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Huggins Family of Sumter South Carolina

This web page has been updated in May/June of 2011. The original intent of this site is the same as it has always been; to provide a FREE tool for researchers to help each other by the sharing of information - please support this intent by helping to keep it as accurate as possible. The information on this page represents the combined efforts of several researchers. I have verified the information by Wills, Equity, Deeds, Census and Cemetery Records where possible. Where no source is given, the information is unproven/unverified. Additions and corrections are welcome (rude emails are not). When writing, please include the Page Title and Web Address. Proper credit is always awarded to the provider of information. Happy Researching! Keep the circle of sharing intact, include the following if you take information for your own records: !Source: Lori McLeod Wilke; "Walking with ghosts", Research 2000 - 2011

Generation One Robert M. Huggins and Francis A. Belvin

Robert M Huggins born about 1802 in South Carolina, USA died after 1850 in Sumter District, South Carolina USA married by 1838 in South Carolina to Francis A. Belvin born about 1812 in South Carolina, USA died after 1850 in Sumter District, South Carolina USA

Note: there is a second family of Huggins found in the Sumter/Kershaw/present day Lee Records - I have found no connection between the two as of January 2009 - the information on this second Huggins family is at the bottom of the page.


Property: 386 acre estate was once part of the David Reynold 4000 acre tract, inherited by James Logan bef. November 1809 when Logan sold it to Wiley Belvin, Francis' father. Wiley then gave it to Francis and Robert. These lands lay in present day Egypt, Lee County, between it and Outlaw, Jamestown and Red Hill roads. LEE COUNTY, South Carolina, Past and Present Volume II Fine Books Publishing Company, St. Augustine , Florida 2002, 1881 -

1850 Sumter District Census SCGenWeb Lee County site, maintained by Cynthia Ridgeway ParkerNote: I have found many transcriptionist errors on the on-line census'. Please remember the original microfilm should be seen to confirm all information. Line 31 Family #1083 Residence # 1083

Huggins Robt M Age 47 Male White Planter prop. 500 born SC
Line 32 Family # 1083 Residence # 1083 Huggins Frances A Age 37 Female White born SC
Line 33 Family # 1083 Residence # 1083 Huggins Sarah S Age 12 Female White born SC
Line 34 Family # 1083 Residence #1083 Huggins Robert E Age 10 Male White born SC
Line 35 Family # 1083 Residence # 1083 Huggins Benj W Age 8 Male White born SC
Line 36 Family # 1083 Residence # 1083 Huggins Frances J Age 6 Female White born SC
Line 37 Family # 1083 Residence # 1083 Huggins Calvin W Age Mal White
1852 -

Appraiser for the Estate of Daniel McLeod, husband of Catherine McLean

Daniel McLeod died on or around June 5th 1852. He died intestate (without a will). His widow, Catherine, petitioned the court for appointment as administrix of the estate. His property was appraised at a value of $3000.00. The Administrative Bond, dated July 1, 1852, was signed by Catherine, their son, John Robert, E.G. Berry and James Corbett. The appraisers of the estate were his nephew by marriage, John C. Moseley, husband of niece Catherine, Thomas L. Smith, Robert M. Huggins, and Daniel H. Richbourg, all known residents of the present day Lee County Egypt community and the Beaverdam area of Old Sumter. Tindale Files - Sumter Genealogical Society, provided by Col. Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr./LDS Microfilm Admin Bond Index of Sumter County accessed in Orange Park Florida 2002 by Lori McLeod Wilke/Estate File of Daniel McLeod, mistakenly indexed as the file of DAVID McLeod in the Sumter County Courthouse; accessed and copied by Lori McLeod Wilke and David Jay Wilke, June 2004

