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Holland Family of Sumter South Carolina

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This web page has been updated in May/June of 2011. The original intent of this site is the same as it has always been; to provide a FREE tool for researchers to help each other by the sharing of information - please support this intent by helping to keep it as accurate as possible. The information on this page represents the combined efforts of several researchers. I have verified the information by Wills, Equity, Deeds, Census and Cemetery Records where possible. Where no source is given, the information is unproven/unverified. Additions and corrections are welcome (rude emails are not). When writing, please include the Page Title and Web Address. Proper credit is always awarded to the provider of information. Happy Researching! Keep the circle of sharing intact, include the following if you take information for your own records: !Source: Lori McLeod Wilke; "Walking with ghosts", Research 2000 - 2011

Generation One John Holland and Dicey Thorn

John Holland b. Abt. 1780 in North Carolina d. unknown in Sumter South Carolina married to Dicey Thorn b. Abt. 1783 in North Carolina d. unknown in Sumter South Carolina (Email from Louise Salma; descendant of Issac Holland and Margaret Turner)


Generation Two (John?) Issac Holland and Margaret Turner

(John?) Issaac Holland b. October 19, 1804 in Unknown d. Jun 19, 1845 in Sumter, South Carolina (Source: Camden Confederate Obituary of son John Holland) Married January 7, 1836 to Margaret Turner (daughter of George Turner and Fanny Marsh) b. Sep 21, 1805 d. Feb 02, 1900 in Sumter, South Carolina Camden Confederate Obituary of son John Holland Landscape231 @ Mary Suter

Generation Three - Children of John and Margaret Turner Holland

1. John Holland b. September 9, 1836 in Kershaw County South Carolina (Camden Confederate Newspaper Obituary dated 8-29-1862) d. May 12, 1863 Ladies Hospital in Columbus South Carolina (Camden Confederate Newspaper Obituary dated 8-29-1862) Holland Family Cemetery (near Lee Co. Line, 10 mi east of Camden, (Stoker Rd.) Church moved to Marshal Un. Meth. Located near Lee Co line, 10 mi east of Camden on Stoker Road /Church moved to Marshall UME) marrried January 1857 to Nicey Jane McLeod (Marriage List of Rev. James E. Rogers/Marriage Record M 243 and H 453) b. 1838 in Sumter South Carolina d. December 7, 1920 Lee County South Carolina buried Cedar Creek Church, present day Lee County, formerly Kershaw County, South Carolina

Written Family History Nicey Jane, eldest daughter of John N and Kitsy, was responsible for our knowledge of Angus and Nancy McCutcheon McLeod. Sometime in the late 1800's, Nicey wrote down the family's history. Unfortunately, its whereabouts today are unknown. It is believed that it was given to a descendant of she and her first husband, John Holland, but unknowing its value, it may have been thrown away. There is a also a slight possibility that it may have been placed in a trunk of family papers kept at the home of Jesse Lazarus McLeod. The trunk disappeared off the back porch of Jesse's home and all its contents have been lost since. (source: Jay Frank McLeod as told to Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr.)

John Holland was a Confederate Soldier who lost his life in the early stages of the War between the States. He and Nicey had been married only six years at his death. Nicey remained unmarried for nine years, raising her children alone. In 1872, she married Rufus Hughes of North Carolina, having several more children.

In a photograph taken of her first cousin, Jesse Lazarus McLeod and his wife, Maggie Josey and their family cr 1890, Nicey is included. It is known that she lived with her first cousin (son of Alexander, John N's brother) helping to raise his children. Rufus had died in 1887.

New information provided by a surveyor of Cedar Creek Baptist Cemetery has provided the date of Rufus' death and additional childrens information.The eldest of those children was 18 at the time that Nicey lived with her cousin, another was 14 and youngest two would have been of unknown age. Both of John and Nicey's surviving daughters were married in 1882 and 1884. It is possible that either of the two girls took in their half siblings while Nicey lived with the McLeods, or even possible that the two youngest were deceased by that time.

