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Primary Research

MacLeod DNA Project
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Secondary Research
When not researching my McLeods and working on the FTDNA projects, these lines are researched.

Wilke of Germany/N.Y.
Jessup of England
Checker/Tskeris of Greece/N.Y.
Abnett of England
Hudson of South Carolina
Ives of South Carolina

Sideline Research
These lines have married into my family (primary and secondary lines of research seen above) and are included here to aid other researchers. I am not currently researching these names; however, the pages are updated as information becomes available.

Arrants of South Carolina
Barnes of South Carolina
Blyther of South Caroliina
Boykin of South Carolina
Cook Family of South Carolina
Coombs of Maine
Checker/Tskeris Greece
Davis of South Carolina
Dennis of South Carolina
Freeman of South Carolina
Holland of South Carolina
Huggins of South Carolina
Hurst of South Carolina
Jones of South Carolina
Josey/Jossey of South Carolina
Keretas of Greece
Medhurst of England
Meyers of South Carolina
Moseley of South Carolina
Rodgers of South Carolina
Ross of South Carolina
Yates/Yeates of South Carolina

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Sumter South Carolina Genealogy
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UPDATE JUNE 2017: "The War Between The States" AVAILABLE NOW. It's 1861 and the call for volunteers to defend the state of South Carolina have gone out. This second book in the Walking With Ghosts series once again combines fictional story telling with factual recitation of the battles our family fought during the war years, with information on the 2nd, 9th/6th, 15th, 19th, 20th and 23rd (Hatches) South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiments, Garden's Palmetto Light Artillery, Rion's Battalion (7th), the Kirkwoods Independent Cavalry Unit and the 3rd Palmetto Light Artillery Battalion and the battles each were engaged in during the war. My Bookstore

The Josey Family of Sumter and Kershaw Districts South Carolina

The Ancestry of Martha Josey Yates, mother of Harriet Yates McLeod

The Ancestry of Maggie Josey McLeod, daughter in law of Harriet Yates McLeod

This web page has been updated in May/June of 2011. The original intent of this site is the same as it has always been; to provide a FREE tool for researchers to help each other by the sharing of information - please support this intent by helping to keep it as accurate as possible. The information on this page represents the combined efforts of several researchers. I have verified the information by Wills, Equity, Deeds, Census and Cemetery Records where possible. Where no source is given, the information is unproven/unverified. Additions and corrections are welcome (rude emails are not). When writing, please include the Page Title and Web Address. Proper credit is always awarded to the provider of information. Happy Researching! Keep the circle of sharing intact, include the following if you take information for your own records: !Source: Lori McLeod Wilke; "Walking with ghosts", Research 2000 - 2011


When I began to research my family back in 2000, I was given several boxes of paperwork from my father Donald Ross McLeod Jr. and my first cousin (1 x rem'd) Col. Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr. - the two had spent years researching prior to the internet revolution. They had also been of the generation(s) of researchers who looked mainly at the paternal line and not too much at the maternal lines. Therefore, I had the names of grandmother's but not much history for them other then their parents' names.

For the first two years of my own research, I knew that GG Grandmother Harriet Yate's mother was named Martha Josey, but nothing else. I also knew that G Grandfather's first wife had been a Josey herself but that was the extent of my knowledge of the two ladies. In the second case, I wasn't descended from Maggie Josey McLeod but from the second wife, Mary Rosa Ives so didn't expect to do much searching there....until 2003 when I received a booklet of information on the Josey Line from Cousin Purdy. And a beautiful photograph of Maggie Josey McLeod which made that first wife of my G Grandfather more of "real" person to me.

As I added the information from the packet into my FTM, I realized that GG Grandmother Harriet Yates McLeod was not only the Mother in Law of Maggie Josey McLeod but her first cousin 1 x rem'd (just as Cousin Purdy is to me). I was excited to learn that my McLeod half cousins (the descendants of G Grandfather Jesse and Maggie) were also my full cousins through GGG Martha Josey Yates.

Much of the Josey/Jossey research has been completed by other researchers, namely Bud (J. Edward) Josey - CD's and Booklets can be ordered at the House of Jossy. This page has been created primarily for the children of my family to use in their high school family history projects.

Name Research:

Josey English: from a pet form of Joseph.

