nancy McCutchen)

Norman MacLeods of Kershaw and Sumter County South Carolina - a listing of all the Norman McLeods (of any spelling) found in the aforementioned counties of South Carolina who are NOT my Norman MacLeod (son of Angus MacLeod and Nancy McCutchen)

Von Hacke Records on MacLeods of Sumter (and Kershaw) South Carolina - a detailed listing of MacLeod records included in the Von Hacke Files with corrections resulting from the research contained within this website.

The Mystery of Mary McInnis McLeod of the Old Scotch Cemetery, Kershaw County, South Carolina - The descendants of this woman are claimed in the Family Files of at least three different MacLeod Paternal Lines - this page attempts to begin the process of determining to which MacLeod family of South and/or North Carolina she belongs.

If you would like to contribute information on any of the MacLeods within these pages, please email.

YDNA for other Surnames

The DNA adventure is not just for MacLeods alone; there is a project for almost every known surname. Google "YDNA+Ross" (or any other surname) to find links to these projects and learn more about what your ancient ancestry may be. You could be descended from Nial of the Nine Hostages - or from Somerled - or related to Royalty of any nation known to man.

And now, the DNA testing includes MTDNA which both men and women can participate in - I've not ventured into that part of the DNA world just yet, but may have to do so in the near future.

Please, feel free to email me for additional information if you are interested in joining in the fun!
!Source: Lori McLeod Wilke copyright © 2000-2011 All Rights Reserved