No record can be found of Rufus and Nicey Hughes in the 1880 Sumter or Kershaw Census as checked at After Maggie Josey McLeod's death in childbirth 1894, Nicey remained with the family until Jesse remarried Mary Rosa Ives in 1895. Her whereabouts from then until her death in 1922 are at present unknown.


The obituary of John Holland states that both he and Nicey Jane were baptised on the same day at Antioch Baptist Church. Antioch Baptist was the family church, all children of Alexander and Sarah McIntosh McLeod attended and are buried there with the exception of Jane and Alfred Davis. Jane's family was said to have "moved to the big town", but no one seems to know exactly where they lived or are buried.

It is apparent though, that at some time during Nicey's lifetime, she left Antioch and began to attend Cedar Creek Baptist, perhaps after her marriage to Rufus Hughes.

Record of Antioch Baptist Chruch Members in full fellowship up to 1870 - name included (Record of Antioch Baptist Church, found June 30 2003, Meyers Family File, Camden Archives by Lori McLeod Wilke)

John Holland is listed on the Sumter Monument to the Confederate Dead

"DIED, at the Ladies Hospital in Columbus, S.C. on the 12th of May, 1863, of Typhoid Dysentry, John Holland, of Sumter District, S.C. The deceased had been a member of Capt. De Pass' Company for the last 12 months, and was stationed on James Island near Charelston, where he discharged the duties of a good soldier in the service of his country, in whose service he fell. He was born September 1836. His father died when he was nine years old. He assumed the care of his mother's business while a youth, and was a very industrious and obedient young man to his mother. He married in 1857, and commenced business for himself; was a good husband, and leaves a wife and two children and many relatives and friends who mourn his loss; but they sorrow not as those who have no hope; for he possessed faith in Christ, and was baptised, he and his wife, the same day together, in the fellowship of Antioch Church, in Kershaw District, in October 1860, and was a constant member the remainder of his life, and died the death of the righteous, and is gone to that rest that remains for the people of God. May the Lord sanctify this deep affliction to the surviving relatives, and be a father to the fatherless and a judge to the widow."

Children of Nicey Jane and John Holland

1) John W. Holland b. abt. 1858 in Sumter County, South Carolina d. 1858 in Sumter SC Name provided to Lori McLeod Wilke by Donald Ross McLeod Jr. Oct 2000

2) Emma Eliza Holland b. abt. 1860 in Sumter County, South Carolina d. unknown married on March 22, 1882 Jesse Hammond on March 22 1851 birth and death dates unknown Name provided to Lori McLeod Wilke by Donald Ross McLeod Jr. Oct 2000

3) Marg Dallison Holland b. abt. 1862 Sumter County, South Carolina, Confederate States Of America d. abt. 1964 married July 3, 1884 to John D. Outlaw b. abt. 1862 Sumter County, South Carolina, Confederate States Of America d. March 23, 1900 Name provided to Lori McLeod Wilke by Donald Ross McLeod Jr. Oct 2000 / Marriage List of the Rev. James E. Rogers / SC Mag of Ancestral Research Vol 5 #2 (1785-1884)/ notes provided to Lori McLeod Wilke by Donald Ross McLeod Jr.

1900 CENSUS: Carters Crossing, Sumter County, South Carolina; Roll: T623_1542; Page: 21B; Enumeration District: 105; Line 88, Household 403/411; John D. OUTLAW, Male, age 36, born Aug 1863 in SC; Margarett OUTLAW, Wife, age 37, born Jan 1863 in SC; Married 14 years, 4 children, 3 living; Henry OUTLAW, Son, age 15, born Apr 1885 in SC; Ashpy OUTLAW, Son, age 9, born Jun 1890 in SC; Collie OUTLAW, Son, age 7, born Mar 1893 in SC and Nicy HUGHES, Mother-in-law, age 60, Widowed, born Jul 1839 in SC. From Mike C. Reid (North Carolina) December 2010 and from Charles Purvis April 2011

From Mike C. Ried (North Carolina)December 2010

1910 "She (Nicey) was still living with Margarett (Margurite) and youngest son (Collin/Collis/Collie) in 1910 and is listed as Hughes, Nicy J.