English, German, French, and Jewish: from the personal name, Hebrew Yosef �may He (God) add (another son)�.

In medieval Europe this name was borne frequently but not exclusively by Jews; the usual medieval English vernacular form is represented by Jessup. Note: this is interesting - one of the English lines I research is JESSUP!

In the Book of Genesis, Joseph is the favorite son of Jacob, who is sold into slavery by his brothers but rises to become a leading minister in Egypt (Genesis 37�50). In the New Testament Joseph is the husband of the Virgin Mary, which accounts for the popularity of the given name among Christians.

Generation One - Robert Jossey and Anne S. Potter

Robert Jossey was born Abt. 1565 in St. Giles, London, England, and died July 1617 in Parish of Saint Botolph without Aldegate in the Archdeaconry of London, Alebrewer. He married Anne S. Potter July 06, 1589 in London, St. Giles w/o without Aldegate. She died Unknown - Date of death from the Will of Robert Jossey - proven on that date. Note: Executrix was "Margaret" - Anne Potter may have been Margaret Ann Potter - Information from Col. Purdy Belvin McLeod to Lori McLeod Wilke July 2003 / also from Alton J. Watts, descendant

1. John Jossey was christened on June 07, 1590 died August 1614

2. Gentleman James Jossey - Ancestor - see next

Generation Two - Gentleman James Jossey and Elizabeth Jane Graydon

Gentleman James Jossey I born Abt. 1565 possibly St. Giles, London, England died after 1674 Nansemond County Virginia (presently Norfolk Co. VA) married December 02, 1634 in Northumberland Co. Berwick upon Tweed, England to Elizabeth Jane Graydon born 1618 Berwick in Northumberland England died Unknown possibly St. Giles, London, England

Note: Athough this is technically James Jossey the FIRST, the use of the title Gentleman distinquishes him in the line and not his position (in the line). Titles are also used to distinquish his son James (Horse Captain James) and his grandson (Col James) - This can create confusion later when a researcher reads "James Jossey III was the grandfather of....." - the James referred to as the III is actually the IV James Josey......LMW

immigrated to Nansemond County Virginia in by March 15 1674 (after 1635).

March 15, 1674. Executor in the will of Major General Richard Bennett, the Governor of Virginia (Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia, by John Boddie, 1938, p288.)

Registry Book No 1 Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin-Putney Surry London Co. England "James Jossey, Gent was named Exec of the Estate of Governor of Virginia Richard Bennett" Information from Col. Purdy Belvin McLeod to Lori McLeod Wilke July 2003 / also from Alton J. Watts, descendant

From: "Keith Johnstone" Subject: Jossey/Graydon links Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 13:10:38 +0200 Hi! I have just come across your website following a Google search for Jossey. I am researching the Graydon family and the matriarch of your Jossey line was Elizabeth Jane Graydon born in Berwick in Northumberland England in 1618 who married Gentleman James Jossey.

Together with other Graydon researchers we have a Graydon Research Group and I am sure you will be interested to know all about the ancient Graydon/Gradon/Graden heritage that Elizabeth descended from.

To date the line goes back to 1288 in Berwickshire in Scotland. Elizabeth is probably an aunt or Cousin of the English Admiral of the Fleet Admiral John Graydon who was also temporary governor of Canada.

It is most interesting that the Jossey's had a strong military background like so many of the Graydons. Would love to hear from you if you get time. Very Best Regards Keith Johnstone Montpellier France

Generation Three - "Horse Captain" James Jossey

"Horse Captain" James Jossey Christened November 19, 1635 in Putney, Surrey, London, England died after 1660 in Nasomond County, Virginia (presently Norfolk Co. Va) married to (--?--)

Note: Technically this is James Jossey II - however he is refered to by researchers by the title "Horse Captain" instead of his position in the line of ancestry.

Immigrated with his father - Gentleman James Jossey - to Virginia - they were there by 1674 when Gentleman James was named as Executor of the Estate of the Virginia Govenor, Major General Richard Bennett,

References to "Horse Captain" James Jossey found:

17th Century Isle of Wight P-168; 288
Virginia Magazine of History Vol. I No 3 P-247
Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol II P-289, 301, 303,379, & 402
Registry Book of Parish of St. Mary the Virgin; Putney, Surrey, London Co. England

Generation Four Col. James Jossey

Col. James Jossey born Abt. 1660 in Nasomond County, Virginia died unknownin Nasomond County, Virginia married to (--?--)

Note: Technically this is James Jossey III - however he is refered to by researchers by the title "Col" instead of his position in the line of ancestry.