Appraiser for the Estate of , Catherine McLean widow of Daniel McLeod

1853 - On September 10th 1853, Catherine, the widow of Daniel McLeod, wrote her will and it was recorded in November that same year. Witnesses for the Will were her nephew by marriage, Angus McLeod the son of Daniel's deceased brother, Alexander McLeod, E.G. McCutchen (possibly the father of Dr. Samuel E. McCutchen who later married her granddaughter by John Robert), , and John Boykin (who had purchased the land bordering Daniel's from his sister and her husband, Roderick and Nancy McLeod Bethune in 1839). The appraisers of Catherine's estate were Robert M. Huggins, John McLeod (probably her nephew, John N. since her son John was administrator), her nephew, Angus McLeod, N.S. Garred and John Boykin. Will of Catherine McLeod Rec'd November 1853 Will Book D page 512/Estate of Daniel McLeod Dec'd Inventory Filed Dec 1853

Children of Robert M. Huggins and Francis A. Belvin

Note: There may be more children than these based upon the birth years of Robert M. and Francis. Born about 1802 and 1812 respectively, they reached marriage age in about 1822 (Robert) and 1832 (Francis). The first child shown here was born about 1838. This may even have been a second marriage for Robert M., due to the difference of 10 years in age between he and Francis.

1. Huggins Sarah S born about 1838 in Sumter District, South Carolina

2. Huggins Robert English born about 1840 in Sumter District, South Carolina died Aft. 1880 in probably Bishopville, Sumter, South Carolina married October 22, 1861 by the Rev. James E. Rodgers in Kershaw Co South Carolina, USA to Martha A. McLeod, daughter of Alexander and Harriet Yates McLeod, born February 16, 1841 in Kershaw District, South Carolina died aft Aft. 1880 in probably Bishopville, Sumter, South Carolina (Marriage Record M 243 and H 252- provided by Trish Sanders Brown/Family Bible of Alexander and Harriet Yates McLeod)

Several internet databases (user submitted) claim their Martha McLeod as the wife of Robert - the Family Bible of Alex and Harriet includes the names and dates of the marriages of each of their children.


3. Huggins Benj W born about 1842 in Sumter District, South Carolina

4. Huggins Frances Judith born April 30, 1846 in Sumter District, South Carolinadied January 1, 1902 Sumter County , South Carolina buried possibly in Cedar Creek Baptist Church Lee County, South Carolina married April 23, 1868 to James William Arrants, brother of Eliza Arrants McLeod Boykin, b. October 27, 1826 Kershaw District, South Carolina died April 8, 1905 in Lee County, South Carolina buried in Cedar Creek Baptist Church Lee County, South Carolina.

Francis was James' second wife. He was married first to Lavinia Lockhart, with whom he had 6 children. Francis and James had 7 children. Several of the children of Francis and James married the children of Angus and Alexander McLeod's brother, John N. McLeod


5. Huggins Calvin W born about 1844/8 in Sumter District, South Carolina

The Other Huggins Family

Update June 4 2011: I recieved the following email with information on this line of Huggins.

John Huggins of Sea Wee Bay Tuesday, March 1, 2011 4:34 PM From: "N Staton"

"...... I am presently going through boxes of my family members that have been stored for over 60 years....."

"The first Huggins in my line was John Huggins I of Sea Wee Bay (b. abt 1670 d. 14 Nov 1743) who came to Berkley County from England by way of Jamica. He married Susanna Murrell White (b. abt 1685 d. abt 1749) who was the widow of William White and daughter of John Murrell. They were married 30 Jun 1721. Their children were: Joseph Mark; George I; Humphrey; Judith; Mary; Pricilla."

The family line:
John Huggins
George Huggins
Captain John Huggins
Captain George Huggins
Rev. John Samuel Huggins George
Samuel Briley Huggins
William James Timmons Huggins
Ottis Guinan Huggins, SR.
Living / Living

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Although I have to date found no information connecting this family with Robert M. Huggins (h/o Francis Belvin) above, it would appear that there was in fact a connection:

1) Samuel is old enough to have been Robert M. Huggins father (born in 1802 or possibly grandfather.
2) Samuel was married to Ann English
3) Robert M. Huggins named his son Robert ENGLISH Huggins (born abt 1840 married Martha McLeod)

Also, I have questions regarding Robert JOSEY Huggins born 1810 who married Exeline Josey - was his middle name actually JOSEY or was it his son born in 1840 who was the first to bear JOSEY as a middle name? Was there an earlier connection between the Josey's and the Huggins' which would have caused Robert b. 1810 to bear that as a middle name?