Margarett's middle son (Ashley J) is listed below in different family grouping as head of house.

Margarett's eldest son Henry is listed on the previous page. Henry's daughter is name Janie (I suppose it was in honor of his grandmother Nicey Jane who lived with him as he was growing up).

1920 Census Margarett is going by the name "Dolly" her youngest son (Collin/Collis/Collie) still resides with her along with mother Hues, Nicey (age 80)

Children of Nicey Jane and J. Rufus Hughes

1. Henry Manus Hughes b. October 16, 1880 d. June 10, 1937 buried Cedar Creek Church, present day Lee County, formerly Kershaw County, South Carolina (Source of death date: tombstone - that information provided by Charles -----December 4, 2002 -surveyer of Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery) married first to Angaline (--?--) b. June 18, 1876 d. December 26, 1902 buried Cedar Creek Church, present day Lee County, formerly Kershaw County, South Carolina (Source of death date: tombstone - that information provided by Charles -----December 4, 2002 -surveyer of Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery) married second to Dellah Brown b. September 25, 1887 d. December 18, 1922 (spouse's information provided by Charles -----December 4, 2002 -surveyer of Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery)

From Charles Purvis April 2011:

His first wife was Angeline married abt 1895 She must have died in Childbirth.

1900 CENSUS: Carters Crossing, Sumter County, South Carolina; Roll: T623_1542; Page: 60A; Enumeration District: 105; Line 11, Household 407/415; Manus HUGHES, Male, age 25, born in SC; Angie HUGHES, Wife, age 20, born in SC; Married 5 years, no children.

1900 Census: Raften Creek, Sumter County, South Carolina; Roll: T623_1543; Page: 18A; Enumeration District: 121; Line 16, Household 56/56; Jackson B. BROWN, Male, age 33, born Sept 1866 in SC; Nicey J. BROWN, Wife, age 30, born Jul 1869 in SC; Married 13 years, 5 children, 4 living; Della BROWN, Daughter, age 12, born Sept 1887 in SC; Martha BROWN, Daughter, age 10, born Jan 1890 in SC; Eva BROWN, Daughter, age 5, born Jan 1895 in SC and Cassie BROWN, Daughter, age 2, born Dec 1897 in SC. Living next door to John Edward DEAS and Elizabeth DEAS.

He next married Della BROWN. I think this marriage occurred about 1904.

1910; Census Place: Bishopville, Lee, South Carolina; Roll: T624_1466; Page: 26B; Enumeration District: 0012; Image: 57; FHL Number: 1375479; Line 58, Household 503/503; Manus HUGHES, Male, age 35, born in SC; Dela HUGHES, Wife, age 23, born in SC; Married 6 years, 4 children, 2 living; Dessie HUGHES, Daughter, age 4, born in SC and Alice HUGHES, Daughter, age 6/12, born in SC. [Listed in Ancestry as: Malice Husher, 35; Lilu Husher, 23; Dissie Husher, 4; Alese Husher 6/12] []

Della Brown Hughes Birth: Sep. 25, 1887 Death: Dec. 18, 1922
Family links: Parents: Jack B Brown (1866 - 1930) Nicy Deese Brown (1870 - 1950)
Note: d/o Jack Brown & Nicy Deese w/o H Manus Hughes (mother of Dessie, Infant, Alice, Coley, Stella & Douglas) Burial: Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Bishopville, Lee County, South Carolina, USA Plot: Row 1 Plot 19 Created by: Charles W. Farmer Record added: Sep 21, 2008 Find A Grave Memorial# 29979005

Henry then married for a 3rd time to Ellen Ellison. She evidently was a widower as she brought 2 sons Albert & Junior born abt 1913 & 1918 into the Family..