First of our Jossey ancestors to be born in the British Colony of Virginia

References to "Col" James Jossey found:

Mary/Sam Godwin-Isle of Wight, VA P-46
Peter-Chowan Co. DB-1-N-CAR
Robert-Nansemond Co. VA.
"Gleanings of a Geneologist" P-274
Vestry Book of Upper Parish-Nansemond 1743-1793 Pg 10,11
Suffolk Parish Vestry Book 1749-1784
Nansemond County, VA By William L Hopkins Pg 1-20 October 1749- James Jossey, Etc

Children of Col. James Jossey (--?--)

1. Peter Jossey, born 1693 in Nansemond Co. VA.; died Unknown.

2. Mary Jossey, born February 01, 1695/96 in Nansemond County, VA.; died September 23, 1720 in Nansemond County, VA. married Samuel Godwin June 19, 1711 in Nansemond Co. VA., son of Thomas Godwin and Martha Bridger. He was born March 20, 1686/87 in Nansemond Co. VA., and died Unknown.

3. Robert Jossey, born 1700 in Nansemond County, VA.; died Bef. 1766 in Nansemond county, VA..

4. James Jossey III, born Abt. 1702 in Nansemond Co. VA.; died 1769 in Northampton County, British Colony of North Carolina - Ancestor - see next

Generation Five - James Jossey III

James Jossey III born Abt. 1702 in Nasomond County, Virginia died before March 30, 1769 in Northampton County, British Colony of North Carolina married to Sarah (--?--) died Bet. 1769 - 1770 in Nothampton Co. NC

Note: Technically this is James Jossey IV - however the titles used to distinquish the previous James Jossey's (Gentleman - Horse Captain - Col) have apparently caused him to be refered to as the III -

Migrated to North Carolina with children between 1736 and 1750 September 3, 1750, Deed Book-1 Pg. 459, 460, 467 Northampton County, NC. Purchased land from Elias Willis, Sam & Eliza Cotten

Death year confirmed by:

Abstract of North Carolina Wills by J. B. Grimes Pg. 83 & 84
William & Mary Vol 18 P. 252
Halifax County Deed Book B10-P.433 March 30, 1769 - Sarah Josey, wife of James Relinquishes her right of Dower - James Josey Jr. of Halifax County, NC (son) witnesssed the signature-, Northampton County, NC

Children of James Jossey III and Sarah (--?--)

1. James Jossey IV born Abt. 1728 in Nansemond Co. VA.; died October 25, 1785 in Halifax Co. NC - married to Margarette "Peggy" Whitaker born probably in Halifax County or Northhampton County of North Carolina (all children of her and James born in NC) died Unknown

2. William Jossey, born Abt. 1729 in Nansemond Co VA.; died Unknown married by Aug 01, 1756 to Susannah (--?--) - ancestor - see next

3. Captain Henry Jossey, Sr., born Abt. 1731 in Nansemond Co VA.; died 1799 in Wilkes Co. GA..

4. Margaret B. Jossey, born June 21, 1732 in Nansemond Co VA.; died September 21, 1796 in Edgecombe Co. NC..

5. Sarah Jossey, born Abt. 1734 in Nansemond County, VA; died Unknown. She married March 24, 1775, Bertie County, NC Elisha Williams March 24, 1775 in Bertie County, NC; died Unknown.

6. Willis Jossey, born Abt. 1736 in Nansemond Co VA.; died Bef. May 1782 in Northampton County, NC.

Note: James Salter Josey apparently descends from James Josey #1 above......VOLUME 1: Contains the descendants of James Salter Josey, the Son of James William Josey who was born in Halifax County, NC and went to Jefferson County, GA where he married Nancy Salter in 1815. He then went on to Alabama, where he lived and raised his family. James Salter Josey, who was born in Butler County, AL is the fourth child of James William Josey.

