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Primary Research

MacLeod DNA Project
McLeod Reunion Tombstone Project
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Secondary Research
When not researching my McLeods and working on the FTDNA projects, these lines are researched.

Wilke of Germany/N.Y.
Jessup of England
Checker/Tskeris of Greece/N.Y.
Abnett of England
Hudson of South Carolina
Ives of South Carolina

Sideline Research
These lines have married into my family (primary and secondary lines of research seen above) and are included here to aid other researchers. I am not currently researching these names; however, the pages are updated as information becomes available.

Arrants of South Carolina
Barnes of South Carolina
Blyther of South Caroliina
Boykin of South Carolina
Cook Family of South Carolina
Coombs of Maine
Checker/Tskeris Greece
Davis of South Carolina
Dennis of South Carolina
Freeman of South Carolina
Holland of South Carolina
Huggins of South Carolina
Hurst of South Carolina
Jones of South Carolina
Josey/Jossey of South Carolina
Keretas of Greece
Medhurst of England
Meyers of South Carolina
Moseley of South Carolina
Rodgers of South Carolina
Ross of South Carolina
Yates/Yeates of South Carolina


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Keretas/Kreatas/Kritkakou Greece to New York, USA

The research contained on this page was done by the late Edward Charles Wilke and his late wife
Rene Ruth Checker
{Tsekeris} Wilke

George John Contos (Kritkakou)
Mother: Stravrula Mavromattis, Crete, Greece Father: John Kritkakou, Crete , Greece

born: November 08, 1887 Hania, Crete, Greece (Death certificate. Age recorded as 32 yrs on daughter Kritos birth certificate, 29 yrs on son Kritas birth certificate)

death March 09, 1961 New London, New London, Ct, USA Age 73 yrs. 4 mo. 1 day Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Cause of death: Peritonitis(fecal) due to ruptured carcinoma of Ft colon.

burial: March 13, 1961, Cedar Grove Cemetary, Section # 1-A, Grave # 113 NewLondon, Ct.

Occupation: Cook (Birth certificates - Bessie Kritos, John Kritas)

married May 28, 1906
Agias Triatha (Holy Trinity), Githio, Greece
Katy Kokinakos ( aka Coralia/Ralio Kokinakou
Father: John Kokinakou Vlahioti, Greece Mother: Vasiliki Livarakos, Greece
Ralio Kokinakou married May 26, 1906 to George John Kritkakou, Agias Triatha (Holy Trinity) Githio, Greece. Documented May 28, 1906. #310. Copy sent to USA Dec. 11, 1961.

Parents of Katy: John Kokinakos b. unknown d. unknown in Vlahioti, Greece and Vasiliki Livarakos b. unknown d. unknown in Vlahioti, Greece

born 18 Oct 1885 Mani, Greece Naturalized Dec 19, 1944 Naturalization certificate on December 14, 1944, #6297608, Petition # 415576, age 59 in 1944.

death 20 Oct 1972 Norwich, New London, Ct, USA Death certificate Oct. 15, 1886; 1887 daughter Kritos birth certificate) Age 86.(possibly 85 or 87) Cause of death massive coronary. Arteriosclerosis. Clifford E. Wilson, Norwich,

burial: Oct. 24, 1972, Cedar Grove, New London, Ct. Byles Funeral Service, Inc.

Children of George and Katy

The names of George's children were written down at birth with different spellings. The story goes that as each child was born and the nurse or other person asked for information for the birth certificates, it was learned that the Greek Immigrant could not spell his name using the English alphabet. The different nurses would then write down the English equivalent of "man from Crete", spelled differently with each child.

1. Lillian Keretas

2. John Kritas BIRTH: Fe. 24, 1917 New York, NY Marriage: Leanora DeAmbrosio, Nov. 23, 1942 Occupation: Restaurant, Master Plumber SOURCE: Birth certificate, Marriage certificate

3. Nicholas Creata BIRTH: Oct 20, 1918, New York, NY MARRIAGE: Oct 12, 1984 to Leticia Emilce Rojas Delgado, San Jose, Costa Rica. SOURCES: Marriage certificate

4. Bessie Basilikis Kritos BIRTH: Listed as Female Kritos on birth certificate. Born at 203 E. 33 St., New York. Father George, age 32, occupation Cook, mother Katie, age 33, housewife. Transcript recorded with date of birth as May 8, 1920. Baptismal Greek Archdioses of North and South America, Oct. 22,1922. Date of birth May 7, 1920. MARRIAGES: Married Gus Constantinos Terzakos on May 8, 1937, Hoboken N.J. Divorced on July 16, 1965, Holly Hill, Volusia, Fl. Jesse Mathas, Clerk of the Circuit Court. In Chancery #38108D, Book 254, pg. 1883. Circuit Judge Horace D. Riegle Married Angelo J. Ferragamo August 22, 1965, East Boston, Mass. Sources: Birth Certificate 21481, transcript of Record of birth May 14, 1920 #3969, J.C. Wagner, physician. Two Marriage certificates.

Lillian Keretas

born 15 Oct 1913 New York, Manhattan, NY USA (1st generation American- parents immigrated from Greece) Source: Certification of Birth Dept of Health, Marriage Certificate, Bronx NY

death 1993 Pennsylvania, USA

married 19 Feb 1934
in New York, Bronx, NY, USA

Panagiotis Tsekeris)

born 27 Jan 1899 Graikou, Archadia, Greece source: #225 Verification of birth of a son, Panagiotis Tsekeris to Nicholas and Avyerini 1/1899 in the village of Graikou is of Greek citizenry and orthodox faith who left Greece for America.

U.S. Certificate of Citizenship on July 15th, 1930, age 31 yrs.

OCCUPATION: Restaurant Proprietor

death 26 Nov 1963 New London, New London , Conn USA Age 64 yrs. Physician - Richard M. Barry M.D. Cause of death: Acute Myocardial Infraction. 12 hrs. Arteriosclerostic. Heart disease. Diabetes Mellitus . Autopsy.

BURIAL: Colonel Ledyard Cemetary, Groton, Conn. Byles MacDougal Funeral Services, Inc. November 29,1963 Certificate of Death

Katy Keretas and her children
Lilian Keretas Checker and Rene Checker Wilke
!Source: Lori McLeod Wilke copyright © 2000-2009 All Rights Reserved