1930 CENSUS: Bishopville, Lee County, South Carolina; Roll: 2203; Page: 75B; Enumeration District: 3; Line 87, Household 38/40; Henry M. HUGHES, Male, age 58, born in SC; Ellen HUGHES, Wife, age 42, born in SC; Cole L. HUGHES, Son, age 16, born in SC; Stella HUGHES, Daughter, age 12, born in SC; Douglas HUGHES, Son, age 10, born in SC; Elvira HUGHES, Daughter, age 9, born in SC; Albert ELLISON, Step-Son, age 17, born in SC and Junior ELLISON, Step-Son, age 12, born in SC. Charlie On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 12:02 PM,

FIND A GRAVE LISTS 3 WIVES: H Manus Hughes Birth: Oct. 16, 1880 Death: Jun. 10, 1937 Family links: Parents: John Rufus Hughes (1841 - 1887) Nicey Jane McLeod Hughes (1839 - 1920) Note: s/o James Rufus Hughes & Nicey Jane McLeod h/o Angeline & Della Brown (children with Della: Dessie, Infant, Alice, Coley, Stella & Douglas) Burial: Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Bishopville, Lee County, South Carolina, USA Plot: Row 1 Plot 18 Created by: Charles W. Farmer Record added: Sep 21, 2008 Find A Grave Memorial# 29979004 - provided to Lori McLeod Wilke April 2011 by Charles Purvis

3. M J. W. Hughes

4. M. Hammond Hughes

Note: some confusion exists regarding Hammond Hughes. Nicey's cousin, Jesse Lazarus had twin boys in 1894. His wife, Maggie, had died while giving birth to the twins. The twins were both fostered out to different families. Most family members agree that Hammie had been fostered to a sister of his mother, but a photograph recently found of the twins shows the name Hammie Hughes next to Hammie's image. Research is ongoing to determine if the labeling of the photograph was incorrect or if Hammie spent some time being fostered by Nicey who had lived with the family at his birth.


2. James Holland Abt. 1838 in Kershaw County South Carolina d. Unknown buried Marshall United aka Holland Family Cemetery married October 7, 1858 to Nancy Catherine McLeod (Marriage List of Rev. James E. Rogers Marriage Record M 243 and H 453) b. September 27, 1841 in Sumter South Carolina d. January 21, 1862 Kershaw County, South Carolina buried Antioch Baptist Church formerly Kershaw now Lee County South Carolina

3. Issac Franklin Holland b. December 30, 1840 in Kershaw County South Carolina d. January 17, 1938 in Lee County South Carolina buried Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC married February 8, 1860 to Margaret Jane Arrants b. September 21, 1848 in Kershaw County South Carolina d. April 13, 1915 in Lee County South Carolina buried Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC

1867 On August 20th, Alexander McLeod appeared in the Kershaw Court of Common Pleas to testify to the management of his brother Angus' estate by Eliza McLeod Boykin; he also testified to the fact that Angus had absorbed 1/2 the estate and 1/2 the debt of his father in law, William Arrants in 1860/61. Several others, including William Arrants Jr. , Edwin Barnes, Issac Holland, and Abner Davis were also called to testify. Kershaw County Probate Court Index, (1775-1913?) File 50/Estate 1776 accessed and copied June 2004 by Lori McLeod Wilke and David Jay Wilke Camden Courthouse, Kershaw County South Carolina


Note: I have two marriage dates for this couple with no sourcing for either one - the second is February 28, 1859 - unsure which is correct

Military of Issac -Co C Kemper's Artillery CSA

From the "Camden Chronicle," 21 Jan 1938

Oldest Citizen of County Died Monday

Death claimed Kershaw County's oldest citizen at noon Monday, when Isaac F. HOLLAND, 97, succumbed to an illness of several months' duration. He passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mattie E. PATE, of this city.

Born in Kershaw County December 3, 1840, he was a resident continuous up to his death. He was among the first to enlist in the Southern cause when the Confederate war broke out, serving with distinction throughout the years of strife. After the war, he resumed his business career in Camden, both as a farmer and merchant. He was also active in political affairs of the community.

He was a son of Isaac HOLLAND and Margaret TURNER HOLLAND. His wife died many years ago. He leaves three daughters, Miss Ann HOLLAND and Mrs. Mattie E. PATE, of Camden; Mrs. Howard B. DAVIS, of Orlando, Fla; three sons, Isaac J. HOLLAND, Sunburst, Mont.; H.H. HOLLAND, Abeleen, N.C.; and Alonso HOLLAND, Camden.