Generation Six - William Jossey

William Jossey born Abt. 1729 in Nasomond County, Virginia died Unknown in probably Northampton County, NC married by Aug 01, 1756 to Susannah (--?--) born Unknown in probably Nasomond County, Virginia died Unknown in probably Nasomond County, Virginia

migrated to Northhampton County N.C. with parents between 1736 and 1750 James Jossey III named on September 3, 1750, in Deed Book-1 Pg. 459, 460, 467 Northampton County, NC. Purchased land from Elias Willis, Sam & Eliza Cotten

Marriage Date estimated from reported birthday/year of William Josey II -

Generation Seven William Josey II

William Robert Josey born Aug 01, 1756 in Nasomond County, Virginia OR Northhampton NC died August 01, 1832 in Kershaw District, South Carolina married to Jane Kerr Webb born abt 1759 in Camden District later Kershaw District/County, South Carolina died unknown

Some researcher's show William Robert Jossey's birthplace as Virginia and state that he was shown in the 1783/84 Nanemond County, VA. Census. William Robert's grandfather, James Jossey III migrated from Virginia to North Carolina by the year 1750....but the actual year of migration is not stated. This leaves open the question of whether William Jossey, the father of William Robert, migrated to North Carolina with his father or remained behind in Virginia to migrate later.

By 1750, William Jossey, born abt 1729 was approximately 21 years of age - therefore he may not have migrated to North Carolina with his father (James III) if migration took place near the time of the listed deed. He may have remained in Virginia where he married cr. 1756 to Susannah (--?--) - in this case, William Robert Josey may indeed have been born in Virginia and not in North Carolina. IF William (Sr.) married Susannah in North Carolina then it is more likely that the correct place of birth for William Robert Josey was in North Carolina and the 1783 census record is of one of his many cousins who remained in Virgina bearing the same name. James Jossey III named on September 3, 1750, in Deed Book-1 Pg. 459, 460, 467 Northampton County, NC. Purchased land from Elias Willis, Sam & Eliza Cotten

In any event, Robert Sinclair Josey is said to have been born in North Carolina about 1784 placing William Robert Jossey in that state by that year.

"1802-1804, came to Sumter District, Salem County and settled near Bishopville, SC. Moved to Kershaw County with second wife and seven children. William's first wife's name is unknown. She was the mother of three of the children. His second wife was Jane Webb, widow of John Webb, apparently the mother of the latter four children."

The above statement is not clear....however, it appears that William Robert and his FIRST wife, whose name is unkown, and who was the mother of his three eldest children, migrated to the Sumter area of South Carolina (cr. 1802). Since a deed is referenced for William Robert in the year 1796 in EDGECOMB County North Carolina, it appears migration took place from North Carolina and not Virginia.

1796/97 HALIFAX COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA DEED BOOK 18-A PAGE 180-181 30 November 1796 SAMUEL PITMAN to ROBERT JOSEY SAMUEL PITMAN WILLIAM MERRIT SARAH PITMAN Halifax County, August sessions 1797, oath of WILLIAM MERRITT, Registered September 12th 1797 L. LONG Clerk of Court

It then appears that the widowed William Robert married Jane Kerr Webb, herself the widow of John Webb and migrated from Sumter into Kershaw (note - the county lines changed frequently during this era - unless deeds back up a "move" they simply may have been enumerated in a different county). The last four children are said to be of this second marriage.

Series Number: S213192 Volume: 0042 Page: 00167 Item: 02 Date: 1810/04/07 Description: JOSEY, WILLIAM, PLAT FOR 2 ACRES ON BLACK RIVER, SUMTER DISTRICT, SURVEYED BY BENJAMIN DUBOSE. Names Indexed: JOSEY, WILLIAM/DUBOSE, BENJAMIN/Locations: BLACK RIVER/SUMTER DISTRICT accessed LMW 2006

Children of William Josey II and Jane Webb

1. Robert Sinclair Josey born abt 1784 in North Carolina died abt 1868 buried Bethany Baptist Church, Bishopville, Sumter, South Carolin He married (1) Hester Kolb. She died Unknown then married to Winnie Robertson born abt 1782 in North Carolina died about 1858 Sumter County, South Carolina buried Bethany Baptist Church, Bishopville, Sumter, South Carolina (Believed to be the son of William and his first wife)

CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE or TERRITORY: SC COUNTY: Sumter DIVISION: Sumter REEL NO: M432-859 PAGE NO: 364A REFERENCE: enumerated on17th September 1850 by J W Stuckey

4 900 900 Josey Robt 66 M W Planter 5,600 NC

5 900 900 Josey Winney 66 F W . . NC . . . X Deaf

6 900 900 Holloway Caroline 20 F W . . SC 1850

Children of Robert and Winnie

i) William Robert Josey born Abt. 1805 died about 1864 married to Elizabeth Turner

Children of William R. Josey and Elizabeth Turner

1) Elijah Robert JOSEY b. Abt. 1833 d. March 20, 1904 buried Bethany Baptist Church married August 13, 1868 to Sue Floyd b. October 14, 1844 d. August 24, 1922 buried Bethany Baptist Church

Confederate Soldier with Co. K, 23rd SC Regiment Volunteers - Private Captured and sent to Pt. Lookout, MD., released, returned to SC at end of war.

2) George Lafayette Josey b. Abt. 1835 d. Abt. 1875 in Arkansas buried in Little Rock, Arkansas, married to Alice Jeanette Smith b. 1843 d. 1916 buried Bethany Baptist Church, Bishopville, Sumter, South Carolina

photo of Alice

Confederate Soldier with Co. K, 23rd SC Regiment Volunteers - Private (name added from the journal of William C. Stiles) captured at Fort Steadman, late March 1865, sent to Pt. Lookout, MD, released June 1865

Children of George and Alice:

i) Henry Delorme Josey (b. Abt. 1859)

ii) Alice Marcena Josey born February 2, 1862 died July 22, 1960 married to Thomas Edward Newman

photo of Alice

iii) George Priestly Josey b. January 17, 1863 d. September 8, 1924 buried Bethany Baptist Church married to Nanny Jane McCoy b. February 11, 1859 d. January 3, 1931 buried Bethany Baptist Church

iv) Mary Anna Josey (b. Abt. 1866) married to William James Jones

photo of Mary and William

child of Mary and William Jones

i) Clinton Cleveland Jones b. September 4, 1892 d. May 14, 1973 buried Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery, Sumter, SC married to Margaret Leo McLeod , daughter of Josie A. McLeod, son of Maggie Josey and Jesse Lazarus McLeod b. April 15, 1896 d. November 4, 1987 buried Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery - photo of Clinton

v) Margarette A Josey (b. Abt. 1869)

vi) Carrie Lee Josey (b. Abt. 1871) married to Frank McCoy

vii) Marion Sumter Josey b. January 28, 1874 d. June 22, 1949 buried City Cemetery, Sumter, South Carolina married November 20, 1896 to Theodocia Bell Maye b. January 1, 1880 d. September 12, 1955

viii) Cora Lafayette Josey (b. Abt. 1876) married to Walton Smith

3) Thomas J. Josey b. abt Abt. 1838 d. aft 1880 married May 11, 1864 Elizabeth Thompson

Confederate Soldier with Co. K, 23rd SC Regiment Volunteers - Private captured at Fort Steaman, late March 1865, sent to Pt Lookout, MD, released June 1865

1880 Census Place De Kalb, Kershaw, South Carolina Family History Library Film 1255232 NA Film Number T9-1232 Page Number 49B

T. J. JOSEY Self M Male W 42 SC Farmer SC SC
E. L. JOSEY Wife M Female W 38 SC Keeps House SC SC
Willey JOSEY Son Male W 15 SC Scholar SC SC
Lela JOSEY Dau S Female W 13 SC Scholar SC SC
Walter JOSEY Son S Male W 11 SC Scholar SC SC
Durham JOSEY Son S Male W 9 SC Scholar SC SC
Martha JOSEY Dau S Female W 6 SC SC SC
Ruffus JOSEY Son S Male W 4 SC SC SC
Sidney JOSEY Son S Male W 2 SC SC SC
E. Bell JOSEY Dau S Female W 5M SC SC SC