Samuel Huggins b. Jun 15, 1761 Christ Church Parish, Charleston, South Carolina d. Aug 19, 1845 Manville/Bethany Church area, near Scape Or Swamp, presently Lee County, formerly Sumter County, South Carolina married to Anne English b. Abt. 1770 Darlington District, South Carolina, United States of America - Revolutionary War PatriotBrother of John Huggins (Lee County Past and Present Vol. II page 187/88

Children of Samual Huggins and Anne English

1. Robert Josey? Huggins b. Apr 26, 1810 Oct 06, 1886 d. Cypress, present day Lee, South Carolina United States of America married Jan 06, 1831 Exeline Josey b. Dec 01, 1813 d. Mar 14, 1875

Question: Was this man really Robert JOSEY Huggins or was it his son who first carried the name?

Children of Robert Huggins and Exeline Josey

i) Franklin A. Huggins b. Dec 25, 1831 d. May 30, 1864 in Virginia CSA married Aug 24, 1855 to Sarah A. Dubose

ii) Nelson H. Huggins b. Jul 10, 1832 d. 1886

iii) Eliza Ann Huggins b. Jan 10, 1835 d. Oct 29, 1883

iv) Samuel Mcbride Huggins b. Jul 10, 1838 d. Jul 21, 1865

v) Robert Josey Hugginsv) b. October 12, 1840 in South Carolina d. May 5, 1860 or by 6/28/1860 buried Lydia, Mt Elon Church Cemetery South Carolina HUGGINS ROBERT JOSEY. Tri Weekly Watchman 6/28/1860 2:5

vi) Winna Annie Huggins b. May 22, 1842 d. Oct 28, 1911 married to Manley Townsend Mixon b. 1838

vii) John Horace Huggins b. Jul 06, 1844 married to Mary Alice Elizabeth Galloway

viii) William Middleton Huggins b. Jul 17, 1846 d. Aug 08, 1891

ix) Martha Melissa Huggins b. Aug 10, 1848 d. Jul 31, 1864

x) Henrietta J. Huggins b. Nov 11, 1851 d.

xi) Alston Huggins b. 1853 d. May 25, 1885

xii) J. Dubose Huggins b. Jan 16, 1856

xiii) Westley Preston Brooks Huggins b. Jan 16, 1856 d. May 25, 1875

xiv) Charles E. Huggins b. Oct 03, 1857 d. Sep 10, 1861

xv) Simeon Malton Huggins b. Jun 16, 1859

2. William Huggins

3. Samuel Jr. Huggins

4. George K. Huggins - father of Julia Huggins who married James Salter Josey and moved to Bulter County Alabama. Lee County Past and Present Vol. II - for additional information see - Genealogy for Selected Families of Lee and Sumter Counties, South Carolina by Eugene McCoy and son, Gene McCoy,, 1986/87 - copy available in the Lee County Historical Society Archives.

Julia Huggins married James Salter Josey Note: the link here does not provide information on Jame's line, but it does contain links to the House of Jossy and other websites that may provide additional information.Josey


i. Rebecca Josey b. between 1844 and 1857

ii. Thomas Jefferson Josey b. between 1844 and 1857

iii. Martha Josey b. between 1844 and 1857

iv. Nancy Josey b. between 1844 and 1857

v. James Daniel Josey b. between 1844 and 1857

vi. William Josey b. between 1844 and 1857

vii. Hillary Josey b. between 1844 and 1857

viii. Enoch Josey b. between 1844 and 1857

5. Mark Huggins

6. Hannah Huggins

7. Martha Huggins

8. Mary Huggins
!Source: Lori McLeod Wilke copyright © 2000-2011 All Rights Reserved