The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock from the Kornegay Funeral home here, with burial in the Holland burial plot. The Rev. J.B. CASTON, of the First Baptist church officiated.

Active pallbearers were W.F. NETTLES, J.K. DELOACH, J.C. GILLIS, A.M. MCLEOD, G.F. COOLEY, B.P. DELOACH. The death of Judge Holland leaves only two Confederate veterans in Kershaw county. They are G.B. KING, of Bethune, and Isaac GARDNER, of Kershaw, S.

Children of Issac and Margaret

i) Anna S. Holland b. May 18, 1868 d. December 04, 1948 buried Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC

ii) Mittie Etta Holland b. February 11, 1871 married James D. Pate

iii) Elva Holland b. November 21, 1886 d. April 30, 1951 married Howard S. Davis b. December 03, 1883 d. November 05, 1954

iv) Isaac J. Holland

v) H.H. Holland

vi) Alonzo Holland

vii) John W. Holland b. May 24, 1866 d. November 04, 1921 buried Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC

viii) Emma Olivia Holland b. 1875 in Sumter or Kershaw County South Carolina d. unknown married to James Cason McLeod b. April 16, 1867 in Sumter County South Carolina d. 1944 buried Mizpah Baptist Cemetery Lee County SC (Her parentage is listed as such in my family files but I have no sourcing information - please email if you have a source for this parentage.

Mcleod, James C View Image Online Age: 52 Year: 1920 Birthplace: South Carolina Roll: T625_1701 Race: White Page: 7B State: South Carolina ED: 23 County: Lee Image: 1052 Township: Spring Hill

viii. Emma Holland b. Abt. 1841

ix. Margaret Holland b. Abt. 1843


A second Holland Family in Sumter South Carolina

Elisha M. Holland b. Dec 05, 1812 d. Dec 23, 1878 married to Mary M. Peebles b. Jan 01, 1822 d. unknown

Children of Elisha M. Holland and Mary M. Peebles

1861 - In August of 1861, John N. McLeod and his brothers, Alexander and Angus were the bondsmen for the estate of James Holland. Elisha Holland was appointed the administrator. (On March 3 1869, Elisha Holland testifies that all of the vouchers for the estate were destroyed in the raid by General Shermans' Army). Elisha M. Holland was a contemporary of the three men, born in 1812. It is unknown whether James Holland was Elisha's father or his son who was also a James (Lewis) Holland. Research Notes of Col. Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr. provided to Lori McLeod Wilke in June of 2003

1. Sarah Victoria Holland b.Abt. 1841 d. unknown married to Thomas A McLeod - son of John N. McLeod and Kitsy Davis, grandson of Alex and Sarah McIntosh McLeod, great grandson of Angus and Nancy McCutchen MacLeod

2. Margaret Cornelia Holland b. around 1850 d. unknown buried at Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC married to Alexander Johnson - parents of Charlie Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Sallie Jane Johnson among others. The children married McCaskills, who were themselves the grandchildren of Daniel and Catherine McLean McLeod and great grandchildren of Angus and Nancy McCutchen MacLeod

i. Sallie Jane Johnson
ii. Joseph Alexander Johnson b. Jul 11, 1876 d. Aug 17, 1951
iii. John Johnson b. September 1 1878 d. October 31 1879 Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC
iv. Daniel Johnson b. Mar 16, 1880 d. Aug 02, 1956 Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC married Margaret McCaskill b. May 15, 1883 d. Jul 18, 1961 Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC
v. Charlie Elisha Johnson b. Mar 07, 1882 d. Feb 27, 1945 Marshall United Methodist married Elizabeth Irene Pate b. Aug 04, 1888 d. Oct 02, 1974

1) William Thomas "Tom" Johnson b. Oct 16, 1911 d. Bef. Apr 27, 2003 married to Mary Lucille "Minnie" McLeod b. Mar 29, 1922 d. Apr 27, 2003

vi. Emma Johnson b. May 27 1888 d. March 13 1889 Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC
vii. Viola Johnson b. December 25 1889 d. November 29, 1890 Marshall United Methodist Lee County SC