4) Mary Jane Josey b. Abt. 1839 d. unknown married Frank Baker - photo

5) David Wilson Josey b. b. October 5, 1841 SC Genealogical Society Lineage Charts - #434 Mrs. Josie S. Elmore d. September 15, 1918 buried at Bethany Baptist Church in Bishopville, SC married February 18, 1867 Francis Scarborough b. March 29, 1838 d. September 21, 1915 buried at Bethany Baptist Church in Bishopville, SC

photo of David Wilson Josey

Confederate Soldier with Co. K, 23rd SC Regiment Volunteers - Private St. Charles, SC capture at Fort Steadman, sent to Point Lookout, MD, released June 1865

Children of David Wilson Josey and Francis Scarborough

a) Mary Ada Josey b. May 2, 1877 d. April 25, 1908 buried at Bethany Baptist Church in Bishopville, SC married to unknown Smith

b) Jane Abigail Josey was born April 28, 1870 in Sumter District, SC., and died May 09, 1947 in Sumter, SC.. She married Averil DeLay McCoy, Jr. December 19, 1888 in Sumter, District, SC, son of Averil McCoy and Mary Mathis. He was born November 12, 1864 in Sumter District, SC., and died March 22, 1944 in Sumter, SC;.

Lillian Abigail McCoy married Victor Charles McLeod

6) Benjamin Fleming Josey b. Abt. 1843 d. unknown in Winchester, Virginia buried Stonewall Cemetery

Confederate Soldier with Co. K, 23rd SC Regiment Volunteers - Private died of typhoid fever in Virginia - named in Sumter Monument to the Confederate Dead.

7) Abigail Josey b. about 1845 married Hugh Hampton Evans buried Spring Hill Cemetery, Sumter, South Carolina

NOTE: Raised sister Nancy Margaret Josey McLeod's son, Hugh Hampton McLeod aka Hammie after Maggie died giving birth to he and his twin Purdy Belvin McLeod. Hammie is buried with Abby and Hugh Evans. source of fostering: Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr.

8) Sarah Juliet Josey b. Abt. 1849 d. unknown b. Abt. 1849 married to M. Reese Mathis

MATHIS - My Grand Father, William James Jones (July 31, 1854- December 8, 1939), Married Maggie Mathis in 1880 and she died in 1881. There were no children by this marriage but I would like to find who her parents were. He remarried in 1883 to Mary Anna Josey who was the daughter of George LaFayette Josey. George had a sister, Sarah Julianna Josey that married M. Reese Mathis and I have records of five of their children. It is my belief that Maggie was a daughter of Sarah and Reese Mathis. All of these family members lived in the St. Charles area of Lee County. Does anyone know of any additional children of Sarah and Reese Mathis? June 23, 1999 Alton Josey Watts

9) Nancy Margaret Josey b. Abt. 1852 d. September 27, 1894 married to Jesse Lazarus McLeod. grandson of Alexander and Sarah McIntosh McLeod

10) Elizabeth "Lizzie" Josey b. Abt. 1862 d. unknown married James B. Tallon

Child of Elizabeth and James

a) P.K. Tallon b. Abt. 1893 in Kershaw County, South Carolina died October 2, 1965 married to Sallie McLeod great granddaughter of Daniel McLeod and Catherine McLean b. Abt. 1898 in Sumter County South Carolina d. July 19, 1985 - Sources: Obituaries of both - see below

P.K. Tallon, 79, Dies Saturday At Lee Hospital - P.K. Tallon, 79, died early Saturday morning Oct 2 at the Lee County Memorial Hospital in Bishopville after a brief illness. He was a son of the late James B. and Elizabeth Josey Tallon. He was a member of the Lamar Baptist Church, Lamar, and a member of Bishopville Masonic Lodge No. 104. Funeral Services were held at 3 p.m. Monday at the Lamar Baptist Church. Surviving are his widow, the former Miss Sally McLeod; five sons, Francis O. Tallon, Pensacola Fl.; James R. of Lamar,; P.K. JR., of Colorodo Springs, Colo., George E. of Columbia, and William G. Tallon of the U.S. Air Force in Italy; one daughter, Mrs. Harry E. (Doris) Rowell, Huntsville, Al; two half sisters, Mrs. Bessie Tallon Smith of Newton, N.C., and Mrs. C. Lester Thomas of Moncks Corner; three half brothers, Smiley C. Tallon, Sufforlk, Va., Olin W. Tallon, Newton N.C., Clyde A. Tallon, Suffolk, Va., Olin W. Tallon, Washington D.C., 13 grandchildren; and four great grandchildren; several neices and nephews. LCM 7 October 1965 Received June 30 2002 from the files of William T. "Bill Thomas; McLeod Family Reunion, Friendship Baptist Church, Lugoff, Kershaw County, South Carolina

