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Walking With Ghosts - Volume IDescendants of Angus & Nancy McCutchen MacLeod

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Volume 1 Companion containing transcribed/scanned documents used in writing Volume 1.

Coming winter 2017

Walking With Ghosts - Volume II - The War Between The States

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a website for the descendants of Angus and Nancy McCutchen MacLeod~~


The Annual McLeod Family Reunion

North Charleston South Carolina

Purdy Belvin McLeod Jr. is also on the Reunion Board but was unable to attend the June 2008 reunion due to ill health - the photo shown is his Clan MacLeod Clansman of the Year photograph.

2008 Reunion Photos
Previous Years

If you would like to see your reunion photos included on the site, please send them by email - be sure to label them with year and names and ancestors information!

Our annual get together is held the last Saturday of June. Please email your relationship info to be placed on the invite list.

McLeod Family Reunion Tombstone Project

June 2004/5 - A video/documentary was prepared and presented to share the lengthy history our family has with Antioch Baptist Church in Kershaw County South Carolina. All five of the children of Alexander and Sarah McIntosh McLeod were members of the church, Alexander II and his wife Harriet Yates had been members of the church for 65 years. The goal of this video presentation was to encourage family members to contribute to a fund for replacement of the rapidly deteriorating gravestones. The response was overwhelming.

Funds were raised from the sale of photo cd's of past reunions, from donated videos of the PBS special "A Night with Seven Nations" and from other donations.

The committee members met and determined that funds allowed for the replacement of four stones - the shared gravestone of Alexander and Harriet Yates McLeod, the stones of their sons John B. and Angus R. and the stone of an unnamed infant.

Alexander and Harriet Yates McLeod

John B. McLeod son of Alexander and Harriet Yates McLeod

Infant of A and either H. or E M. McLeod
please note - a rubbing of the original stone indicated that the initials of the mother were in fact "E. M". McLeod - the inscription was done incorrectly to reflect this was an infant of Alexander and Harriet Yates McLeod - in actual fact, it is believed that this was an infant of Alexander's brother,

Angus McLeod and his wife, Eliza Ann Arrants

June 2006 - The Tombstone Replacement Committee, led by Mary McLeod Bradham, replaced the four chosen stones and photos were presented to the Reunion attendees. Further funds were raised to continue to replace stones at the cemetery - the stones to be replaced or repaired next are: the stones of Norman A. McLeod, Angus McLeod II and Sergt. William McLeod.

All three men were Confederate Soldiers who did not survive the War between the states - Norman A. McLeod was the eldest child of Alexander and Harriet Yates, Angus McLeod was the youngest child of Alexander and Sarah McIntosh McLeod and William was the only child of Angus. Norman A. was unmarried at the time of his death, with the death of both Angus and William, Angus' line became a dead line.

To see all the family members buried at Antioch Baptist Church
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