3. James Lewis Holland b. Abt. 1838

4. Elizabeth Holland b. Jan 11, 1847 d. Dec 27, 1945 married to George W. Turner b. unknown d. Bef. Dec 27, 1945

Email from Rita April 4, 2009 The story of Elizabeth Vermelle (Holland) Turner was from both my aunt who lived in the area and gave me a photo of her that was in the newspaper (Sumter Item in about the yr she died 1945) as being one of the oldest living persons in Sumter (or maybe it was Kershaw Co.) County from since the Civil War times and my Mother who remembers her when she (Mom) was a young girl....she.."E.V." as she was called by others ("Grandma Turner" to Mom's family), would come to visit them and stay for a while......

Mother said that her mother Joanna Best who married E.V.'s grandson: James Edward Norris would save the mending for her to work on when she came, to give her something to do. E.V. would, according to Mom, follow her grand son, now grown with his family on their small farm, around the yard, and converse with him as he did chores.

Mom says that E.V. saw Sherman's Army come across her property in DeKalb, Kershaw Co., SC (her husband was in the Civil War) and they asked her to ring the bell and call the farm hands (possibly slaves??) to meet and they requested food be brought. The proceeded to eat and then dig up the yard looking for their valuables (and maybe guns and weapons) She said they mixed the flour with the syrup and did other distruction. She said she read and did not wear glasses.

My Aunt said that E.V. hid with a daughter in/under a culvert under a road as the men marched over. Do not know if this was another group of soldiers or not. I have yet to read the article!! My Aunt only had the photo from the newspaper, which I do have!! She gave me the original she had and I made a copy of that!! We never discussed E.V. any further.

My Aunt died when she was 49 yrs old. My Aunt was younger (1930) than my Mother (1922.) As always, I should have asked more. E.V. lived to age 98 and out lived all 13 of her children except her daughter Mgt. Henrietta Truner. our direct ancestor!! Their family has been documented at the Camden, Kershaw Co. Archives and Museum...

Note: These kinds of emails bring life to our ancestors and are included here for that reason. Thanks for sending them in !

A John Holland is found in the 1850 Sumter Census. The identity of that John is uncertain.

Please email if you have information regarding a relationship between these two Holland Families:

CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE or TERRITORY: SC COUNTY: Sumter DIVISION: Sumter REEL NO: M432-859 PAGE NO: 370B REFERENCE: enumerated on 24 Sept 1850 by J W Stuckey J W Stuckey Asst Marshal, no handwritten page # SCGenWeb Lee County site, maintained by Cynthia Ridgeway Parker

39 996 996 Holland John 61 M W Planter . NC (birth year est. 1789)
40 996 996 Holland Nancy 46 F W . . SC (birth year est. 1804)
41 996 996 Holland Martha J 25 F W . . SC . . X . .(birth year est. 1825)
42 996 996 Holland Silvy 24 F W . . SC . . X .(birth year est. 1826)
1 996 996 Holland John 23 M W Planter . SC . . X (birth year est. 1827)
2 996 996 Holland Nancy 19 F W . . SC . . . . .(birth year est. 1831)
3 996 996 Holland Patience 17 F W . . SC . . . . .(birth year est. 1833)
4 996 996 Holland Rachel E 16 F W . . SC . . . . .(birth year est. 1834)
5 996 996 Holland Jas L 14 M W . . SC . . . . .(birth year est. 1836)
6 996 996 Holland Wm 12 M W . . SC . . . . .(birth year est. 1838)
7 996 996 Holland Mary 10 F W . . SC . . . . .(birth year est. 1840)
8 996 996 Holland Robt 8 M W . . SC . . . . .(birth year est. 1842)
9 996 996 Holland Adaline 6 F W . . SC . . . . .(birth year est. 1844)
10 996 996 Holland Henry W 5 M W . . SC (birth year est. 1845)
11 996 996 Holland Emaline 3 F W . . SC (birth year est. 1848)
!Source: Lori McLeod Wilke copyright © 2000-2011 All Rights Reserved