Mrs. Sallie M. Tallon LYNCHBURG Mrs. Sallie M. Tallon, 87, widow of P.K. Tallon died Friday. Born in Lee County, she was daughter of the late William T. and Hallie Evans McCloud (McLeod). Surviving are a son, William Thomas of Clinton; sister, Mrs. Annie Allen of Concord, N.C., Mrs. Hallie Stokes of Bishopville, Mrs. Rosa Beavers of San Diego Calif., Mrs. Minnie Johnson of Camden and Mrs. Catherine Crawford of Seattle Wash.; a brother, Jesse McCloud (McLeod) of Camden; stepsons, J.B. Tallon of Lamar, and Billy Tallon of Raymonsville, Texas; and a stepdaughter, Mrs. Doris Rowell of Pensacola Fla. Services will be held at 4 p.m. today at Hancock Funeral Home of Bishopville, with burial in Presbyterian Cemetery. THE STATE SAT. 20 JUL 1985 Received June 30 2002 from the files of William T. "Bill Thomas; McLeod Family Reunion, Friendship Baptist Church, Lugoff, Kershaw County, South Carolina

ii) Abigail Josey born Abt. 1811 died unknown

iii) Exeline Josey born December 1, 1813 died March 14, 1875 married January 6, 1831 to Robert Huggins (son of Samuel Huggins and Ann English - 2nd Huggins Family at bottom of linked page) b. April 26, 1810 Sumter Dist., Darlington, Sc d. October 6, 1886 Cypress, Lee County, Sc buried Lydia, Mt. Elon Baptist Cemetery, Darlington Co South Carolina (dates of birth and death found January 2003 at unproven or verified to date)

HUGGINS, EXELINA (MRS. R.J.) TS 4/8/1875 2:5 (TruSuthron)

iv). Sinclair Josey born Abt. 1814 died unknown

v) Theophilus Josey born Abt. 1818 died unknown married to Mary Wilson

vi) Elizabeth Josey born unknown died unknown married to Sid Beasley

vii) John R. Josey born unknown died unknown - possible record : Rev. Jno Josey was born in Sumter County, S. C., March 27th 1810, died December 30th 1875. [Submitted by W. L. Pegues.]

viii) Sebrun J. Josey born unknown died unknown

Children of William Josey II and Jane Webb con'td

2. Joshua Josey b. abt 1785 d. unknown married to Sarah (--?--) b. unknown d. unknown (Believed to be the son of William and his first wife)

3. James William Josey b. abt 1787 d. unknown (Believed to be the son of William and his first wife)

4. Martha Josey born abt 1791 probably in South Carolina (1850 Census states SC as place of birth) died July 10 1875 married to William Yates born unknown died unknown - parents of Harriet Yates, wife of Alexander E. McLeod

5. Nancy Josey b. abt 1793 d. unknown married to George T. Cotwell b. unknown d. unknown

6. Margaret Josey b. abt 1795 d. unknown married to Noah Scarborough b. unknown d. unknown

7. Benjamin William "Willis" Josey b. May 26, 1796 d. unknown married to Sarah Boykin b. July 27, 1805 d. unknown

Note: according to the House of Jossey - Benjamin and William "Willis" Josey were two different men with Benjamin being born in 1789 and William Willis being born in 1796 - "VOLUME 5: Contains the information on the descendants of William Jossey, of Kershaw District, SC. This Volume contains the information on the balance of his children, namely Joshua, James William, Benjamin, Martha (Willis Yates), Nancy (George T. Cotwell), Margaret (Noah Scarborough), and William Willis Jossey."

Children of Willis and Sarah Boykin

i) Elizabeth W. Josey

ii) Lydia Josey

iii) M. Margaret Josey
!Source: Lori McLeod Wilke copyright © 2000-2011 All Rights Reserved